An important message to our listeners

2 May 2013: Over the last several months, the growth of our nightly radio show has exceeded our  wildest expectations that can only be attributed to divine providence. Our listener base has grown from a few thousand unique listeners per show to numbers that rival and even exceed those of larger radio markets [...]

Hezbollah cells: Who are the basijis and IRGC?


By Lee Kaplan, Analyst,  Communications Director, Northeast Intelligence Network

The average American knows very little about Hezbollah, the Iranian terrorist proxy that appears on the evening news as operating mainly in Lebanon as a threat to Israel’s northern border. One of the purposes of this article is to explain in laymen’s terms [...]

Pointless Credentials- Flashing the US Ally Card

The argument heard at the water cooler this week is that we cannot possibly think of fighting Russia while we are engaged militarily in Iraq and Afghanistan. My first response was to move the water cooler to the warehouse into the 100 degree temperatures and then to point out to these idiots that if Iraq and Afghanistan have us that stretched militarily then we need to hang it up. [...]

Iraq: How NOT To Fight A War

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

17 May 2007: As the war in Iraq loses more and more popularity with the people in the United States each day, one has to wonder how the enemy perceives us and why they see us in this light. I’ll give you a quick clue. The enemy views us as [...]