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Controversy surrounds Somalia Muslims again – this time in Nebraska

Muslim workers demand time off for prayers

16 May 2007: Nearly 100 Somalia Muslim workers at the Swift & Company meatpacking plant in Grand Island, Nebraska arrived at work Monday and delivered an ultimatum to their employer – either accommodate their Islamic prayer times or they would quit. When the company refused to acquiesce to the demands of the group of Muslim workers, they walked out, according to company officials.

Out of a 2900 member workforce at the Grand Island plant, about 200 are believed to be Somali Muslims, according to one plant official. Swift spokesman Sean McHugh stated that all employees receive one 15-minute paid break and one 30-minute unpaid break during each eight-hour shift, and can use the breaks as they see fit, including religious purposes. The policy is made clear to all new employees hired.

Last year, Swift & Company was the target of one of the largest raids conducted by the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE). Meanwhile, this is yet another religious controversy involving Muslims from Somalia. Islamic cab drivers in Minneapolis have been refusing to transport anyone carrying liquor or anything else Muslims find objectionable according to their orthodox religious practices.
Lest we forget: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qu’ran . . . should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.” -CAIR chairman, Omar M. Ahmad; The San Ramon Valley Herald; July 1998.

The erroneous public perception of entrapment

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

14 May 2007: The case against the six Muslim terror suspects arrested last week for plotting to kill soldiers and civilians at Fort Dix is the latest of such cases where the issue of “entrapment” has arisen in a variety of public venues. From the Associated Press to the Palm Beach Post, media outlets themselves are raising the question whether the FBI has become “too aggressive” in their investigations of suspected Muslim terrorists, suggesting, perhaps that undercover agents are at least partly responsible for the terrorist plans of the currently accused and previously convicted.

Unsurprisingly, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has historically broached this argument in nearly every high-profile arrest of a group of Islamic men entangled in similar circumstances. CAIR, who is supposed to be on the side of American law enforcement to weed out “Muslim extremists” and is the “go-to” group for law enforcement training relating to Islam has frequently countered the judicial process by publicly questioning the legitimacy of such arrests by raising the specter of entrapment.

Examples of such claims are plentiful, from the 2004 arrests of Albany, NY mosque founder Mohammed Hossain and Imam Yassin Aref, the arrests of 7 Muslim “domestic terror suspects” in Miami in 2006, and now to last weeks arrests. Again, CAIR is ringing the familiar bell of victimization to an accommodating media and to a public growing in distrust of government operations.

The truth, however, is buried in the voluminous details of the indictments, criminal complaints, and testimony of government witnesses - documents that most Americans don’t have the interest, inclination or time to read. Additionally, the legal complexities of the issue can be tedious and daunting. I know this from experience.

During my investigative career, I have been used by the FBI as an operational asset to interact with now-convicted criminals in undercover settings. Without exception, the issue of entrapment was used as the lynchpin for the defense of the cases I worked, albeit unsuccessfully. I fully credit the professionalism of the FBI field agents for this, for they never once failed to thoroughly and indelibly instill the legal parameters of what constitutes entrapment and insured that my actions fell well within the legal limits of such activity. Even more basic than that, however, is the significantly mitigating factor of predisposition.

Loosely by definition, entrapment is the act of a government agent to induce someone to commit a crime that was not first contemplated by him for the purpose of instituting a criminal prosecution against him. In other words, the law enforcement officer not only originates the ideas of a crime, but further induces the other person to engage in conduct constituting the crime when he would not otherwise be predisposed to do so.

Entrapment, then, would require an officer of the law or person acting on behalf of a law enforcement agency to convince someone to do something he would not ordinarily do. Think of it this way: I’m legitimately acting on behalf of the FBI and befriend you, although you have no idea that I am an agent for the government. Maybe you work at a convenience store, and we see each other every day. We begin talking about mutual interests, and as familiarity with each other grows, conversation gravitates to political and religious ideology. You tell me that you and your associates are planning to wage violent jihad against America. I say nothing, or maybe I convey a sense of agreement and tacit approval of your intentions. You then tell me that you are seeking to purchase weapons for this purpose, and eventually ask me if I know of anyone who can sell you the weapons you want. Based on this unsolicited request, I am now engaged in this investigation, although did nothing to convince you to seek out a seller of the weapons, buy the weapons, or commit an illegal act - you asked me. After a series of additional conversations, meetings and other activities, you are arrested by the FBI.

Your next move is likely to be to complain that you were a victim of a “sting” operation, and that you were “set up.”

Although this is a significant oversimplification, it paints the general picture that with the predisposition that you conveyed, it would be difficult to claim that you were entrapped by an overzealous investigation. As much as organizations such as CAIR would like, you can’t have it both ways.


INVESTIGATIVE REPORT By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

14 May 2007: The recent arrests of the six Muslim terror suspects in New Jersey have set off new warnings across the country of potential anti-Muslim backlash by the by Islamic organizations such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee. Even before these arrests, reports crimes against Muslims were said to be up nearly 30% in 2005, the latest figures published by CAIR in a report titled The Status of Muslim Civil Rights in the United States 2006. To read this report along with recent media accounts of anti-Muslim backlash, one would reasonably think that crime against Muslims is a significant and growing problem in America. Based on research conducted by the Northeast Intelligence Network and this investigator, however, the purported rise in anti-Muslim crimes has little to no basis in fact.

The table below is excerpted from the above-referenced CAIR report:

SOURCE: The Status of Muslim Civil Rights in the United States 2006
According to the above-referenced report, the largest category of anti-Muslim activities appears under the heading of “Due Process Issues.” It is important to note that this category contains a wide variety of both confirmed and unconfirmed reports, including “all complaints of unreasonable arrest, detention, surveillance, interrogation, seizure and “accusations.” The totality of figures include but are not limited to civil actions that have yet to be adjudicated, uncorroborated accusations of verbal abuse, employment terminations that might not be solely attributed to the “victim” being a Muslim, and legitimate law enforcement and security activities classified without foundation as anti-Muslim.

Of all complaints for that period, there were 153 incidents involving alleged physical abuse, and 24 alleged incidents of “violent threat” nationwide. That’s 177 incidents out of a population of 6.7 million. While we do not support anti-Muslim bias activity and do not want to trivialize any hate crimes whatsoever, some perspective is needed.

Consider that according to CAIR, there is no scientific count of Muslims in the U.S., and a variety of sources place the number of Muslims living in the U.S. anywhere between just under 3 million to 9 million. According to the 2001 World Almanac, the U.S. Muslim population is 5.8 million, while CAIR states that six to seven million is the most commonly cited figure.

To put the issue of anti-Muslim bias into perspective, then, incidents of anti-Muslim bias are as a percentage of the U.S. population is about 0.0003% - a number that barely warrants the label of a statistic. When you remove the unconfirmed incidents or isolate only those of a threatening nature, you have a figure that would barely register on most calculators.

Despite this infinitesimal figure, there has been a significant amount of media attention on anti-Muslim “backlash” without even the most basic research of the claims made. Additionally, the claims of anti-Muslim backlash, hate crimes against Muslims, profiling, and every other alleged anti-Islamic incident reported to CAIR is used to legitimize the need for Muslim sensitivity training in law enforcement, as well as numerous federal and state government agencies - essentially addressing a problem that does not exist.

Crimes committed because of religion, race or ethnicity should never be tolerated under any circumstance. Neither should the shameless and unquestioned exploitation of statistics about such crimes - it needs to stop.

Canada’s poster boy of Islamic Jihad (Vomit of Victimization)

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

13 May 2007: The children of Ahmad and Zaynab KHADR are perfect examples of why some species of animals eat their young. Zaynab KHADR, meanwhile, serves as an impeccable illustration of the current Islamic fundamentalist mindset in action in the West by demanding cheese with her ample supply of whine. And Canadian Playright Sharon Pollock, the syrup of ipecac behind the vomitus that some call a play known as Man Out of Joint, illustrates her total lack of comprehension of the objectives of our enemies. With regard to the latter, I don’t review movies or plays (I’ll leave that to the frustrated female counterpart of Roger Ebert, Debbie Schlussel), but I know garbage when I see it, and I don’t have to hit my hand with a hammer to know it will hurt. But let’s get back to the subject at hand.

The exploits of the KHADR family -Canada’s first family of terrorism,” have been well documented by Dr. Daniel Pipes and Paul Williams in his newly released book, The Day of Islam. Rehashing the emesis spewed by these abhorrent and morally bankrupt individuals would serve little purpose beyond having to increase the dosage of my blood pressure medication. For a critical update regarding the KHADR family, however, I strongly urge readers to visit the web site of Canadian patriot Douglas Aldridge - The Right Side - and listen to my interview. Mr. Aldridge has been following the KHADR family for years and frankly, knows where the bodies are buried. But here’s the bottom line: Omar KHADR is going on trial for the (alleged) murder of U.S. serviceman and American hero Sergeant Christopher J. Speer.

His parents, the now earth-temperature Ahmed KHADR and the currently burqa clad poster-woman-of-protest Zaynab KHADR, raised the young man to be an Islamic terrorist by “enrolling” him and his siblings into some of the finest al Qaeda’s academies in Afghanistan, selecting the Afghanistan academic route over the decadent Canadian elementary school system.

After apparently graduating summa cum laude from Islamic Jihad 101, he (allegedly) put his training into action. Omar KHADR, who was 15 years-old when he threw a grenade at a group of U.S. soldiers that killed Sergeant Speer, faces five criminal counts including conspiracy, murder, spying and supplying material support to terrorism. Now, his mother, along with people like Pollock and even some members of the Canadian government appear to be having difficulty understanding that teaching jihad has its consequences. They are protesting nearly everything about this case, from the young man’s age to his conditions of incarceration to the fact that this young man will have a date with justice.

Omar is expected to be arraigned at Guantanamo in the first week of June. Those who decry the judicial process facing Omar KHADR are forgetting that today, a mother will not be getting a phone call, card or present from an American serviceman named Christopher Speer. May God bless and comfort you, Mrs. Speer, and may the soul of Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer rest in peace.

The Timing of the “Ft. Dix Six” Arrests: Operation Thunderbird?

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

10 May 2007: What was not fully explained by federal officials during the press conference Tuesday afternoon at the Federal Courthouse in Camden, New Jersey, was the need to arrest the terror suspects making up the “Fort Dix Six” when they did. The investigation lasted over 16 months, and the arrests were made on Monday evening and early Tuesday morning.

The media has been alluding to items “m” and “n” on page 5 of the criminal complaint as being the initiator of the arrests per their federal contacts. Specifically, those items in the criminal complaint are:

(m). On or about April 6, 2007 DRITAN DUKA ordered four AK-47 Kalishnikov fully-automatic machine guns as well as M-16 firearms and handguns.

(n). On or about April 27, 2007 MOHAMED SHNEWER ordered an AK-47 fully-automatic machine gun.”

Could it be that the impetus for the arrests of these al Qaeda terrorists was the proximity in both time and location of an unspecified event? An event, tied to the assault weapons purchase dates that could have yielded a target-rich, target-of-opportunity environment similar to that of the “missed opportunity” at the Army-Navy football game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Saturday, December 2, 2006? Might the impetus for the arrests have been the upcoming scheduled performances of the USAF Thunderbirds precision flying team at McGuire AFB this coming weekend, May 12 and 13, 2007?

The air show at McGuire AFB typically draws tens of thousands of unarmed civilian and military infidel visitors…

Downplaying the threat

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

10 May 2007: The depiction by the media pundits and other expert analysts regarding the group of terrorist suspects who planned an attack on Fort Dix in New Jersey as “homegrown with no ties to al Qaeda or any other international terrorist organization” is misleading to the extent that the description seems to be used to downplay the terrorist threat posed by Islamic terrorists.

In some cases, it is an illustration of a lack of understanding at the most basic levels of our enemy. In other cases, it appears to be used as some type of reassurance that the threat facing the West, especially the U.S. and Canada is not as dangerous as it was prior to 2001. It is this very type of erroneous analysis that unnecessarily confuses an otherwise simple issue and assuages the public into the perilous belief that a successful attack is contingent upon command structure and sophistication. It is the same analysis that also suggests that the evolution into less structured groups of Islamic terrorists is somehow disassociated with al Qaeda.

As a terrorist organization, al Qaeda is simply one spoke of the wheel of the virulent and malignant doctrine of Islamic fundamentalism. Al Qaeda has evolved well beyond a single terrorist organization with an identifiable command and control structure, and has become an ideology that is ubiquitous throughout the Muslim world. To state that any individual or group “may or may not be affiliated with al Qaeda” manages to skew the accurate representation of the threat posed by our enemy. The perception that a suspected terrorist cell is not affiliated with al Qaeda, or receiving its commands from some central authority associated with al Qaeda the terrorist organization, is irrelevant and tends to understate the threat posed by such individuals or groups. The ideology of al Qaeda is not limited by orders from a readily identified al Qaeda leader, nor is it hindered by the absence of the same.

While the terrorist organization known as al Qaeda has suffered the physical blows by the United States military and intelligence services, it’s core ideology has not only survived, but has progressed at an alarming rate in its manifestation within the West, including and especially inside the United States and Canada. More importantly, the core ideology of al Qaeda in the form of Islamic fundamentalism has been allowed to metastasize inside America’s mosques and Islamic centers. It has been cultivated inside U.S. prisons, fueled in part by the lack of oversight and the ignorance to the threat from within by those in charge of such programs. It has been left unchecked by the majority of Muslims who proclaim their Islamic ideology as moderate. It has been prostituted by various Islamic organizations under the banners of civil liberty and anti-profiling, and has been accommodated by our own federal law enforcement agencies for those very same reasons.

Further, the use of the phrase “homegrown terrorist,” applied as we have seen in the media and by some expert analysts and government officials, also promotes a certain misrepresentation of our enemy. By definition, the term “homegrown” indicates something that is “grown or originating in a particular place,” meaning, in this case, the United States. The context in which this term is used by many federal authorities, pundits and experts in the field of counter-terrorism analysis is misleading to the extent that it is perilously obscuring the face of our enemy. While it is true that there are Islamic terrorists who are indigenous to the U.S., their core ideology is not - no more than Nazism was indigenous to the U.S. before and during WWII.

As during WWII, some U.S. citizens adopted the Nazi ideology, some facilitated its growth through supportive roles, while others publicly downplayed the existence of any such activity inside the U.S. The difference between then and now is staggering, as Americans not only had a clear understanding of who the enemy was, but we had no tolerance for our enemies to manifest themselves inside the borders of our country, much less allow their destructive ideology to prosper. The time periods and public perceptions might be different, but the ideologies between Nazism and the principles of the orthodox Islamic fundamentalists are quite similar.

For the last few decades, the ideology of Islamic fundamentalism that breeds terrorism has been imported on wholesale levels through Saudi-funded mosques and Islamic Centers, certain Muslim organizations that are subsidized by Saudi funds, Wahabbi prison outreach programs, and through a variety of other venues. This process is facilitated by our unwillingness to look beyond al Qaeda as our sole enemy and identify the totality of the ideology of Islamic fundamentalism as the enemy of our nation, our culture and our way of life. It is further exacerbated by our naivete the objectives of our enemy - our submission to Islam and the destruction of our current way of life - as well as the inherent “religious” rights afforded by this country. These rights that have been exploited by some Muslims who have lived in the U.S. for years, decades and even generations, those whose objectives are to facilitate nothing less than the complete Islamization of North America, or its annihilation.

Regardless of where you live or work, look around you. It’s a good bet that you will pass someone on the street, work with or live near someone who at the very least, passively espouses the ideology of Islamic jihad. And it’s also a good bet that they have no identifiable al Qaeda connections, but are nonetheless infected with the same ideological components that threaten the security and safety of our nation and way of life.

The Northeast Intelligence Network has been at the forefront at sounding the alarm bells that the enemy is already here, and they are preparing for future attacks. Accordingly, we should not be distracted, or worse, misled, by the improper use of the descriptive phrase “homegrown terrorist,” nor should we be encouraged that an individual or group “may or may not be associated with al Qaeda.” In the end, the threat is far greater than al Qaeda, and the “Fort Dix six,” along with the “Lackawanna six,” the “Portland seven” and others who have been caught are merely the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

The Ft. Dix Terror Cell: A 7-Point Assessment

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

May 10, 2007- Based upon my analysis of the specific points in the FBI criminal complaint, OSINT reporting as well my intimate knowledge of the chosen target at Ft. Dix/McGuire AFB, New Jersey, an assessment on this terrorist cell is as follows:

1. This cell of Macedonian, Turkish and Jordanian-born islamofascists, which were training in the mold of Al Qaeda-inspired warfighting doctrine, was apparently focused on killing as many soldiers and civilians as they could, and would attack military and civilians when a given opportunity arose. They demonstrated a most “bang-for-the-buck” mentality in their planning.

2. Their upward radicalization from apostate Muslim’s to full fledged islamofascist jihadi’s was due to the influence of an un-named uncle of the Duka family. This uncle had apparently been an apostate or secular muslim prior to a 1990s prison term served in New York State. He was radicalized during that incarceration and upon release began to preach Islam to his impressionable young nephews, apparently while they were in high school.

3. The Islamic radicalization process continued with cell members attending the Al Aqsa Mosque, 1501 Germantown Rd., Philadelphia, PA which is near Serdar Tatar’s Philadelphia home of record.

4. As with any Al Qaeda-trained cell their emphasis was A) to cause terror in America, and B) to inflict as much damage as possible in doing during the attack for the glory of Allah.

5. The Islamic practice of al-Taqiyya, or dissimulation, of lying to infidels to cover or disguise the truth of a given matter, is emanating from some family members of the terrorists. This is very apparent in OSINT reports. Muslim Tatar, the father of Serdar Tatar and owner of Super Mario’s Restaurant is on record as claiming that the arrest of his son is based upon nothing more than “religious persecution.” This stands out in stark contrast to other quotes of Muslim Tatar saying during the same media interview, “I’m not a religious person, I don’t want my son to be a religious person, but he was a religious person.” Muslim related that while Serdar was in high school he brought one of the other terrorists to the family restaurant and Muslim allegedly told him at that time, “I don’t like this kid, I don’t want you together.” At that early stage Muslim Tatar apparently recognized true Islam when it stood directly before his eyes and ears.

6. According to the criminal complaint (Case 1:07-mj-02046-JS) filed on Monday, May 7, 2007 the primary terrorist assault team of this cell had missed a target of opportunity in the Army-Navy game on December 2, 2006. According to recorded terrorist admissions a strike could have been launched from the New Jersey side of the Delaware River due to the “beauty” of the location of Lincoln Financial Field and utilizing the “proper weaponry.” There terrorists implied that such an attack profile provided a stand-off, minimal exposure strike for the cell members. US military service members are guaranteed attendees at an Army-Navy game, as are civilian men, women and children in their thousands.

7. In my assessment such a target of opportunity would make its appearance in the upcoming USAF Thunderbird precision flying team air show scheduled to occur at McGuire AFB on Saturday and Sunday, 12-13 May, 2007. A massive US military presence along with tens of thousand of men, women and children spectators would be guaranteed to attend. It would mimic most of the important conditions or specifications set by the cell as prerequisites for such an opportune attack. I suggest this scheduled event as a primary possibility with respect to the timing of the arrests of these heavily-armed terrorists last Monday evening. Federal law enforcement officers may have deemed the risk unacceptable given all the information they had collected on this terror cell over the previous 15 months.

The Reality of the “Ft. Dix Six”

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

9 May 2007: As a civilian contractor employee based at the US Army PEO C3T Northeast Regional Response Center, Ft. Dix, New Jersey, I want to make clear the specifics I have determined to be true concerning the radical Islamist cell now exposed by the diligent work of federal law enforcement.

1. The now infamous “Ft. Dix Six” was actually a cell of at least 10 al Qaeda jihadists-in-training.

2. The members of this cell were specifically inspired by Osama bin Laden and swore an oath to the al Qaeda vision of jihad against the United States of America…period. The cell members were in possession of numerous al Qaeda media and jihad training products obtained from Internet (and other) sources.

3. Their specific intent was to mimic al Qaeda ambush tactics executed against US troops in Iraq and apply those tactics here in my home state of New Jersey, ultimately resolving their long-term planning to a target environment in which I work in on a daily basis - the cantonment area of Ft. Dix.

Note: These statements are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, positions, policies, or sentiments of the United States Army, the Department of Defense, or any branch or variations thereof.

Box cutters found on United Airlines flight

9 May 2007: United Airlines Flight 490 traveling from Denver to Dallas was delayed for takeoff for about 2 hours Tuesday when a passenger found box cutters in the seatback pocket in front of her. Upon finding the box cutters, the passenger immediately notified the crew who notified the pilots. At that point, the pilots who were taxiing the plane on the runway, returned the aircraft to the gate.

TSA officials re-screened the 138 passengers and searched the plane for additional weapons or devices. When nothing else of concern was located, the plane departed at 2:25 local time, landing in Dallas without incident. Neither the TSA officials nor the airline could account for the presence of the box cutters or how they could have been brought into the aircraft.

Fort Dix target of terror plot

8 May 2007 UPDATE 9:30 PM: Based upon open source (OSINT) reporting the six arrests made last night by federal law enforcement officers constitutes only a partial apprehension of the active Al Qaeda-inspired terrorist cell. This information is derived from the video the terrorists had attempted to get converted into a DVD for further distribution. Videographic details within the recording reveal there were a total of 10 jihadists live-firing assault weapons, calling for jihad along with the traditional “allah hu akhbar” refrain.

A remainder of at least 4 members of the cell are therefore still-at-large and, also based upon the video evidence of assault weapons training, must be considered heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Additionally other sources indicate that as many as 6 other individuals who acted in support roles for this cell also remain at-large. It must also be surmised that ongoing interrogations of the 6 arrested terrorists by federal law enforcement is focused upon locating the remnant cell members. Additionally, the cell members may all have known the location of the video store. That still unidentified business and its employees acted heroically and without regard to potential retribution.

The suburban nature of this terror plot has been a continual focus of reporting of the Northeast Intelligence Network over the past several years. It cannot be over-emphasized as it proves beyond any doubt that those who claim we engage in “fear mongering” or as alarmist are simply are clueless to the true nature of the threats we presently face.

These terrorists homes are in urban America. Places like Cherry Hill, New Jersey and YourTown, USA. Other terrorists of this exact same type are living in a neighborhood somewhere in suburban or urban America, perhaps as the people of Cherry Hill learned this morning they may be living near or literally across the street from your own home. Sulejman Talovic lived in such a neighborhood, as did John Muhammed (aka the “DC Sniper”). So did Mohammed Atta and the 9/11 highjackers. So did Hussein al-Husseini, both before and in the aftermath the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. He recently disappeared and is no longer to be found at his Boston, MA suburban residence.

Where is Hussein al-Hussaini?The plan was quite simple, taking advantage of the malaise about potential terrorist attacks of not only the general public, but of our own military installations. Using the access pass from the Visitor Control Bureau at Fort Dix given to terror suspect Serdar TATAR for pizza deliveries to the base, he and his co-conspirators would be given access to the base and once inside, open fire on as many people inside of the installation as possible.

On-site investigation conducted by Northeast Intelligence Network associate director and military affairs specialist Sean Osborne verified that TATAR’S family owns and operates Super Mario’s Pizza, 19 Wrightstown-Cookstown Road, Cookstown, NJ. The pizza shop is located just 200 yards from the main gate of McGuire AFB and just under a mile from the Fort Dix Wrightstown Gate.

TERROR SUSPECTSDritan Tony DUKA, 29, 215 Mimosa Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 (also of 836 Cooper Landing Road, Apt 114E, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002)

Eljvir DUKA, Age/DOB unconfirmed

Shain DUKA, 836 Cooper Landing Road, Apt 114E, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Mohamad SHNEWER, 22, 1016 E Tampa Avenue, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Serdar TATAR, 27, 1200 Marlton Pike East, #1410, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Agron ABDULLAHU, Age/DOB unconfirmed




8 May 2007: Six Muslim terrorists, part of an Islamic Albanian terror cell based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, were arrested in a terror plot to storm Fort Dix, New Jersey, where they planned to use automatic weapons and explosives against the soldiers and facility. They planned to storm the base with automatic weapons and kill as many soldiers as they could on a “martyrdom mission.” at the N.J. base. Fort Dix was just one of several other military and security installations under surveillance by this group. Other installations considered targets included Dover Air base, Fort Monmouth and several Coast Guard stations.

Sean Osborne, Associate Director and Military Affairs Analyst of the Northeast Intelligence Network, is “stationed” at Fort Dix and has been closely investigating this incident. In a conference of analysts this morning, Mr. Osborne questioned whether the FBI alerted the Force Protection Unit at Fort Dix at any time in light of the impending threat, citing no elevation of threat levels within the base.

Information concerning this plot confirmed that the terror suspects traveled from New Jersey to the Poconos and perhaps mountainous areas in New York where they practiced firing automatic weapons. The Northeast Intelligence Network has consistently reported that training by Muslim terror operatives have been using rural and desolate areas, including but not limited to such Islamic conclaves as located in Hancock, NY, for automatic weapons training.

More to Cherry Hill, NJ than meets the eye? Sean Osborne interviewed on WIBG AM 1020 — AUDIO: WIBG AM 1020 update (2 minutes)


RELATED: In his newly released book The Day of Islam, Dr. Paul L. Williams devotes a chapter to the on-site investigation and surveillance of Islamberg, a Muslim enclave of Jamaat ul-Fuqra members in Hancock, NY by the Northeast Intelligence Network. Douglas J. Hagmann, a multi-state licensed investigator and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, spoke with residents of that area, all who spoke of hearing the sounds of automatic weapons being fired and paramilitary-style weapons practice. The enclave is located in a remote and very rural area at the western base of the Catskill Mountains.

“We hear bursts of gunfire all of the time, and we know that there is military like training going on there. Those people are armed and dangerous.”– Hancock, NY area resident

When reports of this activity were first published by the Northeast Intelligence Network, they were met with some skepticism by individuals unwilling to confront the uncomfortable truth. Through FBI affidavits, we have confirmation that the Islamic terrorists plotting an attack on Fort Dix and other military installations practiced weapons training in remote areas of the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains. Will this be enough to erase the skepticism that Islamic terrorists are not only embedded in our society, but actively engaged in the planning of Islamic jihad?