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New Osama Bin Laden Audio Tape Released

23 April, 2006: A new Osama Bin Laden audio tape has been released, and is currently being aired on Al-Jazeera. While not officially authenticated, reports are that the tape is authentic, and created within the last four to five weeks.

The main message of this tape appears to be that by cutting off its funds to Hamas, the West has proven it is “at war with Islam”. Bin Laden describes a “long battle” with the west, and that the war is the responsibility of citizens, as well as governments.

More information will become available, as analysis and translation continue.


The website has posted a synopsis of the ten main points on topics Usama bin Laden apparently touched upon in the excerpts released by Al Jazeera. Here is the link to the article and list posted by Walid Phares:

In addition to Walid’s observations… I’d like to take this opportunity to make a couple of my own. Long held in reserve, this is as good an opportunity as any to let ‘em fly.

1. What HAMAS election victory in areas currently under Palestinian Authority control proves is that some Islamist’s or Muslim’s do not regard Al Qaeda as “The Base”, the “end all”, nor the final word on issues which are localized issues.

In fact, in both the PA as well as in Iraq and in Afghanistan the vast majority of these Muslim populations opted to express their political enfranchisement by voting contrary to the whim of the totally out-of-touch leadership of Al Qaeda. These majority-Muslim people participated in a form of democratic practice which was born of US and allied blood sacrifice, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, or by direct American and allied diplomatic exercises as in the case of the Palestinian Authority’s election.

These are real-world facts the ilk of Usama bin Laden simply cannot get their heads around. What this also means is that there are tangible fissures and cracks in what heretofore has been the conventional wisdom regarding some Islamist monolithic construct. They have their differences - very exploitable differences at that.

2. Usama bin Laden has blamed the American electorate from the get-go. Remember his “kill American’s where ever you find them” fatwa? It was made public back in February of 1998. American elections were not a concern of Usama’s back then; Usama bin Laden could not have cared less who we voted for or what issues mattered to us - then or now. Besides, some American’s are Muslim’s which is in effect just another in a continuing series of Islamic finger-pokes-in-the eye of Al Qaeda’s collective leadership.

3. Sudan. Yeah, it’s in Africa just like Somalia is in Africa. We remember the defeat of Task Force Ranger in 1993 Mogadishu - and we still have an IOU payback coming to AQ for their actions there. Perhaps that payback comes in Darfour region. Maybe, maybe not. But rest assured - it’s coming.

The rest of the list of topics covered by Usama bin Laden continues very much as expected. Usama has said all or most of it before, and his words are apparently becoming as boring to myself as they are to the masses of Muslim’s the world over who are also fairly blatantly ignoring him.


I like Walid Phares’ synopsis; it’s very much on the mark in my opinion, but I thought it could have gone further - which is why I have added what I have added to the mix.

America’s Elites and Saudi Money

By Lee Kaplan23 April 2006: On March 29th, 2006 the “drive-by media” failed to report the scuttling of a new bill in the House of Representatives. H.R. bill 609 would have amended the Higher Education Act of 1965 and required America’s colleges and universities to report any donations received from Saudi Arabia as part of the Title VI international education bill. The new bill, dubbed the Burton Amendment to the College Access and Opportunity Act, was put before one chamber of Congress by Congressman Dan Burton [R-IN], and would have required US colleges and universities to report such donations through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), a publicly available and searchable database.According to an aide to Congressman Burton, the amending bill made it past committee and when presented on the House floor was about to be put to a voice vote where a simple “yea” or “nay” vote would have led to its passage. George Miller [D-CA], as leader of the Democratic caucus stated his side had no objections to the bill just before a vote was held. But when the voice vote was requested, someone from the floor said “no,” thus requiring a roll call vote where each representative would be recognized on how he voted on the matter.

In what should have been a shoo-in, the amendment was voted down at the last minute on a roll call vote 306 to 120. Miller himself, who raised no objections to the amendment moments earlier, voted down the bill when his identity could be linked to its passage along with the rest of the House.

This illustrates the sway of Saudi money - even in our own Congress, the “voice of the people.”

Our educational system is, if anything, worse. As we are working hard to secure our borders from terrorism and fighting terrorist movements overseas, the same people who are financing much of the world’s terrorism are pouring money into American colleges and universities with the intent of undermining support for our government’s efforts in the War on Terror.

American universities - those idealists who claim racism, misogyny, religious persecution and violations of human rights are antithetical to their mission - are more than willing to accept funding from the Wahhabist Saudi regime that practices such behaviors. The funds go to set up Middle East Studies centers that serve to indoctrinate future generations of American college students to support the goals of overseas terrorists and dictators. These centers also promote outreach programs in which teachers and professors in our local communities are trained and provided with curricula that preach a radical anti-democratic, anti-American, and frequently anti-Semitic agenda in our primary and secondary school classrooms. Our children are their targets.

Two years ago, I began writing about how pervasive Saudi funding at American colleges had become, only to see the problem escalate. Saudi expenditures in American colleges have far exceeded the funding spent on propaganda by the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Yet for all the “educational assistance” sent abroad, Saudi Arabia’s own illiteracy rate has remained at nearly 50% of its population. Rather than spending money to teach their own people to read, the Saudis are busy with a public relations campaign to export support for their despotic regime to the US.

Future generations of Americans are being indoctrinated because college administrators just want the money. Imagine if during the Cold War, Congress stood by and allowed the Soviet Union openly to pour millions of dollars into our nation’s colleges and universities to promote anti-American textbooks endorsing communism in our classrooms, or if Hitler had staffed German Studies departments with Nazis to promote the glory of the Third Reich during the Second World War, and you can get the picture.

Most of the terrorists who are killing American soldiers in Iraq have been found to be Saudi nationals. The Saudis have always funded Hamas, and have offered to fund the new Hamas government in the Palestinian Authority now that the US government, Canada and a few others have refused to do so.

The US State Department has just reissued 21,000 Saudi “student visas” under pressure from American universities who want the lucrative full price tuition revenue added to their coffers. It can be counted on that many of these students will also be sent with the goal of political activism for the Wahhabist regime and Islamist causes on our campuses. That’s about the same number of Saudi students that were here on 9/11.

Meanwhile, Saudi propaganda, in their own television and print, still vilifies the West and Jews and continues to roil the conflict in the Middle East against Israel and our presence in Iraq.

Congressman Burton intends to reintroduce his bill in the near future. It is high time the public rises up and demands it be passed. Meanwhile, a bill exposing who gets campaign money from Saudi Arabia in Congress should be the next thing on the agenda.

Lee Kaplan is an investigative journalist and senior intelligence analyst and communications director for NEIN.

Georgia Tech Student Indicted on Terrorism Charges

The “Alleged” Terrorists Among Us…

21 April 2006: The Northeast Intelligence Network is following the case of Syed Haris AHMED, the Pakistani Georgia Tech student who was arrrested by federal authorities on March 23 on charges related to terrorism. According to developing information, AHMED, 21, who was under investigation and surveillance for the last 12-14 months, has been indicted on charges of providing “material support” to a terrorist organization. AHMED appeared before US Magistrate Joel Feldman Wednesday, pleading not guity to the charges contained in the indictment.

Information from federal authorities indicates that the AHMED, a student who traveled from the U.S. to Pakistan in 2005 where he attended an Islamic terrorist training camp. Information obtained from a source close to the Northeast Intelligence Network states that “AHMED had taken digital photographs and videotape, which were in his possession and on his computer, of significant commercial buildings in Atlanta and other locations for terrorist purposes.” Federal agents confiscated computer hard drives and data CDs from the family home.

Not surprisingly, his family denied the charges and downplayed the material evidence, noting that AHMED is A mechanical engineering major. Although they admitted that Ahmed ”had become increasingly religious in his Islamic faith,” his family denied that he could be involved in anything related to terrorism. He came to the United States with his family in 1997 and became an American citizen. He resided with his family near Dawsonville before he moved to an off-campus apartment near Georgia Tech, where he lived until his arrest.

Also according to investigative documents, federal authorities traced a video “of potential targets and other significant footage” on the Internet to AHMED. Aqccording to media reports, AHMED’S mother, Faiqa AHMED, said that her son told her that [it was] a building, but not an important building.” His family offered no comment on his reported attendance at the Islamic terrorist training camp.

Patrick Crosby, spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office, would not confirm whether an investigation was ongoing or even if an arrest occurred.

AHMED graduated from Centennial High School in Alpharetta, Georgia and has worked at various retail establishments while living with his parents. Samia Ahmed, the suspect’s sister, said her brother’s interest in Islam had been growing. ” Lately, he was getting more interested in Islamic studies and was trying to teach himself Arabic so he could read the Qu’ran. “He was trying to learn everything,” she said. “He’s still very innocent in his mind. He’s still a child.”

According to his mother, her son traveled to Pakistan in 2005 “to visit cousins.”

The AHMED family came to the United States from pakistan in 1997 after winning a green card in a lottery. Ahmed has three sisters, one who still resides in Pakistan. His father, Syed Riaz Ahmed, is a computer science professor at North Georgia College in Dahlonega.

Ahmed’s father said he learned of his son’s arrest on March 26, when he returned to the U.S.from a trip to Pakistan to visit relatives. He admitted being questioned by federal authorities at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and granted a request from federal agents to search the family’s home, where they confiscated computers and related storage media.

Incidents of Surveillance Continue

We must remember that our enemy is patient, is present, and the war we are fighting is unlike any other…

By Doug Hagmann, Director

18 April 2006: As we have been consistently reporting, strategic assets inside the United States have been (and continue to be) the subject of photographic and videotape surveillance by our “enemy” who are already entrenched inside of our country. We are receiving numerous reports almost daily, of individuals who are observed taking photographs and videotaping power plants, bridges, and other assets of strategic importance under inappropriate circumstances. One such instance - the photographing of a power plant - is reported in today’s edition of  The Lockport Union-Sun & Journal in Lockport, New York.

In that case, an unidentified couple was observed taking photographs of the plant. When approached by a plant employee, the couple sped away in their dark colored SUV with (possibly) invalid California license plates. There are many otherwise reasonable and astute Americans who will hear a report like this and dismiss it as paranoia, especially since there has been “no successful terrorist attack ‘reported’ in the U.S. since 9/11.” And the more time that elapses from the worst attack on America, the less likely the major media is to even report such accounts. It is our apathy and the media’s inattentiveness that will help usher in the next attack or waves of attacks within our country.

It is important to remember that America is still at war, and there are people and groups already inside of our borders who want to destroy our Western way of life. Surveillance like what is reported here is taking place all across the U.S., and it is being conducted for a purpose. We need to remain vigilent for our self-protection, appropriately report suspicious incidents, and not fall into the slumber that is desired and unfortunately, correctly anticipated by our enemy.

Many thanks to WBEN AM 930 talk-show host Tom Bauerle and an astute listener.

Iran off nuclear monitoring screen since 2002

By Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press founding editor

18 April 2006: A ‘peacekeeping’ United Nations has let the fox into the henhouse, or as Dr. Dore Gold, former Israeli ambassador to the UN puts it, by electing Iran to a vice-chair position on the UN Disarmament Commission, the UN is asking “the cat to guard the milk”.

A prime mission of the UN Disarmament Commission is deliberations on preventing the spread of nuclear war.

In the deadly chess game being played out by Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who told the world last week that Iran had successfully enriched its own uranium–a key ingredient in the production of a nuclear bomb–the UN has been the absentee referee.

Read complete article by CANADA FREE PRESS here: A “Must Read”

Ahmadinejad: Israel Heading Towards “Annihilation”

Boasts of 40,000 Trained Suicide Bombers

17 April 2006: Speaking at a recent news conference in Tehran promoting the nation as a “new Middle Eastern superpower,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims to have upwards of 40,000 suicide bombers prepared to strike British and U.S. targets if any Iranian nuclear sites are attacked, and warned that Israel was heading towards “annihilation.”The main suicide contingent, named the Special Unit of Martyr Seekers in the Revolutionary Guards, debuted last month when its members marched in a military parade wearing olive-green uniforms with explosive packs around their waists, and showing off detonators.
Recently at a recruiting station in Tehran, volunteer bombers applied for “positions” by showing their birth certificates, offer proof of their address and state whether they would prefer to attack American targets in Iraq or Israeli targets.

Dr. Hassan ABBASI, the leader of the Center for Doctrinal Strategic Studies in the Revolutionary Guards, said that 29 western targets had been identified, adding that: “We are ready to attack American and British sensitive points if they attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.” ABBASI stated that some of the bombers were “quite close” to the Iranian border in Iraq. He also added that the potential suicide bombers have targeted the United Kingdom and vowed “Britain’s demise.”

Media reports based on Western intelligence documents offer strong proof that the Revolutionary Guards are in charge of a secret nuclear weapons program designed to evade the scrutiny of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and hide their weapons advancement from the West. According to these same intelligence sources, U.S. President Bush is preparing to strike Iran before his term expires if the problem “is not resolved in some other way.” Reports added that the president feels that it would be “unfair” to leave the task of destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities to a new president.”

According to Alireza JAFARZADEH, the former spokesperson for National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI- the political wing of the terrorist group Mujaheddin-e-Khalq), said that a secret military program is in place to activate “other underground sites” if Iran’s known nuclear facilities were destroyed.

Alireza JAFARZADEH proved his credibility as a reliable source when he first revealed the existence of the nuclear plant in Natanz 2002. Since that time, he has provided information on a number of other smaller projects inside Iran. Some are designed to be nuclear factories, while others are for the storage of weapons.

Russia offers financial aid to HAMAS

17 April 2006: The financially strapped HAMAS Palestinian government has accepted financial aid from Russia with open arms, a situation that is not sitting well with the United States and to a lesser extent, the European Union. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov criticized the boycott by the West of the Palestinian government and added that Moscow is willing to provide immediate financial aid, an offer that was gratefully accepted by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. HAMAS is short of cash because Israel is withholding approximately $55 million US in monthly taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, the European Union has frozen hundreds of millions of dollars in annual aid payments, and the United States and Canada have stopped government assistance.

Although Lavrov did not say how much money Russia planned to offer, the Hamas-led government is desperate for money; it is two weeks behind in salaries for Palestine’s 140,000 government employees, which lead to a riot in Gaza’s central town of Khan Younis Saturday when angry workers stormed a government building demanding their back wages.

Washington will also forbid Americans to do business with the Hamas government, according to a memo made public on Friday.

Surveillance & Bomb Threats: One Perspective

17 April 2006: On Easter Sunday, the Wal Mart store located on Transit Road in suburban Buffalo, New York received a bomb threat. Numerous first responders including the police, bomb squad experts and federal authorities responded and spent at least two hours searching the location for an explosive. When no bomb or explosive device was found, authorities permitted shoppers and employees back into the store (shortly before 4:00 p.m. ET) and returned to quarters.

Wal Mart-Transit Road on Easter Sunday as search for bomb concluded. To anyone paying attention, there are a few things that should be addressed about this specific incident and about these events in general and nationally.

With the help of an astute public, helpful law enforcement officers and others, the Northeast Intelligence Network has been documenting various incidents of surveillance and other noteworthy occurrences that have taken place across the U.S. in the days, weeks and months following 9/11. Perhaps a pattern is developing that warrants our attention and could address incidents taking place across our nation like that described above.

Having a higher than average number of such occurrences of “suspicious” incidents are those taking place in the greater Buffalo, New York area; a diverse city with a large Muslim population and a large Islamic Center. It is busy border city with Canada, and a port city that has seen the origins of the “Lackawanna Six,” a reference to six Islamic men of Yemeni origin who were among the first inside the U.S. to be arrested and convicted for their role supporting terrorism subsequent to the attacks on the U.S. The greater Buffalo, NY area has also been the victim of numerous incidents of bomb threats called into large businesses, suspicious packages left at various populated areas, and continuing “surveillance” of those same areas by suspicious individuals – many described by witnesses as individuals appearing to be of Middle Eastern origin. In most cases, the major media rarely report these incidents. In most cases, individuals and even some first responders walk away from these false alarms, relieved on one hand that the incident proved to be a false alarm, but concerned on the other that these incidents have been taking place with such frequency.

It is noteworthy that the Wal Mart store referenced above is located in a very busy retail corridor that has documented it’s share of photographic and videotape “surveillance” conducted by individuals appearing to be Middle Eastern. None of these incidents appeared to make much sense until a theory was introduced by an astute law enforcement officer known as “T.J.” Surveillance, it seemed, was not only meant to include the specific “target” location but to law enforcement personnel and their response as well. Together with WBEN AM-930 Buffalo, NY talk show host Tom Bauerle, the Northeast Intelligence Network has labeled this activity as “T.J.’s Theorem.” Surveillance is also expanded to observe the response by law enforcement, identify the responding personnel, document the equipment and assets used, and locate their point of origin so at a future time in real case scenario, their efforts could be adversely affected, possibly exacerbating the damage of the initial incident by neutralizing the effectiveness of their response or by other means. That places such incidents in perspective and should be a cause for concern among first responders.

Iran: The Nuclear Armed Terrorist State Sponsor

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs Expert

16 April 2006: There is the very high probability that within the next few days Iran will fully accept and adopt all aspects of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) and will announce yet another unilateral suspension of the current enrichment processes.

This a brilliant chess move and one entirely expected by some observers.

The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, announced to the world last week that Iran has successfully enriched its own uranium. CHECK MATE. The cat is out of the bag and the genie is out of the bottle in Iran. Iran has the technological capability to indigenously produce nuclear weapons. Again, in case you missed it the first time, CHECK MATE.

Allow me to explain.

During the course of the diplomacy game which has been afoot for the past couple of years in the wrangling over Iranian nuclear activities and ultimate ambitions, the result of such an announcement by Ahmadi-Nejad does three things:

1. It places the burden on the United States to promptly back down from “rumors of war” threats. The public perception created by mass-media reporting is that Iran bought the technological know-how for nuclear capability and the means of delivery; with this announcement Iran is at the minimum a regional nuclear power. So are Pakistan, India and Israel. This is the new, existing paradigm of the Middle East. In the court of world opinion any US attack on these working Iranian facilities will be seen by the world as blatant aggression, one nuclear-armed state attempting to reverse the de-facto status of another nuclear-armed state. The US will continue to contingency plan like crazy. However, ultimately the U.S. will do nothing but accept this new reality. Furthermore, the U.S. will not risk any further drama to the prices consumers are paying for petroleum products. Ayatollah Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad are counting on it.

2. The UN will back-off voting for sanctions. What else would you expect from such a feckless group? Maybe there’s an Iranian Oil-for-Food and Nuclear Kick-back somewhere in their future?

3. The EU-3 (UK, France and Germany) will also be forced to accept Iranian nuclear club membership as fait accompli. They’ll go as the US goes. Large Islamic populations in their homelands (Eurabia) pretty much clinched the fact that they’d do nothing concrete regarding Iranian nuclear ambition. They understood going in that their capital cities would be at risk from Iranian nuclear-tipped missiles before the US would. The European’s got what they bargained for.

From my perspective, the big winners here are obviously the Iranian’s. They have their nuclear capability intact, and the technology to deliver warheads to boot. If Armageddon occurs as they envision it – it will occur on their terms, which was what they wanted to begin with. The other winners are the Russian’s, who have their Iranian nuclear client and rich military contracts to boot. Iran will purchase more and more sophisticated Russian weaponry with the billions in cash they receive from the other winners in this whole affair - the Red Chinese. The Chicom’s have their primary oil source and technology trading partner intact and a little more powerful than before. Not a bad outcome from a standard chess gambit they all played to the hilt.

So, what’s next? What comes from the success of this blatant military-technological expansion in Iran? Look west towards the frontiers of Lebanon, Syria and Israel. That’s where the board pieces will now commence the next round of the game.

Iran, Islam and Democracy

Have a Blessed Easter weekend. If you choose not to worship this weekend, we don’t plan on killing you for it.

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

15 April, 2006: Iran’s president “startled the world” this week, by stating that Iran is only a couple of weeks away from having enriched uranium. The entire world press immediately went into a debate whether this was in fact true and whether this means they will build a nuclear bomb with the materials.

It’s amazing, and borderline amusing, to watch the media scramble every time this Iranian mouthpiece Ahmadinejad opens his mouth. Then, to top the week off, the Iranian puppet goes on to speak about how Israel will be destroyed.

We instantly have the ‘heads on the tube, on both sides of the debate, on whether Iran has nuclear weapons, whether the uranium means that a weapon is going to be built, and whether this means war to be imminent with Iran. I firmly believe that Iran has nuclear weapons, and has had them for some time. Russia provided these in exchange for money to rebuild their government after their collapse. The real issue, however, isn’t the enriched uranium. It’s deeper than that. Let’s focus on the real issue. Islam, and the radical spread of Islam is the issue. First and foremost, if people don’t openly recognize that Iran is the seat, the root, the base of all the Islamic related terrorism in the world, we might as well be discussing cookie recipes or home improvement issues.

We are “dancing around the donkey” in every sense, yet we are refusing to pin the tail on that donkey. It is imperative that people look slightly past the imminent nuclear issue, and realize that the threat is Islam and the nuclear weapons are only a method that will be used by Islam in their quest to destroy the “western” world: the people of religions outside of Islam. It really doesn’t matter if the delivery of death is nuclear, biological or chemical as these are only weapons that will be used by these dealers of death against the people of the world.

The nuclear issue simply makes it an: “in your face” issue. Granted, it may provide the catalyst we need to bomb them back to the stone age, but if we decide instead to try to overthrow the government and install a democracy like we did in Iraq, we will have failed to do what needs to be done to save ourselves from this poison called Islam that is slowly destroying the world.

In simple terms, the issue is Islam and Iran is the base, the source of the poison.

Once we realize and accept that peace in the Middle East is an exercise in futility and that Muslims not only don’t want democracy, but also don’t know how to live under or operate a democratic government, only then will the picture become very clear. It’s like handing an idiot $1,000,000.00 to spend, and being shocked when that idiot is penniless within a few months. Islam and democracy don’t mix and cannot coexist if the primary factor and ruling party is Islam. The entire theme of Islam is to control the people, their lives, who and when they will worship. In fact, there isn’t a single aspect if Islam that is conducive to democracy or a democratic government.

If you want to create a true democracy, Islam, private militias, clerics and imans have to be removed from governmental power altogether. Islam and the teachings of Islam are no model for an effective, rational, democratic government. Islamic militias are dangerous because they operate outside any established government and are controlled by some sheikh, imam or cleric that changes his mind every 72 hours based on greed and power.

The point I’m trying to make is that unless you plan on removing Islam from the governmental structure, you cannot install a democracy. On the other hand, western governments and true democratic societies such as ours have been able to intertwine government and religion fairly effectively only because of the freedom of religion and the freedom that allows people to worship their God in their own way. Islam isn’t the basis for these effective rational governments. Islam has no place in these governments.

Before some clown emails me and says that this is why we should embrace Islam here in the United States, lets get the qualifier in place. I said “religious freedom”. Islam isn’t a legitimate religion unless you want to lump it into a Jonestown type cult and try to call it a religion. Islam doesn’t have a thing to do with freedom of any kind, so it would be difficult to see any benefit from accepting it here as a model of any kind. True Islam is a death cult, a Nazi-like following that refuses to coexist with Israel and refuses to coexist with any other religions. Therefore, it is disqualified from the legitimate religion list.

Let’s face the facts, people. Wherever there is Islam as the dominating factor, there is death and destruction. Islam brought death and destruction to our cities and the Pentagon in 2001. There is no denying this simple truth. We have been inundated with this Islamic propaganda ever since by design. It is part of the overall battle plan. Hitler did the same propaganda campaign in Germany before taking over. Every time you turn on the television, there is Islam this, Islam that. All of it related to terrorism and radical notions from our own people here that there is a place in our freedom based society for this farce. We are under a full frontal attack by Islam right here in this country through their attempts to gain entry in to our government, our judicial system and our communities. The key attack word is “tolerance”, fully expected from us towards them but not vice-versa. In the Islamic countries Christians are being abused, tortured and murdered. They want this to occur here as well.

I realized why the Americans that have converted to Islam wear the caps on their heads. It is to keep their heads from exploding under the pressure of trying to be a Muslim in a truly democratic society. It is the impossible equation, a paradox, like trying to keep an open flame and gasoline in the same room. Moderate American Muslims are the “hippies” of Islam. They talk about peace, love, tolerance and tranquility while in the back of their minds they are full of internal conflict because they aren’t being true to their faith. It’s actually funny to watch, because I’ve noticed that when they are around other Muslims, they act differently. I attribute this to fear: the fear that they will be “found out”. Maybe it’s fear that word might get back to their homeland, which could result in retribution against their families. Maybe fear of retribution here. Yeah, that’s a great way to live.

By the way, have a great Easter weekend. If you choose not to worship this weekend, we don’t plan on killing you for it. Someday we may win you over, by your own free will. It’s your choice, your freedom.

Be well. Stay safe.