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The Strange Case of Barrack Hussein Obama Part 2

By Mitch Santell, Producer, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

15 September 2013:  Last night I was walking the dog and it was a lovely evening. The crickets sounded like they do on most California evenings. The longer I walked the longer my mind drifted to the past. First, I started thinking about the kind of world my grandchildren will live in after I pass on. Second, I thought about my parents and how they were crazy in love with each other for 48 years until my Father passed away in 2004. Third, I started thinking about something called “The Saturday Night Massacre.” Do you remember it? Have you ever heard of it? If you know your history and you are like me, you wish it would happen again. Take a look at this video and then continue to read “The Strange Case of Barrack Hussein Obama Part 2….”. Read the rest here.

The Century of The Self, a Documentary by Adam Curtis

Century of the self

As heard on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report Tuesday, May 28, 2013

28 May 2013: Century of SELF is a unique Documentary that shows how people can be turned into “consumers.” Edward Bernays was the Nephew of Sigmund Freud. Edward is considered the “Father of Public Relations.”

Here is a free version of the documentary in four parts: http://thoughtmaybe.com/the-century-of-the-self/   If you would prefer to watch the entire series in one sitting, you can watch it on Vimeo at:

Adam Curtis: The Century of the Self from therebel.org on Vimeo.

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