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Official ignorance allows our enemy to hide in plain site

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, Northeast Intelligence Network

12 December 2006: National Security Editor Jeff Stein of the Congressional Quarterly interviewed Representative Silvestre Reyes of Texas, who is expected to be the incoming head of the House Intelligence Committee when the Democrats take charge in January. Reyes, who is incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “pick of the litter” for the head position, was unable to answer the most basic questions about the enemies of the United States when posed by Stein. The interview appeared on the web site of Congressional Quarterly last Friday.

Editor Stein asked Reyes about al Qaeda, specifically to which branch of Islam al Qaeda is associated” Sunni or Shi’ite. Reyes answered “they are probably both,” followed by “predominantly — probably Shi’ite.” Representative Reyes was wrong - dead wrong in his answer. The terror organization al Qaeda, founded by Osama bin Laden, is a strict Sunni organization whose members view Shi’ites as heretics. Reyes was also unable to provide information about Hezbollah, a Shi’ite terrorist group based in Southern Lebanon and designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S.

Interviewed by CNN, the CQ editor expressed amazement of Reyes’ lack of what he considers basic information about two of the major and most visible terrorist organizations. Representative Reyes is not the only lawmaker who has shown ignorance about sworn enemies of the United States. According to Mr. Stein in an editorial published in the New York Times on October 17, 2006, he wrote that “most American officials I’ve interviewed don’t have a clue” about the differences between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. He added: “That includes not just intelligence and law enforcement officials, but also members of Congress who have important roles overseeing our spy agencies.”

Reyes is, of course, not alone in his lack of knowledge of our enemies. In a March, 2005 deposition, Gary Bald, the former executive assistant director for the National Security Branch of the FBI (Bald retied in 2006), was asked if a strong background in international terrorism is essential for someone to be selected for a counterterrorism position. Bald did not think such knowledge was overly important: “You don’t need subject-matter expertise. The subject-matter expertise is helpful, but it is not a prerequisite. It is certainly not what I look for in selecting an official for a position in a counterterrorism position.”

And my personal favorite is the December 8, 2004 deposition of Dale Watson, the first assistant director in charge of counterterrorism (and then executive assistant director until his retirement in 2002) The following is a transcription of the exchange between a deposing attorney and Mr. Watson:

Question: And in terms of knowledge of Middle East culture … I’m just talking about knowledge that you get, say, from more than one college course on the Middle East, you know, if you went to college and took an undergraduate course on Islam or you took an undergraduate course on, you know, Middle East affairs or something like that. Beyond say just one undergraduate or university course. Do you think that level of knowledge of Middle Eastern culture and history would be something that would be helpful for someone at a GS-15 or above level in the counterterrorism division of the FBI?

WATSON: Yes, I guess it would be somewhat helpful.

Question: Why?

WATSON: Just being able to understand, you know, probably the targets of the folks that came out of the 9/11 deal. It certainly would not have aided in any criminal investigations. A crime is a crime.

Question: What do you mean by that, a crime is a crime?

WATSON:Crime’s committed in the United States. It really - you know, I don’t think it’s much benefit if you understand about the Ku Klux Klan - I don’t necessarily think you have to know everything about the Ku Klux Klan to investigate a church bombing or a church fire that they conducted because the subjects are subjects. And so, that - that sort of approach.

Question: So in terms of being a better supervisor, do you think that type of knowledge was important for post-9/11?

WATSON: I think it would be helpful to a limited degree.

Question: What steps did the FBI take after 9/11 to ensure that managers at the GS-15 or above level hired into counterterrorism had a background in experience and knowledge of Middle Eastern culture?

WATSON: None that I’m aware of.

Question:Do you know who Osama bin Laden’s spiritual leader was?

WATSON: Can’t recall.

Question: And do you know the differences in the religion between Shiite and Sunni Muslims?

WATSON: Not technically, no.

Lack of knowledge of our enemy is not a political matter - deadly ignorance is plentiful in all aspects of the political spectrum and in the highest positions of our intelligence agencies. This, in turn, provides our enemies numerous opportunities to further obfuscate the truth about themselves and, as they have done for the last few decades, hide in plain sight in our own country. After all, most people, including those charged with our security, would not be able to tell the difference.

UK Bombshell: America Negotiates with Islamofascist Terrorists

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs


10 December 2006: A tremendous bombshell appeared in today’s edition of The Sunday Times. The bombshell within the article datelined from Amman, Jordan concerns a series of apparently top secret negotiations which have been ongoing for all of 2006. These direct negotiations occurred between the Muslim US Ambassador to Iraq and the senior commanders of the Sunni Islamist jihad - including members of the “Al Qaeda” umbrella organization. If accurate, and there’s scant reason to believe it is not, this article constitutes either a leak of extremely grave political damage to the United States of America, or a blatant attempt to cause extremely grave political damage. The devil of which in this case are the specifics cited by this report.

According to the Sunday Times report these negotiations have been hosted by the formerly Baa’thist, former Prime Minister and “secular” Shiite, Iyad Allawi, at his Amman, Jordan villa since January 2006. These negotiations were attended by US Ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, (reportedly soon to replace outgoing US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton) and senior commanders of the Sunni islamofascists, which include the infamous Ansar al-Sunna. More on Ansar al-Sunnah to follow below.

The direct reference to “Al Qaeda” is as follows:

“Last week the long-awaited report of the Iraq Study Group, co-chaired by James Baker, the former secretary of state, and Lee Hamilton, a former congressman, called for America to seek to engage with all parties in Iraq, with the exception of Al-Qaeda.

However, the insurgents’ account of the hushed-up meetings reveals that concerted attempts to engage them in negotiations had already failed earlier this year.”


The reference to the “Al Qaeda” umbrella organization is made primarily due to America’s fixation on Usama bin Ladin and “The Base” group of international terrorists and state-sponsored agents he utilized. These terrorists and state-sponsored agents have attacked America repeatedly, and were directly involved the first World Trade Center attack of February 1993; the planning and execution of the April 1995 attack on the Alfred P, Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, and the horrific events of September 11, 2001 as well the subsequent anthrax letter mailings throughout the United States.

This report cannot be filed in any semblance of a finalized version without firmly identifying who these islamofascists are, who the enemy is in Iraq and who America is reportedly negotiating with. Far more important than the members of “Al Qaeda” within the Ansar al-Sunnah terrorist group, it must be acknowledged that the leadership of the vast majority of terrorist and military actions in Iraq is not “Al Qaeda” per se, but remnant members of the Ba’athist regime itself, the Fedayi Saddam, the Al-Mukhabarat (Iraqi Intelligence), and former-regime Special Forces/Special Republican Guard. This is who America’s representative in Iraq is negotiating with? Unfortunately, it appears so.

So now, America, you know what needs to be known. This is what our military forces in Iraq need to concentrate on with extreme urgency at the direction of the Commander-In-Chief. This is the opposing force we must focus on to ensure a result of “Mission Complete”. Get your pen or keyboard readly America, your mission will be tasked at the end of this article. But first, there is more that you need to know.

I have been advised by Dr. Laurie Mylroie that during a recent visit to the United States, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, a senior Iraqi Shiite theologian and leader of the primary Iraqi political group known as the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) did not even mention the name “Al Qaeda” during numerous speaking engagements and meetings in Washinton DC in November 2005 and again as recently as last week. Not that he would point an accusing finger at Iran or the presence of Iranian-supplied Hezbollah training cadres as a source of terror and military activity in Iraq, they are also a serious factor, but the fact that he focused on the remnants of the former regime as what should be a primary objective is paramount in terms of its tactical importance.

It is common knowledge that the Iraq Study Group led by James Baker and Lee Hamilton has advocated the insanity of opening direct negotiations with Syria and hell-bent-for-nuclear weapons Islamofascist Iran on a political solution for Iraq. The Sunday Times report makes the obvious connection to such a scheme since these ongoing negotiations failed, at least in part due to the Ba’thist leadership and their Sunni Islamofascist allies chaffing at the idea of inviting the Iranians and Syrians to sit at a more inclusive negotiating table. With such an abundance of card carrying former-regime Ba’athist Party members and their Islamofascist allies at the negotiating table why bother to exclude “Al Qaeda?” This makes no logical sense to me seeing how the invitation includes the primary “Al Qaeda” state-sponsor from 1991 until 2003 - the regime of Saddam Hussein. Therefore, and for the moment, I am inclined to accept that this extremely damaging leak as some weight to it. This is where Ansar al-Sunnah as a participant in these negotiations is extremely, extremely relevant.

Getting back to the report, it specifically names one of these terrorist participants, Ansar al-Sunnah. Ansar al-Sunnah is an acknowledged ally of the late-Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s “Al Qaeda in Iraq” terrorist organization. In fact, Ansar al-Sunnah is an off-shoot of Zarqawi’s original “Al Qaeda” cell known as Ansar al-Islam. Both currently operate in the Sunni triangle, Al Anbar province and in Mosul. Most of the members are imported foreign Islamofascist terrorists. Iraqi intelligence officers report they also receive a certain amount of assistance from both Iran and Syria.

Moreover, these are the same Islamofascist terrorists who bombed the US dining facility on Forward Operating Base (FOB) Marez in Mosul, Iraq two years ago next week and which killed over 20 and wounded at least 50 more. Their cold-blooded murder victims also include numerous beheading victims as well as Margaret Hassan.

I have gone to some length here to inform you of who these terrorists are because the mainstream media have bent over backwards in their untiring efforts to apply the politically correct label of “insurgents” to these demonic bastards. Again, this is who America negotiates with? I hope now you understand the gravity, the seriousness of this report, the tremendous damage it can, and probably will cause to be inflicted upon America.

Reports such as this create more questions than they answer. Questions such as, who will be held accountable for this revelation? James Baker, Lee Hamilton and the ISG? The U.S. government? The Bush Administration? Whatever the case, there is nothing good to come of this situation as it stands, and I fear for the future of my country because of it.

To my mind the most important questions to ask at this point are:

1.) How do WE address the problems just identified?

2.) When do WE execute the return to the proper and prudent course of action, defeat the enemy and pro-actively move towards a mission complete status begun in March 2003?

3.) When do WE express our sovereign will to bring our sons and daughters home flush with complete victory?

I believe the most correct answer lies with you, the American electorate, and with your outstanding ability to use your pen and keyboard. The victory we all desire begins with We The People and flows downhill to Washington, D.C. For the future and the sake of our progeny it what we do now is of critical importance because all of us and our children will be its ultimate victims if we do nothing but sit comfortably at home reading the tallies of our bank statements and 401K accounts.

We are also going to become victims of the current no-win situation because as many of us suspect and a few of us know for certain, the agenda of America’s “elite” is terribly self-serving and nowhere near in synchronization with the best interests of this nation, its people, or our Constitution. Their self-interests have as much to do with why America is losing this war as the remnants of Saddam Hussein’s regime and Iranian subversion do. These are the people sitting at the negotiating table in Amman, Jordan.

So, America, what are YOU going to do about it?

Count on it: The radiological hunt for polonium-210 will extend to the United States & Canada

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

8 December 2006: The mysterious death of Alexander Litvinenko is not all that it seems and based on my extensive research, is more sinister than most would dare to contemplate. So sinister, in fact, that it is not a simple good-will gesture that the FBI is up to their collective necks in the investigation of events surrounding his death. It is so ominously foreboding that the situation could not get much worse if it was proven that Putin himself laced Alexander Litvinenko with his cocktail of death. But Putin, in this instance, appears to have little to do with Litvinenko’s demise by radiological poisoning in London on November 23, 2006, about 3 weeks after his microscopic amount of polonium-210. In fact, in this case alone and as difficult for me to suggest, Putin could be considered more of a victim than the now deceased Victor Litvinenko.

Alexander Litvinenko was the former KGB agent who was a vociferous critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin and, like his predecessors with a penchant for exposing Kremlin corruption, wound up dead. All but a few investigators and journalists immediately concluded that Alexander Litvinenko was killed at the behest of Putin through his personal “star chamber.” If it was only that simple, North Americans could sleep better at night.

The murder of Litvinenko kept poking at my investigative intuition and my experience with homicides, from the most basic components to the more complex forensics of the case. The more research that I conducted, the less things added up; the more questions I posed to a broad spectrum of law enforcement authorities more credentialed than me, the more disturbing the picture became. The most disturbing of all resulted from a telephone call I received last evening from a very well-sourced person with a vast array of intelligence throughout the world: “Expect [polonium-210] contamination to be found in the United States.”

There are those who will quickly dismiss any theory beyond the most obvious as conspiratorial and point an accusing finger at me for falling victim to the sophisticated Soviet KGB disinformation machine. We must remember, however, that deception is part of the game and proof is always obscured by lies. I will stipulate Vladimir Putin is not our friend and that most information that emanates from the Kremlin is automatically suspect, but that does not automatically make it all wrong, all of the time. But those who point to the history of Soviet disinformation and the inventory of political assassinations have a number of difficulties in this case, not the least of which is reconciling the manner in which Litvinenko met his demise. Regardless, those who remain stuck on cold war mentality in its purest form do not seem to have the capacity to understand the complexities of the asymmetrical aspects of the current war we are fighting.

Russia, Chechnya, & the short life span of Russian Critics

Russia and the predominately Muslim Chechnya have been at war for several centuries, and historical examples of Islamic attacks against Russia by Chechen rebels followed by Russian assassinations of key Chechen leaders are plentiful. Even among their own, Russia has a way of dealing with those in disagreement with its policies. This was never more evident than in the case of Anna Politkovskaya, the veteran Russian journalist and outspoken critic of Putin and his policies in Chechnya. Politkovskaya was found dead on October 7, 2006 in her apartment building, shot once in the head with a pistol. The manner in which she was killed has the signature of a true KGB style hit and sends a message to others contemplating a similar career path. This case should serve to satisfy those who correctly believe that the long reach of the old KGB machinery remains operational.

From an investigative perspective, one can extrapolate a common modus operandi or “M.O.” of Putin’s posse, and extend that same process to the Chechen rebels. That M.O. can be graphed from the 1994 Russian invasion of Chechnya through Chechnya’s de facto independence from the Commonwealth of Independent States in January 1997, and then from the upsurge of the increased inhumanities by the warlords of Chechnya beginning a year later to its present state. In practically all cases, significant assassinations, especially at the hands of the Russians, contained fairly recognizable and plentiful “signatures.” From that same investigative logic, however, the case of Alexander Litvinenko is quite different and more disturbing than a cold-blooded tap to the head by a 9mm.

Alexander Litvinenko: Muslim ex-Russian spy working with Islamic Chechen terrorists?

Research is now confirming that Alexander Litvinenko, once a Soviet spy and more recently a Muslim convert, was purportedly involved with Chechen based Islamic terrorists. Analysts and researchers at the Northeast Intelligence Network have documented thousands of postings, publications, and photographs on Islamic terrorist web sites connecting, a least anecdotally, Chechen warlords with nuclear ambitions. Most “evidence” that the Islamic terrorist organization al Qaeda had obtained nuclear material from the old Soviet arsenals smuggled from Chechnya - most still missing. Devices commonly referred to as “suitcase nukes,” the topic of research by author Dr. Paul Williams and specifically referenced by United Nations watchdog Hans Blix, were reportedly purchased by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in 1996 from the Chechen rebels. As reported by The Moscow Times on 22 November 2004, Osama bin Laden has been actively involved in the Islamic terrorist “insurgency” in Chechnya since 1995. In an article dated November 13, 1998, The Al-Watan Al-Arabi cited one particular meeting in which an agreement was negotiated by some of Bin Laden’s followers and Chechen organized crime figures in Grozny, Chechnya. Referred to as “the nuclear warheads deal,” bin Laden reportedly gave the contacts in Chechnya $30 million in cash and two tons of opium in exchange for approximately 20 nuclear warheads. Sources stated that Bin Laden planned to have the warheads dismantled by his own team of scientists, who would then transform the weapons into “instant nukes” or “suitcase nukes.” Hence, the need for and use of polonium-210. Could it have been, as rumors are now beginning to circulate, that Alexander Litvinenko might have been part to such dealings? At this point, there is enough information to suggest that this information extends well beyond folklore, which makes the situation involving Alexander Litvinenko much more worrisome.

Based on my research, along with the extensive research about nuclear materials and their uses, the use of polonium-210 for the assassination of Litvinenko is not only uncharacteristic of the KGB, but it is sloppy, unprofessional, and downright messy. Although the KGB used nuclear poisoning in the past, including the assassination of two Swiss intelligence officials, they used more cesium-137, a much more readily available radiological in salt form. In the case of Ms. Politkovskaya and the countless others before her, she was silenced before she had any additional time to make specific utterances against Putin and his posse. The KGB is not stronger in using nuclear materials to poison their prey in the past

In the case of Litvinenko, he had enough time - and quite the motivation- to make additional revelations as he lay suffering purportedly at the hands of Putin. Meanwhile, we are led to believe that his “KGB assassins” were haphazardly spreading polonium-210 on airplanes, in hotels, and other locations.

Suitcase nuclear devices & “the problem with maintenance”

But now let’s get back to the “suitcase nukes” and the mysterious polonium-210. According to author Dr. Paul Williams, “suitcase nukes” need triggers. These triggers are composed of beryllium-9 and polonium-210, which were a feature of early nuclear weapons in the U.S. and Soviet stockpiles. Also according to Dr. Williams, the triggers using Polonium-210 and beryllium-9 are packaged in foil packs about the size of a package of sugar on a restaurant table. When the twin foil packages are crushed, the elements mix and the neutrons are emitted.

Dr. Williams adds: “A courier transporting nuclear triggers could have had a mishap causing the packages to rupture and a trail of contamination to occur. Polonium-210 is a fine powder, easily aerosolized. Litvinenko could have inhaled the powder, or had a grain or two on his fingers when he ate the sushi.”

Connecting the dots

As Victor Litvinenko is laid to rest in a traditional Muslim funeral, a lot of dots are beginning to connect. Frankly, there are a lot more dots to connect through extensive investigation- something one should never expect from a media lacking tenacity that is catering to a public suffering from general malaise.

While we busily connect the dots, we should first consider the possibility that Russia facilitated the transfer of nuclear weapons to al Qaeda through Kremlin-controlled Chechen terrorists. Secondly, we should keep in mind that the issue of missing nuclear material and devices, once thought to be urban legend, has yet to be satisfactorily explained and the locations of such materials and devices have yet to be verified. The gross contamination (by relative standards) of polonium-210 in the UK is the reason being presented by our media for the FBI assistance of Great Britain in their gross polonium-210 contamination scenario.

For this very same reason, this is why you won’t be hearing about the FBI involvement in their search for polonium-210 here on U.S. soil.

U.S. Terror Plot: Target: CherryVale Shopping Mall

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

8 December 2006: Regarding the article below, here’s a sampling of what you can expect… (First, note how the story “broke on Friday - the best day to “bury” news):

1. The leader of the mosque where Shareef attended will deny that he showed signs of “radicalization,”

2. CAIR to denounce this incident as not-representative of the Muslim Religion, and stress that we must understand Islam better to counter the recent, alarming rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes. They will stress that Muslims are unfairly characterized by the press, and use this incident to illustrate that the media is unfairly labeling Shareff as a Muslim.

3. The FBI to stress this was a “lone wolf” actor - and that he is not part of any terrorist cell. No mention of his associates will be made, and any affiliation with any mosque will be downplayed.

4. The accused parent’s and friends will characterize Shareef as “quiet” and religious, giving no outward indication of a violent demeanor.

5. There are others like Talib Abu Salam Ibn Shareef planning the same type of event. It might be another mall, another day, but count on it, it will happen here in America.

6. Most importantly, you can expect that the investigators and analysts of the Northeast Intelligence Network will be following this story closely, and will report on SHAREEF and all others involved in this plot against the men, women and children of America.

8 December 2006: A Muslim man identified as Derrick Shareef, a/k/a Talib Abu Salam Ibn Shareef planned to set off at least four and possibly more hand grenades and improvised explosive devices at the CherryVale Shopping Mall in Rockford, near Interstate 90 and Interstate 39, about 75 miles north of Chicago. Talib Abu Salam Ibn Shareef was arrested on Wednesday by FBI agents from the Chicago Joint Terrorism Task Force. The mall has about 130 retail stores and was one of “several potential targets” that included a list of federal buildings as well. According to authorities, he planned to detonate explosives at the shopping mall during the Christmas shopping season.


Indictment of Derrick Shareef, a/k/a Talib Abu Salam Ibn Shareef

Buffalo Muslims Sentenced For Illegally Sending Money to Yemen

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

2 December 2006: Three Muslim men from Lackawanna, New York, all with close ties to the infamous “Lackawanna six” terror cell, were sentenced Thursday for their role in operating an illegal, unlicensed money-transmitting company -“ known as a “hawala” in Arabic - that sent $5.5 million from Buffalo to Yemen between 1999 and 2002. Mohamed T. Albanna, 55, his brother Ali Taher Elbaneh, and nephew, Ali Albanna, were arrested in December 2002 following the arrests of six other Muslim men from Lackawanna who admitted to attending an Islamic terrorist training camp in Afghanistan prior to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America.

Mohamed Albanna is the former vice president of the American Muslim Council of Western New York and is the uncle of Jaber ELBANEH, an Islamic terrorist who has been criminally charged with helping the “Lackawanna Six” members attend a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan. ELBANEH is currently being sought by intelligence and military officials and is believed to be somewhere in the Middle East.

Federal court documents obtained by the Northeast Intelligence Network detailed how Mohamed Albanna arranged the monetary transfers from 1999 through 2002 from his business, Queen City Cigarettes & Candy, to Yemen. Records show that “Lackawanna Six” member Yahya Goba used Albanna’s money transfer business send money to al Qaeda terrorist and recruiter Kamal DERWISH, a/k/a Ahmed HIJAZI, formerly of Lackawanna. DERWISH, was killed along with 5 other Islamic terrorists by a hellfire missile as they rode in a vehicle 100 miles east of the Yemeni capital of Sanaa. Referring to the monetary transfer to DERWISH, federal prosecutors stated that “[Albanna] used false entries in his business records to conceal that transaction, and that concerns us very much.”

Mohamed Albanna was sentenced to five years in prison and compelled to forfeit $100,000. His brother, Ali Taher Elbaneh, 62, was sentenced to six months of home confinement for his role in the business operation and will have to forfeit $10,000. Ali Albanna, 33, was sentenced to four years and eight months for closely assisting his uncle, and he will forfeit $50,000. Several women sitting behind Albanna bowed their heads and began to sob loudly immediately after his sentence was pronounced.

Cries of “Islamophobia,” religious bigotry fill Buffalo air

Not surprisingly, a number of hardcore Albanna supporters who attended the sentencing in Buffalo accused federal officials of targeting Albanna for prosecution because he is a “prominent Arab-American leader,” of course saying nothing about the overwhelming evidence of the prosecution and admissions of guilt by the defendants. Additionally, several Muslim supporters who attended the court proceedings Thursday complained that they were closely inspected and made to show identification for security purposes. They also complained about the presence of bomb-sniffing dogs present in the courthouse lobby.

In addition to prudently protecting those attending the sentencing, the loudest protesters conveniently failed to mention that the increased security was also in response to a reaction to copies of a flier that was circulated in the local Arab-American community, urging as many people as possible to attend the sentencing hearing in a show of solidarity and support of the defendants.

Regarding the extra security precautions to insure the safety of those in attendance, Ellie Dorritie, a socialist and an organizer for the World Workers Party and Albanna supporter stated, “This is disgraceful. No other minority group would be subjected to this or would stand for this. I’ve never seen this happen in this or any other courthouse.”

The Twisted Tale of the (f)LYING Imams

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

2 December 2006: Score one for the media. Specifically, score one for The Washington Times reporter Audrey Hudson, who not only has the uncanny ability to ferret out the facts of a story that many reporters simply glossed over, but has the tenacity to get to the heart and truth of a story while other reporters slumber. Kudos as well to best-selling author Annie Jacobsen, who, in her excellent investigative work Terror in the Skies, detailed suspicious behavior she witnessed aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 624 on June 29, 2004 and predicted that more suspicious behavior would follow. Indeed it has.

As I emphatically reported on this web site and stated when interviewed by Audrey Hudson in The Washington Times article, the “plight” of the six (F)LYING Imams was well choreographed to achieve a specific result, including the erosion of our security and the characterization of the imams as “victims:”

“America’s security apparatus and law enforcement agencies are being strong-armed into the grotesque swill of acquiescence by the politically correctness of those in charge of America’s security.”

A review of the police report and attachments detailing the observations of eyewitnesses offers sufficient information for any reasonable person to question the feigned innocence of (f)LYING imams.

Complete police report - PDF format:

Police Report

Police Report

Cyber Attacks by Islamic Terrorists on U.S. Computer Infrastructure

“Investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network also learned that some of the attack plans could possibly be facilitated by employees working in critical positions within the computer industry who already have access to key operational information -“ for example, systems operators and analysts. These operatives of Islamic terrorist organizations, or some who merely sympathize with the objectives of the Islamic terrorists, have been in place as “sleepers” for many years and are in a position to create a lot of havoc with little effort.” –By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

1 December 2006: Information found on various Arabic language web sites lists computer databases of banks, brokerage houses, and other key financial computer systems and information repositories as “prime targets” by Islamic terrorists, according to federal officials contacted by the Northeast Intelligence Network.

According to information obtained by Northeast Intelligence Network investigators, members of various Islamic terrorist groups both inside and outside of North America are pooling their collective talents to exploit any known or potential weaknesses of the computer systems that house consumer information and facilitate operations at the point-of-sale (P.O.S.) levels. The results of this latest investigation suggests that the attacks against government, financial and retail computer operations are to start immediately and continue through the end of the year with the objective to cause economic havoc during the traditionally busy holiday season.

Targets include the most obvious, from “virtual storefronts,” to the programs that serve as support mechanisms fro such operations. “It is not just the retail operation a consumer sees that is at risk,” stated one law enforcement official. In this case, it appears that the objective is to maliciously affect commerce through large-scale “denial of service attacks, and not collect personal data such as credit card of personal consumer information,” added this source.

The Northeast Intelligence Network learned hours ago that other targets also include computers controlling the function of computerized gasoline pumps and localized banking systems. Investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network also learned that some of the attack plans could possibly be facilitated by employees working in critical positions within the computer industry who already have access to key operational information - for example, systems operators and analysts. These operatives of Islamic terrorist organizations, or some who merely sympathize with the objectives of the Islamic terrorists, have been in place as “sleepers” for many years and are in a position to create a lot of havoc with little effort.