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The Age Of The Machine

“Think about this for a moment: there are tens of millions of 50+ year old workers out of work today who would be willing to go to work tomorrow for 1/2 of what they use to earn before the Great Bank Robbery of 2008.  That means any business could get all that knowledge and experience for half-off.” - Dick Lane

By Dick Lane, guest contributor, author

21 September 2013:  In the 1970′s, there was a psychological movement known as ‘est’.  It was a four day 15 hour a day seminar of sensory deprivation where you went in nutty and came out nuttier; different, but nuttier.  But there were some interesting things in the program.  One was simply choose.  Chocolate or vanilla?  Chocolate.  Why, because I chose chocolate.  May sound stupid reading that moment of time today, may be incomprehensible to some, but the point was showing the individual to simply choose, don’t analyze why you like chocolate or vanilla, don’t think what you ought to choose, just choose.  Just think and make a decision. Read the rest: here.

The Strange Case of Barrack Hussein Obama Part 2

By Mitch Santell, Producer, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

15 September 2013:  Last night I was walking the dog and it was a lovely evening. The crickets sounded like they do on most California evenings. The longer I walked the longer my mind drifted to the past. First, I started thinking about the kind of world my grandchildren will live in after I pass on. Second, I thought about my parents and how they were crazy in love with each other for 48 years until my Father passed away in 2004. Third, I started thinking about something called “The Saturday Night Massacre.” Do you remember it? Have you ever heard of it? If you know your history and you are like me, you wish it would happen again. Take a look at this video and then continue to read “The Strange Case of Barrack Hussein Obama Part 2….”. Read the rest here.

Common Core: A Trojan Horse for Education Reform


By Mitch Santell, Producer, The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

19 August 2013: Our very special guest tonight was Orlean Koehle, a prolific author, speaker and expert of matters related the the “Common Core” initiative. She is the author of Common Core: A Trojan Horse for Education Reform and explained what this global education initiative is doing to “condition” students from elementary school through higher education.

“Common Core State Standards Initiative” is the latest education program coming down from the Obama administration, preparing the way for Obama’s “Race to the Top Assessments,” which will take place in 2014, when all the computer software is in place to test the minds of the nation’s children to see how well Common Core (CC) has been sufficiently taught. The test will be given online, as are most of the lessons preparing for it.

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Helen Clark Former PM of New Zealand Sold Out To The United Nations

Helen Clark of the U.N.
Helen Clark of the U.N.

By Mitch Santell , Producer, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

7 August 2013: Helen Clark was the first female Prime Minister in the history of New Zealand. She is both a socialist and a globalist. During the five years and seven months that I lived in New Zealand, she was the prime minister for 2 of those years. Helen Clark was in office for a total of nine years (three full terms).

The gossip in New Zealand was simple, Helen Clark was to go along with the “New World Order” which is really the “old world order” and if she did upon exiting her position as New Zealand’s Prime Minister would be appointed into a key position at the United Nations.   Read the rest here.


Tonight: How Obama is implementing the Globalist agenda through illegal International agreements

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6 June 2012: Tonight on the show we will be discussing how the globalist agenda is being carried out by the Obama administrations direct push to cripple the rights of Americans by surrendering our own constitution to international law. Entering into illegal international agreements that will surrender US sovereignty to international powers over the seas, resources, taxes, laws and much more.

Obama and members of his administration have been pushing for the Senate to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty and have been seeking the help of foreign allies to pass this law.  Join is in the chat room or call in at (661) 244-9839 and give us your take on these traitorous politicians who knowingly are destroying our nation.

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