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Is This Real Or Just A Television Show?

wag-the-dog-long-tail  Written by Mitch Santell
  Producer, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

 Hollywood through the big banks and the global elite like to show us through entertainment what is going to happen next. If you want to see what is really going on, I’ve  placed a number of Hollywood Movies from the past that are all happening in some form right now.  Many times you may hear some person ask you: “Does Life Imitate Art or Does Art Imitate Life?” Have you ever wondered if the things happening now may have happened before? Do you feel like you have seen this before? Answer: You have in major Hollywood films. Read the rest: here.


A defining Muslim protest during UK trial

“How else do you expect Muslims to express themselves?”– Anjem Choudary, referencing the 7/7 London bombing.

2 November 2006: Four Muslims were arrested outside the Old Bailey Crown Court in central London yesterday during the trial of a man involved in the violent protests against Danish cartoons. The protesters were objecting to the arrest of Mizanur Rahman, 23, a web designer from Edmonton, North London, whose trial began this week for “allegedly soliciting murder and using threatening, abusive or insulting words to stir up racial hatred.” Rahman reportedly called for Muslims to create “another 9/11″ in Europe.

Police were directing the protesters away from the courthouse when one of the men assaulted a cameraman. The three others were arrested when they tried to help their friend. City police said a number of officers sustained minor injuries.

Anjem Choudary, a Muslim who helped organize the pro-Islamic protests, and Abu Izzadeen, who confronted Home Secretary John Reid led the demonstration. Following the incident, Choudary said: “We should not be surprised at people doing something like 7/7. How else do you expect Muslims to express themselves? We are a community under siege. It’s going to blow up one day in everyone’s faces.”

The demonstrators, most wearing scarves across their faces, held placards reading “Cartoonist free at large, protesters criminalized,” and “Freedom to insult Mohammed, no freedom to defend his honor,” Female protesters, in a separate enclosure from the men and wearing full veils, held signs reading: “Shariah — the only option for the UK.”

Speaking through a megaphone, Choudary told supporters: “Islam is the fastest growing belief in the UK, the fastest growing belief in Europe and the fastest growing belief around the world.”

Profile: Anjem Choudary (a/k/a Anjum Choudhury, Choudhary, Choudury, Choudray, Chaudhary) is a follower of UK Islamic cleric and terrorist Omar Bakri Mohammed. Choudary has called for Britain to become an Islamic state, urged Muslims to not cooperate with the police in fighting terrorism. Most recently, he called for the assassination of the Pope.