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Iraq: 200 explosive belts found in Syrian truck

12 July 2007: Iraqi security forces have seized 200 explosive belts in a truck that crossed into Iraq from Syria on Wednesday, Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf said. The incident occurred at the Waleed border crossing point, Khalaf said.

“When the truck was searched, 200 explosives belts were found in it,” the general said. He added that the driver was detained and is being questioned. Khalaf did not give the driver’s nationality.

The Iraqi government and US authorities have accused Syria of allowing foreign fighters to cross into Iraq, a claim that Syria denies saying it is impossible to control the long desert border.

al-Qaeda Has Rebuilt to Pre-9/11 abilities, strength (No surprises here)

11 July 2007: U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded al-Qaeda has rebuilt its operating capability to a level not seen since just before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, The Associated Press has learned.

The conclusion suggests that the network that launched the most devastating terror attack on the United States has been able to regroup along the Afghan-Pakistani border despite nearly six years of bombings, war and other tactics aimed at crippling it.

Still, numerous government officials say they know of no specific, credible threat of a new attack on U.S. soil.

A counterterrorism official familiar with a five-page summary of the new government threat assessment called it a stark appraisal to be discussed at the White House on Thursday as part of a broader meeting on an upcoming National Intelligence Estimate.

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U.S. Muslim organization shows true colors

“…Ms. MUSAJI exposes her irrationality and her own delusional religious intolerance by claiming that those who would attempt to identify warning signs of ‘militant Islam’ in order to stop further attacks against the U.S. is ‘idiocy propogated [sic] by extremist Christians.’”

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

9 July 2007: It was inevitable that Randy Taylor, independent analyst, contributor to the Northeast Intelligence Network, and personal friend has achieved the distinction of being placed on The American Muslim - (TAM) organization’s watch list - known as the “Incitement Watch” Mr. Taylor joins an ever-growing list of men and women who dare write or speak the truth about the threat posed by the doctrine of fundamentalist Islam. Other members of this club include Neal Boortz, Ann Coulter, Pat Robertson, Cal Thomas, Michael Savage, and even President Bush, simply for his use of the term “Islamofascist.” Mr. Taylor’s inclusion to this list was apparently made at the discretion of Ms. Sheila MUSAJI, the editor of The American Muslim for his editorial statements pertaining to the religious doctrines of Islam. By doing so, Ms. MUSAJI has actually substantiated the statements made by Mr. Taylor about Islam not only as a religion, but a culture, complete with its own set of laws and social structure that is tolerant to no other.

The dangers facing America and all non-Muslim Western countries is not limited to the actual acts of Islamic terrorism, but includes the dangerous deceptions disseminated by the likes of Ms. MUSAJI and The American Muslim (TAM) organization on those who fail to fully understand the Islamist agenda in the U.S. For example, Ms. MUSAJI and TAM appear to condemn those who commit terrorist acts in the name of Islam, yet they dilute that condemnation through a variety of specious arguments that attempt to minimize the relationship between Islam and terrorism. In one particularly ludicrous attempt to deny the causative relationship between the fundamentalist Islamic ideology and acts of Islamic terrorism, Ms. MUSAJI exposes her irrationality and her own delusional religious intolerance by claiming that those who would attempt to identify warning signs of “militant Islam” in order to stop further attacks against the U.S. is “idiocy propogated [sic] by extremist Christians.”

The purported religious tolerance to other religions, including Judaism and Christianity alleged by Ms. MUSAJI and The American Muslim (TAM) organization is deliberately deceptive and fallacious. On one hand, her organization and by virtue of her editorial position, Ms. MUSAJI claims to advocate “inter-community dialogue particularly on divisive issues,”  and encourages “interfaith dialogue to find common ground for cooperation on issues of mutual concern.” One the other hand, when such dialogue is deemed inconsistent with the ideology of Islam, or contains facts that pose inconvenient and uncomfortable issues to be addressed, Ms. MUSAJI proclaims those who speak or write such dialogue to be “Islamophobic” and classifies the content “incitement.” Such actions illustrate the true character of not only Ms. MUSAJI and her organization, but the ideology of Islam in general.

Fascism is partially defined as the “suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.” Based on the labeling process used by MUSAJI and TAM, their own labeling process, one could reasonably argue that intellectual discourse on the threat of Islamic terrorism is being suppressed through accusations of bigotry and Islamophobia, and by the placement of one’s name onto a list alleging the same. It appears to me, therefore, based on the definition of fascism as it applies to the Islamist agenda, that the term Islamofascist could reasonably apply to Ms. MUSAJI specifically and The American Muslim (TAM) organization in general.

A Cautionary Tale on the Road to War

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

8 July 2007: On Wednesday, June 6, 2007, the 40th anniversary of the June 1967 Six Day War, the Amman, Jordan daily newspaper al-Dustour concluded a short story on the history of the past 40 years by blaming the still largely existent results of that war upon Israel and the world community of nations at large. The results of that war, which was an overwhelming military victory by the IDF over the combined armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria with additional troops and logistical support from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Algeria. In true Arab Islamist fashion the Jordanian report ignores the root causes of that war and the now widely known intensive efforts of the Soviet Union (Russia) to instigate hostilities between Israel and her neighbors. Yet there is something much more sinister within the Jordanian report as carried by the German national news agency, Deutsche Presse Agentur, the last sentence of which contains a thinly veiled Islamist threat of extremely grave harm to the National Security of the United States:

“Israel, which turns its back to Arab peace overtures, should know that the invincible military power on which it so far depended faltered in last summer’s war (in Lebanon) and that its ally (the United States), which it dragged into a war against Iraq, is about to be brought to its knees,” the paper said.

The statement boldly asserts a foreknowledge of undetermined origin of some great event which will bring this superpower to its knees. I assess this statement from a Jordanian newspaper to be extraordinary if not unprecedented. Jordan is an Arab ally of the United States; its monarchist government and military receives and has ongoing major defense and Jordanian national security related contracts with us. So why would a major daily newspaper published in the Jordanian capital print such an overt threat, the seriousness of which can not be overlooked or underestimated in a summer where many analysts say is uncanny in resemblance to the summer prior to 9/11?

Let me take this a step further and “flip the script.” Suppose for a moment that that statement had originated in Washington, DC and was attributed to the Washington Post by Deutsche Presse Agentur. And what if that statement had instead been the following:

“Iran, which turns its back to American peace overtures, should know that its much improved Russian, North Korean and Red Chinese-made military power on which it depends faltered in last summer’s war (in Lebanon) against Israel, and that its primary military ally (the Russian Federation), which currently is dragging it into a war against America, is about to be brought to its knees,” the paper said.

Can you image the furor of such an overt threat to the national security of Russia in world media? Yet, in the real-world a statement from an Arab paper about foreknowledge of a devastating attack against the United States does not even rate so much as a whimper or a peep from so-called Main Stream Media? America, what’s wrong with this picture? You’re smart, you know as well as I do what’s wrong with this picture. Dozens of articles on this Northeast Intelligence Network main page over the past few years have made the issue crystal clear. All forms of media are alive with warnings of some type of event to occur this summer. The entire Middle East is a power keg and tinder box, with Iran threatening to light it all off. Yet there is more, and the implications of the more can provide a certain level of comfort. Apparently that message of foreknowledge above did register with our government. I believe it registered like an 8.0 Richter scale earthquake within our government, particularly with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

During the evening of 26 June an extraordinary amount of activity began to occur on the Air Force Global High Frequency System. This communications system is dedicated to maintaining the ready alert status and issuance of strike orders of America’s awesome nuclear deterrent power around the globe. Late that evening I received first indications of the extraordinary communications activity, the next morning I sent out email advisories concerning that activity. This weekend Bill Gertz has posted the same information in his Inside the Ring column.

Here is the text of my email:

Last night there was extraordinary radio traffic on the GHFS (the Air Force Global HF System). The freqs used for this traffic and the “echo” repeats were: 4724, 8992, 11175 and 15016 kHz. The net for these freqs is fixed to the following Air Force Bases: Andrews, Ascension, Elmendorf, Anderson (Guam), Hickam, Lajes, Offutt, Salinas, Thule, Yokota plus a couple of formerly aliased stations (like Diego Garcia and Cyprus). The these freqs were humming with extremely large EAMs (Emergency Action Messages) which are issued by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to USAF strategic nuclear forces.

A normal EAM consists of plain language phonetic alpha-numeric string of characters which is the message preamble. The preamble is followed by the message text, which normally can be up to 30 alpha-numeric characters. Last nights messages were 174 characters long. According to the amateur radio operators who have followed the GHFS broadcasts for a very long time, a message of this size has not been copied on the system since the Gulf War of 1991.

What does this mean? It means that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are big-time on the job, and that while they know the nature of the threat (i.e.: “American Hiroshima”) we may not know the specific origin or source of that threat. So they cover all bases by issuing an unambiguous advisory in which known enemies are duly advised and have some additional foreknowledge of their own. Here is how I deduce the knowledge provided them.

A.) The SIGINT collection efforts of the various countries around the world - friend and foe alike - heard and recorded that scheduled GHFS broadcast. The Emergency Action Messages are encoded but spoken in plain text, for example: “Sierra November Foxtrot Six Alpha Niner”. Even though encoded they are crystal clear reminders of the awesome power we can project globally at a moments notice to any potential adversary. The historical effectiveness of this deterrent is why we are all still here.

B.) The message within the June 26 GHFS broadcast was not “routine”, and its sheer size is indicative of this fact. Moreover it is very likely directly related to an underlying principle and current U.S. defense national policy that we will hold ALL other nuclear state powers, excepting allies such as Israel, the UK, France and India, responsible if the United States is nuked by a rogue or terrorist element. A message of this type confirms that CONPLAN 8022 is alive and well. Interestingly, this “message” was delivered one week prior to the arrival of Russian President Valdimir Putin’s summit with US President George Bush in Maine.

Obviously it is imperative that such a strike against the U.S. be pro-actively prevented from ever occurring, and measures are in place to that end. It is somewhat reassuring to know that states which are known sources of fissionable nuclear material have been advised once again of the immediate and lethal price they will pay if we are hit.

The Ever Changing War on Terror

…And The Necessity to Adapt

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

7 July 2007: We don’t fully understand our enemy and we certainly have underestimated the enemy on many occasions. Our enemy is resourceful, elusive, well organized, budget conscience and terribly effective. Our enemy is nested in all social classes, society levels and professions. Our understanding of the enemy is moderate at best. The depth of their dedication to their cause, however misguided has been underestimated. I’m glad that the UK authorities were able to thwart these impending attacks, but there are more in the works. The US, the UK, Canada and countries like Australia need to be on their toes. It will get much worse. It will become more frequent. It will be undetectable with no warnings. The call for the “individual jihad” only complicates this.

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“Cyber Jihadists” operating freely from Canada’s Eastern Seaboard

By Judi McLeod, Founder & Editor, Canada Free Press & Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

6 July 2007: While world attention is on “cyber-jihadists” using the Internet to urge Muslims to wage holy war on non-believers, Canadian authorities should check out the Global Islamic Media Website.

Operating from pastoral Yarmouth, N.S., the Global Islamic Media Website is touted as an “al Qaeda media website” (here).

Would-be jihadists can email operators of the website:

In an era where suicide bombers are `graduating’ enmasse before being dispatched to western countries, it is chilling to know that sites such as the Global Islamic Website seems to operate with impunity.

Complete article: Canada Free Press

The London plots are the “first wave”

Analysis from “Archangel,” one of the nation’s leading deep undercover researchers of Islamic terrorist activities*

5 July 2007: The recent albeit unsuccessful car-bomb attacks in London and the bombing at the Glasgow airport should surprise no one, since the UK has been a long standing target and will continue to be unless they succumb to the Islamic invasion they are faced with, along with the every one of the non-Muslim countries.

Absent of any claims, films or statements by al Qaeda to the contrary, I strongly suspect that these two incidents represent the first wave of future attacks. Since they weren’t exactly a success by our standards, there will be more attacks (or attempted attacks) very soon, most likely within the next 8-14 days. Following the 2005 attacks on the London transit system that killed 52 people and injured several hundred more, al Qaeda released a film released within 36 hours that showcased those attacks. It is important to note the complete absence of any statements in any format and media regarding the London incident and the Glasgow airport attack. The absence of public claims in any form is significant in itself if the London and Glasgow events are viewed, as they must be viewed, outside of the Western mindset.

Do not mistake the failures of the London terrorist operatives as a true failure to their Muslim cohorts and supporters. Having thoroughly examined thousands of films, messages and statements published by Islamic terrorists and supporters over the last few years, there is one important aspect to their thought process that must be carefully considered: the success of the mission is less important than the fact that the mission was undertaken. A working example of this is contained in the numerous films about IED attacks in Iraq; careful examination of these films shows that the majority are actually failures, but are nonetheless touted as successful operations simply because the security was breached, military operations were disrupted, and the films substantiate the seemingly omnipresence of “insurgents,” thus motivating those who support them. By al Qaeda standards, therefore, the Glasgow attack was indeed successful as a security breach, further illustrating that “seemingly omnipresent” and relentless nature of Islamic terrorists.

Looking at the larger picture, however, I am unconvinced that the Glasgow attack was officially sanctioned by the top tiered leaders of al Qaeda, as an examination of the event indicates that it was a last minute, rather rushed attack. The London plans as well as Glasgow may, in fact, have successfully served as a distraction for the planning of other, impending operations.

Terrorist cell activation in Egypt

When investigating al Qaeda’s operations, it is not only important to think outside of the Western mindset, but to closely monitor the larger picture of al Qaeda’s stated objectives. I have noted with interest the recent statement released by al Fajr within the last two weeks that served to activate Islamic terror cells - al Qaeda or al Qaeda linked cells in Egypt. This has important historical implications: 16 days after the July 7, 2005 London bombings, al Qaeda attacked the Egyptian resort areas on July 23, 2005.

Future attacks in the U.S. & Canada

Attacks by Islamic terrorists, possibly linked to al Qaeda, may well come to the US and Canada much sooner than people care to think about - perhaps in the upcoming days or weeks, as we remain completely vulnerable to such attacks. There have been massive amounts of fuel, propane tanks, trucks, cars, explosives, fertilizer and other items stolen during the last few years. Our porous borders and the unchecked nature of the influx of illegal aliens have permitted the infiltration of Islamic terrorists into the U.S. and Canada, and there are thousands if not tens of thousands of al Qaeda trained personnel currently at large. Also, there have been hundreds of documented incidents of active surveillance of our airports, hospitals, infrastructure, buildings, bridges, shipping and ports by Middle Easterners. We have allowed ourselves to be sitting ducks and are long overdue for an attack of some kind.

It is important to understand, however, that vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDS) and bombings ARE NOT the master plan of al Qaeda to bring this nation down in a manner that Islam has dreamed of and planned for decades. Their master plan will require the use of nuclear devices or the equivalent in devastation to do so. These devices or their optional alternatives will only be detonated unleashed when it is time, at a time decided by our enemy and we will have no warning. So, close your Dayminder as no one knows when this will be. We haven’t a clue at to the dates of the crippling blows that will be attempted against our country.

In the interim, however, we will be exposed to smaller type terrorist attacks either by sanctioned al Qaeda, HAMAS and Hezbollah cells in the U.S. and Canada or by the Lone Wolf, homegrown terrorist - a Muslim by either birth or by conversion. Ayman al Zawahiri took great care in promoting the necessity of the “Individual Jihad” in two of his recent videos and true Muslims and Muslim converts see these statements as a green light to proceed in their individual missions. If they are successful and deadly, then they will be praised and al Qaeda will allude to their involvement in the mission. If they fail, they will still be praised.

Most importantly, we must refrain from patting ourselves on the back because there hasn’t been a significant attack inside the U.S. since 9/11. Based on my extensive research, I firmly believe that for every cell we have managed to capture and disrupt, there are 30-40 for which we have no data. As an example, terrorism isn’t much different than drug shipments coming into this country with regard to failures and successes in terms of percentage. For every drug shipment that gets busted, 30-40 others slip through undetected It is much the same with capturing al Qaeda cells. We haven’t scratched the surface.

Misconceptions about Islamic terrorists

I am puzzled at the bewilderment expressed by the media and even the authorities that the operatives of the London plot are doctors. Why not? Professionals circulating in critical areas and on a societal level are less prone to scrutiny by authorities who remain focused on searching out “disgruntled, disenchanted” individuals. Based on ideology alone, all Muslims are viable candidates as future terrorist operatives and are constantly being sought by al Qaeda and other terror groups for future attacks. We now know of the doctors, so the list will surely include engineers, accountants, pharmacists, professors, teachers all with one thing in common: a love of Islam and a desire to inflict pain and punishment upon non-Muslims. So throw the poverty and disenchantment theories into the round file, as they were pointless theoretical excuses for terrorism sought by Utopians seeking a solution that doesn’t exist.

The war declared by the Islamic terrorists is underway and will not be stopped. At best, we can hope to deal them a setback that will simply delay the inevitable. The manner in which we are handling things in this country and within our society, however, will result in nothing more than death warrants for our own people. We lack the intestinal fortitude and resolve to handle this matter with the necessary intellectual honesty it needs. Accordingly, we will pay for our failures in human lives. For that, I blame the various governmental offices and the legislative branch of this country that have facilitated these shortcomings by attempting to create and maintain an impossible dialogue with our enemy.

The gatekeepers have been placed under such scrutiny the last few decades that they are unable to do their jobs effectively. I don’t want to know what the CIA is doing, I just want to be able to sleep better at night knowing they are doing their job. If they want 10 billion dollars to operate, I say Let’s give it to them. The same with the NSA; allow these people do their jobs. I recall a time when I knew little to nothing about the CIA, except that they were there protecting my country behind the scenes. That’s all that mattered to me.

In summary, I believe that the events we have witnessed in London and Glasgow are simply the first wave of a new round of attacks planned against the West. These attacks will be conducted without warning, by individuals selected not for their station in life, but for their commitment to their cause. They are likely your neighbors, your co-workers, or the owner of the business you frequent. Their occupations, place in society, and other factors do not matter. What matters is that they are all united in their ideology – an ideology that the West must be destroyed.


*Director’s note: Most visitors to this web site are familiar with “Archangel,” which is the Internet persona of one of the nation’s leading deep undercover researchers and analysts of Arabic language web sites and other intelligence sources. “Archangel” is active in undercover research and investigation of various sources and individuals that offer substantive information from bona-fide terrorists, their accomplices and supporters.

Most visitors also know my disdain for Internet aliases, as they rarely serve any legitimate purpose beyond providing a convenient and cowardly means to conceal ones identity when launching written attacks they ordinarily would not do using their own identity. The latter is the reason this web site does not permit the use of Internet aliases except to protect the identity of those in law enforcement or a related field for personal and operational safety.

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

Media, analysts miss the mark on Zawahiri message

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

Al Qaeda leader is counting on Iraq pull-out, exploiting political dissent in the West

5 July 2007: Nearly every web site offering analysis and commentary about the 94-minute July 4, 2007 video message of al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri is missing a very important aspect of his “sermon” to the Muslims of the world: victory through jihad is near, but it is contingent on a near term and haphazard withdrawal from Iraq. Another important aspect not addressed by those analyzing the message is Zawahiri’s focus on the politics of the West, especially the U.S., where dissension among American leadership and coalition countries is key to al Qaeda’s victory. “Rejoice, for victory is near, with Allah’s permission, and the herds of crusaders have begun to split up and their sole concern has become searching for a way out,” stated al Zawahiri.

Well known author and conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt identified this important contingency last September, noting that Zawahiri was one of several individuals who attacked President Bush on his foreign policy. Mr. Hewitt was nearly prophetic in his observation of how things were to play out through last fall’s election cycle and beyond. Regardless of where an American falls within the political spectrum, as an American it is vital to understand how closely al Qaeda follows our political wrangling and internal dialogue.

As if to underscore the above, Zawahiri quoted an excerpt from Bob Woodward’s book “Plan of Attack,” noting with much consternation Saudi Arabia’s role in the Iraq War and its collaboration with the West “at the expense of Muslims.”

There arrives a time when the enemy’s messages move out of the realm of intelligence and into the sphere of propaganda. The Northeast Intelligence Network is not in the business of providing a platform to Islamofacist leaders to propagate their messages to their Muslim followers and accordingly, has chosen not to host the video or provide a transcript.

Muslim terrorists and their bomb making instructions on the Internet

“Finding Nemo”… how Muslim terrorists taught car bombers

2 July 2007: The video instructions for the construction of the London car bombs were uploaded to file servers on the Internet months ago by Muslim terrorists, knowing that the successful construction and implementation of the bombs would kill hundreds, if not thousands of innocent men, women and children. Knowing that authorities and intelligence analysts are looking and searching for such instructional videos, the publishers hid the files in folders titled “Finding Nemo,” hoping that they would be overlooked by searchers. Finding Nemo, of course, is the popular animated children’s movie released in 2003, making the terrorist tactics somehow seem even more hideous to the average person.
Single propane tank (highlighted) after being rigged with detonator
Image copied from 12 minute instructional video

Instructions on the construction of detonator; frame copied from videoThe bombs in London, as well as the bomb used at the Glasgow Airport, were made in the same manner, indicating a not only coordination of efforts, but originating from the same bomb-maker or instructor.

As reported by the Northeast Intelligence Network Friday, the bombs, consisting of propane tanks hooked in tandem with one another, gasoline and nails (the latter used for added deadly effect) also closely follow the instructions based on the research of now-jailed UK terrorist Dhiren BAROT. BAROT is the convicted Muslim terrorist who spent a year researching methods of bomb making, and authored a 39-page explosives manual titled Rough Presentation for the Gas Limos Project.

The plot involving BAROT also called for the same types of vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs)to be used inside the United States. Due to the nature of the failed car bombs in London as well as the attack at the Glasgow Airport, U.S. intelligence officials are on heightened alert, considering a higher chance that a renewed incarnation of the “BAROT Plan” might be entering an operation phase against targets in the U.S.

Above images copied from instructional videoIt is important to note that these files were initially found and submitted to authorities by independent counter-terrorism analyst “Archangel,” a contributor of intelligence data, analysis and editorials to this web site.

Doug Hagmann to be a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Listen to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on any of the 500 radio stations across North America and worldwide via Streamlink.

2 July 2007: Douglas J. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, is scheduled to be a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory during the first hour tonight to provide a brief update on the “terror spectacular” possibly planned for the U.S. this summer. Brian Ross and the Investigative Team at ABC broke the story of a U.S. law enforcement report, prepared for the Department of Homeland Security, warning that al Qaeda is planning a terror “spectacular” this summer.

According to intelligence officials speaking to ABC News: “This is reminiscent of the warnings and intelligence we were getting in the summer of 2001.”

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