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Senate Democrats Kill “John Doe Protection” Amendment

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20 July 2007: No doubt voting under the influence of special interest advocacy groups with deep pockets such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) - along with a hefty dose of pure stupidity and overall lack of understanding of the threat facing our country, Senate democrats essentially killed the “John Doe protection amendment” last night. The amendment, introduced by Rep. Peter King, would have provided protection from frivolous lawsuits for people who report suspicious behavior in matters of national security. The amendment needed 60 votes, the magical number that represents a “super majority” for an amendment that is not specifically related to a bill on which it is attached. It received 57 votes, with 4 senators failing to vote at all. Most notably, three of the four senators who failed to vote were Senators Barack Obama, Sam Brownback, and Dianne Feinstein; The painful details of this legislative abomination are outlined in an article written by Audrey Hudson of the Washington Times.

Desperate Dallas Duo Duel Police: Muslim Women Behaving Badly

“This is pure harassment. They are trying to make us angry so we actually do something.” –”Hijabed hellions” Kimberly Suzanne “Asma” AL-HOMSI and Aisha HAMAD

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

19 July 2007: Earlier this year, two Muslim women conducted “surveillance” of a Dallas airport and were so obvious, it was clear they had more than one agenda. On February 25, 2007, Kimberly Suzanne “Asma” AL-HOMSI and Aisha HAMAD, 50, were seen at Love Field wearing Muslim robes and military fatigue pants and “acting suspiciously,” according to officials. Al-HOMSI, it was learned, has a personal friendship with convicted Muslim terrorist Wadih EL HAGE, a former secretary for Osama bin Laden. El HAGE was convicted of conspiracy in the bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa prior to 9/11. We previously reported on their behavior and found possible ties to the six “fLying Imams” who are filing suit for racial and religious profiling stemming from an incident on November 20, 2006. The Northeast Intelligence Network was the first to report the subterfuge and alternate agenda of the six Muslim imams the day after their publicity stunt that was designed, among other things, to create the illusion of Muslim victimization.

Now, the two hijabed hellions are at it again, this time engaging in a stand-off with police that included firing a taser gun at HAMAD, and detonating a backpack belonging to Al-HOMSI. The police had good reason, however, as a search of the home shared by the attention-seeking Muslim Madams turned up gun powder and items to make explosive devices. Authorities also found plastic pipes, plumbers’ putty and a zip gun, which is a makeshift weapon that can fire a bullet. They also discovered other items in their search that could be used to create explosives. Nonetheless, both women deny ill intent and again are claiming that they are being harassed for being Muslim.

According to REBECCA LOPEZ , reporter for WFAA-TV in Dallas, Al-Homsi and Hamad say they are not terrorists, but add that “authorities have driven them to the brink by continuously investigating them.” Additional details will be provided on this evolving saga of Desperate Housewives in Dallas, as they are developed, or until CAIR files an injunction preventing us from doing so.

Our previous reports:

6 April 2007: Two Muslim women claim “Muslim persecution” after behavior at Dallas airport causes stir

7 April 2007: UPDATE: Muslim women continue to claim “religious discrimination”

Democrats want ‘John Doe’ provision cut

ACTION ALERT: CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS TODAY!19 July 2007: Audrey Hudson, the Washington Times reporter who broke the story on the case of the six Muslim religious leaders behaving suspiciously aboard U.S. Air Flight 300 last November, is reporting today that the Democrats in a House and Senate conference committee meeting this afternoon will attempt to pull a provision from a homeland security bill that will protect the public from being sued for reporting suspicious behavior that may lead to a terrorist attack.

Republicans aides say they will put up a fight with Democrats when the conference committee begins at 1 p.m. ET, to reinsert the language, but that public pressure is also needed.

Link to Washington Times article HERE

Important background articles:

Background: 21 November 2006: Islamic Ideological Jihad being waged in the U.S.

29 November 2006: Terrorism through subterfuge

Large cache of weapons found in Dallas apartment

Man renting apartment just returned from the Middle East18 July 2007: A large cache of weapons and ammunition, including 2 AK-47 rifles, an Uzi 9 millimeter submachine gun, a TEC-9 submachine gun, a rocket propelled grenade launcher, and several hundred rounds of ammunition were found in an apartment in the 300 block of North Akard Street in Dallas, Texas today by a maintenance worker. The maintenance worker entered the rented apartment to perform plumbing work for the resident and found the weapons cache, immediately notifying authorities.

According to a federal source, the apartment is rented by a Palestinian or Middle Eastern male who is known to make frequent trips to the Middle East. He recently returned to Dallas today after a trip to the Middle East, according to authorities. Officials from the FBI, Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, and the JTTF are currently investigating. The location of the apartment where the weapons were found is located near the federal building in Dallas.

Additional information will be provided as developed.

What happened aboard US Air Flight 731

17 July 2007: US Airways Flight 731, an Airbus A330 traveling from London’s Gatwick Airport to Philadelphia, PA yesterday with 278 passengers aboard, was unexpectedly diverted to St. Johns, Newfoundland, CA due to a “sick female passenger” with an “unknown illness.” Upon landing, the apparently unconscious female was removed from the plane, but the aircraft was not permitted to take off and the passengers were not allowed to leave the plane while it sat on the ground for over 7 hours. Canadian authorities were investigating the nature of the passenger’s illness and “another security matter” related to that passenger. The plane was finally released and landed over six hours late in Philadelphia without further explanation from federal officials.

Flight history

Date & Time Source Event Data Updated Jul 13

02:42 PM Schedules Record Created Jul 15 (All times UTC)

11:35 AM FAA Time Adjustment

Estimated Runway Departure Changed To 07/16/07 12:55 PM
Scheduled Runway Departure Changed To 07/16/07 12:55 PM
Estimated Runway Arrival Changed To 07/16/07 03:29 PM
Scheduled Runway Arrival Changed To 07/16/07 03:29 PM Jul 16

09:49 AM Airline Gate Adjustment
Arrival Gate Changed To A23 Jul 16

11:34 AM Airline (US) Gate Adjustment
Departure Gate Changed To ****
Arrival Gate Changed From A23 To A26 Jul 16

12:01 PM AFO STATUS-Active
Status Changed From Scheduled To Active Jul 16

12:04 PM Airline (US) Time Adjustment
Estimated Gate Arrival Changed To 07/16/07 03:54 PM
Estimated Gate Departure Changed To 07/16/07 12:46 PM
Departure Gate Changed To ****
Arrival Gate Changed From A23 To A26 Jul 16

12:16 PM Airline Time Adjustment
Estimated Gate Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 03:54 PM To 07/16/07 03:51 PM
Actual Gate Departure Changed To 07/16/07 12:46 PM
Actual Runway Departure Changed To 07/16/07 01:08 PM Jul 16

12:21 PM Airport (PHL) Time Adjustment
Estimated Gate Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 03:51 PM To 07/16/07

03:54 PM Jul 16

01:11 PM Airline Time Adjustment
Estimated Gate Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 03:54 PM To 07/16/07

03:47 PM Jul 16

01:30 PM FAA Time Adjustment
Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 03:29 PM To

07/16/07 03:55 PM Jul 16
04:28 PM FAA Time Adjustment
Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 03:55 PM To

07/16/07 04:08 PM Jul 16
04:42 PM FAA Time Adjustment
Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 04:08 PM To

07/16/07 03:42 PM Jul 16
04:45 PM FAA Time Adjustment
Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 03:42 PM To

07/16/07 03:30 PM Jul 16
04:49 PM FAA Time Adjustment
Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 03:30 PM To

07/16/07 03:33 PM Jul 16
04:49 PM FAA Time Adjustment
Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 03:33 PM To

07/16/07 02:30 PM Jul 16
04:49 PM FAA STATUS-Redirected
Status Changed From Active To Redirected

Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 02:30 PM To

07/16/07 03:33 PM Jul 16
04:55 PM FAA STATUS-Active
Status Changed From Redirected To Active
Estimated Runway Departure Changed From 07/16/07 12:55 PM To

07/16/07 01:08 PM
Scheduled Runway Departure Changed From 07/16/07 12:55 PM To

07/16/07 01:11 PM
Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 03:33 PM To

07/16/07 02:30 PM
Scheduled Runway Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 03:29 PM To

07/16/07 05:17 PM Jul 16
04:59 PM FAA Time Adjustment
Estimated Runway Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 02:30 PM To

07/16/07 02:24 PM Jul 16
05:00 PM FAA STATUS-Diverted
Status Changed From Active To Landed
Actual Runway Arrival Changed To 07/16/07 02:23 PM Jul 16
05:22 PM Airport (PHL) Time Adjustment
Estimated Gate Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 03:47 PM To 07/16/07 04:45 PM Jul 16
07:21 PM Airline (US) Time Adjustment
Estimated Gate Arrival Changed From 07/16/07 04:45 PM To 07/16/07 05:43 PM

The Terrorist Threat to the US Homeland: NIE Report

Text of declassified portion of NIE ReportOFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE17 July 2007: The Director of National Intelligence serves as the head of the Intelligence Community (IC), overseeing and directing the implementation of the National Intelligence Program and acting as the principal advisor to the President, the National Security Council, and the Homeland Security Council for intelligence matters.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence is charged with:

Integrating the domestic and foreign dimensions of US intelligence so that there are no gaps in our understanding of threats to our national security;

Bringing more depth and accuracy to intelligence analysis; and

Ensuring that US intelligence resources generate future capabilities as well as present results.


Since its formation in 1973, the National Intelligence Council (NIC) has served as a bridge between the intelligence and policy communities, a source of deep substantive expertise on critical national security issues, and as a focal point for Intelligence Community collaboration. The NIC’s key goal is to provide policymakers with the best, unvarnished, and unbiased information.

Its primary functions are to:

Support the DNI in his role as Principal Intelligence Advisor to the President and other senior policymakers.

Lead the Intelligence Community’s effort to produce National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs) and other NIC products that address key national security concerns.

Provide a focal point for policymakers, warfighters, and Congressional leaders to task the Intelligence Community for answers to important questions.

Reach out to nongovernment experts in academia and the private sector—and use alternative analyses and new analytic tools to broaden and deepen the Intelligence Community’s perspective.

NIEs are the DNI’s most authoritative written judgments concerning national security issues. They contain the coordinated judgments of the Intelligence Community regarding the likely course of future events.


National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs) are the Intelligence Community’s (IC) most authoritative written judgments on national security issues and designed to help US civilian and military leaders develop policies to protect US national security interests.

NIEs usually provide information on the current state of play but are primarily “estimative”—that is, they make judgments about the likely course of future events and identify the implications for US policy. The NIEs are typically requested by senior civilian and military policymakers, Congressional leaders and at times are initiated by the National Intelligence Council (NIC).

Before a NIE is drafted, the relevant National Intelligence Officer is responsible for producing a concept paper, or terms of reference (TOR), and circulates it throughout the Intelligence Community for comment. The TOR defines the key estimative questions, determines drafting responsibilities, and sets the drafting and publication schedule. One or more IC analysts are usually assigned to produce the initial text. The NIC then meets to critique the draft before it is circulated to the broader IC. Representatives from the relevant IC agencies meet to hone and coordinate line-by-line the full text of the NIE.

Working with their Agencies, representatives also assign the level of confidence they have in key judgments. IC representatives discuss the quality of sources with collectors, and the National Clandestine Service vets the sources used to ensure the draft does not include any that have been recalled or otherwise seriously questioned.

All NIEs are reviewed by National Intelligence Board, which is chaired by the DNI and is composed of the heads of relevant IC agencies. Once approved by the NIB, NIEs are briefed to the President and senior policymakers. The whole process of producing NIEs normally takes at least several months.

The NIC has undertaken a number of steps to improve the NIE process under the DNI. These steps are in accordance with the goals and recommendations set out in the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and WMD Commission reports and the 2004 Intelligence Reform and Prevention of Terrorism Act. Most notably, over the last two years the IC has:

Created new procedures to integrate formal reviews of source reporting and technical judgments. The Director of CIA, as the National HUMINT Manager, as well as the Directors of NSA, NGA, and DIA and the Assistant Secretary/INR are now required to submit formal assessments that highlight the strengths, weaknesses, and overall credibility of their sources used in developing the critical judgments of the NIE.

Applied more rigorous standards. A textbox is incorporated into all NIEs that explains what we mean by such terms as “we judge” and that clarifies the difference between judgments of likelihood and confidence levels. We have made a concerted effort to not only highlight differences among agencies but to explain the reasons for such differences and to display them prominently in the Key judgments.


The Estimate, Terrorist Threats to the US Homeland, followed the standard process for producing National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs), including a thorough review of sourcing, in-depth Community coordination, the use of alternative analysis, and review by outside experts. Starting in October 2006, the NIC organized a series of roundtables with IC experts to scope out terms of reference (TOR) for the Estimate. Drafters from throughout the Community contributed to the draft. In May, a draft was submitted to IC officers in advance of a series of coordination meetings that spanned several days. The National Clandestine Service, FBI, and other IC collection officers reviewed the text for the reliability and proper use of the sourcing. As part of the normal coordination process, analysts had the opportunity–and were encouraged–to register “dissents” and provide alternative analysis. Reactions by the two outside experts who read the final product were highlighted in the text. The National Intelligence Board, composed of the heads of the 16 IC agencies and chaired by the ODNI, reviewed and approved the Estimate on 21 June. As with other NIEs, it is being distributed to senior Administration officials and Members of Congress.

What We Mean When We Say: An Explanation of Estimative Language

When we use words such as “we judge” or “we assess” - terms we use synonymously- as well as “we estimate,” “likely” or “indicate,” we are trying to convey an analytical assessment or judgment. These assessments, which are based on incomplete or at times fragmentary information are not a fact, proof, or knowledge. Some analytical judgments are based directly on collected information; others rest on previous judgments, which serve as building blocks. In either type of judgment, we do not have “evidence” that shows something to be a fact or that definitively links two items or issues.

Intelligence judgments pertaining to likelihood are intended to reflect the Community’s sense of the probability of a development or event. Assigning precise numerical ratings to such judgments would imply more rigor than we intend. The chart below provides a rough idea  of the relationship of terms to each other.

We do not intend the term “unlikel” to imply an event will not happen. We use “probably” and “likely” to indicate there is a greater than even chance. We use words such as “we cannot dismiss,” “we cannot rule out,” and “we cannot discount” to reflect an “unlikely or even remote”event whose consequences are such it warrants mentioning. Words such as “may be” and “suggest” are used to reflect situations in which we are unable to assess the likelihood generally because relevant information is nonexistent, sketchy, or fragmented.

In addition to using words within a judgment to convey degrees of likelihood, we also ascribe “high, moderate, or low confidence levels based on the scope and quality of information supporting our judgments.

High confidence generally indicates our judgments are based on high-quality information and/or the nature of the issue makes it possible to render a solid judgment.

Moderate confidence generally means the information is interpreted in various ways, we have alternative views, or the information is credible and plausible but not corroborated sufficiently to warrant a higher level of confidence.

Low confidence generally means the information is scant, questionable, or very fragmented and it is difficult to make solid analytic inferences, or we have significant concerns or problems with the sources.

Key Judgments

We judge the US Homeland will face a persistent and evolving terrorist threat over the next three years. The main threat comes from Islamic terrorist groups and cells, especially al-Qaeda, driven by their undiminished intent to attack the Homeland and a continued effort by these terrorist groups to adapt and improve their capabilities.

We assess that greatly increased worldwide counterterrorism efforts over the past five years have constrained the ability of al-Qaeda to attack the US Homeland again and have led terrorist groups to perceive the Homeland as a harder target to strike than on 9/11. These measures have helped disrupt known plots against the United States since 9/11.

We are concerned, however, that this level of international cooperation may wane as 9/11 becomes a more distant memory and perceptions of the threat diverge.

Al-Qaeda is and will remain the most serious terrorist threat to the Homeland, as its central leadership continues to plan high-impact plots, while pushing others in extremist Sunni communities to mimic its efforts and to supplement its capabilities. We assess the group has protected or regenerated key elements of its Homeland attack capability, including: a safehaven in the Pakistan Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), operational lieutenants, and its top leadership. Although we have discovered only a handful of individuals in the United States with ties to al-Qaeda senior ladership since 9/11, we judge that al-Qaeda will intensify its efforts to put operatives here.

As a result, we judge that the United States currently is in a heightened threat environment.

We assess that al-Qaeda will continue to enhance its capabilities to attack the Homeland through greater cooperation with regional terrorist groups. Of note, we assess that al-Qaeda will probably seek to leverage the contacts and capabilities of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), its most visible and capable affiliate and the only one known to have expressed a desire to attack the Homeland. In addition, we assess that its association with AQI helps al-Qaeda to energize the broader Sunni extremist community, raise resources, and to recruit and indoctrinate operatives, including for Homeland attacks.

We assess that al-Qaeda’s Homeland plotting is likely to continue to focus on prominent political, economic, and infrastructure targets with the goal of producing mass casualties, visually dramatic destruction, significant economic aftershocks, and/or fear among the US population. The group is proficient with conventional small arms and improvised explosive devices, and is innovative in creating new capabilities and overcoming security obstacles.

We assess that al-Qaeda will continue to try to acquire and employ chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear material in attacks and would not hesitate to use them if it develops what it deems is sufficient capability.

We assess Lebanese Hizballah, which has conducted anti-US attacks outside the United States in the past, may be more likely to consider attacking the Homeland over the next three years if it perceives the United States as posing a direct threat to the group or Iran.

We assess that the spread of radical- especially Salafi- Internet sites, increasingly aggressive anti-US rhetoric and actions, and the growing number of radical, self-generating cells in Western countries indicate that the radical and violent segment of the West’s Muslim population is expanding, including in the United States. The arrest and prosecution by US law enforcement of a small number of violent Islamic extremists inside the United States’ who are becoming more connected ideologically, virtually, and/or in a physical sense to the global extremist movement points to the possibility that others may become sufficiently radicalized that they will view the use of violence here as legitimate. We assess that this internal Muslim terrorist threat is not likely to be as severe as it is in Europe, however.

We assess that other, non-Muslim terrorist groups -often referred to as “single-issue” groups by the FBI probably will conduct attacks over the next three years given their violent histories, but we assess this violence is likely to be on a small scale.

We assess that globalization trends and recent technological advances will continue to enable even small numbers of alienated people to find and connect with one another, justify and intensify their anger, and mobilize resources to attack—all without requiring a centralized terrorist organization, training camp, or leader.

The ability to detect broader and more diverse terrorist plotting in this environment will challenge current US defensive efforts and the tools we use to detect and disrupt plots. It will also require greater understanding of how suspect activities at the local level relate to strategic threat information and how best to identify indicators of terrorist activity in the midst of legitimate interactions.

UK al Qaeda bomb plot investigation extends to Toledo, Ohio

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

16 July 2007: The Northeast Intelligence Network was first to confirm that last month’s failed London car bomb plot had its tentacles reaching far into the United States. Now, NBC24, a television station in Toledo, Ohio is reporting that the FBI has questioned a Muslim doctor who recently moved to Toledo from the UK. Toledo also happens to be the corporate home of KindHearts for Charitable Humanitarian Development, an Islamic charity chaired by Hatem El-HADY, a Toledo physician, and a charity that has been the subject of an investigation for its reported ties to terror organizations.

The Toledo doctor was questioned by the FBI on July 4, 2007, less than a week after the failed bomb plot in London. According to information obtained through additional investigation conducted by the Northeast Intelligence Network, authorities are focused on a number of subjects in the U.S., including Muslim doctors, and others in the Toledo area who are also associated with a specific Toledo, Ohio mosque. When contacted by this agency, a spokesperson for the mosque declined to speak with this Northeast Intelligence Network investigator.

The July 4th visit to the unnamed Toledo doctor has prompted Toledo area Muslims to circulate an e-mail warning to Muslim doctors “to be ready for a knock at the door by the FBI,” and urged them to “have an attorney present” when answering questions asked by law enforcement officials. Following up on the investigation in Toledo, this Northeast Intelligence Network investigator spoke to a federal law enforcement official from Cleveland, Ohio who is familiar with the various overlapping investigations in Toledo.

Responding to the e-mail being circulated, this law enforcement official stated that this type of “feigned cooperation” by the majority of Muslims, whether they are imams, Muslim community leaders or simply members of the Muslim community “is the norm.” “It has been my experience that it’s not unusual for Muslims to publicly portray a sense of cooperation, yet privately stonewall our investigations by refusing to answer questions, or limit their dialogue with law enforcement to communicating only though an attorney, even for the most basic of questions.”

This federal official, speaking to this investigator on the strict condition of anonymity, expressed his frustration at the misconception of a working dialogue between federal agents and “certain Muslim leaders and their representatives.” If you listen to them, they are actively trying to help us [law enforcement] weed out the bad guys,”  stated this source. “That’s not quite the reality of it. There is a lot of stonewalling, unwillingness to share information about possible actions of other Muslims that could have criminal implications, or even ties to terrorism,” he added. “We’re talking about everything from possible terrorist funding to direct or peripheral ties to terrorism. When it comes down to them helping us by providing even some answers to the most basic of questions, there is a tremendous amount of resistance and unnecessary roadblocks. I can say from experience that instead of answering questions openly when asked, we have been put off, told to direct our inquiries to their legal representatives, or simply turned away. To make matters worse, we have been frequently told to ‘lay-off’  by higher ups, to avoid causing a PR problem, I guess,” stated this source. “It’s definitely frustrating and the supposed cooperation, at least from my experience, is not being honestly portrayed.”

When asked about the media reports that Muslims are urged by Islamic advocacy groups to fully and truthfully cooperate with law enforcement whenever questioned, this source stated “I wish it was that easy, but it’s not like that at all. There is a tremendous unwillingness for Muslims to talk other Muslims, and it’s getting worse.”

This is not the first time a doctor in Toledo has been questioned or at the center of investigation. In an unrelated case, Dr. Mohammad ANVARI-HAMEDANI, 72, a licensed physician, pleaded guilty last April to 36 counts of money laundering, making illegal money transfers to Iran and tax evasion for sending at least $4 million to his native Iran over a four year period. ANVARI-HAMEDANI was sentenced to 60 days in a community jail and ordered to pay $1.15 million in fines and forfeitures. U.S. District Judge James Carr permitted ANVARI-HAMEDANI to serve his jail time on weekends so that he can continue practicing medicine.

The Silence of Our Media

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

UPDATE 15 July 2007: The Northeast Intelligence Network is exremely pleased to report that as of last Thursday morning the medical condition of Senior Airman Jonathan Schrieken was improved by hospital staff at Camden’s Cooper University Hospital from critical to stable. This news comes via the local Burlington County Times newspaper in an article written by David Levinsky. The article also reported the deceased gunman had lived in Willingboro Township where the shooting took place as recently as two years ago, and that his .25 caliber semiautomatic handgun serial number had been “defaced”. This second fact speaks to a premeditated intent. However, no motive for the attempted assassination has been assigned as yet in the ongoing investigation by the Burlington County Prosecutors Office. It remains unknown how or when Marren acquired the weapon.

Exclusive to the Northeast Intelligence Network it is now known that approximately 10 days prior to the attempted assassination of SRA Schrieken, Matthew Marren was arrested by Cinnaminson Township police after he nearly “ran down” one of their officers who was directing traffic near a motor vehicle accident. Our source stated that Marren was “stoned” at the time of the arrest. As a result of that incident Marren missed, for obvious reasons, a July 12 Cinnaminson Municipal Court appearance.

Cinnaminson Township lies directly between Marren’s most recent home of record, his fathers Pennsauken Township home, and the Wiillingboro Township home of Senior Airman Jonathan Schrieken. Route 130 is the shortest path between the homes involved. Investigation continues…

12 July 2007: At around 5:30 pm on July 4, 2007, just a short few hours prior to nationwide fireworks celebrations in honor of our Independence Day, 22-year old Senior Airman Jonathan Schrieken was standing in the driveway of his rented home in Willingboro, New Jersey. Having just returned from leave in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio to continue his duties as a Loadmaster with the 6th Airlift Squadron at New Jersey’s McGuire Air Force Base, the last thing on the mind of this young veteran of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan was the imminent and potentially lethal peril he was confronted with in the next minute.

Another 22-year old man approached from behind. That man was Matthew J. Marren, of nearby Pennsauken, N.J. Marren had driven the approxmately nine miles from his Pennsauken home to Schrieken’s Willingboro residence. He pulled up and walked over to inquire of Senior Airman Schrieken, “do you live in this house?” Schrieken replied in the affirmative, to which Marren responded “not any more” and proceeded to shoot him point blank in the chest. Marren then shot and killed himself.

If you have not heard of this event from one week ago then you were like me as of this morning when I was informed of the incident by Rick Brancadora, owner of WIBG 1020 AM radio in southern New Jersey. I work on the Ft. Dix/McGuire portion of the New Jersey megabase and had not heard of this. I immediately began to investigate this event and the reason for the lack of media coverage became glaringly obvious.

Until he shot and killed himself Matthew J. Marren was an obsessed anti-war activist, an anti-US military and anti-American lunatic. Was he a man with severe mental health issues? Undoubtedly. However, what member of that group of rabid anti-American, anti-war zealots is mentally stable? Seen Rosie lately? I rest my case.

And this is exactly why the so-called Main Stream Media failed to cover this story. Instead of some islamofascist dirt bag assassinating an American soldier in the war zone, here we have one those dirt bags American-born supporters doing the assassinating while standing upon our hero’s own driveway. Is this not eerily similar to the plot of the Fort Dix Six? Could Marren have done at his level of capability what the Dix Six were prevented from doing by the FBI?

Get the picture America?

Good, because that is the picture that our media will suppress and hide from you at all costs - one of their own politically minded constituents killing one of our finest on our own soil. It’s bad for their political point of view, and that is bad for their business and why they are silent when it comes to the truth of the matter. And that makes me mad as hell; as well it should you too.

al Qaeda video described as “unusual” by US intelligence official

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director
Osama bin Laden, as seen in an undated 50-second “cameo” appearance in a purported al Qaeda video released today.14 July 2007: A new, 40-minute video containing about a 50 second “visual” of Osama bin Laden speaking is currently being analyzed by authorities, the Northeast Intelligence Network confirmed. The video is branded with the as Sahab logo, indicating, at least initially, that it an official release of the media wing of al Qaeda. The video segment featuring bin Laden is undated and might have been extracted from a previously released video featuring the al Qaeda leader. In the current cameo appearance, bin Laden is shown speaking, referencing Islam’s Prophet Muhammad “wish to attack and be martyred,” dubbed over the video and repeated two additional times.

According to a well-placed U.S. intelligence official contacted by the Northeast Intelligence Network today, authorities are looking at “certain similarities” between the last message released by Ayman al Zawahiri and this video message, including but not limited to the manner in which it was obtained, as well as the authenticity of the video including the “new” bin Laden clip. This intelligence official called the recent release “most unusual, but not unprecedented,” adding that the current video was undergoing analysis for both content and authentication.

Additional information will be provided as it is developed or obtained by investigators.

Al Qaeda Regrouping?

Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

13 July 2007: Now that’s rich. Al Qaeda is reportedly regrouping. In order to regroup you have to have been dismantled, interrupted or destroyed. I’ve been looking around and uh….well I haven’t seen any real disruption to their networks. All I have seen is the growth, the spread of this Islamic terrorism disease.

We went from having al Qaeda and the Taliban holed up in Afghanistan to having a major surge of Islamic terrorism and Islamic growth around the world. The Global Jihad is running rampant worldwide. So uh, run that “regrouping” thing past me once again, would you?

Al Qaeda, militant Islamic groups and Islam in general have penetrated almost every society in existence. I’m watching the news and they are saying that al Qaeda is trying to get operatives into the US now. This was announced suddenly as if this hadn’t occurred to anyone previously. The correct phrasing should be “al Qaeda is already here in great numbers”. They didn’t sneak in either. They probably just walked in over the US-Mexican border and they have been doing this since the 1980’s. These terrorists didn’t just suddenly decide last week that the US was a target. They started planning our destruction decades ago. They are already in your neighborhood, town or city.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Somalia, Algeria, Yemen, Philippines, Australia, UK, Canada, France, Germany, United States and the list goes on and on of places where al Qaeda, various Islamic whacko groups, self appointed jihadist lone wolf terrorist types and Islam in general are either actively engaging in terrorism or setting up shop in anticipation of terrorist acts.

We are victims of a two-pronged attack. You have the Muslim groups legally operating in these countries, especially in the western countries pumping their Islamic baloney of Islam being a peaceful religion (softening the prey, the targets) while meanwhile the militant enforcement arm of Islam is killing, bombing and terrorizing people around the world or making plans to do so. Yet we insist on coddling and trying to “understand” this phenomenon. There isn’t much to understand except that Islam seeks the destruction of all that isn’t Islamic.

I’m disappointed in how we are handling this. We are trying to differentiate between the good and bad of Islam as if such a thing even exists. It’s puzzling. In WW II I’m sure there were good Germans. But we didn’t try to seek them out and use them as a platform to try to “negotiate” and “understand” the Third Reich. In WWII We fought the Germans as a whole. We didn’t differentiate. Hitler didn’t attack us here in the US with airliners. They attacked societies like ours. They terrorized people, bombed and murdered. Just like Islam is doing today. We took them to task, fought them and beat them. So explain to me how this scenario today is any different. They have attacked us, attacked our allies. They have said that they will destroy Israel. Do we not believe them? Does anyone in the government own a Bible and more importantly, have they read it?

Say it like it is. This is a religious war between Islam and all religions, societies and cultures that are non-Islam. Its amazing that the enemy has perfect clarity on what this is all about yet we dance around the subject and refuse to name it. We are hiding from the truth. We will not name the enemy. How does one engage the enemy if we cannot identify them?

We have to eliminate this threat through a true show of force immediately and not in the half-assed fashion we are doing it today. We need a more pro-active approach as opposed to our typical reactive stance. This hesitance to engage the enemy will cost us far more in American lives than the war in Iraq has since its beginning. If al Qaeda and the Taliban are just across the border in Pakistan then tell (don’t ask) Musharraf that we are going in after them. He’s had long enough to clean up this mess. They are worried that Islamic peoples will be upset if we go into Pakistan. You think? Nah, say it isn’t so. Like Muslims aren’t going to be upset and hate the United States if we don’t go in. Get real.

I remember the 9/11 commission hearings. The finger pointing, the rhetoric, the people claiming that could have done a better job of protecting us. So where are these gallant protectors of the people now? They have disappeared into the woodwork. They are now operating well outside of our best interest with their asinine decisions regarding this war on terror and the war in Iraq. People grew tired of the 9/11 hearings. Well have I got news for you. Get ready because there are 365 days on the calendar and when the terrorists let loose we will be backed up in retrospect commissions for years. Will there be a commission for every terrorist attack that’s coming? Well clear the calendar because we are going to get smacked soon. Maybe we should just lump the future commissions by month to save time. Any attacks in July we can lump all together into the July07 commission hearings, the August07 commission hearings, etc. We will spend years watching these hearings. That is if we have a country left.

We have people that want to welcome and embrace Islam here in the United States which amazingly enough were many of the people slamming the administration for their “negligence” prior to September 11, 2001. This is nothing more than letting the fox into the coop with the hens and thinking the fox will be peaceful and never attack or kill the hens. The foxes instinct however, the very existence of the fox depends on him killing the hens in order to survive. This is instinct, part of his makeup, inbred at birth. To think that the fox will co-exist with the hens is foolish. The owner of the hens that embraced this idea co-existence should not be surprised to find all the hens dead. The hens will die due to the owner’s poor judgment.

Starring cast in this morbid scenario:

Owner = Policy makers that do not understand Islam and the dangers of Islam

Hens = You and I. The hens depending on the owner’s judgment for survival, protection

Fox = Islam

How many people have to die in the next terrorist attack for our protectors and policy makers to start publicly identifying the true threat? How long will we coddle those that we should condemn? When are we going to realize that you do not negotiate with terrorists? What are we going to do one fine morning when you flip on the tube and see that Musharraf is either dead or deposed and al Qaeda has a nuclear arsenal? How will we respond when Iran fires a nuclear warhead into Israel? How will we respond if a series of nuclear warheads detonates here in the United States?

We’ll probably want to negotiate, talk about it, coddle and work on the “peace process” with Islam.

One likes to think that we are Americans, that we are undefeatable and that we will right all wrongs. That we will be safe, that we will survive. I’m beginning to wonder. Can’t tell this to be true from where I’m sitting and watching this circus.

Be safe, stay vigilant because I can’t promise you that anyone else is watching out for your best interest. Actions speak louder than words and I’m not seeing any action.