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New Video Message by Ayman al-Zawahiri: “American Crimes in Kabul”

Summary Analysis: Video is a call to jihad directed to all young Muslim students in Kabul. An increase in attacks against U.S. led forces in Afghanistan, particularly in the southern region can be expected.

22 June 2006: Dressed in a white robe and turban against a dark background with his trademark automatic rifle propped next him, al Qaeda’s second-in-command – Ayman al-Zawahiri, appeared in a three minute, 44 second video carrying the As-Sahab logo and promising “significant violence” by Taliban forces in southern Afghanistan. The video was posted on Thursday on a website often used by al-Qaeda terrorists and is his sixth this year. Transcripts of this message are being carried in three languages: Arabic, Farsi and Pashtun, and appears to be directed to the young Islamic men in Kabul to “honor their responsibility in defending their homeland against the infidel invaders.”Al-Zawahiri instructs “Muslim brothers in Afghanistan, and especially in Kabul, to stand as one with the Mujahadeen” (Muslim fighters) so that the invading forces might be expelled. His last message, broadcast on June 9, urged Palestinians to boycott a referendum to recognize Israel’s statehood.

Although there is nothing to suggest exactly when the video was made, al-Zawahri appears to be referring to violent anti-US protests that broke out in Kabul on May 29, 2006 after a US military truck crashed into traffic. An analysis of the video suggests that it was made a short time later and coincides with an upsurge in violence against US and coalition forces in Afghanistan. Nearly 1,000 casualties have been reported this year, including 47 American troops and 18 other foreign soldiers.

In this latest video, al-Zawahiri cited unspecified US “aggressions” in various cities in Afghanistan as examples of “crimes against Islam.” The video also referenced the “ridiculing of our holy prophet by the Italian, Danish and French,” an obvious reference to the caricatures of the Islamic Prophet that caused an uproar earlier this year, and references the (alleged) desecration of the Qu’ran in Bagram and Guantanemo.

Declassified Report: WMDs Found in Iraq

22 June 2006: According to a portion of a report that has just been declassified, U.S. forces have located 500 chemical weapons in Iraq since 2003. At a news conference yesterday, Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum stated: “We have found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, chemical weapons.” The senator read from a declassified portion of a report by the National Ground Intelligence Center, a Defense Department intelligence unit, stating that “since 2003, coalition forces have recovered approximately 500 weapons munitions which contain degraded mustard or sarin nerve agent. Despite many efforts to locate and destroy Iraq’s pre-Gulf War chemical munitions, filled and unfilled pre-Gulf War chemical munitions are assessed to still exist.”

U.S. Department of Agriculture Computer Hacked: 26,000 ID’s at Risk

22 June 2006: The names, Social Security numbers and photographs of 26,000 Washington-area employees and contractors might have been copied by a hacker who broke into the computer system at the U.S. Department of Agriculture on or about 4 June 2006. The department verified that law enforcement agencies have been contacted and are investigating the hacking along with the inspector general. Although it is believed that the personal information was protected by security software, investigation concluded that the data on current or former employees might have been accessed. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns said the department will provide free credit monitoring for one year to anyone who might have been affected. Those who might have been affected were notified by e-mail and through the mail. The information accessed was used to create staff or contractor badges in Washington and the surrounding area, according to spokeswoman Terri Teuber.

According to government sources, the Social Security numbers and other personal and identifying information of about 1,500 employees and contractors working for the National Nuclear Security Administration might have been compromised when a hacker gained entry to an Energy Department computer system last fall. The intrusion was only recently discovered.

FBI Leadership School of Thought: Then & Now

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

22 June 2006: An example of a half-century of “progressive thinking” within the leadership of the FBI:

“I would have no fears if more Americans possessed the zeal, the fervor, the persistence and the industry to learn about this menace of Red fascism. I do fear for the liberal and progressive who has been hoodwinked and duped into joining hands with the communists…”

–Testimony of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover before HUAC - March 26, 1947

All new FBI Special Agents receive cultural sensitivity education, including that of the Muslim religion, during their new agent training at Quantico. As part of the ongoing training of our employees… [we will] hold our next regularly scheduled Supervisory Special Agents training session in September 2006 at a Mosque in the Los Angeles area. During this training session, our Supervisory Staff will receive training on the Muslim religion and culture. The FBI is committed to ensuring that our personnel become more culturally fluent so that our investigations are more effective and respectful.

–Joint statement of FBI Assistant Director in charge of the LA, J. Stephen Tidwell, the FBI’s Youth Advisory Committee, and it’s [SIC] Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee - Press Release, June 16, 2006

REPORT: Two Missing U.S. Soldiers Found Dead after Torture by Islamic Captors

20 June 2006: The reports have yet to be confirmed by U.S. officials, however several external news sources including the Washington Post report that General Abdul Aziz Muhammed, head of operations at Iraqi Ministry of Defense acknowledged that the soldiers had been “barbarically” killed and that there were traces of torture on their bodies. The two U.S. soldiers missing since an attack on a checkpoint last week were found dead near a power plant in Yusifiyah, south of Baghdad, according to Muhammed. The soldiers were identified as Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, 23, of Houston and Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker, 25, of Madras, Oregon. A third U.S. soldier, Spec. David J. Babineau, 25, of Springfield, MA., was killed in the attack.

The soldiers were reportedly executed “in a manner consistent with Islamic law.”

Randy Taylor, Senior Independent Analyst, stated that he has seen multiple postings about the captured soldiers that were made by the Mujahideen Shura Council (MSC), although there have been significant postings and specific references to the Army of Ansar al Sunna, a Sunni extremist group linked with al Qaeda. A careful analysis of the various Arabic postings and claims of responsibility suggest the possibility that the MSC could be attempting to appear more operational than they actually are since the death of terrorist leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi. Initially, there appeared to be some indication that the soldiers were to be used as a bargaining tool in exchange for the body of al Zarqawi, although this does not appear to be the case. Our investigation and analysis is continuing.

11:30 a.m. UPDATE: A number of messages, posted on at least two Arabic language terrorist forums, state that our soldiers were “slaughtered,” or beheaded, in accordance with Quranic law. We are unable to authenticate the validity of the message. We regret any loss of our troops, and our heartfelt prayers go out to their families –Douglas J. Hagmann, the staff, investigators, researchers and analysts of the Northeast Intelligence Network.

Murdered in the name of Islam - Executed in a manner consistent with Islamic law

20 June 2006; 11:30 P.M. ET UPDATE: The two U.S. soldiers kidnapped last week were found murdered near a power plant in Yusifiyah, south of Baghdad. According to military sources close to the Northeast Intelligence Network, the bodies of the two men were found decapitated; their bodies were also booby-trapped with hidden explosive devices designed to detonate during the recovery operation. Additionally, a number of improvised explosive devices, or IED’s were placed strategically near the bodies and throughout the immediate area to detonate when US recovery teams arrived. According to our military sources, all of the IED’s and booby-traps were neutralized before the bodies were recovered and removed.

The soldiers were identified as Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, 23, of Houston and Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker, 25, of Madras, Oregon. A third U.S. soldier, Spec. David J. Babineau, 25, of Springfield, MA., was killed in the attack.As reported earlier on this website, the Mujahideen Shura Council (MSC) claimed responsibility for the savage execution of the two soldiers, and also appeared to legitimize their torture and death by citing Islamic and Quranic law. One statement attributed to the al-Qaida-led Mujahideen Shura Council was posted to a website frequently used by Islamic terrorists:

“We bring good tidings to the nation of Islam from the battlefields. O my nation, rejoice that the ruling of God … against the two captive crusader parasites has been carried out by having their throats slit.” “God Almighty has graced the leader Abu Hamza al-Muhajir … with the implementation of the sentence,” suggesting that the heir apparent to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had personally murdered the two soldiers. This claim could not be substantiated and might be an attempt to raise the prominence of Abu Hamza al-Muhajir.


EXCLUSIVE: The Politics of WMDs In Iraq

Exclusive E-Mail to a Congressman

UPDATE 20 June 2006: Exceprt from the new mainpage of

On 14 and 15 June 2006, I met with two DIA Agents and two CIA Agents at the FBI office in Dallas, Tx. The Agents were very professional and we discussed the sites. I was informed by intelligence reports as well as “all” classified intelligence reports submitted from Iraq during the first part of 2003 could not be located. Our intelligence reports were submitted from Iraq through a main server at Prince Sultan Air Base (PSAB), near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Once we had launched operations into Iraq in Mar 2003, the Saudi Government (our friends) advised all U.S. Operations at PSAB must be closed. This caused major disruptions with logistics and electronic communications. I advised the DIA and CIA Agents I would assist them in putting together the intelligence I had originally reported in 2003.

On 16 June 2006, I asked Congressman Weldon if he could arrange a “Congressional Hearing” so the American public will know the truth behind the WMD issue, to determine who “dropped the ball” in regards to intelligence dissemination, and to allow the American public to decide if the suspected WMD sites should now be inspected.

On 16 June 2006, I was informed of an interview Congressman Weldon had conducted on 13 June 2003. Congressman Weldon had stated, “the jury is still out” in regards to WMD in Iraq. He further stated he had been made aware of four WMD sites in Iraq that have never been searched by U.S. personnel. He said he had also been briefed by “Iraqis familiar with these sites”. Weldon also stated if no WMD is located at these four sites he believes Russia was involved in moving the WMD to Syria. (Congressman Weldon is referring to the four sites I identified and the meeting I arranged for him involving Iraqi citizens). To read the interview go to Search this site for “Weldon WMD”. It is located in an article by William Bender, titled “Liberal bloggers riled over Weldon’s WMD comments”. In this article Charles Duelfer again makes a statement, “I tend to doubt that there would be locations which haven’t yet been scavenged or in other ways examined”. Duelfer further said, ” the four sites targeted by Weldon are worth evaluating if it can be done safely”.

The remarks made by Duelfer reflect what Agents like myself faced when we reported suspected sites at the beginning of the war. Does Mr. Duelfer not feel if the sites were already ’scavenged” that it would be in the interest of America to find out what was
scavenged, who scavenged them, where the scavengers took them, and what the scavengers intentions with the WMD are? Mr. Duelfer should have understood inspecting WMD sites in Iraq would be dangerous in wartime. Based on these two statements alone
verify Mr. Duelfer was not qualified to be in charge of the Iraq Survey Group (ISG).

I only want to protect America and more specifically I do not want our children to ever again experience a terrorist attack like September 11th or worse. I will do my part to prevent an attack even if I have to experience ridicule from people who believe WMD was never in Iraq. I have always said we can’t say WMD was not or is not still in Iraq if we haven’t looked at suspected sites that Federal Agents identified.

I will update this website so you will be able to click on links to all of my communications and non classified supporting evidence to and from Congressmen Weldon and Congressman Hoekstra. You will be able to determine what the truth is.

If Saddam Hussein had WMD, and because the four sites were not searched and now Osama Bin Laden and his followers may now have it, we must all be concerned that we may experience another major terrorist attack. If WMD is still or even if there is a very small chance (as Duelfer stated) we need to search the sites for our children’s safety. Below is a photo of me with an Iraqi child at the Children’s Hospital in Nasiriyah, Iraq. U.S. Military personnel in Iraq are fighting for a cause. The safety of all children throughout the world.

Please email me for any specific questions and I will insure each one will be answered. To obtain more information about my 3 year battle you can “google” my name and there are numerous newspaper, magazine, and television reports on the issue.

Thank you,
Dave Gaubatz

“This has been an issue now for 3-1/2 years and I think you would agree the American people need to know the truth. More so, they deserve the truth….” - Special Agent Paul “Dave” GAUBATZ (RETIRED), Civilian Federal Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Senior Analyst, Military Affairs Expert

8 June 2006: The issue of the existence of weapons of mass destruction is one reason why we went to war with Iraq, but needlessly remains a matter of political and international contention. Read the exclusive e-mails of a retired U.S. federal agent to a Congressman, and the response he received. Read how this WMD issue can easily be resolved – if only POLITICS were to be removed from this matter. But above all, read how the American people – and how the world – is being victimized by a needless and convoluted political process – to our ultimate peril, and the peril of our children and grandchildren. The following is an e-mail sent from U.S. Federal Agent Dave GAUBATZ to Congressman Weldon – one of two congressmen with whom he has been in constant contact – and his response to the agent. Following the e-mail is a chronology of events.

A variation of this investigative expose appears on the web site of THE AMERICAN THINKER.  Readers are also urged to read this article.E-MAIL From Special Agent Paul “Dave” GAUBATZ (RETIRED), Civilian Federal Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI):

Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 08:40:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: dave gaubatz
Subject: From Dave Gaubatz to Congressman Weldon 7 June 2006
Congressman Curt Weldon, 7 June 2006

I received a phone call yesterday from one of your staff members (Jim). He was very professional and advised I would be receiving a phone call from the CIA and DIA. I will assist our Government in anyway possible, but long conversations with these agencies by myself should not be needed. If the CIA and DIA were provided all of the information I provided you during the period Mar - May 2006, and in addition the intelligence reports filed by myself and other OSI Agents during the time period Apr - Jul 2003; this should be enough.

The greatest assistance I could now provide would be to take CIA and DIA personnel to the exact locations. Per my reports I did not have the coordinates for one location, but do know its exact location. Many of the original sources would speak with me more freely because of the trust we developed in 2003 (although they lost some trust because we never inspected the suspected WMD sites they identified).

I also do not want this to be a “hide and seek” operation. This has been an issue now for 3.5 years and I think you would agree the American people need to know the truth. More so, they deserve the truth. I would be extremely happy if there is no WMD at the sites, but I do not think this is/was the case. There is a possibility that after 3.5 years, that if WMD was at the locations, some may have been removed. The third scenario is that WMD will still be there.

I have no intention of leaving the media out of this, because that would be leaving the American people out of this. I think it would be beneficial for our nation if you and I met with news organizations together and announced our intentions to work together and inspect the WMD sites. In 2003 I and other Agents put our lives on the line to identify the suspected WMD sites; this time I will put my honor and credibility on the line to go back to Iraq to inspect the sites. If there are no indicators WMD was at the sites, I personally will take the public scrutiny that would result. Then I and other Americans can rest better knowing WMD is not in the hands of terrorists. You are an honorable man and please let me know. I am not an elected politician, but I feel my views on this matter reflect the views of Americans.


Dave Gaubatz
U.S. Federal Agent (retired)

Note From Dave Gaubatz: On Tuesday, 6 June 2006, I received a polite & professional telephone call from Congressman Curt Weldon’s office and informed that the CIA & DIA would be contacting me. I will assist the agencies in anyway possible, but have to wonder if this is in response to the New York Times contacting Congressman Weldon’s office on 5 June 2006 requesting answers to the WMD issue??”

The e-mail above was sent to Congressman Weldon documenting my response.

3 June, 2006: WMD’s still in Iraq? Well, at least retired Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) agent Paul “Dave” Gaubatz, the Northeast Intelligence Network and other very interested parties feel this is the case.

What we know and accept as truth is that OSI Agent Gaubatz and five other federal agents identified four of Saddam Hussein’s suspected WMD hideaways in the region around Al-Nasiriyah, in the provinces of Dhi Qar and Basrah, Iraq between April and July of 2003.

These sites are highly suspected of containing the biological and chemical weapons the Bush Administration went to great lengths to reveal to the world prior to the commencement of hostilities in Operation Iraqi Freedom on March 19, 2003. We also know as a matter of fact that despite repeated requests, begging and pleading for the past three years – none of these sites have been properly investigated since discovery – NOT ONE. Not by the Iraq Survey Group led by both David Kay and Charles Duelfer nor any team of US DoD investigators. This intolerable situation continues to this very moment despite detailed briefings, extended and repeated contact between Dave Gaubatz and Congressman Curt Weldon (R-PA) and Congressman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), and members of their staff. What we do not know is whether these suspected Bio/Chem Warfare Material Storage Sites have been located and exploited by Islamic terrorists. You the reader must understand this clearly and completely, not only have these sites not be searched – they have been unguarded ever since their discovery a full three years ago. If the Bush Administration is embarrassed by these revelations – then so be it. What we have here is a matter of the utmost national security implications’. With these sites remaining unsecured by American or Coalition forces in Iraq every member of the coalition (our sons and daughters), every citizen of newly democratic Iraq and people around the world, including right here in the homeland USA are at risk.

I can think of no better method of shining a spotlight on this urgent issue than to provide you with the text and a link to Dave Gaubatz media information page on his website. As you read this page I would humbly request you remain seated while consuming its contents. Then read it again, and again. I also beseech Congressman Tom Tancredo become involved in this effort immediately, and all members of the media who read these pages and follow the efforts of the Northeast Intelligence Network to contact Dave Gaubatz, get the word out in your columns and radio programs, inform the American people, and ultimately force our government and elected representatives to get off their butts, ignore petty partisan politics and get this task completed NOW.

NOTE: I will address issues and include information only that has been discussed between myself, Congressman Pete Hoekstra (House Intelligence Committee), Congressman Curt Weldon (Armed Services Committee), and their staff during non secure means such as cell phones, unsecured phone lines, emails, and during private meetings with personnel the Congressmen understood did not have clearances (Iraqis). Some of the conferences I and Congressman Weldon had were with other U.S. Agencies and private corporations on non secure lines. It should be noted that no information was provided to any of the Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee or Armed Services Committee at the request of Congressman Weldon and Congressman Hoekstra.

To my knowledge (as told to me by Congressman Weldon) on 4 May 2006, none of the information had been provided to any person
affiliated with DOD. I have the utmost respect for both Congressmen, but feel the intelligence I provided them should have been shared with all members of Congress and the White House. NOTE: I was the only civilian Federal Agent in the area, all others were on active duty.

I will share the details behind the 3 year battle I have had to get suspected WMD sites searched by U.S. personnel. I was sent into
Iraq at the start (2003) of Operation Iraqi Freedom (U.S. Federal Agent, not military). I had specialized in counter-intelligence and was an Arabic linguist. Prior to this I had served 20 years on active duty.

While in Iraq I had identified (with other Federal Agents) 4 sites that were highly suspected of containing biological and/or chemical weapons. The sites were identified by very credible Iraqis who had knowledge and access to the areas. They risked their lives to provide intelligence about the sites and to take U.S. personnel to the locations. The sites would require heavy equipment to exploit the sites. The material was alleged to be buried deep and under water. To this date the sites have not been inspected. Several radio programs and newspapers have written about the above previously; in this article I want to provide more details that will convince the American public the WMD issues I have brought forward have been kept from the American public solely for political purposes.

I first spoke publicly about the WMD sites never being searched only after the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) and the White House announced in late 2004 that the search for WMD was over. I went on the Gary McNamara Radio show (Dallas) in Jan 2005 addressing this issue. Since that time I have been on several radio shows to include the Tony Snow Show, John Batchelor, Darrell Ankarlo (Dallas), and a variety of other radio shows. Fox News live with Eric Shawn, and on the CBN show with Erick Stakelbeck. The NY Sun (Eli Lake) and FrontPage magazine (Jamie Glazov) have also written articles.

To me the entire issue is non political, it is a National Security issue, but during the three years I have found out that every “issue” has political implications and the majority of most media corporations have a political agenda. I simply want the suspected WMD sites in Iraq searched.

Many people have asked me why they were not searched in 2003, (read the NY Sun article by Eli Lake) and continue to ask me why
they are not being searched now. After reading my timeline of events on this issue below you will begin to understand.


Jan – Jul 2003: Deployed as U.S. Federal Agent first into Saudi Arabia (Arar Air Base) and then Nasiriyah, Iraq (Tallil Air base). Two primary missions: Counter-terrorism and locate WMD. I was assigned as a civilian agent to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI). If you research the OSI and interview other Federal Agencies you will find out OSI has the best trained counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism agents among all Federal agencies. FBI agents and other Federal agents do not have the clearances nor training OSI agents have.

Apr – July 2003: I and 5 other Federal agents identified 4 suspected WMD sites in southern Iraq. Made numerous attempts to ISG to get the sites exploited. To date (5 May 2006) this has not happened.

July 2003 – Jan 2005: Stayed in contact with U.S. Government personnel and Iraqis who had reported the original WMD sites.

Jan 2005 – Mar 2006: Went public with information about the suspected WMD sites never being inspected.

Feb 2006: Invited to speak at the 2006 Intelligence Summit. WMD sites discussed extensively.

Feb 2006: Staff member of Congressmen Pete Hoekstra telephoned me several times for details about the WMD sites. Met with staff member Jake Abel in Feb 2006. All details were provided pertaining to my knowledge of the WMD sites. Mr. Abel followed up with more telephone calls and emails. All information was provided to Congressman Hoekstra.

16 Mar 2006: Met with Congressman Curt Weldon at his DC office. Met for approximately one hour. Russ Caso (Chief of Staff) and an aide Michael Schuttloffel were present. All details were provided and I was informed by Congressman Weldon that he and his staff would personally investigate the matter. I was requested to send all of the details to the private residence of Michael Schuttloffel. This was done so the information I provided would not have to go through the Congressional mail channels. I sent the 15 plus pages of information as requested overnight FedEx to Mr. Schuttloffel.

21 Mar – 30 Apr 2006: Received numerous phone calls from Congressman Weldon’s office. We discussed the sites in more detail
and the credibility of the Iraqis who provided the information about the sites. I received the calls via my cell phone. I was also requested by Congressman Weldon to convert USM grids into longitude and latitude. I completed this process and provided all information to Congressman Weldon. Congressman Weldon had my information confirmed pertaining to the locations.

Mid April 2006 – 4 May 2006: Sharon Behn of the Washington Times interviewed me several times via phone and emails pertaining to the WMD sites and information pertaining to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) “loosing” all reports submitted by myself and other Agents assigned to Tallil Air Base Nasiriyah during the time period Apr –Dec 2003. OSI Agents had informed me all electronic files pertaining to every report filed during this time could now not be found. The reports filed electronically by me and other Agents would have also been sent to DOD, ISG, etc… I had requested when I first went public that to confirm the WMD sites had never be inspected, would be to take my reports (and other agents assigned with me) and compare them to sites inspected by ISG.

2 and 3 May 2006: Congressman Weldon contacted me at my office and home several times on 2 and 3 May 2006. Emails were also sent. We discussed the sites in more detail and he asked if I would ccompany him and Congressman Hoekstra to the suspected WMD sites in southern Iraq. I agreed, although I felt it was unsafe for two Congressmen to go to isolated areas in southern Iraq, even if we had military personnel with us. Congressman Weldon advised me we would travel commercial aircraft, and only notify the U.S. military when we arrived in Iraq. Congressman Weldon advised he would then have U.S. forces in Nasiryah go to the sites with us with heavy equipment. Again, I felt uncomfortable due to safety concerns. I would have preferred to go with two or three other agents and no other military convoys.

3 May 2006: I informed Congressman Weldon that an Iraqi who had provided the WMD intelligence on one site in 2003 would now come forward. Congressman Weldon asked me (via email) if I would arrange a private meeting with him on 4 May 2006. I arranged the meeting to be at Congressman Weldon’s DC office. The Chief of Staff (Russ Caso) for Congressman Weldon telephoned me and we discussed via email the arrangements for 3 (three) Iraqis (non U.S. citizens) to meet with Congressman Weldon and Congressman Hoekstra on 4 May 2006, at 10am.

Note: Sharon Behn, Washington Times spoke with the Iraqi (after receiving the approval of his U.S. attorney). Ms. Behn told me the Iraqi informed her that what I had described about the WMD sites was correct and he wanted to assist America.

4 May 2006/1000 hours: Congressman Weldon contacted me at my office (Dallas County Medical Examiner) and asked me to confirm I would lead the team (Congressman Weldon, Hoekstra, Iraqis) to the WMD sites. I agreed to do so. Congressman Weldon then advised he wanted a conference meeting with himself, Congressman Hoekstra, their Chiefs of Staff, and 3 Iraqi citizens. Congressman Weldon said all were present at his office and he wanted to discuss the details of the WMD sites and the trip to Iraq. We had a conference call for about two hours. The 3 Iraqis confirmed my credibility in relation to the WMD sites, and one Iraqi described the WMD site he was aware of in detail. Congressman Hoekstra asked me several questions relating to travel to the sites and both Congressmen asked me to confirm I would go with them. I again agreed to lead the team to the sites. The 3 Iraqis were
asked by Congressman Weldon if they would also go. They said they would do anything to assist America. They advised them and
U.S. Federal Agents had all risked our lives in 2003 to go to the sites and follow up should have been conducted. They informed Congressman Weldon and Hoekstra that no U.S. Government agency had ever debriefed them (aside from myself in 2003) during the last 3 years and were upset the suspected sites had never been searched by the U.S. Congressman Weldon and Hoekstra were upset the Iraqis had never been debriefed. Congressman Weldon and Hoekstra asked me to describe each site in detail again so the 3 Iraqis could provide details about the locations to them since they are from this area.

Congressman Weldon stated he did not want to inform any member of the DOD because he did not trust them. Congressman Hoekstra told him he shouldn’t say that. The Congressmen told me they did not want to inform any member of the Democratic Party because if we get to the sites and they have been exploited by insurgents/terrorists during the last 3 years, it would be very embarrassing to them and President Bush. Congressmen Weldon stated if we go to Iraq and locate the WMD it would help with the upcoming elections.

Note: Congressmen Curt Weldon and Congressmen Pete Hoekstra are very good people, but I had never wanted this to be a political issue. I simply wanted the sites searched.

4 May 2006, approximately 1700 hours: I received a telephone call from one of the Iraqis. He told me he and the other two Iraqis wanted to go with the Congressmen to Iraq, and would do anything to help America, but felt uncomfortable going for personal political reasons. They wanted to speak with their U.S. attorneys this evening. I received another call on this date. The Iraqi told me they had each spoken with their attorneys. The Iraqis and the attorneys agreed they should assist America by going to Iraq and helping locate the sites, but did not want them going for purely political reasons as Congressman Weldon and Hoekstra requested. Their attorneys advised since they are still awaiting U.S. citizenship they need to have sanctioned U.S. Government approval before going back to Iraq. The Iraqis advised the Congressmen wanted them to go to Iraq using private funding and not U.S. Government travel.

Note: During our prior conference call I heard Congressman Weldon inform the Iraqis of this. The Iraqis also advised they had prior plans to speak with the media about this, but were asked by Congressman Weldon’s Chief of Staff not to talk with the media. If the media found out they would know it was more of a trip for political purposes than for official purposes. The Iraqis were also present when Congressman Weldon said he did not want to notify anyone in the U.S. military.

4 May 2006/late evening: I received a call from a reporter (who has requested his/her name not be mentioned, and I will honor the (request). He said Congressman Hoekstra’s staff had called him on 3 May 2006 and were advising him of the WMD investigation and me. The reporter also told me he just received an email (as we were speaking) from the press person of Congressman Hoekstra. The press person told the NY Sun reporter that the [i]Washington Times[/i] article that Sharon Behn was working on was going to be squashed because the WMD issue could be politically embarrassing for the “Administration” (referring to President Bush and the Republican Party). We also discussed the trip Congressmen Weldon, Hoekstra, the Iraqis, and myself were planning on taking to Iraq to visit the sites. The reporter informed me on 23 May 2006 that Congressman Hoekstra’s staff had told him there was no trip to Iraq being planned.

Note: Congressman Weldon, Congressman Hoekstra, the Iraiqs, and myself discussed the Iraq trip on 4 May 2006. The Congressmen’s staff were also present, and in addition Congressman Weldon had called me previously to discuss the trip. The trip was discussed in detail.

4 May 2006/late evening: I was informed by Sharon Behn of the Washington Times that she was not going to publish the article now about the Congressmen’s trip to Iraq. I told her I had received a call from a reporter and had been told the article had been “squashed”. Ms. Behn denied this and said it was because she needed more corroboration about the WMD sites and the trip.

NOTE: Ms. Behn had talked with the Iraqis and had other confirmation the Congressmen had been working with me for 2 months. The article had been “squashed”.

5 May 2006/1000 hours: I received a phone call from Congressman Weldon’s Chief of Staff (Russ Caso). He advised the media had found out about the trip to Iraq. I told him I was aware of this because a NY Sun reporter had telephoned me the night before and said Congressman Hoekstra’s staff had talked with the Washington Times and had the article stopped. He said he was going to check with Hoekstra’s staff. I told Russ Caso I did not feel it was a good idea for the Congressmen to go on a private venture to Iraq. He asked why. I told him everyone would know we were going privately because two Congressmen, three Iraqis, and I would stand out while traveling commercially together. I informed Russ Caso that the search of the WMD sites was a national security issue, and not a media adventure as the Congressmen wanted. Russ Caso and I also discussed the scrutiny the Congressmen and the White House would be under if the WMD sites had already been exploited by insurgents/terrorists. I informed Mr. Caso I just want the sites inspected and do not want to be in the middle of a political battle. Mr. Caso said he would inform Congressman Weldon he should not go to Iraq due to the media being aware. I informed Mr. Caso I felt this was best and the Congressmen should never have been going to the sites in the first place. It was dangerous for all of us with them present. Mr. Caso asked if I would still lead a team to the sites. I agreed I would.

Note: Congressman Weldon, Russ Caso, and I had discussed the following three scenarios if we went to the WMD sites:

#1: The sites would get searched by U.S. personnel and WMD would be there. This would be good for America and the upcoming elections, and would make Congressman Weldon and Hoekstra stand out as having been the ones to locate the WMD.

#2: We would get to the sites and determine they had already been exploited by insurgents. This would make the Republican Party look bad because they had failed to search the sites 3 years ago when I first reported them. If we discovered the sites had been exploited we would downplay the search.

#3: We search the sites and there is no WMD. This would be politically embarrassing for Congressman Weldon and Hoekstra. If this scenario occurred we would also downplay the search.

The above 3 scenario reasoning’s are why the media and the Democratic Party would not be advised of the WMD site intelligence I
had provided.

I have been told by the Congressmen the sites have never been searched to their knowledge, and I know the sites have never been
searched. The Congressmen have conducted their own corroboration of the intelligence information I provided them and this is why they wanted to go to Iraq with me.

Note: Tony Snow (White House Press Secretary) has previously interviewed me about the WMD sites. Is/was there WMD in Iraq at the start of the war? We will never know until we search all the locations identified to ISG during 2003.

We have 4 sites in Iraq that need to be searched. I want the American people to know the truth, whether it be scenario number 1, 2, or 3 above. I am not concerned about being ridiculed if there is no WMD. I was sent to Iraq as a civilian, and at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars (Arabic language school/one year, travel, etc). I was a professional doing my duty. Sites I and other Agents identified should have been searched.

Paul “Dave” Gaubatz

I will be providing updates to our readership as provided by Dave Gaubatz immediately upon receipt.

UPDATE: Among the data specifically provided to Congressmen Weldon and Hoekstra is the precise location of the WMD sites to within a resolution of approximately three (3) feet. Two of these WMD sites are within the city limits of al-Nasiriyah, a third is 20 miles south of Nasiriyah in the vicinity of Suk Ash Shuyakh, Dhi Qar province of Iraq, and the fourth near the port of Umm Qasr in Basrah province, Iraq.





1. Per our meeting on 16 Mar 2006, (1000 hours), I am forwarding the following information for your review.

• An overview of my background
• WMD sites that myself and other Federal Agents identified in southern Iraq that were never exploited by ISG
• Russian intelligence information/activity in Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom
• Iranian intelligence information/activity in Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom
• Al-Qaeda activity…”””””””
• Hezbollah activity…..”””””””
• Individuals who can verify WMD, Russian activity, Iranian activity, Al-Qaeda activity, and Hezbollah activity in Iraq
• Overall assessment

Based on my intelligence gathering the following was substantiated:

1. WMD (chemical/biological) was and still is in Iraq.

2. Suspected WMD sites (4) in Iraq have never been exploited/searched by U.S. personnel.

3. Russians were involved in the transfer of WMD out of Iraq and assisted the Iraqi’s in hiding/moving WMD materials during United Nations Inspections.

4. Iranian Intelligence activities were ongoing in Iraq before and during the war, and Iranians were flooding the southern region of Iraq. Their goal was to thwart the goals of the U.S., and to help establish Shiite political and religious domination in Iraq.

5. Hezbollah was active in Iraq at the start of the war and conducted terrorist operations against U.S. units/personnel.

6. Al-Qaeda had been active in Iraq for many years before the war.

The intelligence activity obtained by myself and other U.S. Agents I worked with and the details of our missions/operations were submitted to the AFOSI Regional Headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They in turn disseminated through all levels of DOD, DOJ, CIA, ISG, etc… during the period April through July 2003.

Paul Dave Gaubatz

Australian Man Convicted of Three Terror Charges

19 June 2006: A jury found Sydney architect Faheem Khalid LODHI guilty of three terrorism-related charges today. LODHI, a Pakistani-born Australian citizen, of course denied all of the charges, calling the allegations that he was planning a terrorist attack in Australia, or that he believed in violent jihad “absurd.” LODHI is the first person in the country of Australia to be convicted of a charge of preparing for a terrorist act, an offense that carries a maximum life sentence. During the seven-week trial in the New South Wales Supreme Court, a jury of six men and six women heard that in October 2003, the 36-year-old man was planning a bombing attack, motivated by violent jihad. His targets included the national electricity supply system or three Sydney defense sites identified as the Victoria Barracks, the HMAS Penguin or the Holsworthy Barracks. LODHI inquired about specific chemicals capable of making explosives, and had instructions for making explosives, detonators and poisons, in preparation for a terrorist attack. He was also charged with acquiring two maps of the electricity grid and 38 aerial photographs of military sites connected with preparation for a terrorist act.

The jury spent five days deliberating before finding LODHI guilty of three charges relating to the maps, chemical inquiries and instructions. He was acquitted, however, of the fourth charge, of downloading the aerial photographs for a purpose connected with terrorism.

New South Wales Justice Anthony Whealy remanded LODHI into custody to face “sentencing submissions” on June 29, 2006.

The Islamic Shrine At Quantico Marine Base

Paid For With Your Money, Approved by the Occupants Of a Building Attacked On 9/11

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

19 June 2006: Earlier this month, top U.S. military leaders along with representatives of the Council on American-Islamic Relations dedicated an Islamic Prayer Center at the Marine base in Quantico. According to military officials, Muslims in uniform will now have a place to pray at the center until a permanent, more proper mosque is built in 2009. It is sadly ironic and lost on most that the plan to dedicate the prayer center and build a new mosque was approved by military leaders occupying a building that was attacked on 9/11 – the Pentagon – where more than 100 of its occupants were killed on that day. At the dedication ceremony, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England praised the roughly 4,000 Muslim Americans now serving with the U.S. military, saying Muslims have a long tradition of service going back to World War I. He also congratulated the Marine Corps and Chaplain Corps for “seeing the need for a prayer center for Muslim Marines.”

A closer look at those numbers is quite revealing, however. According to Stars & Stripes magazine, there are a total of 426 Muslims serving in the Marine Corps, and roughly 4,000 Muslims serving throughout all branches of the U.S. Military. The base at Quantico, however, has only 24 Muslims serving at this location. Based on the numbers cited, along with the seemingly forgettable fact that we are at war with Islamic fundamentalism, it would be prudent to identify the individual behind the idea of the prayer center and mosque at this location. That individual has been identified as Navy Lieutenant and Muslim Chaplain Abuhena Mohammed Saifulislam.

Following the attacks of 9/11, SAIFULISLAM, a native of Bangladesh and a self-proclaimed Sunni Muslim was assigned to the Guantanamo military prison, where he successfully lobbied the Pentagon to issue Qurans and prayer rugs for each prisoner. He also successfully lobbied for prayer beads and special Islamic halal meals for each of the prisoners, and further insured that the prisoners are awakened each morning with calls to prayer over loudspeakers according to Islamic tradition. Lt. SAIFULISLAM served as the personal chaplain to the prisoners, talking to them in Arabic and Urdu, languages SAIFULISLAM fluently speaks.

Lt. SAIFULISLAM attended an Islamic school in Virginia that is well known to espouse and teach the Wahabbi Doctrine and was raided by federal authorities following the 2001 attacks. In spite of his past associations with Islamic centers known for their orthodox beliefs, SAIFULISLAM insists that he is a “moderate.” Nonetheless, one of his mentors, according to a June 13, 2006 article written by Paul Sperry at, is Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, an unindicted co-conspirator in the terrorism related case of Sami al-Arian.

As Paul Sperry so adeptly points out, the Pentagon “is giving him [SAIFULISLAM] a permanent, taxpayer-supported platform from which to convert grunts to Islam. With the Quantico Mosque, the pentagon is facilitating the study of the holy texts the enemy uses, heretically or not, as their manual for war.”

Such acts would have been unthinkable during WWII, yet the disease of political correctness has infected every aspect of western thought. To the delight of our enemy, we have acquiesced to nearly every demand placed on us since 9/11 to prove our respect and tolerance for an enemy that is entrenched in our society. Sadly, the citizens of the United States are paying for this now – and more sadly, if we do not immediately recognize what is happening and change our course now, we will be paying for this in a larger sense for generations to come.

SFSU to host Al Awda’s tax deductible war on the Jews

Anti-Israel forces are marshalling for another national conference in their war against the Jews and your taxes ultimately are helping to fund it.

By Lee Kaplan, Communications Director, Senior Analyst

18 June 2006: A review of tax returns reveals that one of the biggest Palestinian organizations that refuses to stop the call to dismantle Israel is violating US tax laws as part of its non-profit status. And San Francisco State University is more than willing to help them do it.

The Palestine Right of Return Coalition (PRRC), also known as Al-Awda (the Return in Arabic), will hold another destroy-the Jews-and-starve Israel out of existence hate fest at the San Francisco State University campus on July 14th-16th. Past conferences were usually held on private property. By holding this conference on a University campus, Al- Awda utilizes property subsidized by American and Californian taxpayers to make war on Israel and against American troops in the Middle East. Mazen Qumsiyeh, a former Yale geneticist, helped to found Al-Awda. Qumsiyeh was sacked by Yale after it was found he was using the University’s email system to send out anti-Semitic comments on behalf of his organization. Qumsiyeh was later removed as the leadership of Al-Awda by the organization because he was deemed, of all things, too moderate.

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