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WTF? (What the fatwa?) Fatwa by Muslims sent to U.S. Airport

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

13 January 2007: A fatwa has been sent to officials at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport by the Muslim American Society - an Islamic revival and reform movement, and Annie Jacobsen, author of Terror in the Skies writes about it at her website, The Aviation Nation.

States Ms. Jacobsen: “Are the words “US Airports” and “fatwa” together in one sentence unexceptional? Or are they cause for alarm? I asked a Federal Air Marshal - that would be federal counter-terrorism agent assigned to protect US airports - what he thought about the fatwa at the Minnesota Airport.”

“A fatwa at a US Airport?” He said, speaking on the condition of anonymity, “surely you’re joking.”


Charges against three Arab men at heart of Port of Miami “Scare” dropped by Florida judge

“Once again, mark my words: Just as the November 20, 2006 removal of the six Muslim Imams from a US Air Flight became a watershed event and rallying cry for “Flying While Muslim,” this event will be the watershed event for “Driving While Arab.” The gradual erosion to our national security apparatus, for fear of being labeled as “Islamophobic,” racially and religiously intolerant in an increasingly litigious atmosphere, will be the ultimate and most unfortunate consequence.”–Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, Northeast Intelligence Network

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

9 January 2007: The events of Sunday, 7 January 2007 involving a cargo truck attempting entry into the Port of Miami without the proper paperwork and a bill of lading that allegedly did not match the contents of the cargo container is on the fast track to being the next “watershed event” for Arab Muslims: “Driving While Arab.” The initial reports of a 20 year-old Iraqi driver of a 45? cargo truck attempting entry into the Port of Miami at about 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning stated that the driver, Iraqi national Amar al HADAD lacked the proper documents when asked for them by a port security officer. Initial reports also stated that al HADAD appeared nervous and would not make eye contact during routine questioning. When asked for the cargo manifest, or bill of lading, al HADAD reportedly provided documents that were inconsistent with the cargo contents. Authorities initially reported that the driver’s manifest indicated al HADAD was carrying auto parts, but the cargo did not appear to be consistent with that description.

Further, authorities asked al HADAD if there was anyone else with him in the vehicle. Despite his assertion that he was alone in the truck, police officials found two other Middle Eastern nationals hiding in the truck’s cab. Those men have since been identified as Hussain al HADAD, 24, the brother of the driver and also an Iraqi national, and Hassan el SAYED, 20, from Lebanon. Initial reports from police officials at the Port of Miami also stated that there were two 55-gallon containers in the back of the truck they termed as “suspicious.” Based on those events, the three men were detained for questioning and the truck impounded for further inspection. Sunday morning, FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said the driver and the others were placed in custody after the cargo in his truck did not match what was declared on its manifest. Now, the entire event has been labeled a “misunderstanding” based on miscommunication, perhaps due to a “language barrier.” In fact, news of the event has evolved to the extent that the current “official” version of events has become virtually unrecognizable from the initial reports and statements made by law enforcement officials who were actually on the scene at the Port of Miami.

In brief: The Port of Miami “detainees:”

Amar al HADAD, a/k/a Abbas al-HADAD, Abbas Hussain al HADAD, 28, having an “official” date of birth of 1 January 1979, of Horger Street, Dearborn, Michigan.

CHARGES: Resisting an officer without violence and trespass
STATUS: Charges dismissedHussain al HADAD, 24, having various addresses in the greater Dearborn area

CHARGES: Resisting an officer without violence and trespass
STATUS: Charges dismissedHussain el SAYED, a/k/a Hassan el-SAYED, Cardwell Street, Garden City, Michigan

CHARGE: Simple trespassing
STATUS: Charges dismissed

Incident at Port of Miami: A case of “Saddam’s Revenge?” Nope, Feds say it’s all a misunderstanding…

8 January 2007: UPDATED: Remember the P&O Ports (Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.) from the Dubai Ports World brouhaha of a year ago? Let’s have another look at the trailer stopped at the Port of Miami, shall we:
Image courtesy of AP /Wilfredo LeeIn Miami, P&O Ports is a 50% owner of the Port of Miami Terminal Operating Company (POMTOC), which operates the only multi-user container facility in the port, on 117 acres with 12 container cranes. (LINK)

News Conference: “It’s all misunderstanding, a ‘miscommunication!’” Two 55 gallon-size “containers” termed “suspicious” found in cargo area of truck - denied at news conference.

Now, changed to:

LINK: Incident at the Port of Miami-Dade caused by ‘miscommunication,’ authorities say” Quite the misunderstanding!

7 January 2006: Shortly after 8:00 this morning, a container-style cargo truck was stopped near the cargo-area entrance to the port of Miami. The Iraqi diver of the vehicle was questioned by police, but gave a number of evasive answers to the routine questions, and denied knowing what was in the container being brought into the busy port. Suspicious of his answers, police searched the cab and found two other Middle Eastern men hiding in the sleeper are of the cab - one Iraqi and another of Lebanese descent.

According to information provided exclusively to the Northeast Intelligence Network, police also found “materials of concern” inside the truck, including handwritten notes and “suggestive drawings,” or perhaps a map. Additional and more in-depth investigative information about this incident will be made available later tonight, following the multi-agency news conference that is expected shortly.

Certain traffic into the Port of Miami - pictured above -is being turned away.

Dead birds in Austin, Texas: Canaries in the mine?

8 January 2007: Commuters into the heart of downtown Austin, Texas early today were faced with closure of a ten-block area in the center of the city’s business district, blocked by emergency workers in bright yellow hazardous-material suits and dozens of fire trucks and ambulances. The reason for the closure was the discovery of about 100 dead birds of various types along Congress Avenue, a main route through downtown Austin, and adjacent streets. The birds appeared to have simply “fallen dead from wherever they were perched or even in midflight,” said one police official to the Northeast Intelligence Network. “It is surreal, like the birds in this general area were exposed to something that instantly killed them where they were. They fell to the ground, primarily on Congress Avenue not too far from the capitol,” added the official. The street closure stretched from just outside the Capitol to a section of the Colorado River known as Town Lake. The Capitol opened on schedule Monday, the day before the legislative session was to begin.

“A 10-block stretch of Congress Avenue, in addition to quite a few adjacent streets, have been closed. The buildings in that area have also been closed and are ‘off limits’ until further notice,” stated this police official. While officials are publicly stating that they “do not feel there is a threat to the public health,” at least one police official, in contact with the Northeast Intelligence Network, expressed his concern privately. “It’s like a canary in a mine, when the canary dies, you know you’ve got trouble,” he said, asking not to be identified by name of agency. “Right now, there are officials looking at the possibility of a fast-acting airborne gas disbursed during the night in this general area. There are no chemical plants here or close that would seem to account for some kind of gas - it almost seems like if it was a gas, and that is what they are thinking now, anyway, it had to have been released here, along this route. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I don’t want to again,” he added.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke said officials had no credible information to suggest “that there is any imminent threat to the city.” According to news reports, officials are testing for any sort of environmental contaminant or gas or chlorine leaks that might have cause the bird deaths. According to these reports, the tests on the dead birds would likely take several days.

Meanwhile, a mysterious odor of gas moved across Manhattan early this morning, but reportedly dissipated rapidly. At least one person was taken from a New York City high rise and was hospitalized. No other injuries or affects to birds in New York has been reported.

From Seaport to C4: Unknown quantity of military grade explosive material found in cargo at Port of Miami

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

8 January 2007: The Northeast Intelligence Network confirmed through a law enforcement official from a federal agency that there was C4 or at least residue or remnants of a military grade of C4 - a plastic explosive - that was packaged in a “pallet of provisions” that was to be loaded aboard the Royal Caribbean International’s Majesty of the Seas ship. The specific ship maintains an 812-member crew for her 2,356 passengers and alternates between 3 and 4 days cruises. The ship was scheduled for departure from the Port of Miami tonight for a four-day cruise to the Nassau, Coco Key, Bahamas, back to Key West on the 11th, with the final return to Miami on January 12th.

We are developing additional information about this incident, in addition to yesterday’s events at the Port of Miami at this time. Meanwhile, tune in to The Eagle - 93.9 this evening at 7:30 p.m. ET for the latest information. Douglas J. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, will be a guest with radio talk show host Derek Gilbert.

Recent upsurge of similar incidents at U.S. airports might indicate terrorist plans

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

6 January 2007: Investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network are looking into a series of similar reports from airport personnel across the United States that might suggest pre-operational terrorist-related activities are in progress at airports. During the late afternoon hours on Thursday, 4 January 2007, a United Airlines service vehicle was stolen from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Because of its markings and intended use, the vehicle would have access to secured areas of the airport. Later that day, personnel at a different airport on the east coast reported “active surveillance” of the airport maintenance area by two men, one who appeared to be Middle Eastern in his appearance. Both incidents follow a separate incident a few weeks ago where the actual surveillance camera system at an airport near Washington, DC was compromised by self-described Islamic “jihadists.” One area of that camera system allowed the operators to monitor the activities at the maintenance area of that particular airport from their personal computers.

During the early morning hours on Friday, 5 January, Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Police reported that a man tried to steal an airport work truck right out of a parking lot at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. As with the theft of the vehicle at O’Hare, this vehicle would also have access to secured areas of the airport. In this instance, however, the perpetrator – a man from the state of Washington who claimed to have lost his airline ticket, was caught by police not far from the airport property.

The Northeast Intelligence Network, in conjunction with Canada Free Press, is actively investigating these reports and the possibility that such activities are pre-incident indicators of perhaps something larger in the works involving terrorism, airports and aircraft inside the United States.

Airport personnel from all areas are urged to be extra vigilant and on the lookout for any activity that could be considered suspicious, and immediately report such activity to the proper authorities.

Global Islamic Jihad; New Video by Ayman al Zawahiri released: Target: Somalia

5 January 2007: The Northeast Intelligence Network obtained the very latest video message from al Qaeda de facto leader Ayman al Zawahiri Thursday, where he calls for Muslims across the globe to wage jihad against Ethiopian forces that occupy Somalia. The 5 minute, 35 second video titled “Set Out and Support Your Brothers in Somalia” shows a still image of al Zawahiri from a previous video release with a voiceover by Al Zawahiri addressing his audience in Arabic. (Click on “read more above” for full article, link to video).

Target: Somalia

In this latest video production, Ayman al Zawahiri instructs Muslims worldwide, but especially those in Yemen, Egypt, North Africa and Sudan to join the holy war against the secular government of Somalia. He specifically calls upon the Mujahideen to provide Muslims terrorists in Somalia with experienced fighters and funding to defeat current Ethiopian forces, referring to them as “slaves (proxies) of America.” Zawahiri makes a specific reference to America’s “defeat” in Somalia between 1992 and 1994, and described the U.S. as weaker now after our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he claims a Mujahideen victory over America in those areas of military operation.

Islamic terror plot in Australia: Targets: Nuclear reactor, Sydney Harbor bridge

5 January 2007: Taha Abdul RAHMAN, 28, who possessed seven-(7) shoulder-fired rocket launchers that have the power to destroy a tank, previously stolen from the Australian Defense Forces (ADF), was charged today in connection with a plot to blow up the Lucas heights Nuclear reactor and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. RAHMAN was arrested at a house in Leumeah, in Sydney’s south-west side, and charged with 17 offenses related to receiving, possessing and supplying the weapons. Other weapons also appear to have been stolen and other targets have been identified, although officials are refusing to comment further on the extent of the terror plot.

“Lone Wolf” Islamic terrorist indicted for Illinois mall pre-Christmas bombing plot

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

5 January 2007: As previously reported by the Northeast Intelligence Network, 22 year-old Derek SHAREEF, a second-generation member of the Nation of Islam (NOI), was indicted Thursday for planning to detonate grenades at the CherryVale Shopping Center in Rockford, IL on the Friday before Christmas. The two-count indictment outlines his plans to use weapons of mass destruction at Rockford’s 130-store CherryVale Shopping Center during the Christmas shopping rush.

SHAREEF was arrested on 6 December 2006 by an FBI-led anti-terrorism task force as a result of evidence obtained through an undercover informant. He is currently being held in the Metropolitan Correctional Center pending a future court hearing. If convicted, SHAREEF faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in prison for the arson and explosives count and a maximum of 20 years; the weapons of mass destruction count carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. He also faces maximum fines of $250,000.

Editor’s note: Media Spin Alert

This is the wording used by the Associated Press: “CHICAGO (AP) A Rockford man who dreamed of becoming a terrorist was indicted Thursday on charges of trying to use hand grenades to blow up garbage cans at a shopping mall.”

By this opening sentence, one could be led to believe that the actor simply wanted to blow up a few garbage cans in pursuit of some fanciful dream of becoming a terrorist. Nothing in that sentence mentions he fact (see our previous article) that SHAREEF, a Muslim, was arranging to meet a man he believed could actually provide him with the explosives AND the intent was to kill as many Christmas shoppers on what might have been the busiest shopping day before Christmas. Additionally, the mall was one of “several potential targets” that included a list of federal buildings as well.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher slams FBI, but gives his investigation a “pass” on his own deficiencies

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

5 January 2007: After two years of “investigation” led by the Dana Rohrabacher, chairman of the International Relations’ Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, all he could say is that the FBI was obstructive and uncooperative with his inquiry examining Islamic terrorist and foreign ties to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Despite the weight carried by his congressional subcommittee, his ability to compel the declassification of vital documents that would conclusively link an Islamic terrorist connection AND PRIOR WARNING of the bombing, the best the chairman could do is state that there are simply more unanswered questions.

Appearing a bit uncomfortable and searching for proper words, Rohrabacher (who former California Congressman Bob Dornan once accused of “being marinated in terrorist money”) also failed to explain why he refused to view twenty-two-(22) affadavits from reputable eyewitness that relate directly to “John Doe #2 and the former Iraqi Republican Guard member Hussain al Hussaini who was with McVeigh in OKC at the time of the bombing. Hussain al Hussaini later moved to Boston, where was working on 9/11 and where 2 of the hijacked planes originated on 9/11.