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CAIR Calls for Arrest and Deportation for Speaking Against Terrorism

Muslim Convert and Refugee from Lebanon Addresses CAIR Canada’s Campaign of Bias

24 January 2007: There is a growing and forceful campaign by CAIR and other Islamist organizations in Canada to silence the free speech of Zachariah Anani by calling for his arrest and deportation. Anani is a Muslim convert to Christianity, former terrorist-militant and refugee from Lebanon. CAIR, an organization which claims to be the voice of moderation, should be embracing Anani’s message against violence and the dangers of extremism instead of mounting a witch hunt against him.

It is no wonder that CAIR is attacking Anani, as it has been documented that many of the leaders of CAIR have openly supported the positions of Hamas, Hizballah and al-Qaeda - all recognized terrorist organizations.

Recently, Anani spoke on the dangers of radical extremism at a church in Ontario. A backlash ensued, with CAIR and other Islamist groups pressuring political leaders to throw Anani and his family out of the country. Two members of Parliament, and one member of City Council joined the mayor of Windsor in denouncing Anani. None of these political officials, however, attended the lecture or even watched a video of it. The content of Anani’s speech was almost exclusively from passages he read directly from the Koran. Wally Chafchak, a member of the Windsor Police Services Board and the Windsor Islamic Association, is leading the charge to have Anani arrested. According to Arab American News of Michigan, CAIR Canada is also calling for Anani’s arrest.

In the Criminal Code there is a section that deals with spreading hatred in the community, Chafchak said. This instance should fall under those laws. Justice can only be served if this person is charged.

But Walid Shoebat, a former terrorist from the West Bank, believes silencing Anani is a dangerous trend with far reaching implications for the future of Canadian and eventually US freedoms.

“Incarcerating or deporting a former terrorist who wants to warn the world about extremism will set a dangerous precedence in Canada,” Shoebat says. “Instead of censoring free speech, CAIR should be encouraging Muslims to embrace Canadian culture, as other groups have, and not try to change it in a way that will censor the freedoms Canadians have fought and died for.”

Shoebat believes that CAIR and other Islamist organizations should join Anani in encouraging Muslims to speak out against terrorism and the killing, raping, forced conversion, mutilation and other acts of violence perpetrated by Jihadist groups worldwide against non-Muslims.

On Tuesday, January 30th at 7:00 p.m., Walid Shoebat, Zachariah Anani and Kamal Saleem, all former terrorists, will speak at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

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Contact: M.Sliwa Public Relations, 973-272-2861 or

Preempting a Nuclear Armed Iran: An Imminent Reality?

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

23 January 2007: Last Sunday, 21 January 2007, in an evening address before the gathered attendees at the Herzliya Conference in Israel, the U.S. Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Nicholas Burns, made the following unequivocal statement: “the policy of the United States is that we cannot allow Iran to become a nuclear weapons state” The timing of this official pronouncement from the American government may foretell dire consequences to the unquestioned desire of the Islamic Republic of Iran in its relentless drive to become a nuclear armed state.

A review of OSINT reporting regarding the military signals being sent to Tehran reveals that these words from the under-secretary have a high probability of being much more than mere political rhetoric. In fact, they could well be the last words on the subject prior to a military preemptive move by the United States in executing the American policy.

Looking forward into the period of time immediately before us indicates a confluence of not only an American military surge into the Persian Gulf region, but a time of promises from the Islamic regime in Tehran regarding its status as a nuclear power.

Of particular note is that the USS Stennis (CVN-74) Carrier Strike Group will arrive in the Persian Gulf region concurrent with the advent of a celebration in the Islamic Republic known as the “Daheh-ye Fajr,” or “Ten Days of Dawn”. This annual celebration highlights the arrival in Tehran of Ayatollah Khomeini from exile in France to personally lead the Islamic revolution on February 1, 1979. The Islamist Shiâ’a revolution came to a head on February 9th as Iranian government troops loyal to the non-Islamist Bakhtiar regime fought pitched battles against the Revolutionary Guards and other Iranian troops who defected to the Khomenist forces. Two days later on February 11 it was all over, the Khomenist forces had defeated the non-Islamist forces. It is in this upcoming celebratory period that Iran will likely make significant announcements concerning its nuclear status. Those announcements could trigger a US response.

The arrival of the USS Stennis CSG augments the already on-station USS Eisenhower CSG and the USS Boxer (ESG-5) Expeditionary Strike Group. Both of these strike groups are scheduled to depart the region sometime in March 2007. The arrival of the Stennis affords around-the-clock capability for sustained preemptive air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities such as those located at Natanz.

Such a massed and sustainable combat capability is without question a very loud signal to the Iranian government. It is as stated above the potential manifestation of standing American policy regarding nuclear weapons in the possession of a state President Bush declared a belligerent nation in his speech of February 10, 2007.

Timing is everything. February through March 2007 appear to be the final “window of opportunity for any American action prior to what will become a potentially expedited political season in the United States, that is to say prior to the general election of 2008.

Such decisions are obviously not taken lightly, yet nothing is more paramount than the security of deployed US forces in the whole of southwest Asia and the stability of the region in which we and our allies have so heavily invested our blood and our treasury. The key judgments made in arriving at such a decision to preemptively act are known to have a direct impact upon the global economy, the primary consideration of those judgments being the free flow of oil commerce through a critical choke point at the Strait of Hormuz.

Make no mistake; any strike on Iranian nuclear infrastructure will be no small-scale operation. Such an operation will require, in my estimation, a minimum of the following: the destruction of all Iranian air defenses at the Iranian nuclear sites, all anti-aircraft missile batteries and the destruction of the Iranian Islamic Air Force itself which could conceivably interdict our forces; the destruction of all Iranian ballistic missile capability to retaliate against our forces and those of our regional allies, as well as any Iranian capability to close the Strait of Hormuz or interdict commercial shipping in the Persian Gulf with threats from Iranian sea, land or air-launched missiles, submarines and naval surface combatant ships.

About one week from today the window to such a possible preemptive will be fully open as the USS Stennis CSG sails in from over the horizon. It will remain open at least through the month of March. Closing that window will depend entirely upon the statements and actions coming from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Analysis: Ayman al Zawahiri - “Fighting to be Relevant”

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

23 January 2007: If the U.S. administration has done just one thing beautifully, it has successfully marginalized the current relevance of al Qaeda “leader” Ayman al-Zawahiri, relegating him to the dung heap of countless other modern-day Islamic “legends” who have failed in their quest to lead the Umma in a successful battle against the infidel. Al Zawahiri is showing his desperation with each successive video message, perhaps himself realizing that his messages are much like the proverbial tree falling in the forest when no one is present. The messages still have sound, but no one is hearing them.

Based on the history of his abysmal failures relative to the jihad movement from the late 1970’s to the present, this must be really eating away at his ego, knowing that in the grand scheme of global jihad, he will continue be a second-rate, third string player at best. In the war against Islamic fascists, al Zawahiri isn’t even an effective cheerleader anymore. In 2007, the relevance of al Zawahiri lies more in the historical aspects of al Qaeda, not in the current state or future of the jihad movement, which, of course, is his life’s ambition.

Except to the war-time analysts (yes, we are at war) and Internet Bloggers who have created a cottage industry from his messages - those who are desperate to dissect each message to find some sort of hidden activation code interwoven into his orthodox Islamic drivel, the words of Ayman al Zawahiri are essentially meaningless, especially with respect to command and control of Islamic terrorists inside the North America. Make no mistake - the U.S. and Canada top the list of targets by the Islamic enemy, but Ayman al Zawahiri has little to do with those attacks in the planning stages that will be carried out or attempted here in the U.S. and Canada. If anything, placing too much emphasis on the diminutive, bearded man with a rhinoceros-type forehead who is fighting for relevancy will result in a skewed threat analysis of the short-term threats facing the U.S. and Canada.

The Muslim terrorists of greater concern to the U.S. and Canada are not taking their cues from Ayman al Zawahiri – at least not in 2007. By now, everyone has heard of “homegrown terrorists,” which, in my opinion, is a misleading description of two separate entities: second and even third generation Muslims living in America whose effectiveness and potential deadliness lies in their present dormancy, and second, those indigenous to the U.S. and Canada who are being groomed for jihad due to their perceived position in life. To those threats, the words of Zawahiri are little more than a punctuation mark in multiple paragraphs of Islamic terrorist propaganda.

The message I am attempting to convey is simple: The U.S. has effectively defanged Ayman al Zawahiri as a currently relevant jihadist leader of the Islamic foot soldiers that present the most clear and present danger to the U.S. and Canada. The threat to us in North America remains high, but al Zawahiri has little to do with it. Placing too much emphasis on Zawahiri as a current threat to us domestically only serves to legitimize him in ways he cannot do himself. With every successive message, his impotence is showing.

Almost 10,000 Days, Same Players, Same Game & We Have Learned Nothing

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

21 January 2007: Today is the 26th anniversary of the release of 52 Americans who were held hostage by Islamic terrorists in Iran for an unbelievable 444 days. Released from their captivity on January 21, 1981, it has been two months shy of 10,000 days - 9940 days to be exact, since about 300 Islamic terrorists calling themselves students stormed the U.S. Embassy Compound on Taleghani Avenue in Tehran, called at that time “the den of spies.” Some believe that the birthing of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Embassy takeover marked the beginning of the clash between Islam and the West that we are still fighting today. It was - and continues to be - Islam versus the West in general, or perhaps more specifically, Islam versus the U.S. and Israel. It is the same war that ultimately forever changed the landscape of America on 9/11, with numerous clashes before and since that day of death and destruction.

The Islamic fascism native to the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as other Islamic theocracies is the 21 century version of Hitler’s Mein Kampf - the torch of this template of fascism was simply passed from the Nazi’s to the Wahabbi leaders of Islam. America’s response to that “crisis,” seems to have come full circle over the last quarter of a century. Our “response” to the 1979 Islamic revolution ultimately set the stage for the current state of Muslim terrorism and went a long way to embolden Islamic terrorists worldwide to launch additional terrorist attacks for the advancement of their global agenda. Sadly, we are still playing their games some 26 years later - and with many of the same players.

The embassy takeover was concluded in 1981 by diplomatic blackmail known as the Declaration of Algiers - a money-for-hostages agreement brokered by then-Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher with the approval of the milquetoast U.S. President “Jimmy” Carter. The agreement allowed for the Islamic Republic of Iran to regain control of their previously frozen assets, wiped out unpaid debts, and in general, gave Iran an $8 billion pass.

In 2000, during the Clinton administration, the 52 American hostages and their heirs were again victimized, this time by our own government. The hostages and families sought redress from Iran in a class action suit under the provisions of 1996 federal anti-terrorism legislation. The Iranian government failed to respond to the suit and accordingly, resulted in the hostages and families winning a default judgment in federal court. In October 2000, as many of the hostages gathered to testify about their treatment during the 444 days, the United States government requested the federal court to dismiss the judgment, arguing that the Declaration of Algiers prevented such a lawsuit from taking place. The district court dismissed the suit, a ruling that was upheld by the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals.

Due, in part, to America’s handling of Islamic terrorism spanning multiple administrations, the number of hostages held by Islamic terrorists has risen to 300 million people in the U.S., plus the entire population of Israel and the rest of the free Western world over the last 26 years. Unbelievably, some of the very same terrorists responsible for the taking of our Americans in 1979 are, unfortunately, still sucking air, some even leading countries and winning awards.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, one of the known architect’s of the embassy takeover in 1979 and one of the biggest and most evil sponsors or Islamic terrorism, was elevated from the mayor of Tehran to the President of Iran. Twenty-six years later, we are still dealing with this personification of evil. Now, instead of holding a group of hostages at a walled compound in Tehran, he is about to hold the entire non-Muslim world hostage- this time with a nuclear arsenal as the world watches like a deer caught in the headlights.

Perhaps the most nauseating and despicable figure from the hostage takeover is Masumeh (or Massoumeh) Ebtekar, a/k/a “sister Mary,” a female personification of evil who acted as a “translator” (and in my opinion, as the most worthy of a back-handed slap) during the hostage “crisis.”


Born in 1960 in Tehran, Ebtekar went to school in the United States during her early years. She went on to become Iran’s first woman vice-president, serving as Vice President of the Islamic Republic and Head of the Department of Environment from 1997-2005 under former Iranian President Seyyed Mohammad Khatami. In April 2006, the United Nations awarded her a Champion of the Earth award for her care over the environment – laughable if it weren’t so sickening.

Within our own ranks, Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher did such a good job with his negotiation with Islamic terrorists that President William Jefferson Clinton appointed him as Secretary of State. He was sworn-in on January 20, 1993, twelve years nearly to the day of the hostages’ release.

The war against Islamic terrorists, fascists, facilitators and sympathizers that we are fighting today, arguably began in earnest between the U.S. and Islam with the formation of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Unfortunately, the memories of most Americans of the events of 9/11 are fading, and many people have all but forgotten the multitude of Islamic terrorist attacks prior to that time. It is equally unfortunate that most Americans know little of contemporary history or how we arrived where we are today - embroiled in one of the most dangerous times in modern history.

Nearly 10,000 days after Islamic terrorists captured Americans in Tehran, it seems that the war declared against the U.S. and the West by Muslim terrorists has come full circle, and that circle is forming a noose around the necks of every American man, woman and child. It appears that most Western leaders and most Americans have learned nothing over the last quarter-century. Just in case they should experience a sudden recall of contemporary history, you can count on certain members of our own government and certain pro-Islamic agencies and apologists to warn against the unfairness of stereotyping simply on the basis of historical events. The tug you might occasionally feel around your neck by the noose, we are asked to believe, is merely the warm scarf of multi-culturism and we have nothing to fear. After all, many of the same players are still in the game, and the game is still in its infancy of rebirth.

Fear much, however. Fear that if we respond to the Declaration of nuclear Jihad by Iran and other Islamic fascist states that we will respond with our own declaration, a revised Declaration of Algiers. Just as that set the stage for the last 25 years, a modern revision will set a more ominous stage for the next 25 years - if we make it that far.

©Copyright 2007 Douglas J. Hagmann; Permission to reprint granted with proper attribution and link.

The 110th Congress, Asleep at the Wheel

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

21 January 2007: The new Congress known as the 110th Congress which took office on January 1, 2007 could be the catalyst for the total destruction of this nation. The country has been watching this majority collection of pacifists, turncoats, agents of Islam and uniformed persons intently since they took over a few weeks ago. I personally think we are engaged in a futile effort as to defending ourselves against the looming terrorist threat and the onslaught of Islam, but hey I’m just a taxpayer. I’m just one of the people paying for this collection of clowns. I have a ring side seat to the circus.

The ones who are supposed to be informed on who the enemy is don’t have a clue and don’t know the difference between a Sunni Muslim and a Shi’ite Muslim and certainly are not aware of what is going on around them, right under their nose. I’d pay good money to sit in an “Intelligence” session with these people simply as an observer. Of course afterwards I’d probably get on a plane and leave the country for good.

We allowed Muslim Keith Ellison to be elected into the most powerful voting body within the US Government and if you think this won’t affect this great nation just look at his hometown. You have Muslims whining and protesting against various things, the taxi cab drivers refusing to transport passengers who go against their Islamic beliefs and the incident on the airliner with the six imans. Funny how all the dots connect back to where Ellison the Muslim is from isn’t it? Coincidence? I don’t think so. This will surely only multiply and grow as time goes on, except on a national level. That’s just wonderful news.

The majority of the Democrats are clueless as to the war on terror and it didn’t even make their priority list. No smoking in the chambers took a front seat while national security is till being moved around on the priority board. Nancy Pelosi is on the verge of total ecstasy being the first female Speaker of the House and is totally whisked away in petty thoughts and delusions of grandeur. It may be 2008 before she can write a complete sentence or carry a collection of coherent thoughts in her brain because she is so high right now on herself. Osama bin Laden may be in the White House before she comes back to earth.

I saw a very intense piece of irony with their statements about George Bush wanting to send 20,000 more troops to Iraq. The irony is this. These are the very people that busted the Presidents chops when he landed on that aircraft carrier and had the “Mission Accomplished” banner displayed behind him yet with what they want to do they are thinking the exact same thing. They are acting as though the mission in Iraq is accomplished and it is time to leave. Leaving Iraq prematurely would be a huge mistake as that country would totally sink into a full blown civil war and countries like Iran and Syria would move in and turn that country into a Taliban State. These Democrats have forgotten what happened in Afghanistan when Islamic influence is left to itself in an unorganized state. The Democrats have forgotten that Afghanistan was the playground of al Qa’ida and the Taliban and that Islamic cesspool was where the 9-11 operation was conceived, trained for and dispatched from. I guess we didn’t bury enough Americans back then for the thought to remain in their memory.

We have started the “destined for failure” navigation of the slippery slope. We are allowing the enemy to be seated at our table. We don’t uniformly across the board even know who the enemy is which is apparent by the words and the action of the Democrats and even a few Republicans (the turncoats). I watched some ding dong the other night stating very adamantly that they (Congress) have to approve any actions against Iran which is translated as “there won’t be any actions against Iran”. So far I’ve heard the list of “we won’t” but I have yet to hear a valid list of the “we wills”.

The new Congress does not recognize that we are at war in more than just Iraq. They refuse to recognize the true enemy of the state, Islam. They will instead import Islam, coddle Islam and accept Islam. It will start with making profiling of Muslims illegal. It will then be a move, backed by Islamic influence to disarm the people. This will further be fed by various legislative amendments and laws to make provisions and special conditions for Islam in various sectors within this country. I actually envision this Congress trying to impeach the President soon if they don’t get their way. Law Enforcement agencies will become more ineffective than they are now due to further restrictions. We might as well fire the Border Patrol because those poor people are afraid to do their jobs since they could end up in prison.

Soon, if you speak out against Islam, such as this article, you could be prosecuted for a “hate crime” by the very country you are protecting.

Soon America will be choked and have the life squeezed out of it by the Islamic serpent. It has already begun.

Sleep well America because your Congress certainly is asleep at the wheel.


Anti-Israeli “Human Shields” pose as journalists, receive tax-free funding from U.S. non-profit group

“Huwaida Arraf may excuse the ISM’s (a HAMAS ally) actions because she claims to be nonviolent, but that’s not the issue. At minimum, her organization is giving logistical aid to terrorist groups. That includes doing human shield work for terrorists who may fire upon the Israeli army conducting anti-terror operations or by ISM activists destroying checkpoints used by the IDF to prevent entrance of suicide bombers into Israel. And now, the group is receiving tax-exempt funding.” –Lee Kaplan

By Lee Kaplan, Communications Director

20 January 2007: Last year George Rishmawi and Huwaida Arraf, founders of a radical, anti-Israel organization called the International Solidarity Movement, created a study abroad program as a cover to sneak ISM activists into West Bank so that they could act as “human shields” to interfere with Israeli anti-terrorist activities. Now, Rishmawi has created a new media cover to serve a dual purpose for the ISM. ISM activists will pose as “journalists” to get past Israeli border security with funding for them from yet another non-profit. The use of “journalists” has long been a way for countries to find covers to infiltrate subversives.

His new cover is funded by the A. J. Muste Foundation, a registered non-profit based in New York. But there is more to it than meets the eye because the Berkeley, CA, P.O. Box to which ISM supporters can send their tax-deductible donations matches that of the Middle East Children’s Alliance, one of the organizations that the ISM had previously used to launder money in the service of its anti-Israel cause that was reported to the IRS for abuses. The ISM’s website tells anyone wishing to donate now to make checks payable to A.J. Muste Foundation in New York and write ISM-USA in the corner but directs the checks be sent to the Middle East Children’s Alliance for cashing. In other words, it’s business as usual for the ISM.

And that’s not the whole story. An investigation of the A.J. Muste tax return reveals the same irregularities and illegal activities that have marked other non-profits funding the ISM and aroused the scrutiny of the IRS for violating their mandates as tax-free organizations. In particular, the foundation has transferred tax-exempt funds to non-exempt entities (like the non-entity ISM); it has made grants to non-exempt entities that encourage non-filing or non-payment of federal taxes; and it has issued grants to non-exempt entities that promote civil disobedience. Each of these activities is illegal.

Evidence for these charges is not lacking. For example, the A. J. Muste Foundation website states that “In June, the Muste Institute approved fiscal sponsorship for the International Solidarity Movement’s work supporting nonviolent resistance against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

An article about this is by Patrick Connors, the leader of ISM-NY in New York City who has been arrested and deported from Israel under different identities and was ultimately banned from the country.

The entry on the Muste Foundation website further states: “The International Solidarity Movement (ISM), founded in 2001, is a Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land using nonviolent, direct action methods and principles.” “Direct action” refers, incidentally, to interference with Israeli security operations. Not only that, the International Solidarity Movement admits openly to contacts with Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) as defined by the U.S. State Department.

In a letter to the Washington Post in February 2006, Huwaida Arraf, a co-founder of the ISM with George Rishmawi, wrote that “(ISM) [is] a movement that I co-founded in the spring of 2001 in the occupied territories of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem to help draw attention to the human rights abuses suffered by Palestinians as a result of Israel’s occupation. The ISM also is a resource for Palestinian nonviolent resistance to the occupation. The ISM believes that average civilians can bring about change, and it tries to unite Palestinians, Israelis and other people in nonviolent resistance to Israel’s occupation policies. ‘When I ‘acknowledged’ that the ISM ‘cooperates with Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,’ I was offering concrete examples of the ways in which these groups were engaging in nonviolent resistance.” (Emphasis added.)

Furthermore, Arraf and another ISM leader, Lisa Nessan, both confirmed to me verbally at their last national conference at Georgetown, on record, that ISM works with those same terrorist groups.

All three of the above groups are terrorist organizations in the view of the U.S. State Department. Working with them in in any capacity is therefore illegal. Arraf may excuse the ISM’s actions because she claims to be nonviolent, but that’s not the issue. At minimum, her organization is giving logistical aid to terrorist groups. That includes doing human shield work for terrorists who may fire upon the Israeli army conducting anti-terror operations or by ISM activists destroying checkpoints used by the IDF to prevent entrance of suicide bombers into Israel.

The A. J. Muste Memorial Institute, meanwhile, says openly that it funds organizations that cannot get tax exemptions from the IRS, although it qualifies this statement by saying that it provides grants only for activities that would be legally tax-exempt:

Sponsored projects are generally organizations which do not have their own tax-exempt charitable status in the US. Some of these organizations are not directly eligible for tax-exempt status because they carry out or advocate activities which do not meet Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules for charitable tax-deductions (i.e. tax resistance, draft resistance, civil disobedience, direct action). Others may decide they don’t have the time, energy or financial ability to pursue tax-exempt status, or they may feel this status would not be a significant advantage in their work. (Emphasis added.)

The foundation does make the following disclaimer: “The Muste Institute can only direct sponsored grants or contributions to activities which are legal and educational, which do not violate IRS rules and which are within our stated mission.” But how to reconcile this with the money for the ISM that works with Hamas? Some of the grants from A. J. Muste also seem to support some very questionable organizations whose activities are “contrary to public policy,” like so-called “war tax resistance.” On their tax return they list:

(2) Grants to non-exempt entities that encourage non-payment of Federal taxes


This grant goes for the DMZ Network, a project of WRL’s Youth & Counter Recruitment Program, providing resources, training. This grant goes for the DMZ Network, a project of WRL’s Youth & Counter Recruitment Program, providing resources, training and other assistance to build the capacity of local youth organizers around the US to effectively challenge military recruitment.

The War Resisters League encourages people to not pay Federal income taxes.

Their website further states:

Resisting war taxes is really very simple - don’t pay all the tax due on your annual Federal income tax form, or don’t pay the Federal excise tax on telephone bills, or both. Summarized below are a few war tax resistance methods. Detailed descriptions can be found in WRL’s War Tax Resistance: A Guide to Withholding Your Support from the Military and through war tax counselors. Contact the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC) for counselors in your area. The probability of collection or prosecution varies among the methods; all - except #4’s are illegal. Serious consideration must be given before embarking on these types of resistance.

1) File and refuse to pay your taxes. This involves filling out an IRS income tax return (e.g., Form 1040) and refusing to pay either a token amount of your taxes (e.g., $1, $9.11, $100), some “military” portion (approximately 1% for nuclear warheads, 4% for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, 30% for current military spending, 50% for current and past military spending combined — see WRL’s pie chart for the latest percentages), or the total amount (since a portion of whatever is paid goes largely to the military). Include a letter of explanation with the return.

2) File a blank IRS 1040 income tax return with a note of explanation.

3) Don’t file any Federal income tax returns.

Also found on their website:

(3) Grants to non-exempt entities that promote civil disobedience.

Vieques, Puerto Rico: $2,000
Through education and civil disobedience, the Committee works to put an end to the US Navy’s training exercises on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, and to pressure for demilitarization and cleanup of the island. This grant goes for educational work related to a new nonviolent resistance campaign, “Ocupando Territorio Ocupado” (Occupying Occupied Territory), which seeks to establish a permanent peace presence on the bombing range of Camp Garcia.

Santa Fe, NM: $1,500
Peace Action New Mexico was founded in July of 1998 as an affiliate of the national Peace Action. This grant goes for educational materials in connection with the local group’s annual events marking the anniversaries of the 1945 US atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This year Peace Action New Mexico organized a rally in Santa Fe on August 6 and a civil disobedience action at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) on August 9. The accompanying leaflets and factsheets focused on building public opinion against LANL’s production and stockpiling of components for nuclear weapons, and against LANL’s plans to build a biological weapons research laboratory.

Cartagena, Colombia: $2,000. The Jorge Artel Corporation is a non-profit grassroots organization based in the African-descended communities on Colombia’s Atlantic coast. This grant goes for the Civil Disobedience Training and Education Project, carrying out workshops and producing educational materials about the importance of civil disobedience as a form of nonviolent resistance to oppression. The Muste Institute has also agreed to act as fiscal sponsor for the Corporacion Jorge Artel.

In September the Muste Institute provided a $1,500 grant to the St. Louis, Missouri-based Catholic Action Network for Social Justice for their “Instead of War” campaign (see New Grants, below). The campaign is described below by co-coordinator Jenny Truax:

…In the third stage of this campaign, CAN/CTSA assisted in organizing an October 1st nonviolent direct action outside the main gate of the Boeing Missile Plant, just outside of St. Louis. CAN assisted with nonviolent direct action training sessions for participants in this action, as well as logistical and organizational support. Boeing’s $500 million contract to produce additional JDAMs (Joint Direct Attack Munitions), is due in October 2002, and the Boeing Plant is currently producing 1,500 JDAMs a month in round-the-clock shifts. The JDAM was one of the most heavily-used munitions during the war in Afghanistan, and current stockpiles must be replenished before any attack on Iraq begins. In addition to disseminating information about these particular weapons, one coalition member, the St. Louis Economic Conversion Pro ject, has provided statistics about the economic consequences of a possible war with Iraq. Thirty-six people were arrested for civil disobedience in blocking delivery trucks at Boeing’s main gate, and the action attracted over 180 participants and national news coverage.

The IRS mandates for nonprofits specifically state that civil disobedience is not an acceptable practice for exemption from taxes and can result in revocation of tax-free status. But given the IRS’s lax enforcement, why should it come as a surprise that A.J. Muste is now providing a means for the ISM, an admitted ally of Hamas, to continue raising funds for efforts to support the goals of the terrorist organization. President Bush just put forth new regulations prohibiting Americans from dealing with the Hamas-led terrorist government in the Palestnian Authority. Maybe the IRS going after the A.J. Muste Foundation would be a first step in enforcement.

Bill Levinson contributed to this report.

An army of Muslims will arise -Clandestine Islamic Sermon Recordings by UK Channel 4 reporter brings proof

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs
and Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, Investigator & Surveillance Specialist

Updated 19 January 2007: As seasoned investigators and investigative analysts who comprise the Northeast Intelligence Network, it has been our assertion that within the Muslim community in general, and mosques and Islamic centers specifically, many things are not always as they appear. A recent covert investigation conducted by an investigative journalist, and published by Channel 4 News out of the UK substantiates - through covert video - that what is being portrayed publicly by Muslims is not necessarily what is being preached to the Muslim congregations by their religious leaders.

From an investigative position, it is one thing to simply write about the alleged duplicity of Muslims who publicly proclaim peace and tolerance, and something completely different to allow these same Muslim leaders to make our case for us. In this video, the investigators obtained and authenticated audio and video recordings of Muslim religious leaders as they spoke to their congregations at mosques, illustrating the disparity between their public statements and those made within the walls of the mosques and Islamic centers. As investigators ourselves, this scenario represents the “best evidence,” which also holds an important and relevant legal meaning. In this instance, simply let the Imam do the talking and watch this video, featured on YouTube:


“Best Evidence”, or “primary evidence” in this case, is the covert video that has been obtained, which readily demotes all other claims to secondary or substitutionary evidence. Excerpted from Channel 4:

“The Dispatches reporter attends talks at mosques run by key organisations whose public faces are presented as moderate and mainstream - and finds preachers condemning the idea of integration into British society, condemning British democracy as un-Islamic and praising the Taliban for killing British soldiers.”

It is happening in the UK, it is happening in North America, and it is being exposed through the words of the religious leaders themselves. What this video abundantly demonstrates is that such Islamic ideological jihad readily translates into acts of Islamic terrorism such as witnessed by the entire world on September 11, 2001, March 11, 2004 and July 7, 2005. We are promised more of the same by these Imams.

Chemical Attack on US Base Near Samarra, Iraq?

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs


12 January 2007: Yesterday, the Northeast Intelligence Network became aware of an internet posting by the Salahaldin Al-Ayoubi Brigades, the military wing the terrorist organization known as JAMI [Al Jabha Al-Islamiyya l'il-Muqawama Al-'Iraqiyya] which claims to have attacked a US military installation near Samarra, Iraq with four chemical warfare missiles. That terrorist posting was titled: Shelling US base in Samarra with 4 Chemical missiles.

Based upon publicly accessible data on known Forward Operating Bases (FOB) in Iraq, as well as the historical reports on the levels of intensity of enemy attacks in the specific geographic region, there is a high probability that FOB McKenzie (the former Samarra East-Al Bakr Airbase) could be the location of this attack. Public data identifies FOB McKenzie as the recipient of as many as 21 incoming rocket attacks in a single night. Other possible intended targets could be FOB Brassfield-Mora located 10 km north of Samarra, or Patrol Base Uvanni located within Samarra city.

Analysis of the imagery (to be posted shortly) accompanying the terrorist report, obtained and provided to the Northeast Intelligence Network as a courtesy of Archangel, as well as a review of known chemical weapons, a preliminary assessment is that the black oily liquid seen being hand-poured in the missile warheads could be the chemical weapon and blister agent Lewisite. Iraq is known to have conducted research on lewisite. Lewisite is similar to mustard agent but faster acting and the persistence of this blister agent is reported to be from 24 hours to one week.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense stores of Lewisite were not located in Iraq by weapons inspectors following the 1991 Gulf War.

However, on Friday, April 4, 2003, the 101st Airborne discovered 13 drums of suspected chemical weapons in a bunker at an agricultural facility east of Karbala. The 101st division commander at the time, Brigadier General Benjamin Freakley, told media that the drums initially tested positive for nerve agent. The following Monday, 7 April 2003, two ‘Fox’ nuclear, chemical and biological reconnaissance vehicles, armed with more sophisticated sensors than the Improved Chemical Agent Monitor (ICAM) most likely utilized by the 101st in the initial determination, conducted additional testing and reportedly detected sarin, tabun and lewisite.

Additionally, I have located a graphic contained with the August 2, 1996 final outline for the unclassified CIA “Report on Intelligence Related to Gulf War Illnesses.” This integral document graphic is identified as Gulf War Chemical Weapons (GWCW) and dated 01-7/96. It illustrates that Al-Bakr Airbase was formerly a storage site of undamaged mustard bombs.

The purpose of this CIA report was as follows:

“In parallel with the DOD’s Persian Gulf Investigative Team, the CIA’s Office of Weapons, Technology and Proliferation conducted an independent review of intelligence documents to determine whether US troops were exposed to chemical and biological warfare agents during the Gulf war. The CIA’s effort did not seek to duplicate that of DOD; however, CIA analysts drew upon and examined DOD information to clarify intelligence, to obtain leads, and to ensure a thorough and comprehensive intelligence assessment.”

The link to the full document:

48 hours of freedom left for 2 border patrol agents: Lady Justice weeps while illegal aliens laugh

“If it can happen to them, it can happen to any one of us. It has definitely had an adverse affect on agents involved in border security.” -Mark Parsons, President, Fraternal Order of Police in El Paso, Texas, Customs and Border Protection agent

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

15 January 2007: By now, everyone in North America, and especially certain Mexicans are familiar with the case of two former Border Patrol agents convicted of causing serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, discharge of a firearm and violating the civil rights of a drug smuggler and illegal alien at the U.S. - Mexican border. Absent of a successful appeal or a presidential pardon, former agents Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos will begin serving their 10-year-plus sentences in federal court this Wednesday. Despite an unprecedented exhibit of support from the public and public officials, including 55 members of Congress and over 175,000 U.S. citizens, President Bush has shown no interest in pardoning these two agents whose sentences will surpass many murderers, rapists and even drug smugglers they have put behind bars. In addition to the obvious, however, the situation involving Compean and Ramos is having a “rippling effect” among border patrol agents and other law enforcement officials who have the increasingly dangerous and difficult task of protecting American citizens.

Mark W. Parsons, the President of the Fraternal Order of Police in El Paso, Texas, and also an agent with Customs and Border Protection told the Northeast Intelligence Network on Sunday that his organization, also representing the federal officers of the West Texas and New Mexico area stands behind and fully supports the agents in their quest for a new trial or pardon. “We stand behind them 110%,” stated Mr. Parsons, who also described how the situation is currently affecting the job performance and morale of law enforcement officers who work every day protecting our country at our southern border. “I don’t think there is any agent who, when handling a breach of security, doesn’t think about the situation of Compean and Ramos and base their actions with a greater degree of reservation for fear that it could any one of them in that position,” stated Agent Parsons.

Mr. Parsons stated that the aggressive prosecution, replete irregularities pertaining to the arrest and trial of the two agents, including but not limited to venue issues, restriction of exculpatory testimony and evidence, government corruption and jury misconduct “has made a lot of agents on the front lines ‘gun shy’ and afraid to do their jobs.” He added that “if this can happen to agents Compean and Ramos, it can happen to any one of us.” It is also sending a strong message to illegal aliens, drug smugglers, and potential terrorists illegally crossing the border into the U.S. everyday. Those involved in illegal border activities see this as a victory for them, endangers the safety and welfare of the officers on the front lines and compromises the safety and security of every man, woman and child in the U.S.

“Morale? What morale? It is as bad as I have ever seen it,” stated Mr. Parsons describing the mood of agents fighting the battle at the border.

At a time in this nation’s history when border security is one of the most important factors in our fight for survival in the war against terrorists, we are sending to border patrol agents to prison, scheduled to serve in excess of a decade behind bars each. Make no mistake, the southern border of the U.S. is a virtual war zone being exploited by enemies of the United States. The demoralizing affect of this lack of prosecutorial discretion in a time of war is questionable at best, begging the questions: how serious are we in securing our borders, and why isn’t the U.S. Department of Justice exercising the same zeal in the prosecution of illegal aliens as they are in punishing those front-line agents who are understaffed, out-gunned, and hamstrung by rules of engagement favoring the criminal?

Northeast Intelligence Network: Ahead of the rest & proud of it

13 January 2007: It was on January 6, 2007 that the Northeast Intelligence Network, jointly with sister site Canada Free Press warned that airport “webcams” or the online security cameras at airports are being exploited on websites and forums populated by Islamic terrorists and their sympathizers. On January 10, 2007, four days after our article was published, a confidential assessment was jointly issued by the FBI and the U.S. Homeland Security Department stating that “online webcams could be a valuable tool for extremists determined to attack critical targets.”

It was not until January 11, however, full five days after our report warning of this vulnerability that other media sources published this matter of public security, such as the article that appeared on a Canadian media news source web site.