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20 year-old Florida man caught with bomb making equipment, terror manuals after fire at home

23 March 2007: Authorities responding to a fire inside the bedroom of a house in the 3300 block of North Orange Avenue in Orlando, Florida - near Florida Hospital, found more than they anticipated last night. While checking the home, police found jars of chemicals, 2 loaded guns, swords and “terrorism-related books” in the bedroom of 20 year-old Abram SMITH, ho was arrested on charges of possession of explosives and attempting to make a destructive device. Police believe that Smith, a veterinary technician and a night student at Edgewater High School to complete his high-school education, was in the process of making a bomb when a fire started in his bedroom.

According to the police report, authorities found a box that appeared to contain fireworks and mortar-type shells along with several unidentified devices appeared to be electrical in nature and homemade. A PVC pipe was capped on both ends and wired to an unidentified device that appeared to be a pipe bomb, according to the report.

Police and FBI officials are continuing their investigation. The Northeast Intelligence Network is closely following this story to determine the motives and other related factors of SMIITH, who was released on $5,600 bail.

8-inch knife found on flight from Los Angeles, CA to Portland, OR

Incident illustrates ongoing security problems and access to aircraft

22 March 2007: A “kitchen type” knife with an eight-(8) inch blade was reportedly found between two airline seats on board a Horizon Air flight originating from Ontario Airport in Los Angeles bound for Portland, Oregon International Airport on Monday. The Horizon Airlines plane landed without incident at the Portland International Airport just before 5 p.m. local time from Ontario, California. According to airline officials, the knife was allegedly found by a male passenger who was getting off the plane and turned over to a flight attendant.

Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) officials suggested the possibility that a maintenance employee working on the plane had left it behind, a suggestion that was refuted by Jen Boyer, a spokeswoman for Horizon Air. “Eight-inch knives are not in the toolbox for our mechanics, flight attendants or pilots,” stated Ms. Boyer.

Jennifer Currier, president of the flight attendants’ union for Horizon Airlines, echoed Ms. Boyer’s statements, noting that the knife incident is merely one example that airline security needs to be tightened. According to Ms. Currier, a number of prohibited items have been found aboard aircraft that eluded security, also noting that security for airline support personnel is insufficient in many ways. Maintenance workers, certain food service workers, and other support personnel are not always subjected to normal security protocol, opening a significant gap in security. One recent example can be cited in the arrest of a Delta (COMAIR) employee who exploited his security privileges to circumvent security procedures, using his COMAIR identification to gain access to restricted areas and place the cargo aboard the aircraft.

An investigation into the incident is continuing.

Gas masks, terrorism notes, map, pictures of bombings found in Michigan dumpster

22 March 2007: A dumpster behind a hydraulics plant in the 13000 block of Inkster Road, Redford, Michigan - just a few miles north of Dearborn, Michigan yielded an interesting if not disconcerting find for a Redford businessman. Military style gas masks that were still in their boxes, a map of a Michigan county with the airport prominently circled, clothing, pictures (some “nicely laminated”) depicting bombings and their aftermaths and various handwritten notes (some making reference to an explosion and fireball) were reportedly found by Andrew Wishaw, the president of R.W. Hydraulics Inc., in the dumpster behind his business last weekend. Mr. Wishaw was reportedly interviewed by the FBI yesterday about the items he discovered and turned over to the Redford Police Department.

According to a police report filed in Redford Township, items recovered from the dumpster also included a copy of the Earth First! Journal, female clothing and a map of Mecosta County, Michigan. According to published reports, it was unclear whether the map was actually Mecosta County, but the airport on that specific map was circled. Mr. Wishaw added that it appeared to him that the items were discarded “in haste,” adding that “it looked like stuff, at first, that people dumped out of an apartment.”

Captain Kraig Brueck of the Redford Police Department stated that the photographs looked as if they may have been taken from magazines, and showed scenes typically associated with terrorism, such as the possible aftermath of a car bombing.

HAMAS TV: Four-year-old girl vows to be suicide terrorist like Mommy

22 March 2007: Hamas TV broadcast today a video dramatization of the four-year-old daughter of female suicide bomber Reem Riyashi singing to her dead mother and vowing to follow in her footsteps. The video clip ends as the little girl picks up sticks of explosives from her mother’s drawer.


The following is the text of the song that Duha, Reem’s daughter, sings to her mother:[Daughter sees mother preparing explosives sticks]

“Mommy, what are you carrying
in your arms instead of me?

[Mother turns to hide bomb]

A toy or a present for me?…
Mommy Reem!
Why did you put on your veil?
Are you going out, Mommy?…
Come back quickly, Mommy
I can’t sleep without you,
unless you tell me and Ubaydah [her brother] a bedtime story.

[Daughter sees mother's picture and news story about bombing on PA TV]

My mother, my mother,
Me and Ubaydah are awake and waiting for you
to come to put us to sleep.
Me and Ubaydah, oh Mommy,
still need you to wipe our tears…
Instead of me you carried a bomb in your hands.
Only now, I know what was more precious than us…
May your steps be blessed,
and may you be flawless for Jerusalem.
Me and Ubaydah wish we were there with you.

[Images of her mother's grave and the graves of other terrorists,
including Aayat Al-Akhras, 17-year-old female suicide terrorist]

Send greetings to our Messenger [Muhammad] and tell him:
‘Duha loves you.’
My love will not be [merely] words.
I am following Mommy in her steps.

[Finds explosives that mother left in her drawer,
picks up stick of explosives]

Oh Mommy, oh Mommy.”

Muslim terrorists use children in suicide bombings

21 March 2007: Muslim terrorists in Iraq ruthlessly used two young children as decoys in a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device last Sunday, killing both children as the two adult occupants ran from the vehicle before the bomb detonated. According to military reports, a vehicle occupied by an adult driver and adult passenger was permitted to pass through a Baghdad checkpoint after officers observed two young children seated in the rear of the car. The driver parked the vehicle next to a market across the street from a school in Baghdad’s Adhamiyah district, a mixed neighborhood adjacent to Sadr City, in an apparent hope to kill as many civilians as possible with the explosive-laden vehicle. Once parked, the adult driver and passenger fled the car, which then exploded, killing the two children inside, three passersby, and wounding several others.

Military officials stated that the terrorists are responding to tighter controls in and around Baghdad and are changing tactics to circumvent tighter security protocol.

Dubai group to buy US aircraft maintenance companies

21 March 2007: Dubai Aerospace Enterprise is close to completing a $1.5 billion deal to purchase US aviation businesses from the Carlyle Group. As part of the agreement, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) would buy Landmark Aviation, an aircraft maintenance provider, and Standard Aero, a company that provides repair and maintenance at US airports for small-jet aviation and some military transports.

Last year, state-owned Dubai Ports World’s prospective purchase of some US port operations resulted in a major political upheaval in consideration that giving a state-owned Arab firm control over US port terminals could jeopardize national security. Some of the same political officials who expressed such concern last year over the ports deal appeared less concerned with this transfer. New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, who led the opposition to the Dubai Ports deal, told the Financial Times: “This purchase is not as much of a security risk as Dubai Ports World, but because it deals with maintenance of aircraft, it certainly raises security questions.”

Security questions, indeed…

Islam: Setting the United States up for the fall

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

19 March 2007

1997-1998: The population of the United States is largely unaware of Islam, Islamic terrorism or what is being planned against this great nation. We vaguely recall some Islamic persons trying to blow up the World Trade Centers but it is only a distant memory, a fluke, a failed attempt. We aren’t even aware of the structure of terrorist masterminds behind the event. There was a bombing in Oklahoma City by some disgruntled ex-soldier but we were told he acted alone, so we accepted it at face value. We didn’t look any deeper. We accepted what we were told. Most of us did anyway. We sought to ignore the ones trying to tell us otherwise.

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Are our Schools at risk for Terror Attack?

Al Qaeda wrote the book on school and school bus takeovers. In one of Al Qaeda manuals recently published on line and translated by the Northeast Intelligence Network, Al Qaeda has provided a step-by-step guide on how to conduct one of these brutal operations.

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was published on this website on October 10, 2004 by counter-terrorism analyst Randy Taylor. The Northeast Intelligence Network has consistently been at the forefront of warnings about terrorists targeting our schools and school buses. The major media has only begun to cover this issue.

18 March 2007: Are our Schools at risk for Terror Attack? Absolutely and without question is the answer to the question, but likewise at risk is any other public property where US citizens may frequent or may be found. The horrifying thought is small defenseless children being injured or murdered if this were to happen here in the US.

We need to examine what exactly can be done to prevent this from occurring and what exactly is the proper response to such a situation would be the far more prevailing question. I have a few concerns of my own, having read the accounts of what occurred in Beslan, Russia. My primary concern is that initially it will be responded to by local law enforcement and within hours, the FBI of course would be involved as well as certain other federal law enforcement agencies. Therein lie the flaws in completing a successful rescue operation and these flaws not due to any agencies potential incompetence or mishandling once notified, but attributed more to a lack of targeted training in dealing with this that can be initiated quickly at the local level. Response and assault has to occur in minutes, not hours.

The critical time frame that begins when local law enforcement responds, seals off the area, sets up a perimeter and begins to assess the situation while waiting for federal assistance is already placing a rescue operation deep into a danger zone that may not be able to be corrected.

This type of assault would not, by any stretch of the imagination fall into a typical hostage standoff situation that is covered in any typical, local level law enforcement text book or manual. This isn’t a situation where a husband has had too much to drink and has assaulted the wife and the police are responding to what was initially a domestic disturbance call and now has developed into a hostage situation. This is instead a carefully planned, blue printed, tried and true taking of hostages by people that have no intention of escaping and are willing to die for the cause and for the publicity that this situation can bring to their cause.

Al Qaeda wrote the book on school and school bus takeovers

In one of Al Qaeda manuals recently published on line and translated by the Northeast Intelligence Network, Al Qaeda has provided a step-by-step guide on how to conduct one of these brutal operations. I daresay that local law enforcement probably doesn’t have a guide in place yet to counter those specific operational methods. I don’t know who would be responsible to send out counter-operational guidelines to local law enforcement, in light of the existence of this Al Qaeda guide to taking over schools, but hopefully they are working on it.

A few things derived from observation of Beslan and from transcripts read from the issue written by Al Qaeda types.

After the initial takeover of the facility, the first thing these people will do is split up into teams and start segregating the hostages into smaller, more controllable groups. Any resistance or delay on the hostages account will result in death. Once they have corralled the hostages into rooms or areas, they will immediately start setting explosives into place in different areas that provide entrance or exit paths to and from a particular area containing hostages. This is to prevent escape and also to prevent entrance by any rescue team.

The point I am trying to make here, is that once that takeover of the facility happens, there isn’t much time before the facility cannot be entered successfully by the rescue team or assault force. The take down of the terrorists must be quick, swift and decisive and must happen very quickly before they cross a certain point in time. The time frame that usually follows a typical hostage situation is not permissible in this particular Al Qaeda designed situation. In this situation, we are not waiting for the husband to sober up, waiting for the police hostage negotiator to work out a pizza deal, waiting for the police psychologist to arrive and talk about an unfavorable childhood that somehow led to these events. This has to be dealt with in as little as an hour, as opposed to several hours or days. It should be over before the news crews even arrive.

Once this critical point in time has been crossed, there will be the regrettable assurance that there will be significant casualties no matter what the choice of assault or rescue is. One suggestion may be that there is several SEAL type teams that are specifically trained for this and are responsible for various sectors here in this country. These teams could respond to any hostage situation regardless of whether it is a school, church, shopping mall, theatre (Moscow 10/25/02) and regardless of the perpetrators. An additional suggestion is that local law enforcement personnel, including SWAT teams must be advised and trained in this particular type of assault as it fall outside of normal guidelines.

An additional prevention measure as covered by the recent security warning sent out by the government is that parents, teachers, school resource officers, security and the children themselves are constantly on the lookout for suspicious individuals, suspicious vehicles on or close to the school property or of anyone taking pictures or just sitting and observing the surroundings. The school personnel should know the name and recognize every driver that makes deliveries to the school and know what their vehicles look like, so if a stranger shows up, you are aware of it. Rerun background checks on the school employees and teachers. Carefully scrutinize the bus drivers that show up in the afternoon to pick up the children to make sure it is the regular driver.

Whether or not this will happen, no one knows. But let’s do our best to keep it from happening by becoming a difficult target through improved security and observation. And if it does happen, I would like to see that our law enforcement personnel were given the proper resources and assistance to initiate action quickly and bring it to a positive conclusion where the bad guys die instead of the hostages as was the case in Beslan, Russia.

Be safe and stay vigilant. - 10.10.04

Public School Bus Routes, School Plans Found on Suspected US Terrorist Computers

“…we have the right to kill 4 million Americans, 2 million of them children…”
–al-Qaeda spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith (al Quds, 2002).

“…FBI and Homeland Security officers have served search warrants around the country on suspected terrorists and found school bus route schedules and information on public school systems.”

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

18 March 2007: Yesterday’s headline from AP News read: “Some extremists driving school buses, officials warn.” The article continued: Suspected members of extremist groups have signed up as school bus drivers in the United States, counterterror officials said yesterday, in a cautionary bulletin to police. An FBI spokesman said, “Parents and children have nothing to fear.” (Emphasis added for that comforting snippet from the FBI).

The major media is just now reporting on what we have been reporting for years. The following article was published on this web site two and a half years ago on the October 14, 2004:

Bus drivers in several school districts in the US have been advised to “pay particular attention to any unusual activity around school buses; to unusual vehicles; to vehicles repeatedly seen in the vicinity; and, to any vehicles or individuals in unauthorized locations.” If any of those situations are observed, bus drivers are advised to “follow your school bus security plan, advising the appropriate authorities.”

As written in the Payson Roundup, school bus drivers in Payson, Arizona received a letter from DPS Student Transportation supervisor Vicki Barnett outlining unusual things to look for and how to handle a potential terrorist takeover operation. Also in the letter, Barnett wrote, “the small rural schools should remain vigilant, especially during the next six weeks.”

From the Payson Roundup:

Barnett said she penned the letter to all bus transportation directors and instructors in Arizona at the request of DPS Lt. Michael Lockhart. According to Lockhart, the letter is partly in response to an advisory federal authorities sent to attorneys general throughout the United States regarding the possibility of terrorist activity in the next six weeks — “the magnitude of the 9/11 attack,” he said.

“We need a few more eyes out there and a heightened awareness,” Lockhart said. “We don’t want to alarm anyone, but we’re prodding to be more vigilant.”

Other than the letter to the attorneys general, Lockhart said there has been no specific terrorist threat that spurred him to have the bulletin sent.

He did say, however, that FBI and Homeland Security officers have served search warrants around the country on suspected terrorists and found school bus route schedules and information on public school systems.

In the bulletin Barnett cautioned “sometimes schools are caught completely off guard by events they may think may never happen to them.”

After receiving the bulletin, Martin shared the information with his drivers and posted a copy on an information board in the school district bus barn.

Jury out in biggest UK terror trial in history - full details

Principal prosecution witness is admitted terrorist from New York; terror suspects had Canadian accomplice

17 March 2007: The jury of the seven-(7) Islamic terror suspects in the UK is presently considering their guilt after nearly a year of testimony. The trial began on 21 March 2006, and is the longest and most expensive terrorism trial ever held in Great Britain.

The suspects, Omar KHYAM, 26 his brother Shujah MAHMOOD, 20, Waheed MAHMOOD, 34, Anthony GARCIA, 25, Jawar AKBAR, 23, Nabeel HUSSAIN, 21 and Salahuddin AMIN, 31 are charged with conspiring to cause explosions likely to endanger life between 1 January 2003 and 31 March 2004. KHYAM, GARCIA and HUSSAIN are also charged under the Terrorism Act of possessing about 1300 pounds of ammonium nitrate fertilizer for the construction of bombs used for terrorist purposes. [Click "read more" above for complete article & case details "at a glance."]

The defendants were arrested in 2004 after the 1300 pounds of ammonium nitrate was found inside a storage locker in west London. According to the information developed by the prosecution, the defendants were planning on destroying the Bluewater shopping center in Kent and London’s Ministry of Sound. Other potential targets included Jewish synagogues, gas, water and electricity supply stations, trains, and popular taverns in the London area. According to the prosecution, the defendants were prepared to act on their plans and they only needed to agree on the targets. According to court documents, one of the defendants talked of poisoning football fans by selling contaminated food and drinks at games. Waheed MAHMOOD claimed that he could sell poisoned food and beverages from a food van outside of a stadium.

It was also revealed that the terror defendants were in possession of remote-controlled detonators supplied by a Canadian fellow Muslim terrorist identified as Mohammed Momin KHAWAJA., The detonators supplied by KHAWAJA were said to be capable of exploding a device at a range in excess of a mile.

Their defendants claim that the main witness against them, a man convicted of terrorism in the U.S. is lying in return for a reduced sentence. The main prosecution witness in the case is Mohammed BABAR, a Pakistan-born American who admitted to terrorism-related offenses in New York. BABAR reportedly met some of those involved in the suspected conspiracy, dubbed the “British Bomb Plot” by US officials, at training camps in Pakistan. Two of the suspects had been part of a cell receiving explosives training and had been under the orders of al-Qaeda’s third-in-command, a man identified as Abdul HADI.

Police arrested the suspects about 16 months before four Muslim terrorists carried out suicide bombings on London’s transport system in July 2005, killing 52 commuters and wounding scores of others.

DETAILS AT A GLANCEThe Defendants: (all of Pakistani descent)

Omar KHYAM, 26:
Anthony GARCIA, 25 (also known as Rahman ADAM);
Salahuddin AMIN, 31;
Nabeel HUSSAIN, 21;
Jawad AKBAR, 23;
Waheed MAHMOOD, 34, and Shujah Mahmood, 20 (brothers)

AMIN and KHYAM are also alleged to have received training in Pakistan in how to make the toxin RICIN.

Canadian accomplice: Mohammed Momin KHAWAJA
American accomplice: Mohammed BABAR has pleaded guilty in the United States and will be a witness for the prosecution.

Profile: Mohammad Momin KHAWAJA

Mohammad Momin KHAWAJA, 26, employed as a contractor for a computer software operator for the Foreign Affairs Department, was the first Canadian man charged under the Anti-terrorism Act. Arrested on March 29, 2004, KHAWAJA is accused of participating in the activities of a terrorist group, and facilitating a terrorist activity. The RCMP raided KHAWAJA’s house in Orleans, a suburb of Ottawa, and his workplace. The charges allege that terrorist activities took place in London, England, and Ottawa between November 2003 and March 29, 2004, during which Khawaja made numerous trips to London.

Mohammad Momin Khawaja at a glance:* 26 years old.
* Born in Canada to Pakistani immigrants, April 14, 1979.
* He has 3 brothers and one sister.
* Went to Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School.
* Studied computer programming at Algonquin College, given a placement in HRDC offices in Gatineau in 2000.
* Worked as a software developer with a contract at Foreign Affairs (no access to classified documents).
* Mother, Azra, lives in Orleans.
* His father, Mahboob Khawaja, is in Saudi Arabia working at a technical college. Since moving to Canada he has published several books and papers critical of western influence on Mideast politics.

Profile: Mohammed Junaid BABAR

Babar, 31, is a naturalized American citizen originally from Pakistan. He pleaded guilty on June 2, 2004 in New York to five counts of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists.

Born in Pakistan and taken to the US when he was two, he lived in Queens, New York with his father, brother and sister. He studied pharmacy at university in New York and said he had planned to go on to medical school but dropped out after a year and worked instead as a security guard and car park attendant.

On September 11, Babar said his mother had been working in the first tower of the World Trade Center but escaped unharmed.

Babar left the United States, where he was brought up, less than two weeks after the September 11 attacks, aiming to join the fight against America in Afghanistan. He flew to London , where he met the British leader of Al-Muhajiroun and collected money for his trip to Afghanistan. In London, BABAR attended a protest outside the Pakistan High Commission and met Bakri Mohammed at his office.

Mohammed Babar admitted to reading lectures by terrorists Hamza, the former Imam of Finsbury Park mosque who was jailed earlier this year, and Bakri Mohammed on the Internet; he met personally with Bakri in Britain.

He said his strong political beliefs had hardened in the wake of the first Gulf war in 1991 and he had decided to join groups that shared his views, including Hizb-ut-Tahrir and Al-Muhajiroun.

Babar provided night-vision goggles, sleeping bags, waterproof socks, waterproof ponchos and money to a high-ranking al Qaeda official in South Waziristan, a Pakistani region near the Afghan border. Babar delivered the supplies personally in January and February 2004, although someone else transported the items in the summer of 2003.

BABAR also admitted to setting up a jihad training camp for those who wanted to go into Afghanistan and learn how to use weapons and explosive devices. He confessed to supplying people who attended the training camp with aluminum powder. He also admitted to attempting to purchase ammonium nitrate “with the knowledge that it was going to be used for a plot somewhere in the U.K.”

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