When Current Events Meet Bible Prophecy

by Sean Osborne

30 May 2011: As we have recently seen with the completely avoidable Harold Camping fiasco, the interpretation of Divinely inspired prophecy from the pages of the Holy Bible, literally the Word of God, are on the whole not something that any man or woman can inject one’s own theories, numerology or non-exegetical interpretations into, for what one will inevitably end up with is what is known as eisegesis – a bald-faced embarrassment and an unmitigated failure that has nothing to do with the prophetic Word of God. The key to avoiding such false prophetic nonsense is provided in the Bible and best summarized in a single verse found in 2 Timothy 2:15. “be diligent to present yourself approved to God — a workman irreproachable, rightly dividing the word of the truth.” The phrase “rightly dividing” comes from a single Greek word, orthotome?, which means to cut straight ways through the Word of God, or in other words, to use the Bible to interpret the Bible; to engage in exegesis instead of eisegesis to learn what the Bible actually says about future events.

This year we have been witness to what the for-hire corporate media love to call the “Arab Spring.” It is inevitiably portrayed by the for-hire corporate media as multitudes of Arab youth, from North Africa to the far eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula yearning to break free of oppressive rulers in order to establish democratic societies like our own. Nothing could be further from the truth. The for-hire corporate media is unqualified to accurately report the truth of these uprisings to you because they are wanton dhimmitude partners of the Islamic al-taqiyya, the dissimulation, the lie, of what these revolts are really all about. And what they are really all about is nothing less than the complete and utter destruction of the State of Israel, a campaign of ethnic cleansing, of Jewish annihilation, which the grandfathers and the fathers of these youth began in earnest in late 1947 and has continued in fits and spurts and outright wars for 63 years right up to the present.

In Bible prophecy the objective of this ongoing Arab islamic war against Israel is found is a Psalm written by the little-known and widely unrecognized prophet Asaph. Aspah was more renknowned as a musician and singer in the court of King David of Israel in the days even prior to when Israel would build its first Temple for YHWH (I AM THAT I AM) on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. Psalm 83 is Asaph’s Divinely inspired (spoken through the leading the the Holy Spirit (Ruach haKodesh)) imprecatory prayer to YHWH to preserve Israel from a group of enemies that surround the nation and whose intent is to cut Israel off from being a sovereign nation so that the name of Israel would never be remembered in the future.

The Psalm 83 prophecy has been a prophecy in the process of literal fulfillment since 1947-48, and according to other Bible prophecies it is very soon to conclude in one, final catastrophic defeat of all the precisely named Arab Islamic nations which come against Israel: Lebanon (Hezbollah), Syria (Damascus is to be utterly obliterated according to Isaiah 17), the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (most of which will become Israel proper according to Ezekiel 39:11), Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Philistines (Palestinians) of both Gaza, the West Bank and the Sinai. This will be the end result of the so-called “Arab Spring” and we may have only as long as this fall to wait for it to begin.

For the sake of brevity, simply because I could go on for several pages and several hours of your time on this and directly related subjects (the prophetic Word of God is a virtual roadmap of all events leading directly to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the near future), I would urge the reader who is interested in the full exegesis and details to read a five-part work I completed two years ago at your leisure: The Prophetic Road to Revelation: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Tonight: Current Events & Biblical Prophecy

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You need not be a “conspiracy theorist” to believe, or “feel” that something is terribly wrong in the world today. Together, we will explore what the Old and New Testaments have to say about Israel, the end of days, wars, natural disasters of epic proportions, multiple financial crises, and the course of “global governance”

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The “Obamanator:” Destroying opposing speech

By Douglas J. Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann


25 May 2011: Internet web sites, pundits, bloggers, commentators and denizens of the “alternative media” who are critical of Barack Hussein Obama beware, as you will now be “officially” in the crosshairs of the Obama White House. As part of his 2012 re-election campaign, the Obama administration this week created an “online rapid response team” tasked specifically with quashing any Internet articles and news critical of Obama.

This team is headed by Internet guru Jesse C. LEE, 31 of Tacoma Park, Maryland, who was named the “Director of Progressive Media & Online Response.”  Unsurprisingly, this is the first administration in history to ever create such a position, and LEE is well suited to head the Ministry of Propaganda, err… the Progressive Media & Online Response team.

Displaying the hubris of an emperor rather than an elected official and possibly violating campaign finance by doing so, Obama brought the fight against Internet publications critical of his administration in-house. Previously, such efforts were performed and funded by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). With LEE’s hire inside of the White House Communications Department, the operation is now being officially funded by the American taxpayers.

To launch his campaign against Obama detractors and negative reports, LEE has already created an official White House Twitter account, featuring as his first tweet the image of “The Terminator”  with the message “OK, turning on the White House Twitter machine that they issued me in 3…2…1…”

By design, the image sends a threatening message to anyone critical of the Obama administration and sends a signal that unfavorable reports about Obama and his reign will be dealt with much more aggressively.

As Americans, we know that the right to a free press and public opposition to the ruling powers is integral to our freedom. What message is this White House sending to those who aspire to engage in a healthy debate or discussion of issues  by affixing the image of “The Terminator” to its official White House Twitter account? We’d say that tactic is much more consistent with the Orwellian theme of Newspeak and its enforcement, rather than one actually committed to the truth.

Welcome to “the digital age of Obama.”

Commentary on Obama’s speech on Israel

Obama’s speech on Israel portends trouble ahead for America: Commentary

By Lee Kaplan,  investigator, communications director

Obama’s speech regarding Israel illustrates that the hacks in the US State Department and Obama’s Palestinian radical friends within the Chicago political machine have won.  President Obama showed he is still in tune with his former Pastor’s rhetoric to “goddamn America” because of a perceived policy of persecution by the US abroad, no matter how untrue it is. Damning America includes also damning the Little Satan, Israel.

Put in simple English, the President said this: “We are facing a nuclear Iran and I don’t want to go to war to stop Iran because America is perceived as a bully in the world anyway and such a war would stop the flow of oil and ruin our economy. The Iranians are Shiites and traditionally the Shiites hate the Sunnis and vice versa. The Saudis are also a variant of Sunnis and they too fear Iran. In the past, we kept friendly relations with the Arab dictators in our national interest. We also kept a friendship with Israel as a fellow democracy, but those days are numbered; Israel was a strategic ally against the old Soviet Union when the Russians were allying with the Arabs, but now that policy is obsolete. The Palestinians want to replace Israel with an Arab state and if we count the populations of the Arab states as part of a pan-Arab oligarchy in the region along with the Palestinians, the numbers just aren’t on Israel’s side. We won’t support 6 million Jews against 250 million Arabs. If the Jews want to survive at all with our help, they’ll need to do whatever we tell them. The Saudis want this. So we want this.

‘The Muslim Brotherhood are Sunnis. If we line up with them, and convince the Arab world that we are their allies, then we will have a counterbalance to Iranian hegemony in the region, and they will no longer attack us.  Israel, in turn, can twist in the wind. While it’s true that Usama Bin Laden came out of the Muslim Brotherhood, we think that now that we’ve shown we eliminated him, by embracing them and weakening Israel, we will convince them to join us and not fight us. The Brotherhood also has to fear Iranian nuclear ambitions. This is one reason we made it a point to finally kill Bin Laden in Pakistan, invading their sovereignty to do so, something we could have done years ago.  As we embrace the Arab world and the Muslim Brotherhood, they will hand Zawahiri over to us on a platter, wait and see. We will buy ourselves out of this war and make our enemies our friends. Al Qaeda is weakened, and we can court new leadership among the militant Islamists of the world.

‘This is one reason why we are supporting the insurgents against Gaddafi. We went with the lesser of two evils to promote our long term goals in the region. We won’t help insurgents against Syria because Syria is aligned with Iran and is opposing Israel on behalf of the Palestinians.”

The terrorists with the suits and the PhDs have won the war against America at this point. Obama is a president who is from the college intelligentsia where everything is theoretical even if not practical on the ground. He probably sat at cafes during lunch as a law professor, and listened to Palestinian intellectuals who discussed “international law” and “human rights” as they supported the biggest welfare scam and bloody totalitarian movement in history, the biggest violators of international law and human rights, the Palestinian revolution. It no doubt was all so simple to him; if not for the “Jewish lobby,” things would be settled with an Arab majority in the region, the Jewish state gone or neutralized. and the oil flowing freely. It was and is this same college atmosphere that the State Department has  used to promote the idea of Israel eventually being gone, replaced by some other state that would make the Arabs happy. Just visit any US campus and see the weekly hysteria of demonstrations calling for boycotts of Israel that are against federal law but allowed by the government. Obama has been calling for a contiguous Palestinian state that will divide Israel in half, the first step to dismantling the Jewish state.

This is the point where Israel either steps up to plate for itself or finds itself a footnote in history. The flotillas of anarchists and Arab sympathizers, the ISM activists who riot every week in the West Bank or in Gaza are all part of the State Department’s encouragement of the Palestinian state that will counterbalance Iran in a new Cold War and make the Saudis happy.  But just as in Afghanistan with the mujahedin against the Russians, while it may mean an immediate short term goal, it will come back to bite us on the ass. 

The Saudis used mercenaries and unrelenting propaganda to help defeat the Serbs and set up two Muslim states in Europe. They even got NATO to bomb the Serbs with American help.  Obama’s message to Israel is to twist slowly in the wind as America pursues its next folly with totalitarians and abandons another democratic ally. Well, not exactly abandons, just slowly allows it to die on the vine. This is Czechoslovakia and Hitler all over again, only more nuanced, we just don’t know it.

Only time will tell. The Israelis in turn can only stall for time. This is why the Arabs are pushing to have the UN declare a Palestinian state without preconditions.  Israel’s best bet is to annex what it needs and tell the UN it can do what it wants with the rest as long as the Arabs are demilitarized. Our best bet in America is to pray for another president in the next election. If he’s a Republican, he shouldn’t be from the Bush family either, that also had a revolving door for Saudi interests and talked one thing, but did the State Department’s bidding.

Is a self-admitted fired Shin Bet officer in the service of Israel or Hamas?

Is a self-admitted former Shin Bet officer in the service of Israel or Hamas? 

By Lee Kaplan, investigator, communications director

Gonen Ben-Itzhak, the Shin Bet handler of Mosab Yousef, a.k.a. Son of Hamas,  now has become or maybe already was in the service of Israel’s enemies. Gonen has gone from being Mosab’s handler, to a former Shin Bet Agent, to a friend of Mosab, and now to being a defender of Mosab in the Media. He did this even after Mosab was caught making statements in Arabic about his intention to destroy Israel, while in English, Mosab says he believes Israel has the right to exist. Didn’t Yasser Arafat practice the same duplicity?

What are Gonen’s motives?

I have been doing some investigating of Gonen Ben Itzhak and his credentials as a Shin Bet agent, especially after he wrote a very unprofessional article attacking Mr. Walid Shoebat who I have followed for eight years and is without doubt a credible advocate for Israel both in English and Arabic.  Gonen made statements without backing up his allegations with proper due diligence. Intelligence officers worth their salt should be at least professional in the way they present their cases, especially if allegations of fraud are being pursued against an accused. To call someone a fraud in public, one must have proper evidence to substantiate such a claim. It appears the accuser Gonen Ben Itzkak may have to look in the mirror, as there are serious questions to be answered by him regarding Mosab and possibly about Gonen’s loyalty to Israel itself.

In an interview Gonen admitted in the Haaretz Newspaper  that the Shin Bet fired him for lying and financial mismanagement. Gonen also admitted to voting for Meretz, the most far left party in Israel, that has the honor of having as one of its leaders Yossi Beilin (should I say any more?).  He also stated that his firing was related to his relationship with Mosab Yousef.  Mosab stopped spying for Israel at the very same time Gonen was fired in 2005, all of which provides many more questions about Gonen. In the book Son of Hamas, Mosab wrote that he was paid a lot of money by Israel and also portrays the main reason he spied for Israel as being to protect his father from assassination with the ancillary motive of “saving innocent lives.”  Gonen also in Haaretz praised Mosab’s father, the leader of Hamas, writing,  “I give credit to Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who despite his problematic path raised his children with the principles of humanism”. Such a statement  is unusual considering that the ‘Sheikh’ is a first-class terrorist leader. Such respect from Gonen, an Israeli, shows his true motives, his political psyche and his lack of loyalty to Israel. Gonen, at best, may be a foolish naive leftist, and, at worst, manipulated by Mosab to do the bidding for Hamas.

Other questions surround the work of Mosab in protecting his father and other leaders in Hamas, as well as the arrest of terror kingpin Marwan Barghouti.  Prior to the election of Hamas in 2006, Marwan Barghouti was a star in the PLO and touted to become its next leader. Hamas and the PLO were arch enemies at that time. Hamas needed Barghouti out of the way in order to win the elections, so it is possible that Mosab influenced and helped the Israelis arrest Barghouti so that Hamas’ chances of electoral victory would be enhanced.

These questions should be closely investigated by Shin Bet and Israel’s intelligence services. Indeed, maybe they already have been which resulted in Gonen’s being fired for lying. What is most shocking is that Gonen Ben Itzhak wished to defend the Son of Hamas even after he was exposed stating in Arabic on the Arab media that “My goal is to infiltrate the churches in America in order to destroy Israel” and then to make a plea to 20 million viewers in the Middle East not to report planned suicide bombings.  Would any loyal citizen of a country speak out for his enemy this same way?

To listen to the translation of Mosab Yousef’s interview in Arabic, go to:


“Something really wrong is going on here”

By Douglas J. Hagmann

In the U.S., under the Obama-Holder “Justice” Department, which can be considered a policy extension and acceleration of the former administration and Department of Justice policies in many ways, it is certain that “something really wrong is going on here.”

Many might recall the scene in the 1979 hit movie And Justice For All when star Al Pacino, cast as lawyer Arthur Kirkland, delivered his opening statement to the jury in the packed courtroom of Judge Francis Rayford, played by actor Jack Warden. Sick of the injustice system that would allow a guilty man to go free and innocent men jailed, Pacino stated about his own client, “That man is guilty! That man, there, that man is a slime! he is a slime! If he’s allowed to go free, then something really wrong is going on here!

At that point, Judge Rayford angrily slammed his gavel and retorted “Mr. Kirkland you are out of order!” Attorney Kirkland then responded with a full throttle meltdown, shouting  “You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They’re out of order! [...] It’s just a show! It’s a show!” As he was being dragged from the courtroom by bailiffs, Kirkland (Pacino) added ” Hold it! Hold it! I just completed my opening statement!”

The opening statement of this article bears repeating. “Something really wrong is going on here.”

Consider the following two unrelated cases, one involving a Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq and was shot dead in his Tucson, Arizona home by a Pima County SWAT team, and the other involving the raid on a Florida mosque where three Muslims were arrested on suspicion of providing aid to the Taliban. I don’t believe there can be two more different approaches than represented by these two cases. One case involves a U.S. Marine veteran, the other a mosque whose leaders are under indictment for providing aid to the Taliban.

In the case of at Jose Guerena, the Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq, a Pima County, Arizona SWAT team were serving a narcotics conspiracy warrant at his home earlier this month. Guerena, who had been sleeping just two hours after working his shift at a local mine, was awakened y screams from his wife when she observed an unidentified man with a gun outside of their home. She grabbed her baby and hid in a closet as Guerena grabbed a rifle and proceeded to investigate. He was shot dead inside the sanctity of his own home, in the U.S. and not by some sniper in Iraq. In total, seventy-one rounds were fired at Guerena.

To make matters worse – much worse, medical treatment was withheld by the SWAT team, according to his widow and verified by police and medical logs. At this point, it would appear that Guerena was startled awake and thinking he was protecting his family from a possible home invasion, stumbled onto a police raid. He never had a chance.

As a result of the lax border security at the hands of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, there has been a sharp rise in home invasions in Tucson over the last few years. Of course, one would not know that by the “cocky football spiking” Obama from his recent speech in El Paso, where he mocked and ridiculed anyone who dared to question the state of U.S.-Mexico border insecurity.

Now, consider the raid on a south Florida Mosque at about 6:00 a.m. Saturday by dozens of heavily armed federal agents. They pounded on the door of the Masjid Jamaat Al-Mumineen mosque in Miami-Dade county, armed with warrants for Muslims who are suspected of a long-running conspiracy to murder, maim and kidnap people overseas in support of the Taliban. As morning prayers were in progress inside the mosque, the armed agents respectfully waited until the prayers ended, and then entered the mosque only after removing their footwear.

The raid at the mosque resulted in three arrests: Imam Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali Khan and his two sons, Izhar Khan and Irfan Khan. Irfan Khan was arrested in Los Angeles.

Additionally, three others named in the indictment are currently at large in Pakistan. They are identified as Ali Rehman (a/k/a Faisal Ali Rehman), Amina Khan (a/k/a Amina Bibi), the daughter of Hafiz Khan, and her son, Alam Zeb, who is also Khan’s grandson.

Yes, “something really wrong is going on here.”



Political correctness gone amuck: Bin Laden’s burial at sea


By Lee Kaplan, investigator, analyst, communications director

One reason why the War on Terror goes on without end is because of the “suits” who are our leadership who set policy. Despite overwhelming proof that CAIR is a front group for Hamas, the terrorist lobbying group still runs around Washington.  That’s because even CAIR has its “suits” (guys in suits) to promote a mainstream image.

During the Lebanese Civil War it became fashionable for Arab terrorist groups to kidnap Americans and Europeans and hold them for ransom. The Arabs have continued this practice with Gilad Schalit, an Israeli soldier held hostage now for over five years who hasn’t been seen by the International Red Cross as Hamas terror groups blame Israel for “violations of International Law” (terrorism, you see, or lobbing missiles into Israeli kindergartens or at school buses don’t count in Hamas’ lingo of “International Law.”)

But back to the Lebanese Civil War. The practice of kidnapping became profitable, especially of US citizens, because the Americans negotiate and pay well.  One of the terror groups decided to try the tactic with the Russians, anticipating similar results. The story ends as we learn the few Arab terrorists who kidnapped some Russian hostages, diplomats, were hunted down by the then KGB who killed them and left their bodies to be found with the killers’ own genitals stuffed in their mouths. Needless to say, there was no more Russian hostage taking after that. 

 When members of the PLO got the idea to commit one terror attack in Syria for publicity, the Syrian government hung the perps in the Damascus city square. No more terror attacks against Syria after that one, either. The Middle East is a place where a culture of revenge is still considered important.

Which brings me to Bin Laden’s burial at sea and the refusal by the White House to release photos of the dead Bin Laden. Navy protocols reveal that Bin Laden was accorded an Islamic funeral with all the frou frous. You can read about it here: 

http://www.navybmr.com/NAVPERS%2015555D.html (go to Article II Appendix E)

  The burial even required four “Allahu Akhbars!” according to some Navy personnel and if done, accorded him honors as a warrior in the name of Allah. It even asked God forgive the mass murderer:


“O Allah, forgive our people who are still alive and who have passed away, forgive  those who are present here an those who are absent, forgive our young and our elderly, forgive our males and females. O Allah, the one whom you wish to keep alive from among us make him alive according to Islam, and anyone whom you wish to die from among us, let him die in belief and faith. O Allah, do not deprive us from his reward and do not put us in hardship or any type of trial after his death.”

The supplication continues:

O Allah, forgive him, have mercy on him, pardon him, grant him security, provide him a nice place and spacious lodgings, wash him (off from his sins) with water, snow and ice, purify him from his sins as a white garment is cleansed from dirt, replace his present abode with a better one, replace his present family with a better one, replace his present partner with a better one, make him enter paradise and save him from the trials of the grave and the punishment of hell.” 

We’ll probably never know if the required “Allahu Akhbars” (four of them!) according to the Navy’s burial protocols were said and if Bin Laden’s body was saluted by Muslim seamen before being dispatched to the fish, but I’d wager it was done. Can you imagine such a eulogy by US forces if we buried Adolf Hitler (Hitler committed suicide because he feared the Russians would  torture him and put him in a cage; there’s those Russians again dealing with their enemies). Our fighting seaman even asked he not be sent to hell and get a better looking girlfriend.

Is this STUPID or what? Only some jerk in a suit behind a desk could come up with this one as policy!!!    

Can you imagine our GI’s saluting dead Nazis at the end of World War II out of concern other Nazis might be offended if they didn’t do it? The theory is the Washington “suits” think the Islamic terrorists will be less apt to kill our soldiers and their cheering sections in the rest of the Muslim world won’t be as agitated. Nonsense.

The reason we’re not really winning this war is because we fight it like a bunch of school girls. Come to think of it, school girls might even use more logic as they can be pretty viscious sometimes.  I want the photo of Bin Laden’s head pasted all over the Middle East so the jihadis will see it and think, “Hmmmm…maybe old UBL didn’t get his 72 virgins. I sure don’t want to end up looking like that. ??” Let them see what bad asses our Navy Seals can be. Instead they can count on the stupid Americans to give them a state funeral and say nice things about them.

As primitive as it may seem to the suits, throughout history leaders of  enemies have ended up with their heads on  pikes so their acolytes could see what will happen to them if they persist in their attacks. The American Indians picked up the habit of taking scalps from the French traders. Yes, it’s crude, but when your enemy saw one hanging off your belt, he was less apt to mess with you.

But, we don’t need to be primitive like that, true. We have the Internet and we have modern photography. I want to see the photos of Bin Laden’s head blown off next to those ubiquitous photos of the World Trade Center collapsing and the Pentagon burning. That’s even better than a head on a pike. And it would define the enemy and tell him you mess with the United States and our military will do the same to you.

I remember an encounter at a demonstration with a supporter of Hamas. He had the new propaganda speech down pat to promote the terrorist group over here. He accused me of being against “peace,” a warmonger because I wanted to kill Al Qaeda and their Hamas proxies. “Peace” to these guys means when the terrorists and totalitarians win and control everything for the rest of us. I replied to him, “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Only when we define our enemy and start to really kill him will this war ever end. And our leaders in Washington have to stop disrespecting our troops this way while claiming to protect them. They vote against pensions for them, then pay for funerals for the likes of Bin Laden. And that goes for both political parties.


Is CNN doing the bidding of CAIR?

By Lee Kaplan, investigator, analyst, communications director

Walid Shoebat (www.shoebat.com) has developed a sterling reputation among US law enforcement agencies as a terrorism expert over the past several years because, as an ex-PLO terrorist himself who spent time in an Israeli jail, he knows the inner mindset of the terrorist movement. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have found his background and information credible enough to seek him out for information related to terrorism issues.

It thus comes as no surprise that groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) constantly try to suggest that Shoebat is a fraud and not who he says he is. Congressional leaders have stated in the past that CAIR is a front for Hamas, a known terrorist group, and many of CAIR’s past leadership have been prosecuted for terrorism support or financing. Ibrahim Hooper, as the leader of CAIR has a particular animus for Shoebat who identifies groups in the US who deceptively seek to aid America’s enemies.

Now comes the news item that CAIR’s influence may have extended to compromise the integrity of CNN in reporting on issues that affect US National Security. In the past, CAIR tried to stop Walid Shoebat from speaking at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado. That effort failed, but CAIR was apparently undaunted. CAIR tried back then to have the Shoebat anti-terrorism speech before the cadets canceled, but failed. During that attempt, the Hamas front group learned that Shoebat was paid $13,000 for his appearance.


Just recently, DHS scheduled a conference recently in South Dakota on May 11th to educate  homeland security officials and other law enforcement and Shoebat was an invited special guest. CAIR got wind of this and sought, once again, to try and get Shoebat canceled as a speaker. DHS refused. Then something happened that should be an embarrassment for CNN executive staff.

 Despite a lack of any large publicity about the event that was mainly for professionals in far off South Dakota, CNN flew two investigative reporters, Kathleen Johnson and Drew Griffin, all the way from Atlanta ostensibly to cover the entire conference. However, that’s not what happened.

Out of the entire conference of speakers and events, these two reporters only interviewed Walid Shoebat. Walid had spoke for four hours and as only one part at the conference on terrorism issues, yet when the interview occurred they didn’t ask him one question about his four hours of information. Instead, they asked him repeated questions suggesting he was a fraud, and even asked him how much he was paid to appear, alluding to the amount he was paid at the US Air Force Academy when CAIR tried to get him canceled. No other speakers were interviewed, no other information at the Conference questioned.

The question is if   CNN was either doing the bidding for Ibrahim Hooper or the two reporters were trying to smear Shoebat out of their own initiative, getting CNN to think they were there to cover the Conference when their real goal was to try and discredit Walid Shoebat on behalf of CAIR. CNN’s new managing editor, Mark Whitaker has been brought into the loop on the controversy to investigate CNN’s two reporters. The question is, should  network news be compromised to the desires of a terrorism front group like CAIR?

CAIR has used emails, press releases and personal contact from Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesman to [revent Shoebat from speaking. No other major national media showed interest in the conference except CNN. Typically CNN ignores Walid and gives him little if any air time. CNN sent Kathleen Johnston and Drew Griffin to cover the conference a long way to travel to visit a small conference in a state with such low population.

The only conclusion is that the journalists or others at CNN were tipped off to this event by CAIR and jumped to their rescue. CAIR’s obvious strategy is to discredit people like Walid Shoebat so that the truth does not get to the American people.

Johnson and Griffin stated to the DHS that they were interested in reporting on the whole conference; Shoebat was one of several speakers. However, CNN focused exclusively on Shoebat’s speeches and only wished to interview him and Keith Davies the manager for Mr Shoebat’s foundation..

Questions directed to both had absolutely nothing to do with terrorism or how America can stop terrorism. As mentioned,  questions were asked based on the content of his four hours of lectures By Mr. Shoebat.

Since the journalists only tried to focus on the money Shoebat was paid, the finances of his charitable foundation, the advisory board members, and the credibility of Shoebat’s life story but he was never asked about the issues that Shoebat was invited to the conference to speak about. Shoebat offered to provide proof of his story but up until now, CNN has not contacted him in order to get it.

It appeared that the whole purpose of the trip from Atlanta by CNN was to come to the rescue of CAIR. CNN’s presence was clearly intended to smear Shoebat. The question we all need to ask is how involved was CAIR in that attempt? It will be very revealing once the report is shown on their network about the Conference. Will it be a hatchet job on Shoebat or really discuss how to combat terrorism?

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES MAY BE HELPFUL to show CAIR’s very inaccurate depiction of Walid:

This link shows the fired anti-Semite Rick Sanchez from CNN using Ibrahim Hooper to whitewash the undercover group that brought out evidence of CAIR’s support for terrorism: http://shoebat.com/videos/CairNewsNetwork.php

“Our property” concerns CAIR documents that became of value to the FBI because they showed CAIR”s help for Hamas. More can be found on this story at the link below:

At the time this article went to press, CNN’s press representative for Mark Whitaker gave the following quote: “CNN is in the early phase of news gathering and when the story airs it will be accurate, fair and responsible.”

We’ll see.

On the fence over border security

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

11 May 2011: It appears to be true that in Texas, everything is bigger, including the lies that directly affect our national security.  On Tuesday, Barack Hussein Obama gave a speech in El Paso, where he indirectly mocked and ridiculed those critical of illegal immigration and his administration’s efforts, to date, to secure the 1,969 mile expanse between the U.S. and Mexico.

As published on the White House web site, the following was excerpted from his speech:

THE PRESIDENT: You know, they said we needed to triple the Border Patrol. Or now they’re going to say we need to quadruple the Border Patrol. Or they’ll want a higher fence. Maybe they’ll need a moat. (Laughter.) Maybe they want alligators in the moat. (Laughter.) They’ll never be satisfied. And I understand that. That’s politics.”

Obama further stated that he was joined by “an outstanding Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, who’s been working tirelessly on this issue.”  (Applause.)  “Our commissioner who’s working diligently on border issues, Alan Bersin, is there, and we appreciate him — Bersin.”  (Applause.) “So they’re doing outstanding work.”  —Barack Hussein Obama, Remarks on Comprehensive Immigration Reform in El Paso, Texas (10 May 2011).

Tirelessly? Diligently? Outstanding work? Seriously?

On 27 October 2006, former President George Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which was legislation to construct a 700-mile, double-layer border fence along southwest border of the United States. According to current reports, a mere five percent of that fence, or just over 36 miles, has actually been constructed. That is dismal to be certain.

But wait, it gets worse. Compare that figure to the 2009 Government Accountability Office (GAO) status report on the project that determined that only 32 miles of the mandated fence has been constructed. This means that according to the government’s own statistics, only about four-(4) miles of the security fence has been constructed under the Obama administration.

Additionally, the Government Accountability Office’s director of homeland security and justice issues, Richard Stana, told a U.S. House Subcommittee last February that the Border Patrol actually “controlled” only 129 miles of the border. Yet in March, Janet Napolitano stood on a bridge that connects El Paso to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, where she proudly proclaimed that border security is “better than ever.”

In a shameful display of hubris, it was at an El Paso Border Security Conference in August 2009 where both Napolitano and Bersin refused to watch a video showing illegal immigrants easily crossing an unprotected and unfenced 14-mile span of the southern border from Mexico.  It is Bersin who believes that the best way to secure our border is to develop a “legitimate labor market between the United States and Mexico.”

And therein lays the real plan and larger objective.


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By Lee Kaplan, investigator, communications director

The Silicon Valley-based Islamist center of Shia Association of  Bay Area (SABA Mosque) acts as a hub for approximately eight Ja’fari Mosques in the San Francisco Bay Area. Indeed, the imam, Nabi Raza Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi), of SABA is heavily involved with all the local Shia Islamic centers. The Mosque promotes itself in the public eye as a place where members and their children can be trained in “high moral values.”  However, SABA Mosque’s interpretation of what those “high moral values” no doubt differ from the bulk of American society, including many Muslim-Americans who  would prefer to escape the unending warmongering in their former countries of the Middle East, particularly Iran.

It is in fact self-evident that the leadership of the SABA Mosque is involved in both open and subtle support of the Khomeinist regime currently running Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah.

Moreover, at one sermon, a founding member from the Mosque, Dr. Mazhar Khan, explained how Jews had supposedly abandoned their true religion for reasons of materialism (in other words, the stingy Jews) and how Christianity that was to replace Judaism failed to have any moral compass by which people should live (no Ten Commandments?). The comments were subtle, yet were said to young people, young Muslims who meld into American society.

The former Imam of the Mosque, Rafic Labboun, is currently cooling his heels in prison, after being linked by the FBI to credit card scams that were potentially a nationwide scam conducted by Hezbollah in the US to develop funds for Hezbollah activities overseas.

If anyone doubts the SABA Mosque’s true policies of supporting Hezbollah goals though, he or she need only look as far as SABA’s newsletter. A seemingly innocent posting about the passing away of Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah last year reveals much about the sentiments of the Mosque’s leadership:

Condolence message on the sad demise of Allamah Fadlallah

It is with great regret and a profound sense of grief to receive the news of the demise of a man of knowledge, a lecturer, Marjaa (source of emulation) and great Islamic scholar, Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlullah. He was a personality sincerely offered invaluable service to the manifest religion and Islamic Ummah. His sincere efforts and personal endowment for serving and uplifting the truth led to Muslim unity and proximity of Islamic schools of thought.

On the occasion of the sad demise of this heavenly scholar SABA board and Hujjaul Islam Maulana Dr. Abidi convey their condolences to Grand Sources of Emulation, Islamic Seminaries and Islamic world thinkers and all his Muqalledin. We pray to Allah the Almighty to grant great status to the distinguished departed soul. Majlis program will be held on Thursday night.

So just who was Ayatollah Fadlallah? Well, he was an inspirational leader for Hezbollah and involved with the barracks bombing that killed 241 US marines in Beirut in 1983. He also was a big endorser of suicide bombings.

Here’s a quote from the late Ayatollah Fadlallah in London’s Daily Telegraph:

“I was not the one who launched the idea of so-called suicide bombings, but I have certainly argued in favor of them…. [the Palestinians] are in a state of war with Israel. They are not aiming to kill civilians but, in war, civilians do get killed… There is no other way for the Palestinians to push back those mountains, apart from martyrdom operations.”

In addition to the above, Ayatollah Fadlallah denied the Holocaust as a publicity stunt by the Jews, insisting the six million Jews murdered was an inflated number used to gain Jewish sympathy. He praised a massacre of Jewish seminary students in Jerusalem in 2008 in which eight students were murdered by a lone gunman in their classroom. Hezbollah took credit for the attack that was also shared credit with Hamas.

Al Manar, the Hezbollah television station declared Ayatollah Fadlallah “the spiritual leader of the Islamic resistance (Hezbollah) in Lebanon,” saying that “Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlullah inspired the leaders for the resistance group, and served as a highly influential beacon of truth for all the oppressed peoples of the world. Ayatollah Fadlallah was not only a Muslim reference and authority but rather one of the most prominent contemporary religious authorities in the Islamic World. His great experience in teaching jurisprudence as well as his constant monitoring of the latest trends and literature of the major religious schools have enabled him to launch his own school and to be followed by thousands of Muslim believers in Lebanon and the region.”

Khaled Meshaal , the head of Hamas based in Syria sent a letter to Ayatollah Fadlallah’s son lamenting the loss of his father that stated, “The dear deceased was one of the nation’s special and great figures, with his knowledge, grace, moderation, mediation, forgiveness and openness to others, in addition to his courageous stances regarding the nation’s issues, especially towards the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Zionist struggle. His eminence was one of the greatest symbols and scholars defending the choice of resistance and Jihad against the occupation, in support of the Palestinian strife and our people’s right to freedom, liberty and liberation. A Hamas delegation from Gaza headed was also present at the funerary services.

But Western media, notably the British newspaper, the Telegraph’s executive foreign editor Con Coughlin was quoted as saying,  “Don’t be fooled by all the tributes that are pouring out following the death in Beirut at the weekend of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, the so-called spiritual leader of the radical Shi’ite Muslim militia Hezbollah. The U.S. State Department’s classification of Ayatollah Fadlallah as a terrorist was spot on, and when you look back at his track record you can see he was right up there with other infamous terror masterminds, such as Abu Nidal, (the Palestinian terror group linked to Saddam Hussein) and Carlos the Jackal.” In 1983 Hezbollah was in its infant stages, but Ayatollah Fadlallah was it’s spiritual leader who called for attacks on American servicemen.

This is a man who the SABA Mosque pays tribute to in a footnote of their newsletter and services at the Mosque under the noses of the American public.