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Air Travel Hits Turbulence in Wake of UK Based Terror Plot

21 August 2006: In the wake of the 2006 version of Operation Bojinka – a reference to the most recent insidious plot designed to take out a number of international flights carrying US flags, a number of unusual incidents have been reported aboard airliners and at airports within the last week. Based on the statements made by federal authorities, however, none of those incidents had anything to do with terrorism.

Delta Airlines Flight 6492

“It wound up being the flight attendant’s word against a passenger’s, and this guy turned out to be not suspicious at all.” –FBI spokesman Erik Vasys

19 August 2006: Delta Air Lines Flight 6492 flying from Atlanta, Georgia to San Antonio, Texas was the focus of an investigation upon landing at the San Antonio International Airport on Saturday. According to flight attendants, one man aboard the aircraft that was carrying 36 passengers was overheard being “disruptive” inside the lavatory and had spent an extended amount of time inside the locked bathroom. According to one crew member, the man spent “the majority of the in-flight time inside of the lavatory, exiting near the end of the flight.” After the passenger exited the lavatory, an inspection by alert flight attendants found that some of the ceiling tiles were obviously moved, and the smoke detector, although still operable, showed signs of tampering.

Upon landing, the plane was diverted to a far north corner of the airport and two teams of bomb-sniffing dogs were dispatched to search the plane. According to police officials and airport spokesman David Hebert, both K9 units showed interest in the plane. A bomb squad was then summoned and swept the plane for explosive material, although reportedly found nothing suspicious. While parked on the far end of the tarmac, the 36 passengers and all luggage aboard jet were removed from the plane. All but one of the passengers were free to go.
The man who created the disruption was questioned by federal authorities at the San Antonio International Airport, stated FBI spokesman Erik Vasys. The passenger was not identified. As the passenger was being questioned, Vasys added, “We’re just trying to determine what his intentions were. It may be a simple issue which does not result in an arrest.”

On Sunday, FBI spokesman Erik Vasys told news reporters that “He [the passenger] was cooperative during the interview. He allowed a search of his house, a search of his person, a search of his belongings. Nothing of a suspicious nature was found.”

American Airlines Flight 2036

19 August 2006: American Airlines Flight 2036-a Boeing 737 flying from Dallas, Texas to Miami, Florida made an emergency landing at the Tampa airport at about 7:30 PM after the plane’s crew became suspicious of two locked lavatory doors. Suspicion grew after the flight crew accounted for all 104 passengers and five crew members, none who were inside either lavatory. Police, air marshals and Transportation Safety Administration officials searched the plane upon landing, using bomb sniffing dogs but found nothing suspicious in either lavatory. They unlocked the bathroom doors, but no one was inside, stated Fred Dettmann, spokesman for the Tampa International Airport. “There was no security threat detected,” added American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith.

British carrier Excel Airways charter plane diverted to Italy due to bomb threat

19 August 2006: A British charter jet flying from Gatwick Airport bound for the Egyptian resort of Hurghada was diverted to Italy in mid-flight on Friday after a note was found scribbled on a sick bag saying there was a bomb on board. The cabin crew passed the warning to the flight deck, after which the captain announced the content of the note and stated that the aircraft was being diverted. The plane was about two hours into its flight. According to passengers and flight crew, the note read, “There is a bomb on this aircraft.”

The Boeing 767 with 269 passengers aboard, operated by charter carrier Excel Airways, landed safely at Italy’s Brindisi airport at 2:45 PM UK time after being escorted by an Italian air force F16 fighter. The captain stated he was taking the practical measure of diverting the aircraft into Brindisi; the flight crew escorted the passengers into the terminal building and were given refreshments. Based on all reports, nothing suspicious was found from the search of the plane.

United Airlines Flight 923


Luggage being inspected for explosives - a “telling” indication that something more is amiss.

16 August 2006: The Northeast Intelligence Network first reported on the events taking place on this flight as they occurred last Wednesday. United Airlines flight 923, carrying 182 passengers and 12 crew members flying from London Heathrow airport to Washington, D.C. was diverted to Boston Logan airport after the bizarre behavior of a female identified as Catherine C. MAYO, 59, of 92 Battles Brook Road, (Battles Schoolhouse) Braintree Vermont. The flight landed safely under escort of two F-15s after the pilot declared an emergency on board as MAYO became unruly, spoke of being in Pakistan and made references to the flight crew about constructing a bomb on board the flight.

Her U.S. passport indicated that she left Pakistan on August 15 and entered the United Kingdom via Dubai. She was returning to the US and was on the last leg of a series of connecting flights that took her from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates, then to London, and finally to Washington, DC.

MAYO, who has lived in Vermont most of her life, also lives part time in Pakistan and is a columnist for the Daily Times of Pakistan. She publicly criticized President Bush, calling him “a president not elected by the people,” and wrote against the war in Iraq. “The folksongs of the 1960s will never be written again because of President George Bush. He has hampered the liberties of my country in the name of September 11. Songs now can only talk of patriotism they cannot mention peace,” she wrote in one column.

About 90 minutes into the flight, members of the flight crew observed MAYO acting strangely; when a flight attendant told her to return to her seat, MAYO said she wanted to speak to an air marshal and made statements about knowing that people wanted to see what was in her bag. Among other items, her carry-on bag reportedly contained a number of disposable lighters, a container of petroleum jelly, matches, a bottle of water and a screwdriver.

Authorities took MAYO and one other female passenger into custody – MAYO for with interfering with a flight crew, and a second unidentified female passenger for an immigration violation. According to a source within United Airlines, there is an indication that two other Pakistani nationals might have been traveling with MAYO – or on the same flight and have been identified as persons of interest. The two males were described as being “overdressed” and “acting strangely” during the melee with MAYO. Based on the entire series of events, the entire aircraft was searched, inlcuing the luggage in the cargo area.

18-Wheels of Mass Destruction in America

I have learned from a confidential source that at the present time the Federal Bureau of Investigation has this specific threat on their front burner. The FBI believes this specific threat is very real and of imminent concern.

Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Senior Analyst, military Affairs

21 August 2006: At a time when most of our attention is focused upon near-miss terrorist plots involving commercial aviation, disturbances onboard in-flight aircraft by a single woman or groups of Arab men, and mutinies of paying commercial passengers refusing to board aircraft when suspicious persons are in their midst… we risk overlooking a another current and very real threat right here in the continental United States – the thefts of commercial vehicles which potentially may be utilized by terrorists as Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED). Vehicles such as these were used in the February 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and the 1995 attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Those two attacks killed 174 innocent American citizens and wounded over 1,800. The 1993 WTC mass-murder attempt also was an attempt at terrorist chemical warfare with the release of quickly lethal sodium cyanide.

I have learned from a confidential source that at the present time the Federal Bureau of Investigation has this specific threat on their front burner. The FBI believes this specific threat is very real and of imminent concern.

My source has stated that what most concerns the FBI are between 20 and 25 commercial semi-tractor trailers which have recently been stolen from parking yards around the country. Additional, and in direct support and conjunction with this information, I also learned from yet another source that within the past couple of days another pair of 18-wheelers have been gone missing, one from Barstow, California and another from Gastonia, North Carolina. The threat specific locales being mentioned by anonymous sources regarding this threat are as follows – Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Las Vegas, Nevada and Miami, Florida.

The Northeast Intelligence Network has long been in the vanguard in reporting the thefts of such commercial vehicles – to include the never recovered 9,200 gallon gasoline tanker stolen between 8-12 April 2004 from the TK Transport Terminal yard in Pennsauken, New Jersey to the more recent 24-foot box truck carrying 485 gallons of hypochlorite solution stolen from Savol Bleach in East Hartford, Connecticut on June 8, 2006.

The threats to America are very real, from above and from ground level. This is no time for complacency at home. Every US citizen’s vigilance is warranted – our enemies smell blood – let us all endeavor to ensure that it is not ours which is spilt.

Michigan Cell Phone Case Goes Federal

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

“Why should these three sweethearts be locked up?” -Odeh OTHMAN, wife of suspect

21 August 2006: On Friday, August 11, 2006, Adham Othman, 21, and his brother Louai Othman, 23, and their cousin Maruan Muhareb, 18, all of Mesquite, Texas, were stopped by police after an alert employee at a WalMart store in Caro, Michigan - a town located about 80 miles north of Detroit alerted authorities to suspicious bulk cellular telephone purchases by the men. When stopped by authorities, the men had about 1,000 cell phones in their vehicle along with a laptop computer containing data on other retail locations and their logos on a map for ease of recognition.

At the time they were stopped, the phones were being removed from their packaging and placed in one container, while the battery re-chargers and batteries were being placed in two other separate containers. The men also had a digital camera with over 20 surveillance type photos of the Mackinac Bridge - a strategic bridge that links Michigan’s Upper and Lower peninsulas. Accordingly, on Saturday, Tuscola County prosecutor Mark E. Reene charged three Texas men with collecting or providing materials for terrorist acts and surveilling a vulnerable target for terrorist purposes.

On August 14, 2006 - three days after their arrest - Daniel Roberts, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Detroit office, issued a statement that said “there is no information to indicate that the individuals arrested have any direct nexus to terrorism.” This FBI statement was made despite the findings of police officials that the three men conducted surveillance of the Mackinac Bridge, and despite the existence of a “Joint Information Bulletin” that was issued on February 7, 2006 by the FBI and DHS about suspicious bulk cellular telephone purchases.

While under arrest in Tuscola county, the three men and their families secured the assistance of Imad HAMAD, the regional director of the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee. In the wake of the FBI statement, HAMAD said of the Michigan arrests: “I hope this is a good lesson for local police not to spread fear and paranoia. I’m grateful that federal authorities provided such a clarification.” Not surprisingly, relatives and friends of the men called them “innocent entrepreneurs” buying cheap phones for marked-up resale, despite the obvious fact that this makes absolutely no economic sense. According to supporters, the three men are being targeted “because of their racial and religious heritage.”

The men, along with their families and friends also retained the well-known Nabih AYAD, a Dearborn Heights lawyer to fight for their release.

On Wednesday, August 16, 2006, however, a Tuscola County judge dismissed the state terrorism charges against the three men at the request of the county prosecutor. The men were then arraigned on the federal charges of conspiring to traffic in counterfeit goods and money-laundering on the same day.

A preliminary hearing had not yet been scheduled for the new charges, but the $30,000 cash bond, $10,000 for each defendant, has been collected by family and friends and is being posted today, according to their attorney, Nabih AYAD of Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles Binder also set specific conditions when he set bond Friday; each defendant must surrender his U.S. passport before his release, and each defendant will be required to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet and be subjected to a curfew.

The federal complaint alleges the men defrauded consumers, TracFone Wireless Inc. and Nokia Corp. by buying the prepaid phones and removing TracFone’s proprietary software, making it possible to use the handsets with any cellular provider. The government alleges the altered phones are no longer genuine Nokia products even though they bear Nokia’s trademark.

The charge of conspiracy to commit fraud by trafficking counterfeit goods is punishable by up to five years in prison. Money laundering carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

Meanwhile, Ayad said his clients are victims of racial profiling and authorities held them for days to try to find something to charge them with. He added that the men plan to work with the Michigan chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee to ask the U.S. Attorney’s Office to dismiss all of the charges.

Iranian authorities start cutting off news from the outside world

20 August 2006: Last week, police in Iran began going from building to building dismantling - or in most cases smashing satellite TV dishes, effectively cutting off all foreign television news and programming to homes and businesses. The campaign against satellite television reception was launched by the Minister for Culture and Islamic Orientation, Hassan Saffar HARANDI to allegedly stop the “West’s cultural offensive on Iran.” Although the campaign has been in existence for some time, satellite broadcasts in Iran were generally tolerated.

Western analysts believe that the implementation of the recent clampdown is to insure complete governmental control over news regarding Iran’s dispute with the international community over its nuclear program – and consider the timing somewhat ominous. Within the last few months, all news coverage about the Iranian nuclear dispute had to be filtered through the Supreme Council of National Security. Those who wanted news from non-governmental sources had to obtain news broadcasts from abroad. Now, with increased tensions and a looming deadline requiring Tehran to drop its uranium enrichment plans, the critical timing of the news blackout appears more than coincidental.

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World War IV: Phase II - Short-term assessment

“World main stream media has been all too willing from the onset of this war to paint Israel as the aggressor, guilty of disproportionate response. There is no doubt that Israel is the nation that main stream world media as well as many people in this world most love to hate.”

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Senior Analyst, Military Affairs

20 August 2006: This is a sequel and companion to my article entitled “World War IV” which was web published by the Northeast Intelligence Network on July 22, 2006. This date, as it happens, was just one month prior to the events I suspect will very shortly transpire. Background to both reports can be found at the end of this article and was originally web published by the Northeast Intelligence Network on January 31, 2006.

There is no mistaking the fact that Israel has lost the Phase I engagement of this war, which also unmistakably is a multi-phased war, long-planned in advance by the strategic chess masters in Iran. Phase I was initiated with the proxy abduction of Israeli soldiers by HAMAS and Hezbollah. These abductions were specifically planned to precipitate a major Israeli military offensive. The Iranian War Operations Plan worked flawlessly. Result: a two-front war for Israel with defeat in Lebanon to the north and a self-imposed stalemate in Gaza to the south. If you are an existential enemy of Israel, what’s not to like? How can you possibly be disheartened? In fact, these results embolden Israel’s enemies to move in for the kill as they deem it will be — the destruction of the State of Israel and the “liberation” of Jerusalem.

In my opinion this result is due to the ‘perfect storm’ consisting in its many parts of the political ineptitude of Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and the military ineptitude of Gen. Dan Halutz which were compounded and multiplied by the unwarranted interference of the US State Department, the office of Xavier Solana of the European Union as well as the United Nations in the legitimate Israeli rights of self-defense and self-preservation in the face of unprecedented existential threats to the State of Israel made manifest by Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Islamofascist proxies.

With Israel having the current leadership and allies such as these, what have Israel’s enemies to fear?

The ‘on-the-ground’ fact is that Israeli military preparations for the Lebanon operation were abysmal from any perspective chosen to assess in any after-action report. Many of the IDF soldiers are lucky to have survived, and they are justifiably outraged at the result and the dishonorable retreat forced upon them after such hard fought battlefield gains were achieved. The invading IDF had no actionable intelligence of what they were going into; Hezbollah was a trained professional military force and not the ragtag Islamic mercenaries as was apparently briefed to the Israel commanders. It is my current understanding that IDF officers and non-commissioned officers alike disobeyed suicidal orders from clueless leadership in Israel. All of Israel is lucky the body count was as actually low as it was, particularly the tank corps. Hindsight being 20/20, most IDF units were ordered to engage Hezbollah and Iranian IRGC troops without the benefit of the “7 P’s:”

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss Poor Performance

It is also my opinion that these same IDF veterans’s will ensure Prime Minster Ehud Olmert’s removal, and perhaps the retirement of Lt.Gen. Dan Halutz. Binyamin Netanyahu and Shaul Mofaz are my choices to ride to Israel’s rescue at this point. Phase II of the Iranian war plan looms large and imminent and time’s a wastin’.

Phase II

I suspect that Phase II of this war will be vastly different, in both scope and end result. The Iranians and Syrians are as cocky as ever, even though the Israel Defense Forces did exact a very high toll from the Hezbollah/IRGC regular formations. However, Iran and Syria are convinced that Israel is easy pickings based upon the combat performance to date. They believe their strategic combat depth will outlast Israel’s.

They are in for a very rude and abrupt re-awakening into to real world realities.

The Deputy Commander of the regular Iranian armed forces, Brigadier General Mohammed Reza Ashtiani, announced on16 August 2006, that large-scale Iranian war games would commence on 19 August 2006 and continue for an indefinite period of time. These military maneuvers are well underway, and I believe are the initiation of the Iranian Phase II battleplan.

The code name for the Iranian exercise is “The Blow of Zolfaghar.” “Zolfaghar” is the name given to the sword belonging to Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib during initial Islamic conquests at the Battles of Badr, Uhud and many other wars of Islamic conquest. Imam Ali is the man the Shi’a most highly revere as the first true Islamic Caliph after Muhammed.

The “Blow of Zolfaghar” operations were launched just two days prior to when Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad has stated the West would receive Iran’s response to issues over its nuclear weapons program, and a not-so-veiled threat of a “light show” over Jerusalem, Israel. The date also coincides with the completely mythical “night flight” of Muhammed from Mecca to Jerusalem, then to Heaven and Hell and back to Mecca.

It has occurred to me that what the delusional sock-puppet Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad and his Ayatollah’s intend for August 21/22 is a strike which will ignite the entire Muslim world into uncontrollable rage against Israel. Reference the Hojjatieh’s self-defined mission in this regard at the link below this article. The strike I believe which is possible, if not probable, and intended specifically to achieve these goals would consist of Iranian agents or proxy activity executed to either significantly damage or destroy the Dome of the Rock on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount – and then play Israel as the perpetrator.

World main stream media has been all too willing from the onset of this war to paint Israel as the aggressor, guilty of disproportionate response. There is no doubt that Israel is the nation that main stream world media as well as many people in this world most love to hate. Main stream media will not miss yet another opportunity to be Ahmadi-Nejad’s own personal sock-puppets; they’ve done a fine and dandy job of this up to this point.

I suspect this strike may occur within 72 hours from now. The purpose would be to precipitate an Israeli retaliatory strike on Iran and Syria proper and re-ignite the war in Lebanon and in Gaza, thus creating a three or four front existential war for Israel.

Airport Oddity: Was a Missile fired over Hilo, Hawaii Airport?

18 August 2006: Investigtors with the FBI and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are investigating eyewitness accounts of a “missile-like object” that was observed flying over the Hilo Airport Tuesday morning. Although eyewitnesses accounts of the object and direction of travel differed widely, several reliable reports suggest that the object was a silver, tube-shaped objects with no markings or fins, trailing “vapor” that quickly dispersed, and emitting a very loud engine type sound. At least two eyewitnesses stated that the object “seemed to have been fired” from the Civic Auditorium area toward the airport and over the main runway, although it was not clear whether it was being fired at any aircraft or plane. Our own investigation is continuing.

I’d rather be rude & alive than polite and dead

By Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D.
The Roth Show

18 August 2006: It is only becoming more evident that we are fighting a new enemy in this worldwide war against Freedom and our way of life, Ourselves! Look at just the recent news…….middle eastern guys buying tons of cell phones, taking out the batteries, having photos of certain bridges but we are now told they are tourists by the federal authorities. Then there were those innocent students who didn’t show up for the University they signed up for. Of course they were just on a national tour and having fun. You also must have heard yesterday the endless news about the diverted plane from London to Boston due to that poor 60 year old woman having a panic attack. The potential danger of a real attack attempt was quickly transitioned to a mental health breakdown. What you didn’t most likely hear in the news is what I found following my talk with Northeast Intelligence Network. There were at least 2 Middle Eastern men sitting right behind this poor lady doing strange erratic things as she caused what now seems like a classic diversion. Oh….but we have to be polite and dead so…she was just a little old lady struggling with a mental breakdown.

I also couldn’t help but notice several weeks back when all those Jewish women were shot by, once again by that “Micronesian bread fruit salesman” that we started hearing about Mosques getting more protection by the cops, not the Jewish Synagogues or churches. Yet, according to Northeast Intelligence Network, Jews have at least 8 times the attacks in this country than Muslims. Attacks against Muslims are almost zero… lets quickly go guard the Mosques!!!

We all have various concerns for our country but I am increasingly concerned that in this WWIII we are forced to be in, that we can’t win if we are on a swing set of back and forth, defining the real evil we face then minimizing it, letting sideline special interest groups rule us verses our survival instinct, common sense and our bill of rights!

I have heard the arguments on many news shows about profiling, how evil that is, how UN American and racist! Of course, what happens in this endless nightmare of attacks since 1979 on, when the killers 100% of the time continue to profile themselves?

I have talked about in other articles I have written just some of the MANY attacks aimed at Americans and ALL have been done by Fundamentalist Muslim Fascists. 90% of all attacks are done by Middle Eastern males, however, not all. We have those converting to the radical ideology from all races, and then committing to their new God….Jihad! The only logical thing to do in reviewing all the stats from dozens of continued attacks and attempts at bigger and better ones is to profile the red neck Christians from Kansas!!! Maybe that way we will stop the next 9/11, which no doubt is in the works. Its called…..wake up and smell the coffee America!!!

© 2006 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved: Reprinted with permission from author

Target: U.S. Aircraft - The Threat Continues

“It was not only a false alarm, it was racial discrimination.”– Mian Zarar QAYYUM, mother of woman detained at West Virginia Airport.

18 August 2006: This morning, columnist and best-selling author of Terror in the Skies, will be a guest on The Pat Campbell Show, talking about the continued probing of our airlines. Ms. Jacobsen is well known for reporting her observations on Northwest Airlines flight #327 from Detroit to Los Angeles, where members of a “Syrian band” engaged in behavior consistent with the probing of our airline security. Despite the public proclamation by federal authorities that there was never any threat, the investigative results of Flight 327 remain “classified.”

Incident at Tri-State Airport in Huntington, West VirginiaShortly before departure of a 9:15 a.m. flight yesterday, a woman of Pakistani descent, attired in a traditional Muslim headdress attempted to board a flight at the Tri State Airport in Huntington, WV, using a one-way ticket to Detroit by way of Charlotte that she had purchased a day earlier, when she was stopped by TSA screeners carrying prohibitive liquids onto the aircraft. Rima Z. QAYYUM, 28, of US Route 60 in Barboursville, WV, formerly of Jackson, MI had four items in her carry-on luggage that are prohibited, including “two containers of what appeared to be bottled water,” and one bottle contained a gel-type facial cleanser, confided an airport source to this agency. “We thought that it was more than a little unusual that the passenger attempted to board the aircraft with these items, especially when airport instructions are very explicit,” added this security official. “Other factors aside from her Middle Eastern origin triggered some alarm bells, even before the items in her bag tested positive.”

The prohibitive items, found in her carry-on luggage at a security checkpoint were field tested twice, including a swab test, and tested positive both times for the presence of an explosive residue. An explosive-sniffing dog was then brought in to inspect her luggage and indicated a “positive hit for the presence of explosives,” the third “positive hit” for the presence of explosives. After pulling QAYYUM aside for further investigation, the flight was permitted to leave for Charlotte. The concourse was cleared at about 10:15 a.m. Based on the positive hits for explosives, all commercial airline service to the airport was suspended, and about 100 passengers and airport employees were ordered to leave the terminal at 11:25 a.m.

Subsequent tests conducted by the FBI failed to find the presence of any explosive, according to open source news reports. No charges were filed against the QAYYUM, who was never detained and was cooperative when interviewed, stressed FBI officials.

Meanwhile, Mian Zarzat QAYYUM, 61, Rima’s mother and a resident of the 4800 block of Firethorne Drive in Jackson, Michigan told reporters that her daughter is four months pregnant, lives in Barboursville and is innocent. She blamed racial profiling and discrimination - not the violation of airport policy - for the inconvenience caused. Mian QAYYUM stated that “it was not only a false alarm, it was racial discrimination because there was nothing.” She also wanted authorities to “clear her name and apologize on national TV.”

The Guessing Game: Situational Analysis

“We are setting ourselves up for [terror attacks] with a legal system that doesn’t have a clue on how to prosecute or punish terrorists.”

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

17 August 2006: Last week the world was shocked to hear of yet another al Qaeda plot to bring death and destruction to the western world. Since then, the guessing game has gone into full swing as the entire world tries to outguess the elusive enemy al Qaeda and Islam.

Free advice is as follows. We don’t know when, where or how but rest assured, they are coming. We are engaged in the same guessing game we have been playing since September 11, 2001 when we were delivered proof live on television, that the world of Islam would bring death and destruction to our homeland. Instances like the arrests last week only bring the threat right in our faces. It stirs up the thinking process. Its opens the lazy eyes of some people to the reality of Islamic terrorism. Somehow, watching the talking heads and mass media going on about how this was to be larger than 9/11 and al Qaeda’s big long anticipated terrorist attack, I have my doubts. Serious doubts. For one I don’t see how dumping 8-10 airplanes into the Atlantic was going to rival 9/11 as a terror attack. Granted, it would hurt the economy and cause damage to the airline industry but not on the scale of 9/11. Maybe to the UK, but not here in the United States.

September 11, 2001 was the first of its kind, meaning a fully successful operation* launched by Islamic terrorists on American soil that brought the massive death toll and billions of dollars in destruction to the American economy that was desired. September 11, 2001 caught everyone totally off guard including the White House, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, NORAD, the airlines, the American people and our country as a whole. Since then there have been numerous attacks such as the Madrid bombings, the London bombings and the Mumbai bombings. One must admit, the shock value is not what it used to be.

The UK is overrun by Muslims and the country has had numerous arrests, planned attacks and actual attacks. The shock value of an al Qaeda plot isn’t what it was a couple of years ago. That’s why I don’t think the destruction of ten airplanes is the big plan, the big one that al Qaeda has planned for years. Instead it is yet another attack planned by al Qaeda and fortunately it was stopped before it could be fully implemented. This will continue and we shouldn’t be surprised by it. This terrorism against the UK is on a sliding scale, meaning the ten planes going down would have been a big deal compared to the subway bombings. However, it is not a larger than 9/11 attack for the US. This is simply another attempt by al Qaeda to alienate the US from her allies.

The other side to the coin is this. If this was to be part of a larger plot, like simultaneous attacks, then we have no idea what comes next. Typically, and according to their procedure, al Qaeda cells being prepped for attacks have no idea of the existence of the other cells. This is a strict security measure described in the al Qaeda manual. They can question those suspects in the UK until they are blue in the face and will still not have a clue on whether there were other attacks planned or who the other players might be. They could be poised for attacks in the UK on the specified date or they could be elsewhere in the world.

The main reason we shouldn’t be surprised here in the United States is because we are setting the groundwork ourselves for it to happen here. We are setting ourselves up for it with a legal system that doesn’t have a clue on how to prosecute or punish terrorists. We have politicians taking political donations from various Islamic groups, the very groups that perpetuate the hatred and Nazi like thinking of Islam. To make matters worse every time I turn on the television I hear the same PC line on how “Islam is a religion of peace and was hijacked by a few bad people.” At 22% of the entire world, roughly 1.2 billion and growing I would say that it isn’t a hijacking, it’s the norm. The only hijacking of Islam is by the newer recent converts living safely in our democratic society who haven’t been exposed to Sharia law where a trial brings hanging, beheading or some grotesquely exaggerated sentence for a minor crime.

Let’s recap now. A small terrorist plot was foiled last week and this is good. However, we are not out of the woods by a long shot. When al Qaeda comes for the US, you will wish it was only ten airplanes going down. We are the “Great Satan” to the world of Islam and al Qaeda. The big terrorist attack planned for us, whatever it is, will make 9/11 look very small, very insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I’m not downplaying September 11, 2001 by any means. All I’m saying is that when they come for the United States, it will be bigger, far worse and more devastating than we can really imagine, based on what we know, what we witnessed on 9/11.

Last week wasn’t the “big one” in its entirety.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.


*The term “successful operation” defined as: Successful hitting of designated targets, no dispute as to Islamic involvement, high kill rate and Islamic fascists taking full credit for attack. We have had several suspected attacks in the US, TWA Flight 800, OKC but it didn’t play out like 9/11 as a success largely due to our unwillingness to acknowledge who all was involved. WTC #1 did not accomplish the full effect desired by the terrorists. 9/11 was the first of its kind by Islam in the US in the overall sense of being considered a successful operation and acknowledged by both sides as such.


Official Statement Regarding Debbie Schlussel’s Legally Actionable Allegations against the Northeast Intelligence Network

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Founder & Director

17 August 2006: On August 16, 2006, an extremely defamatory article containing maliciously false accusations made against me, the Northeast Intelligence Network and our staff was published by a web “Blogger,” movie critic and attorney named Debbie Schlussel. There are some people who have apparently heard of Schlussel as she boasts of having an “online fan club” that she describes as the “second largest for a political personality–behind only Ann Coulter.” When not writing movie reviews, it appears that Schlussel writes articles about terrorism and publishes them on her Blog.

Obviously, the Northeast Intelligence Network investigates and reports on terrorist related activity, something Ms. Schlussel apparently finds objectionable and hence, has inspired her to print blatantly false but extremely serious, malicious and libelous allegations that I, as founder and director, cannot permit to remain unanswered. The most serious accusation levied by Schlussel is plagiarism, a charge that Schlussel, who appears to suffer from episodic bouts of delusional fantasies of omnipotence in the field of investigative research and source development, has levied against such fine people as well-respected author Jerome Corsi, Monica Crowley of MSNBC and host of her own radio show in New York, Jeff Jacoby, a prize winning journalist, Boston Globe columnist Cathy Young, and writers from WorldNetDaily, just to name a few. Apparently, all of those fine authors and journalists owe much of their success to the hard work they “ripped-off” from Schlussel.*

Considering that Schlussel seemingly regards publishing reckless accusations of plagiarism as a recreational sport, I find it ironic that she states, “People have patterns of behavior, not unique blips of them.” The above is no better illustrated by Schlussel, who has left a well documented trail of behavior that seems to be accompanied by her plaintive, whining resentment against anyone who appears to be getting more attention than her. Based on those identified above, I am in good company. To directly answer the charge of plagiarism, however, I completely deny that I, or anyone associated with our agency has ever presented any of Schlussel’s intellectual property as our own. In a case where an informational overlap occurred, we even gave Ms. Schlussel attribution and a link to her Blog. That, however, was obviously not good enough as she thinks she has exclusivity on factual information.

In her rambling, delusional and downright childish sounding tantrum, Schlussel has also stated as fact that our network has no researchers or investigators – they simply don’t exist. Apparently, the likes of Mr. Sean Osborne, a very honorable veteran and defender of the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic is merely an illusion, as are the others. That accusation is well beyond ludicrous and is simply absurd.

Schlussel further claims that “numerous (unidentified) sources” have written to her, also asserting that plagiarism is a common practice by members of our agency. Within her column laced with attacks on our professional integrity, she posted a portion of one e-mail she claims to have received a day before she published her article. That e-mail supposedly contains “confirmation” of these unfounded allegations of civil torts, by an unidentified person who accuses the Northeast Intelligence Network and every individual involved with our organization as being “complete and utter fraud(s).”

Of course, the actual writer or the person who allegedly wrote that e-mail is never identified, choosing instead to hide behind the perceived anonymity of the Internet as most gutless and cowardly detractors often do. Despite this individual’s attempt to be publicly anonymous, my investigation has found that the e-mail she cited within her article originated from someone using the Internet name “sick boy.” I should know, as I have the entire text of the e-mail, some which was used verbatim in her column, including the verbose headers. It is interesting that such a “respected journalist” would find corroboration of maliciously false accusations by someone hiding behind that Internet identity – or at least would not seek to obtain a true identity. According to federal law, the time of hiding behind false Internet personas to harass, defame and annoy is coming to an end. As an attorney, however, Ms. Schlussel should know that.

I also find it interesting that this “respected journalist” would be duped by baseless allegations, especially those originating from the original text referenced in the “e-mail” printed in her column - the same posting/e-mail that I have in my possession. Even the most cursory research would show that the document originates from a known associate of Lisa Lasky, who was once associated with our organization under the name Laura Mansfield. Ms. Lasky, writing articles under her pen name Laura Mansfield, who now bills herself as an expert on the Middle East and an author of three books, was terminated from this agency for failing to produce the necessary evidence to prove her assertions in the article she wanted printed. In the investigative world, such authentication is absolutely necessary to substantiate the claims made in any article intended for publication. This is an investigative standard that must never be compromised. When she failed to do so, she sought other receptive sources for her information.

Unfortunately, Ms. Schlussel failed to research the fact that much of the subsequent information that maligns our integrity also originates from Ms. Lisa Lasky, a/k/a Laura Mansfield by proxy through her close associates. Mansfield, it should be noted, permitted her actual identity to be made known by her public appearances and speaking engagements, including one in her own hometown. As an attorney, one would expect that Ms. Schlussel would conduct a certain amount of due diligence of her sources.

Finally, when an attempt was made to discuss this issue with Ms. Schlussel by one of analysts who took issue to the charges, Ms. Schlussel responded in a vicious, hate-filled e-mail filled with further threats of “exposure,” again stating in part, “You guys are frauds… Perhaps you should change your mission statement, since it is false. The more fitting one would be: All the plagiarism that’s fit to print… You guys are a joke. And now you’ve been exposed as thieves. The shoe fits very well. Time for you to wear it.”

Well, Ms. Schlussel, I truly don’t understand your animosity, and tried to settle this amicably - to no avail. This is not the way the war against Islamic terrorism should be fought. It is shameful. Your behavior is shameful. Grow up. And let’s all get back to work.

*CORRECTION: While Ms. Schlussel did indeed accuse these people, and many more, of plagarism, Crowley and Jacoby were not accused by Schlussel of specifically plagarising Schlussel, but merely of being plagarists, and plagarising other people. A list of those accused by Schlussel of plagarism is forthcoming, to assist those interested in keeping the “list of the accused” straight, as the way Ms. Schlussel operates gets to be a bit dizzying. I regret ANY inconvenience this error might have caused. –Doug Hagmann 18 August 2006; 0950 p.m. ET