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Five Muslims die in accident in Canada

26 July 2006 - Yukon Territory: Five Canadian Muslims of Indian and Pakistani origin, belonging to a local Tableeghi Jamaat, died in an accident in Yukon Territory, police sources said here on Wednesday morning.

The accident occurred on a lonely stretch of the Dempster Highway when a vehicle went off the road. Another person traveling in the vehicle suffered serious injuries. His name was not disclosed by police.

Those who died were identified as Naoman Sidat, 56, and Mohammad Saeed, 33, of Toronto, Mohammad Pathan, 65, of North York, Azmat Shaikh, 38, of Markham, and Khalid Malik of White Horse.

Four of the dead were from India and one from Pakistan.

Syria admits knowledge of al Qaeda terror cells in Lebanon

24 July 2006: Syrian cabinet minister Amr Salem admitted to a foreign news agency that there are cells of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terrorist network operating in Lebanon, and Syria knows of their whereabouts. According to Sky News, Syria “is (now) prepared to tell the US the whereabouts of al-Qaeda cells in Lebanon. “We know where they are and we can tell you,” a correspondent of Sky News said of Syria.

Additionally, Syria agreed to act as a go-between with the U.S. and Iran. According to Sky news, Amr Salem stated that “Syria offers to be an intermediary between Iran and the United States” and “Syria can play an important role in Iraq.” Syria has long been recognized as an Islamic terrorist-sponsoring nation, a proxy of Iran, and a haven for Hezbollah.

Iran’s Apocalyptic War Plan has Begun; Israel First, West Next

The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world.”– said Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, just 6 days after becoming Iran’s President

1,500 Islamic terrorist fighters from Iraqi Shi’ite militia in Baghdad recruited to fight Israel in Lebanon – Sunni’s also calling for volunteers

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

24 July 2006: As attacks on Israel and on Israeli troops continued, Israeli news media is reporting that about 18,000 Israeli soldiers have now been mobilized for operations in Lebanon and Gaza. Hezbollah’s rocket attacks on northern Israeli cities and towns have been relentless despite the ongoing Israeli operations; more than 90 rockets landed in Israel yesterday, killing two people in Haifa, one when rocket shrapnel hit a man’s car and another when a man’s carpentry shop was struck by a missile.Meanwhile, Iran is using Lebanese territory as a frontline zone for an assault on northern Israel. According to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Shiite regime in Tehran has created a mini-state in southern Lebanon, using the build-up of Hezbollah’s forces since Israel voluntarily vacated southern Lebanon in 2000. The Iranians have been preparing for this war since Israel pulled out of southern Lebanon 6 years ago, sending Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to provide Hezbollah with tens of thousands of rockets, missiles, and other weaponry.

Make no mistake about it: Hezbollah’s attack on Israel nearly two weeks ago was directed by the highest levels of the Iranian government due to Iran’s official ideology that is based on a fundamentalist Shiite theology. Iran’s Islamic theocratic doctrine calls for the complete annihilation of Israel and additional wave of attacks to establish global dominance of Shiite Islam. “Israel is merely a stepping stone to the West.” In order to win the “global war on terror,” which is more accurately described as a global war against fundamentalist Islam, the West must understand the enemy and their objectives.

It is the stated belief of Iranian President Ahmadinejad that it is his earthly role usher in a period of apocalyptic warfare to annihilate non-Shiite Muslims, and facilitate the “return” of the twelfth imam, signaling the end of time and supreme global rule of Shiite Islam. In a statement made by Ahmadinejad after being elected the president of Iran, he stated, “Thanks to the blood of the martyrs, a new Islamic revolution has arisen and the Islamic revolution of 1384 (2005) will, if God wills, cut off the roots of injustice in the world, The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world.”

To accomplish the objectives of this self-appointed Islamic savior, southern Lebanon, controlled by Iranian proxy Hezbollah, is being armed, funded, manned and controlled by Tehran. The fact that Iran is directly involved in the war against Israel was confirmed yesterday as some of the dead soldiers fighting with Hezbollah were identified as Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers. They were killed by the Israeli army in Lebanon and were transported back to Tehran through Syria, Iran’s close ally in this war. It should be noted that Iran and Syria are the largest financial sponsors of Hezbollah; numerous rockets used by Hezbollah were made by or maintained by Iran.

Additionally, two weeks ago Iranian guards assisted Hezbollah fighters in firing a radar-guided C–802 missile that hit an Israeli navy vessel off the coast of Lebanon, killing four soldiers. Israel says Iran acquired the missile from China.

Sunnis, Shi’ites table their differences to fight Israel

From Iraq, a senior member of Muqtada al-Sadr’s Iraqi Shi’ite militia, the Mahdi Army, says the group is forming a squadron of up to 1,500 elite fighters to go to Lebanon and assist Hezbollah in fighting Israel. “We are choosing the men right now,” said Abu Mujtaba, who works in the loosely organized following of radical Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. “We are preparing the right men for the job.” According to military intelligence reports, Sheik al-Sadr’s black-clad armed militia numbers in the thousands, operates throughout central and southern Iraq and is thought to be responsible for numerous killings of Sunnis.

In an interview with a western reporter, a rival Sunni cleric, Abdul Rahman al-Duleimi, stated that he knew of the Shi’ite’s militia’s recruiting effort and that he had appealed to his own followers to fight Israel. “We know that the Mahdi militia is on this issue since the Lebanon-Israeli crisis started,” said Sheik al-Duleimi (unrelated to Adnan al-Dulaimi, a Sunni cleric and leader of a major faction in Iraq’s parliament).

During Muslim prayers on Friday, Sheik al-Duleimi “called the people to volunteer, and if they cannot, they should donate anything. I called on people to donate even one bullet, because maybe this one bullet will kill one Israeli.”

Many “duped” by Iran and claims of Israel’s “disproportionate use of force”

Iran is also duping the world court in two specific ways. First, while the eyes of the world are on the Middle East war, Ahmadinejad’s regime continues to push forward their nuclear agenda. More insidiously, Hezbollah, again under Iran’s direction, are hiding their weapons among civilians in Lebanon, including homes, schools and mosques. Doing so slows down Israel’s forces, and if by chance a mosque, house or school is destroyed by Israel’s determination to avoid their own death, the media is effectively used to influence world opinion against Israel and the United States.

World opinion is already strongly footed against Israel. “My country has been ‘torn to shreds,’” said Fouad Siniora, prime minister of Lebanon, as the death toll among his people passed 300 civilian dead, 1,000 wounded, with half a million homeless. Israel must pay for the “barbaric destruction,” said Siniora. The prime minister, however, fails to address his administrations inability to control a terrorist organization operating within the borders of his won country – one that uses the citizens of his country as human shields.

And world opinion – especially the opinion of Muslims worldwide, is equally against the U.S. Because Israel is, in part, using U.S.-built F-16s, with precision-guided bombs, the U.S. is as much responsible for the death and destruction in Lebanon as Israel. Accordingly, the U.S. can certainly expect retaliation just as the Israelis can expect a bitter fight that has no end in sight.

Plane Passengers Quarantined in Las Vegas– 11 Sickened Aboard Aircraft

24 July 2006: Passengers and crew members on United Airlines Flight 1491 were quarantined for several hours Saturday night at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada when 11 people suddenly became sick. Four of the 11 were flight attendants, according to McCarran Airport spokesman Elaine Sanchez. The flight, arriving from Denver, had 143 passengers and crew members on-board. A section of the McCarran Airport was closed for several hours while the plane, passengers and luggage were checked by hazardous materials experts.

mccarren1According to airline and airport officials, the cause of for the sickness is still under investigation. According to United Airlines spokeswoman Robin Urbanski, the victims all felt weak and nauseous, but she had no other specific details about their condition or the possible cause. One theory publicized was that the victims reacted to a cleaning fluid containing ammonia that had been used on the plane after it arrived in Denver from Cancun, Mexico.

Providence woman admits selling fake immigration & Social Security cards

24 July 2006: Julia Pansoy-Calel, 51, of Providence, Rhode Island has pled guilty to selling counterfeit immigration and Social Security identification cards.

United States Attorney Robert Clark Corrente, and Matthew J. Etre, acting special agent-in-charge of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in New England, announced the guilty plea, which Pansoy-Calel entered yesterday in U.S. District Court before U.S. District Court Judge William E. Smith.

At the plea hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard W. Rose said that the government could prove that, twice in December 2005, Pansoy-Calel sold sets of counterfeit Resident Alien cards, also known as green cards, and fake Social Security account cards for $125 a set. On March 29, she sold two sets for $260. On each occasion, photographs that the buyer had given her had been inserted into the fake green cards.

Agents from the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Social Security Administration Office of Inspector General, along with Providence Police detectives, arrested Pansoy-Calel in May.

Pansoy-Calel pled guilty to four counts of transferring identification documents for unlawful use. The maximum penalty for each count is 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Sentencing is scheduled for September 15. Pansoy-Calel is detained in lieu of bail.

FBI agent speaks at U.S. mosque about Qur’an desecration video

22 July 2006: The U.S. Justice Department is considering whether to bring charges in a civil rights investigation prompted by a video on the Internet that shows a Qur’an being shot and dumped outside a mosque, an FBI agent said.

Complete Article: News1130 Complete News Radio

World War IV

Ultimately, and with little forewarning, World War IV in all of its mass destructiveness will arrive on our shores - in the American heartland. Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, HAMAS and other various proxy stooges of all nationalities or citizenships can and will strike our apparent national ambivalence to this direct threat.

See UPDATE below main article.

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Senior Analyst, Military Affairs

22 July 2006: The current military situation in the Middle East is EVERYONE’S worst nightmare - whether they individually or collectively realize it at this moment or not. I say this due to the fact that, believe it or not, some here in the United States don’t believe this war will amount to much of anything for American’s to be concerned about. They do not realize or accept that we are engaged in World War IV. (I classify the so-called “Cold War” as World War III.)

They are wrong, and probably dead wrong.

To be sure, this is not just another Arab versus Israel war. This is an existential war. This is a war specifically begun via proxy as designed and prepared for by the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria and their military allies. Israel is both the initial target and the ultimate objective. So is the United States of America.

America is an enemy objective and a part of this war because we have been targeted by the Iranian regime, their proxy terrorist forces and allied nations due to our support of Israel. As long as America stands behind Israel as the arsenal of democracy and best hope of freedom the enemy axis powers know full well they cannot hope to defeat Israel on the battlefield. The Iranian plan has always been to ignite the two front war in Israel, and then to hit the US with a haymaker from our blindside. Their plan, the Hojjatieh sect of Shi’a Islam plan, has always been to ignite an Armageddon-like scenario, to collapse “Anglo-Saxon civilization” as an intregal part of the overall objective to achieve hegemony over all of the Middle East, Islam and the oil beneath those lands. Thus in executing these objectives nothing less than World War IV will result.

The Order of Battle

The events in Gaza and Northern Israel were the well coordinated triggering events which launched this war. The rapid escalation and weaponry brought to bear are indicative of the battle plan prepared well in advance of hostilities. Recent engagements illustrate this in an unambiguous manner.

A week ago an Israeli Navy Sa’ar-5 class corvette, the “Ahi Hanit”, was struck by an Iranian C-802 shore-to-ship variant of the Communist Chinese designed YJ-8 family of cruise missiles. Iran purchased at least sixty C-802’s from the Chinese PLA. The C-802 missile (NATO Codename: CSS-N-8 SACCADE) was launched under inertial guidance from the Lebanese littoral most likely by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) troops. Most open-source military reports state that this cruise missile is radar guided. True, all indications are that the C-802 has a J-band (10 – 20 Gigahertz) terminal active radar guidance seeker in the warhead.

What has not been widely reported, however, is that an Iranian submarine, which I believe to be a Russian-made SSK Kilo-class electric-diesel boat, was nearby at the time. Did this Iranian sub provide some form of terminal guidance to the C-802 missile? It’s possible. That the sub was in the area of combat operations prior to the execution of the battle plan also speaks to the detailed preparations made by Iran. There are no reports that I am aware of which reported this sub transiting north-bound through the Suez Canal. The lack of this information in open-sources means that the Iranian sub had quite a long voyage around the African continent to arrive on station prior to hostilities.

My theory is that upon reaching the Strait of Gibraltar the Iranian sub performed a maneuver that is known as “degaussing.” It parked itself directly underneath an eastbound commercial freighter and made the run through the strait completely under electrical power. It then continued along a 100 fathom line along the North African coast to the area of Tunisia and on to the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Just about 48 hours ago I learned of the first open-source report on the detection of this submarine. The CBN report stated that a U.S. Air Force RC-135V/W “Rivet Joint” reconnaissance aircraft detected the Iranian submarine with its very sensitive Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) sensor array. The CBN report then commented on the full-extent of the electronic surveillance capabilities of the “Rivet Joint” aircraft by noting its sensors had also detected Iranian ballistic missile activities and shipments of these missiles to Lebanon.

In the past couple of days Israeli SOF had located an Iranian Zelzal-2 (Earthquake) short range ballistic missile (SRBM) on its launcher in Lebanon. The missile, with a maximum range of about 250 miles, was prepped and ready to launch. An immediate air strike guided by on-the-ground Israeli Special Forces laser designators was radioed in. The air strike on the missile launcher threw the Zelzal airborne momentarily and ultimately impacting the ground a very short distance away. Scratch one Zelzal. More Iranian Zelzal’s were targeted in the exact same manner as they crossed from Syria into Lebanon.

When you read of or see broadcast reports of Israeli air strikes on bridges between Lebanon and Syria along the Beirut-Damascus highway and other avenues into Lebanon they are specifically intended to halt the flow of such war material. However, conservative estimates are that enemy combatants in Lebanon had at least 200 of these Iranian ballistic missiles prior to hostilities erupting.

The Current Situation Report (SITREP)

The war has the Israeli Defense Forces fully engaged, although not to the level of their entire strategic depth, but fairly close to that level. The Israeli’s are prepared for any battlefield eventuality, including the use of WMD. In fact, Israeli ground forces are about to move into southern Lebanon on a large scale combat operation to engage all enemy combatants. This may include Lebanese army forces who reportedly will side themselves with Hezbollah and IRGC forces. The Syrian military has been making moves of its own by targeting its own missile forces on Israeli targets. One can reasonably expect that this is totally unacceptable to the Israeli High Command and a pre-emptive strike against Syrian targets is an imminent probability.

The point of all this is to illustrate that this war is just getting to the boiling point and its escalation to full-scale regional warfare can happen within hours or minutes of your reading this article. I suspect that this war will involve the first use of weapons of mass destruction in the near term against Israel with the resultant immediate Israeli retaliatory response directed against the Syrian capital city Damascus.

Can Israeli pre-emptive strikes against rear-echelon targets in Iran be far behind? And for how long will US and Coalition forces in the CENTCOM AO remain unengaged in the war given the Iranian strategic objectives alluded to above?

Ultimately, and with little forewarning, World War IV in all of its mass destructiveness will arrive on our shores - in the American heartland. Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, HAMAS and other various proxy stooges of all nationalities or citizenships can and will strike our apparent national ambivalence to this direct threat. The Northeast Intelligence Network has been consistently warning of this inevitability for a very long time, and I must now repeat the admonition to the whole of America: If you have not been vigilant in your local community before, you absolutely must be so engaged at this time. America is a primary target, a major military objective of Iran, its proxies and allies. Your survival depends upon the level of vigilance and preparations you may or may not have bothered to exert up to this minute. Personal responsibility, prudent planning and preparations are all that stand between you and your family, indeed your own neighborhood and region of the nation, and the war which is now in progress. God help us all.


This special report has resulted in an overwhelming flood of emails requesting me to define for individuals and families what I meant by being “engaged at this time”. The following are my observations and recommendations in this regard.

First, foremost and paraphrasing my favorite ex-Green Beret, John Moore (a/k/a The Liberty Man) :

1. The U.S. government cannot and will not protect individuals or families. Our government agencies are doing the best job they can to keep our country safe.[b][i] However, no government agency (including FEMA) is responsible for a comprehensive defense program.

2. Each individual business and family must make their own preparations to be safe from the consequences of a terrorist attack. Please consider:

a.) We have “just in time” delivery of everything from auto parts to life sustaining pharmaceuticals.

b.) Every part of our infrastructure is a potential target.

c.) A break anywhere in this infrastructure (telecommunications, transportation, utilities) can cause the whole system to fail. Consequently, every citizen is at risk to suffer the consequences of a terrorist attack happening anywhere in the country.


Okay, that stated as suscinctly as possible, what do you do individually to prepare yourself, your family, your group of friends, your neighborhood?

I suggest the following 8-point minimum regimen be executed ASAP in an effort to transition from a possible victim to a potential survivor:

1.) Non-perishable foodstuffs and fruit juices or reconsitutable/concentrated juices or milk for a minimum of 30 - 60 days sustainment per individual.

2.) Lot’s of H2O in cases of individual servings or large bottles and 5-gallon containers. As much as you can possibly collect.

3.) A portable generator, batteries for every device in the house which may require them.

4.) Communications. Hand crank radios like the small Grundig ($20.00) sold by Radio Shack, or any battery operated solid state radio.

5.) Ammo for your personal firearm(s). Execute your Second Amendment rights. Hopefully you don’t live in New Jersey as I do.

6.) Fuels: Gasoline or Diesel as you require. Get it now gas/diesel are currently at anywhere from $3.05/$2.75 per gallon. I would expect these prices will increasesubstantially in the very near term - a direct reflection of the Iranian desire for $100 per barrel crude. Fill your 5 gallon cans now if at all possible.

7.) An evacuation plan and lay-up points enroute. In case your area is particularly hard hit and an evacuation is ordered by national or state authorities, have a designated place to go and coordinated plans with fellow travellers if at all possible. Strength is found in numbers.

8.) Keep your bank account well as fed as you are able. If terrorists hit the electrical grid or if an EMP device is utilized during hostilities you will still need to pay any bills. Whatever is not in the bank have liquid as cash-on-hand. ATM’s and banks will probably get swamped or could be inoperable for a short time by those who did not prudently plan or prepare ahead of time. The “snooze, you lose” mentality applies here.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best, and pray for personal guidance from God.

Move Out and Execute as much as you are able which applies to your own situation as quickly as you can “Git R Done”.

U.S. Classifies Canadian Citizen as “Specially Designated Global Terrorist”

22 July 2006: Pursuant to Executive Order 13224, the Bush administration on Thursday named a Canadian citizen with high-level ties to al Qaeda, Abu Sufian Al-Salamabi Muhammed Ahmed `Abd Al-Razziq, more commonly known as Abousofian ABDELRAZIK, 44, as a “specially designated global terrorist” and launched action to seize his U.S. financial assets.

ABDELRAZIK, who also holds dual Canadian and Sudanese citizenship, “is known to have been a member of an extremist cell in Montreal” and had close associations with Ahmed RESSAM, the convicted millennium bomber, the U.S. Treasury Department said in a press release dated July 20, 2006.

“According to information available to the United States government, (Abdelrazik) has provided administrative and logistical support to al Qaeda,” the Treasury statement said.

“He has been identified as being close to Abu ZUBAYDA, a former high-ranking member of the al-Qaeda network, involved in recruitment and training.”

Abdelrazik disappeared shortly after appearing in videotape deposition from Montreal in 2005. He was a witness in Ressam’s trial, who was charged with plotting to blow up the Los Angeles International Airport during millennium celebrations on New Year’s Eve 1999. His plot was ultimately foiled by an astute U.S. Border Patrol Officer, Diana Dean, on December 14, 1999. Investigation and interrogation of RESSAM revealed that operatives were also inside the U.S. awaiting his entry from Canada. RESSAM was a member of a large, Montreal based terrorist network inside Canada and the U.S. The network had financial and operational ties Islamic terrorist groups throughout Europe.

According to a recent Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) report, French judicial documents identify him as an “important Islamist activist of the international jihad.” He is also identified as a close associate of Odil CHARKOUI, an immigrant from Morocco who was arrested on a federal security certificate in 2003 and is now facing deportation from Canada.

“Treasury continues to take action against al Qaeda and its support network,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Daniel Glaser. “(ABDELRAZIK) has been closely tied to senior al Qaeda leadership. We are taking steps to inhibit his ability to harm the United States and our allies.”

ABDELRAZIK’S designation as a global terrorist enables the U.S. government to seize any of his assets and prohibit any financial transactions with a U.S. national.

Pakistani man given 30 years in New York al Qaeda case

TARGETS: Underground gas storage tanks in Maryland

21 July 2006: A PAKISTANI man convicted in November, 2003 of participating in an al-Qaeda plot to blow up service stations and refineries inside the United States was sentenced to 30 years in prison by US Federal Judge Sidney H. Stein. Uzair PARACHA was found guilty of five charges following a two-week trial; charges included conspiracy to provide material support to al Qaeda, a foreign terrorist organization. He was convicted of agreeing to help a former US resident, Majid KHAN, an al Qaeda operative with terrorist plans sneak into the United States by posing as KHAN to obtain proper immigration papers. The case against Majid KHAN detailed his plans to assist al Qaeda leaders in bombing underground storage tanks at gas stations in Maryland.


Prosecutors said PARACHA attended several meetings in Pakistan with his father Saifullah PARACHA and suspected al Qaeda members Majid KHAN and Ammar al-BALUCHI. ” PARACHA attempted to help an al-Qaeda operative enter the United States to carry out terrorist attacks within our borders,” US Attorney Michael Garcia said after the sentencing in New York. “We are committed to the vigorous prosecution of all those who provide support to terrorist organizations, in whatever form,” added Mr. Garcia. The other suspects are being held in undisclosed locations and have yet to be charged.

His father, Saifullah Paracha, however, is being held as an enemy combatant at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He has denied involvement in terrorism, though documents indicate he is suspected of laundering money for terrorists and associating with al Qaeda figures.

Paracha, 26, waved and smiled to his family as he entered and left court.

Texas City, Texas TATP Explosion Kills One, Injures Another

Investigative report by Doug Hagmann

21 July 2006: A Texas City apartment complex was evacuated yesterday to allow a bomb squad to detonate explosives found in an apartment occupied by 21 year-old Matthew RUGO and his roommate, Curtis JETTON, also 21.. The two men were reportedly making triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, (a/k/a “Mother of Satan”), a favorite home-made type explosive material used by Islamic homicide bombers.



About 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Matthew RUGO AND Curtis JETTON were working with the combustible components inside of the apartment in the Lakeview Apartment Complex, 8801 Emmett F. Lowery Parkway, Texas City, Texas when the materials exploded, killing RUGO and injuring JETTON. Curtis JETTON was sent to UTMB with first-degree burns to his hands, treated, and taken into custody. He was charged with providing false information to authorities. JETTON, who is allegedly bipolar, moved in with RUGO about two weeks ago.

After assessing the situation, finding a “considerable amount of the explosives,” and realizing that they were too dangerous to move, the bomb squad and FBI explosive experts evacuated more than 100 residents of the apartment complex, and moved three dump trucks next to the apartment to provide a shield from the blast. A controlled detonation at about 1:30 p.m. yesterday neutralized the remaining explosives with little damage to the apartment complex. Evacuated residents were sent to the College of the Mainland that was used as a makeshift shelter.

The unit where the blast occurred was rented by Matthew RUGO’s mother; RUGO was a student at the College of the Mainland.
Officials would not comment about whether the men had any links to terrorism or what the substance might have been used for. The FBI, Texas City police and Houston police are investigating.