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The Untold Story of Delta Flight 1824

From Orlando Fun to Islamic Paradise? Airline threats very real

Investigation by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

9 September 2007: The passengers aboard Delta Airlines Flight 1824 flying out of Orlando International Airport last Thursday at 7:15 a.m. heard the following statement over the intercom as they were preparing to taxi onto the runway on their way to Atlanta, Georgia:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have been informed that there is “a credible security risk with this aircraft” and we are returning to the terminal.

Delta Flight 1824 was scheduled to take off at 7:15 a.m. on September 6, 2007, but did not take off until 10:19 - three hours and 5 minutes behind schedule, landing in Atlanta without incident at 11:52 a.m. This report could have been quite different had it not been for the great work by security officials on-site at the Orlando airport. The events that led to the delay might never have seen the light of day had it not been for those special people who care about bringing the honest truth of the Islamic terrorist threat to the public.

If you rely on official government statements and the major media, the entire incident involving Flight 1824 was “benign” and was never a security risk. It involved 12 people from two families, all of Middle Eastern origin, reportedly carrying suspicious items in their luggage. Again, if you rely on official government statements and the major media, the “suspicious items” inside of checks luggage turned out to be “a bottle that had been covered with tape to prevent leaking.”

“It was all benign,” said Dave Couvertier, the FBI agent from the Tampa, Florida Orlando FBI office. The flight ultimately took off about 10:20 a.m. without the two families, who were still undergoing FBI questioning at that time. They were ultimately released, stated FBI spokesman Couvertier. Knowing the series of events that caused the abrupt turnaround of Flight 1824, let’s see how “benign” this incident really was.

Hardly Benign: What really happened

The Northeast Intelligence Network initially received information about Flight 1824 from a trusted federal source early Thursday, who described an incident that could hardly be considered benign by any standards. This source is one of many federal sources who are “tired of the endless cover-ups” by high-ranking government officials and untruths that are constantly told to the American public about matters related to potential Islamic terrorism - in America, against Americans and on American soil.

In the days that followed receiving this initial information, Doug Hagmann, the director of the Northeast Intelligence Network obtained and developed additional information from this and other well-placed sources, including a passenger, interviewed by Hagmann, who was aboard that flight. The information uncovered during this investigation “could be of the scale of the 9/11 hijackers using revised 2007 tactics,” stated Hagmann of the findings.

According to the information developed during the course of this investigation, there were at least nine and perhaps as many as 12 individuals of Middle Eastern origin who were reportedly traveling from Orlando, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia, and then scheduled to catch a flight from Atlanta to their final destination of Saudi Arabia. It was verified that of the 12 people, there were at least six men and three women traveling together.

During a routine test of the baggage, Transportation Security Administration authorities ran the luggage through x-ray detection and then conducted an explosive trace detection of the bags belonging to the 9 Middle Eastern passengers. The x-ray of the bags found questionable items inside the luggage, and the explosive trace detection tests resulted in a “positive hit” for explosives - specifically, SEMTEX, an explosive commonly used by Islamic terrorists. To be certain, however, the luggage was test no less than 4 times by four different machines and operators. Each time, a “positive hit” for explosives was registered. “The presence of explosive traces was ‘no mistake,’” stated one federal source talking to this agency on condition of anonymity.

Due to the multiple independent “hits” for traces of SEMTEX, TSA authorities emptied the luggage in a secured area, and were astonished by what they found. Authorities found 3 jars of Vaseline duct taped together to make one large cylinder. An inspection of this Vaseline-filled cylinder determined that someone had previously removed the Vaseline and replaced it back into the containers, something that was proven by air pockets left within the containers. Based on a thorough inspection of all the luggage belonging to these Middle Eastern passengers, authorities also found multiple strands of electrical wire with the ends stripped of the insulation, thus exposing the copper wire, small eyeglass screw drivers, clocks, cocoa butter, 2 tubs of butter, batteries of various sizes and types, a computer laptop, and multiple bottles of hydrogen peroxide – 144 ounces in all.

Even more disconcerting, TSA and security officials observed that two of the Middle Eastern men intended for the flight had smeared Vaseline on their arms and neck areas - a common tactic among hand-to-hand fighters who want the advantage in the event someone tries to grab them or put them in a headlock. Covered by the greasy agent, they are better able to extricate themselves during close-quarters, hand-to-hand fighting.

A closer inspection of the identification possessed by the Middle Eastern passengers determined that three-(3) of the men possessed false or fraudulent credentials. In fact, one of the Middle Eastern men possessed 2 passports with his picture on both, but the passport information was different on each one.

After flight 1824 had returned to the gate, all passengers were made to leave the plane and take their luggage with them. They were all re-screened and after three hours of extensive security inspection of the luggage and aircraft, were allowed to re-board the airplane and continue their journey to Atlanta. According to official sources speaking on condition of anonymity to the Northeast Intelligence Network, the Middle Eastern passengers were taken from the checkpoint to the Orlando Police Station at the airport by police and FBI officials. Ultimately, they were released by federal officials well after flight 1824 had left the airport.

Second incident at the same airport, same circumstances

According to reports from officials speaking on condition of anonymity, a similar incident occurred at the Orlando airport at approximately 1:00 p.m. on the same day - at the same security checkpoint. On this occasion, it was a female who reportedly possessed some of the same items in her luggage as the previous passengers. In fact, she was a member of the same family, added this source. According to information developed, she was not allowed on the aircraft, although her disposition – in addition to the disposition of the other two Middle Eastern families, remains undetermined at this time.

These are the facts developed to date about Delta Flight 1824 from Orlando. Our investigation into this matter is continuing, accompanied by the tenacious investigative reporting of Annie Jacobsen, author of Terror in the Skies, Why another 9/11 could happen again. A well-informed investigative journalist about the threat to our air travel, Ms. Jacobsen is on the trail of additional leads related to this incident, and can be reached through her website The Aviation Nation.

(c) Copyright 2007 The Northeast Intelligence Network. Reprint permission granted of unedited entire article only with links directly back to the Northeast Intelligence Network.

Update on USF Student Ahmed Mohamed

7 September 2007: Recent media reports reveal that Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif MOHAMED came to the United States on an F-1 student visa, which requires a clearance from the Homeland Security Department.

The F-1 student visa (a/k/a US government form DS-156, Nonimmigrant Visa Application) requires the individual to be a full-time student. It remains valid for as long as the student is engaged in full-time studies plus an additional 60 days thereafter.

However, there are two questions on DS-156 which Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif MOHAMED was required to answer either “yes” or “no” to. In section 38 of the form are the following questions: (Click the article title or “read more” above to continue with this update)

–”Have you ever been convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject of a pardon, amnesty or similar legal action?”

–”Do you seek to enter the United States to engage in… subversive or terrorist activities? Are you a member or representative of a terrorist organization as currently designated by the U.S. Secretary of State?”

Incredibly, Mohamed’s response to these questions would have been irrelevant. In the fine print at the bottom of section 38 it states, “A yes answer to either does not automatically signify ineligibility for a visa…”


Kudo’s to the investigators of this case. According to the first count in the federal indictment against Mohamed, he is charged with Title 18, USC, Section 2339A, providing material support to terrorists.

Osama bin Laden video - promo pics “suspect”

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

UPDATECIA obtains video before official release to target audience;

An unprecedented shutdown of Islamic web sites since US admitted possession of video;

CIA, government analysts attempting to authenticate video.

7 September 2007: The image used to promote the upcoming video message purportedly by Osama bin Laden is considered “suspect,” according to analysts of the Northeast Intelligence Network and federal sources close to this agency speaking on condition of anonymity. The image presented by as Sahab, the media arm of al Qaeda, contains certain characteristics that strongly suggest that the 2007 image of bin Laden sporting a darker beard was done via computer enhancements, not hair dye. Other elements of the image promoting the video are also raising questions and are under analysis.

It appears, however, that the as Sahab image of bin Laden has been deliberately manipulated by computer, possibly in an effort to make the al Qaeda figure appear more robust than in previous footage.

Information obtained by the Northeast Intelligence Network also suggests that the CIA is already in possession of some type of video message from bin Laden where the al Qaeda figure has indeed made contemporaneous references within that video. No further information could be developed through our federal sources, but we are continuing to investigate this matter closely.


Bin Laden video transcript oddity

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs & By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

7 September 2007: According to official U.S. government sources, the video from Osama bin Laden was reportedly obtained and transcribed today - 7 September 2007. The complete transcription, obviously transcribed after the video was obtained, was presented to news outlets in PDF format. One such copy can be downloaded in its entirety below. (Click on article title or “read more” above for complete article)

When analyzing the transcript, however, it was noted that the date of transcription is yesterday, 6 September 2007, one full day before the video was allegedly obtained. The date is prominently displayed in the lower left hand corner of the document in a traditional U.S. format (MM/DD/YY). Usually, an official government document will use the DD/MM/YYYY format.

Additionally, the transcript begins with the number “2? on the bottom center of the document, which was apparently scanned as a picture file and formatted into PDF. Although this is not unusual, we note that the cover page appears to be missing based on the page numeration.

On the left-hand margin the format is M/D/YY, or it could just as easily be D/M/YY. This is a widely unacceptable, non-standard format where the month/date are ambiguous during the first 12 days of any month of the year. (is 9/6/07 September 6 2007 or is it 9 June 2007).

On the right-hand margin the format is YYYY/MM/DD. This date format is the “complete date” of the ISO 8601 format (The accepted International Standard) first published in 1988. This completely unambiguous formet was redacted from some copies of the .pdf.

What does this all mean?

We don’t know. Combined with other oddities related to this video, however, it does make one wonder.

Hagmann to be guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Friday, 7 September 2007: Douglas J. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, is scheduled to be a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory during the first hour tonight. He will be providing his assessment of the bin Laden video discovered by our intelligence agencies earlier today.

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Insight into the terror arrests in Germany

6 September 2007: The arrests of Muslim terrorists in Germany are of special significance as we approach the 6th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Watch a 3-1/2 minute update from Brad Thor on the Glenn Beck Show recorded yesterday for important information.

This is a “must watch” clip. The Northeast Intelligence Network will be updating information on these arrests - and other significant events - within the next 24 hours.

Video from Osama bin Laden expected next 72 hours

6 September 2007: A post found today on an Internet site commonly used to transmit al Qaeda messages announced: “Soon, with the permission of God, a new visual [video] tape, the Sheikh, the Lion, Osama bin Laden. May God protect him.” The following image was posted with that message.

If true, this will be the FIRST time Osama bin Laden has been seen in ANY authenticated video since 2004.

Caution urged by Northeast Intelligence Network analysts

A review of the forum post, the language used in the conveyance of the message, and the still image of Osama bin Laden (above) has caused analysts associated with the Northeast Intelligence Network to be cautious about the validity of the posting. We are looking at the entire “picture,” so to speak, and are examining certain elements that are causing us to question the authenticity of the posting and upcoming video.

“It could well be a legitimate video of bin Laden himself,” stated Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network. “On the other hand, the image posted to the forum where this was originally posted has caused us to take a closer look,” he added. Developing…

Doug Hagmann to be guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

6 September 2007: Douglas J. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, is scheduled to be a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory during the first news segment tonight. He will be providing his assessment of the “surprise” promised by al Qaeda coinciding with the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America.

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Arrested USF Students to be topic of DHS/Congressional meeting

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

“If these were Swedish-Americans or Italian-Americans, we would not be in this position.”
-–Attorney Andrew J. Savage, Charleston, SC lawyer for Youssef Samir Megahed;

[Nominated by the Northeast Intelligence Network as the MOST ridiculous statement of the day].

5 September 2007: The case of the two University of South Florida students is expected to be the topic of a private meeting, supplemental to a meeting previously scheduled for 10:00 this morning between Rep. Bennie Thompson, head of the Committee on Homeland Security and Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff. According to published reports, another Committee member, Rep. Gus Bilirakis of Palm Harbor also intends to question Chertoff about the larger homeland security implications of federal grand jury indictments returned last Friday against the two students, Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif MOHAMED, 24, and Youssef Samir MEGAHED, 21, who were arrested in South Carolina on 4 August 2007 with explosives in their vehicle.

MOHAMED, a graduate student and teaching assistant at the University of South Florida, and MEGAHED, an undergraduate student, were charged with transporting explosives without permits, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. MOHAMED was also charged with one count of explosives training, which carries a possible prison sentence of 20 years.

At issue with regard to the larger security implications is the criminal background of Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif MOHAMED, who was previously arrested in Egypt on terrorism-related charges. He reportedly produced an Internet instructional video illustrating how to construct a bomb in a remote controlled vehicle, such as hobby-sized car, boat or helicopter. Despite his known arrest and ties to potential terrorist activities, MOHAMED was nonetheless granted legal entry into the United States. Both men are Egyptian citizens; MEGAHED is a permanent, legal U.S. resident and MOHAMED is in the U.S. compliments of a student visa. With the news of MOHAMED’S previous arrest in Egypt, questions have arisen concerning proper coordination between all of the federal agencies regarding the granting of student visas and background considerations.

Despite being indicted by a Tampa grand jury last Friday, friends and family of the two students continue to claim that they are innocent of any charges, and also continue to contend that the “explosives” could have been firecrackers left over from an Independence Day celebration. Andrew J. Savage, a lawyer in Charleston, S.C., who is representing Mr. Megahed, said the chemical compounds found in the car belonged to Mr. Mohamed and were “not much more than a firecracker - this is no high-powered explosive.”

In a public interview, Mr. Savage also said he was convinced that his client was the victim of ethnic profiling, adding that “If these were Swedish-Americans or Italian-Americans, we would not be in this position.”


Sean Osborne, associate director of the Northeast Intelligence Network initially reported on the incident on in an article published on 5 August 2007.

On 11 August 2007 - one week after they were stopped in South Carolina, the FBI executed search warrants at a home located at 12402 Pampas Place, Tampa Florida owned by Noor and Ana SALHAB and a vehicle belonging to that address. Although authorities were tight-lipped about what was taken from the home, officials close to the Northeast Intelligence Network confirmed that among the items seized from that address included but were not limited to a gas tank from a lawn mower, a computer owned by Ghassan SALHAB, plastic pipes, and a remote controlled hobby-sized car.

The dwelling at 12402 Pampas Place, Tampa is familiar to investigators. Owned by Noor and Ana SALHAB, the residence was previously leased to the World and Islam Studies Enterprise (WISE), one of two groups founded by convicted terrorism supporter Sami Al-Arian, a former professor at the University of South Florida, which is the same university that MEGAHED and MOHAMED attended. Both have been suspended from the university pending the outcome of their case.

Noor SALHAB publicly confirmed that his son, Ghassan SALHAB, has been living in the home and renting to college students while waiting to sell it. Noor Salhab said a friend of MOHAMED’S rented a room there, and MOHAMED planned to move in on August 7.

EXCLUSIVE: Islamic Terrorism in Toronto

From letter bombs to terror cells, much is left unreportedBy Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, & Judi McLeod, Founding Editor, Canada Free Press

4 September 2007: A joint investigation conducted by the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press appears to have uncovered a nest of Islamist activity inside the greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada area (GTA) that has its tentacles reaching over the border into the United States and well into other foreign countries. Ms. McLeod, founding editor of Canada Free Press with her many law enforcement sources and many years of investigative journalistic experience, and Mr. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network with his two-and-a-half decades of investigative experience, have ventured far beyond the headlines tempered by political correctness and the limited media disclosure involving the case of Adel Mohamed ARNAOUT, the Toronto “mail bomber” and his place of residence known as the “Bombay Bunker.”

Adel Mohamed ARNAOUT, 37, a Muslim immigrant from Lebanon living at 176 Ashdale Avenue, Toronto, Ontario was arrested by undercover Toronto Police officers late last Thursday night in a dramatic takedown at a Don Mills ESSO service station in the in Thorncliffe Park Drive - Overlea area of East York - about 6 kilometers north of the suspect’s residence. ARNAOUT is charged with three counts of attempted murder, three counts of intending to cause an explosion, one count of criminal harassment and one count of possession of explosive material.

His takedown was reportedly the culmination of police investigation that began in June and encompassed “three letter bombs” sent to three seemingly unrelated victims in Toronto and Guelph, Ontario. According to information obtained exclusively through this joint investigation, the “takedown” was deliberately executed at that time by quick-thinking investigative operatives to avoid a potential loss of life of others at the hands of ARNAOUT. At the time of his arrest, a reportedly cash-strapped ARNAOUT was driving a late model rental vehicle and carrying explosives in amounts far in excess and much more lethal than contained within the letter bombs he reportedly sent to date. He was a three-month resident of the “Bombay Bunker,” a dwelling located at 176 Ashdale Avenue, aptly nicknamed due to its unique, strangely fortified, bunker-like appearance and additions, the varying number of occupants and the frequency of its many obviously-Islamic visitors.

According to two police officials close to this investigation, both speaking on the condition of anonymity, ARNAOUT was the primary subject of interest, but the investigation is fanning out to encompass others “at its periphery.”  According to two well-placed police sources, ARNAOUT was carrying “very unstable explosives” in his rental vehicle when taken down at the gas station. “If properly detonated, the explosives could have caused potentially catastrophic and deadly results for a significant area,” stated one police source. The other source explained that the explosives were not only dangerous, but unstable and could not be safely detonated in place, which was the cause for their transport to the Leslie St. Spit. Both police sources refused to comment on the types of explosives found in the vehicle, but both affirmed that they “were not all the same composition” as contained in the so-called letter bombs. “That is the reason we had to take the extraordinary steps to transport the materials inside bomb canisters to a remote location. There were other considerations, but I do not wish to get into those,” added a police source. Asked if the other considerations included the possibility of the explosives being “laced with contaminates,” the police source again refused comment, adding only: “we transported the materials to a safely remote location for cause.”

The investigation into the primary suspect, Adel Mohamed ARNAOUT, began in June at the behest of a victim of harassment, allegedly by ARNAOUT. The investigation into his activities merged with the letter bombs in August, according to police officials. A brief time line of the dates and victims is provided below:

Harassment & letter-bomb victims

- June 2007: SCOTT, Steven; Toronto, Ontario [Harassment]

- 11 August 2007: RADI, Abdel Magid Radi: Victoria Park and Lawrence Ave. E. area, Scarborough, Ontario [Letter bomb – with injury]

- 19 August 2007: REIBER, Terrence: Yonge St.-Sheppard Ave. area Real Estate lawyer, Toronto, Ontario [Letter bomb]

- 22 August 2007: BECKER, JOHN: Self-Employed contractor, Guelph, Ontario [Letter bomb]

With respect to the letter bombs, it is clear that they were NOT chosen at random, but the reason was not disclosed by police. “We don’t have a motive at this point,” Toronto police Const. Wendy Drummond said. “We do know that the three victims ” the two in Toronto and the one in Guelph - “ were not chosen at random.” [emphasis added].

According to our police sources, the trouble between ARNAOUT and SCOTT began at about the same time ARNAOUT moved in to the “Bombay Bunker.” During our joint investigation, Canada Free Press and the Northeast Intelligence Network were able to confirm that there is a connection to the suspect’s troubles with SCOTT, his arrival at the house, and his subsequent activities. Police refused further comment, including comment off the record as a larger investigation is continuing.

The dwelling is owned by Mohammad Latif RAJA. His brother, Mohammad Fayyaz RAJA, works as the “caretaker” of the Ashdale Avenue dwelling. In June, the then-unemployed ARNAOUT allegedly showed up at the house with enough money to pay for the security deposit and at least one month’s rent - over $1,000, but was unable to afford the entire amount that called for a security deposit and two months rent. Reportedly, ARNAOUT was permitted to rent a fortified basement apartment at a $20.00 discount. ARNAOUT then reportedly obtained a position as a security guard for a Toronto based security firm.

Neighbors have their say

Interviews with neighbors, most who are Muslim, by investigators of the Northeast Intelligence Network, brought a lively mix of descriptions of the residence and activities at that location.

Three neighbors living close to the Ashdale Avenue house were interviewed during this joint investigation - and all three expressed their troubling concerns about the residents and visitors to this fortress-like house.

“I see Muslim men coming and going to and from this house all of the time, at all hours,” stated one female in broken English who resides nearby and has a good vantage position of all of the activities at that location. “I’ve seen men coming and going all through the night, into the early morning hours, sometimes all night,” she added. “One thing I noticed were the vehicles- many are luxury vehicles and a lot have license plates from the United States, including New York and Michigan. I believe things maybe [are] not right, something going on there.”

 When asked if she reported any of her observations to the authorities, she replied: “What you want me to tell them? It’s not illegal for people to visit, is it? We’re Muslim, and we don’t want more problems. We don’t need to create more problems for our people. They could be teaching the Qu’ran, I don’t know.”  After being reminded that one of the occupants was just arrested for sending letter bombs and possessing explosives, she replied: “Maybe he was. We don’t know what’s true yet.”

When asked about the unusual construction of the house that resembled a fortress with steel doors and mesh wire window coverings, this neighbor declined further comment, adding that it is up to the owners to decide what to build there, not the neighbors and certainly, not anyone else.

A second neighbor was a little more concerned about the activities at the residence, also noticing a lot of vehicular traffic by vehicles with license plates from various U.S. states. This adult male resident, also refusing to provide his name although it was labeled on his mailbox, stated that between 20-30 people either live at 176 Ashdale Avenue or stay there regularly. They receive a lot of packages delivered by private couriers, and there seems to be a constant flow of Muslim men to and from this house that has been under construction for the last few years. “I don’t know what they are building there, but they sure have been doing a lot of construction,” added this source. They are not outwardly friendly to others, and keep to themselves. “I believe that some of the occupants attend university, but I cannot say for certain,” stated this neighbor.

A third resident, fearing repercussions, also asked for anonymity but was more vocal about the activities at the “Bombay Bunker.” “In fact, I might have been one of the first to refer to that house as the Bombay Bunker,” stated this long-time resident of the neighborhood. “Our neighborhood used to be much different than it is today. It used to be a place where everyone lived together, watched out for each other and helped each other. Now, there is a huge presence of Muslims who have taken over the area, segregated themselves and refuse to socialize or interact with non-Muslims.” This source stated that he has expressed concerned about the activities at the “Bombay Bunker” to authorities, but declined to detail the responses he received. “Two years ago, I was told that someone would look into it, and here we are today, that’s all I will say regarding the authorities.”

According to this source, he has seen men using both cellular and satellite communications outside at this location. “I have seen two or three men talking on satellite phones. I know what they look like, I’ve used one before.” This source added: “I know there are computers on constantly, and there are a lot of deliveries made to the house by private carriers like DHL and other private concerns. I don’t know what is coming or going, but the house is active all of the time.”

Possible International connections

“There have been many vehicles with license plates from New York, Ohio, Michigan, all from the United States coming and going to and from the house,” stated the third resident interviewed. I’ve seen men dressed in full Muslim attire coming from the U.S., staying for short periods, then leaving. Sometimes, three or four men would arrive, and only one or two would leave.” This source also stated that he has heard that “some of the men have connections to mosques in Buffalo and Lackawanna in the U.S. and Mississauga in Ontario. I don’t have any way to verify this, but I’ve been told by others in the area.”

According to the two police officials who have provided information, Canadian officials are investigating possible connections to at least three overseas countries, including Lebanon, Pakistan and Egypt. While our police sources declined to comment on any possible connections to Hezbollah, they both noted that a “decisive majority” of Muslims appear to support Hezbollah as evidenced by recent anti-Israeli rallies tacitly sanctioned by Canada’s political system.

“To be certain, there is much more to this than being reported. There will be additional arrests, not necessarily directly related to the letter bombs, but stemming from an ancillary investigation. This is much larger than three amateurish mail bombs, I will tell you that.”

The Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press are continuing their investigation.