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Special report: Tampa explosion & the strange case of Farid Karakra

18 February 2008 It was around midnight on Tuesday, February 5, 2008 when a series of at least three explosions ripped through Jacob’s Lube & Citgo gas station, convenience store and deli at the corner of Busch and North Boulevards in Tampa, killing 22 year-old Palestinian immigrant Farid I.A. KARAKRA. The station was closed for business at that hour, raising questions about what KARAKRA was doing at his brother-in-law’s automotive repair shop in the middle of the night.

According to law enforcement sources and published reports, KARAKRA, a/k/a Farid YUSIF, went to the station after visiting with some friends at the Al-Aqsa Coffee House, a Middle Eastern coffee shop and popular hangout for Muslims, especially Muslim students who attend the University of South Florida. Investigation indicates that KARKRA left the coffee shop around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, traveling from 10819 56th Street to Citgo at 901 W. Busch Boulevard in Tampa. Within the hour, he would be dead from the burns he suffered in the explosions and subsequent fire.

karakracitgoAccording to residents living near the gas station, the explosions were so large that the concussions shook houses in the area. Valiant attempts to rescue the screaming KARAKRA were made by Alonzo Browne, an employee of a donut shop located across from the station, and by Tampa Police Tampa Officers Ed Croissant and Cpl. Jim Thompson who arrived shortly after the explosions. The heat from the fire following the explosions was so intense, KARAKRA could not be saved. He was ultimately removed from inside the gas station by Tampa Fire personnel, but KARAKRA had already expired.

FBI enters investigation

The circumstances surrounding the deadly explosion on February 5th have been the subject of much initial speculation, fueled by the involvement of the FBI in an event that is normally handled by local fire investigators and law enforcement. The reason for the involvement of the FBI and other federal agencies in this matter, however, is beginning to emerge.

Doug Hagmann, a 23-year veteran investigator and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network has been in contact with a law enforcement source close to this investigation since the incident. This source, speaking on the strict condition of anonymity, stated that “cause and origin investigators have all but ruled out that the explosions were caused by gasoline or other flammable sources that would routinely be found in a normal service station setting.”

During a telephone interview this weekend, this source stated that “they [investigators] found nothing related to the operation of the service station that could reasonably be the cause for the explosions, especially after an assessment of damage to the interior of the building caused by the explosions. The explosions were very powerful and based on the internal reports I’ve read and the investigators I’ve talked to, were inconsistent with a normal gas vapor cause. The blast damage to the interior of the building’s structure was significant,” stated this source. The description of the damage to the building mirrored some witnesses who said that “the roof blew off the place.”

Publicly, law enforcement officials have yet to comment on the cause of the explosions. Rumors that forensic examiners investigating the blast site found traces of a certain compounds “not indigenous to” or normally found at automotive service stations have not been publicly confirmed. Nonetheless, this law enforcement source confided to this investigator that trace evidence collected from the scene has been analyzed “by the feds.” While the results of those tests have not been released, this source is reporting that trace evidence tested positive for the presence of an explosive material, but declined to identify the material to avoid potentially compromising the ongoing investigation.

Who was Farid KARAKRA?

karakraFarid I.A KARAKRA, who resided on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard in Tampa at the time of his death, entered the U.S. from the West Bank about four years ago on a student visa to attend the University of Miami. He moved in with his sister and brother-in-law and took a job as a mechanic at his brother-in-law’s shop at the Citgo on Busch Boulevard. He quickly made friends through a local mosque and Islamic center, and at the Al-Aqsa Coffee Shop.

Allegedly, KARAKRA was to be married in June to a young girl currently residing in New York. Hi fiancé did not attend the funeral, which was held at the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay, 7326 E. Slight Avenue, Tampa, Florida.

Curiosity surrounds KARAKRA and his activities since his arrival in the U.S., including but not limited to charges filed against him for the possession of fraudulent identification. He was arrested in Florida last year for having a false ID, although the charges were reduced from a felony to summary status when the matter was adjudicated. And then there is the matter of a possible connection between KARAKRA and the high-profile investigation of two USF students arrested last year for possession of explosives.

Following the news of the explosion, rumors within law enforcement suggested a possible connection between KARAKRA and the two University of South Florida students who were arrested last August in Goose Creek, South Carolina. Yousef MEGAHED, 21, and Ahmed MOHAMED, 24 were arrested and charged with possessing explosives in their vehicle. Their arrests are surrounded by controversy clouded by contradicting public statements made federal law enforcement agencies as well as those by officials from the Council on American Islamic Relations. Both men are currently awaiting trial.

According to the information offered by the law enforcement source interviewed this weekend, there appears to be substantiation of rumors that there was “some connection” between the deceased KARAKRA and the two USF students. The possible connection reportedly stems from “a social network” at the Al-Aqsa Coffee House, where many patrons celebrated the acquittal of USF professor Sami al Arian in December 2005.

“There has been an extensive ‘social network’ of young Muslim men in the Tampa area for a long time. Many people don’t understand that this ‘network’ gained a sense of being impervious to investigation that began with the acquittal of al-Arian,” stated this source, noting that this perception has caused investigators some difficulty recently. “Al Arian’s acquittal was seen as one ‘turning point’ that took the wind out of the government’s investigations into the financing of terrorism and related cases.”

What caused the massive explosions that ripped though an otherwise quiet night in Tampa almost three weeks ago? As suggested by the law enforcement source speaking to this investigator, don’t expect much information to be made public by federal authorities working on this case. As with most such cases, news about this case will eventually be absorbed into the fabric of an impotent media combined with public malaise about potential terrorism activities inside the U.S.

Massive explosion rocks Texas oil refinery

18 February 2008: A massive explosion rocked the ALON oil refinery in Big Spring, Texas shortly after 8:00 a.m. local time today, blowing out windows and shaking houses and businesses up to 25 miles away. Despite the magnitude of the explosion and fire, officials are reporting that eleven people were injured from the blast at the refinery, one critically, a toll likely minimized by the President’s Day holiday.

ALON employs about 170 people and produces about 70,000 barrels a day. A Dallas based company, ALON is a majority owned company by ALON Israel Oil Co. Ltd. Although no cause for the explosion has been determined, this refinery has reportedly been the target of surveillance within the last 18 months, by at least two men of Middle Eastern appearance.

Given the recent threats by Islamic terrorists to U.S. and Israeli assets in the U.S. and abroad in retaliation for the death of top Islamic terrorist Imad Fayez Mughniyeh, the Northeast Intelligence Network will continue to monitor events pertaining to this explosion.

Who Really Killed Imad Fayez Mughniyeh?

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

17 February 2008: As America, Israel and our other allies in the Middle East brace for a violent covert or overt military retaliation from Hezbollah, Syria and Iran for the alleged assassination of Imad Fayez Mughniyeh, it is a moral and ethical imperative that Americans, Israelis and our allies know of and understand the undercurrents of what it is that the Arab street have been saying about Hezbollah, Syria and Iran. In being true to a long-existent template, the so-called “mainstream media” in America and the West once again has failed to fully inform the public about the necessary details.

Having been to Kuwait in recent years I know of one Arab source of information which has been consistently cutting-edge and truthful no matter what the apparent cost. That source is Ahmed Al-Jarallah, the editor-in-chief of the Arabic language Dar Al-Seyassah Press and the English-language mirror publication The Arab Times. Al-Jarallah has gone on record describing the dominance of Iran in all things related to terrorism, and its total controlling influence over the present government of Syria. Details will follow, but to know who really killed Imad Mughiyeh we must look to Tehran in order to understand who really killed him, if he was really killed and what true agenda the reported killing is intended to facilitate. The words of Ahmed Al-Jarallah will assist me in telling that story.

The reported assassination of Mughniyeh has as a bottom line result the threat of major covert or military action primarily against Israel – the focus of Iranian, Syrian and Hezbollah claims of responsibility for the alleged killing. America also has been implicated, which is par for the course when it comes to the Ayatollah and his sock-puppet mouthpieces, beginning in Tehran with Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad and ending in Beirut with Hassan Nasrallah.

We have all been aware for quite some time now that the global and regional political and military agenda of the Iranian leadership has emanated from the central and uniquely Shi’a hadith religious impetus surrounding the appearance of the al-Mahdi, the so-called 12th Imam, a child Imam who has been waiting at the bottom of an Iranian water well for the past 1,200 years only to reappear on the world stage as a 40-year old conquering savior. Anything and everything that can be done must be done according to the Iranian eschatology to hasten the appearance of the Mahdi. Among those anythings and everythings engaged in by Iran is the general purpose making stuff up as they go along, the creating of deliberate and deceptive falsehoods as well as staged killings not seen since 1979 which was precipitated by the most prolific Shiite murderer Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in Iran, a Shiite precursor al-Mahdi.

Perhaps the alleged killing of Imad Fayez Mughniyeh was just such a deliberately calculated and staged deception. This alleged killing was staged in Damascus, the scheduled site of the upcoming Arab League summit on 29-30 March 2008. At his point I’ll turn to Ahmed Al-Jarallah’s commentary of January 19, 2008 to provide context.

”ARAB leaders and their representatives are heading for Syria although Damascus is sick and has been confined to the intensive care unit in Tehran… and put on life-saving support, although the Arabs have been trying in vain to bring the Syrian regime to their fold. The Syrian regime might have listened to advice if it was alive, but the problem is that the restless regime in Iran is feeding Syria with its expansionist intensions and those who have agreed to abandon their group and surrender their decisions, their blood and their future to Tehran. Therefore, the Arabs will return from Damascus with a bag of high quality lies, part of the deceit which surrounds Damascus because it submits to the dictates of Tehran. To save its face, the regime in Damascus always blames others and accuses them of not cooperating with it. These excuses are worse than the sin itself.”

What goes on in Damascus is controlled completely by the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Before arriving in Damascus about one week ago, Imad Fayez Mughiyeh was in Tehran receiving his orders for upcoming operations – operations clearly intended to preface the Arab League Summit in Damascus at the end of March.

Here now are a series of excerpts from the most recent commentary from Ahmed Al-Jarallah which provide us with some very descriptive analysis dated February 14, 2008 on the Damascus security apparatus the alleged assassins had to overcome in getting to Mughniyeh.

”Israel has allegedly cracked a security strategy created to protect [Mughniyeh] as well as the security system of Hezbollah, which spends around 20 million dollars monthly on its security personnel, protectors and its monitoring and information system. Israel is also said to have succeeded in cracking the security and secret intelligence system of Syria and planted a bomb inside [Mughniyeh’s] car. If Israel is indeed behind all of these events, it would not wait even a single minute to declare its victory, especially after the war in July 2006. It would have distributed photos of such operations through the satellites to show its strength to the whole world.

If the allegations of Hezbollah on the assassination of [Mughniyeh] are true, it only means that Hezbollah has finally acknowledged Israel’s victory. This is a disgrace to Syria as such accusations are tantamount to underestimating its security system considering [Mughniyeh] died in a bomb blast in a residential area in Damascus. On the other hand, if Syria killed [Mughniyeh], it is then logical to conclude that it is a haven for terrorists. [Mughniyeh] carried out his terrorist activities under the pen name ‘Al-Hajj Redwan’. He was later reduced to nothing as he became one of Syria’s sacrifices to protect the image it is trying to project to the US and Israel. As mentioned in an article published last week, Syria regards people as ‘disposables’, who can be thrown away after being used.
Mughaniya served Syria and its Iranian allies. They entrusted him with their secrets and kept his identity a top secret only to be assassinated through a bomb blast like many Lebanese officials. Syria has blamed others for these assassinations but the truth will come out soon just like the secrets of those who worked with Osama Bin Laden. No matter how hard Syria tries to hide the truth, it will definitely come out sooner or later. If Israel is the real assassin, Syria is no longer safe for terrorists but if Syria is the assassin then the resistance [i.e.: terrorist] groups under its wing should no longer trust Syria. Let this serve as a warning to Khalid Meshal [Damascus-based leader of HAMAS] as he is the next target.”

If either postulation is correct regarding Imad Mughniyeh the net result is that Iran, its proxy state Syria and its proxy terrorist groups of Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, HAMAS, and yes, Al Qaeda, have been provided themselves a public relations excuse to launch covert or direct military action against Israel, America and our allies all over the world. Indeed, if we take the Mughniyeh “funeral” statement made by Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah at face value it would seem that the era of ambiguous Islamic terrorism is over, and we are now faced with a declared all-out war with these Islamists. So be it.

At this point it would behoove Syria to immediately take heed of the concluding sentence of Ahmed Al-Jarallah in the first linked article. “Syria will get the lion’s share of this treatment because playing with forbidden tools brings grave consequences.” Indeed. If what the Iranian’s have planned for Israel is launched from Syria then the near-term real estate value of Damascus will soon be not unlike that of the real estate value of Chernobyl, Ukraine.

FBI source: Hezbollah terror threat in the U.S.

16 February 2008: Late yesterday, Northeast Intelligence Network director Doug Hagmann spoke with a well-placed FBI source who confirmed that the threat of terrorist attacks inside the U.S. by Hezbollah terrorist operatives living in America is currently at “an unprecedented level” The threat level has risen due to Tuesday’s car-bomb assassination of Imad Mughniyah, a top Hezbollah leader.

According to this source, there are “literally hundreds, if not thousands of Hezbollah members with attack capabilities in the U.S., and tens of thousands more Hezbollah operatives who support the Muslim terrorist organization through financing and recruitment.”

Following the death of Mughniyah, Hezbollah leaders urged members to avenge his death by attacking Jewish and American targets. While most U.S. intelligence officials believe the threat is greater to U.S. and Israeli assets abroad, the flurry of intelligence bulletins, confidential memos and warnings issued to law enforcement agencies across the U.S. indicate that there is more than an abundance of caution at play.

“Because of Mughniyah’s position within the organization, retaliation is a near certainty, it’s just a matter of timing and location” stated this FBI source. “Hezbollah is very well organized and extremely well financed, funded largely by the Iranian government. Their attack capabilities are perhaps the best of all Muslim terror groups at present, especially in the U.S.” added this source.

Although the various bulletins and warnings identify no specific threat or target, law enforcement agencies have been advised to increase protective measures for government buildings, Jewish institutions and other potential targets.

Major media: Better late than never

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

13 February 2008: On August 16, 2005, the Northeast Intelligence Network published the images below under the headline “Insidious Terrorist Tactic: Using “Pregnant” Women to Hide Explosives” - Islamic Terrorists to Exploit PC Weaknesses. Yesterday, the very images that were secured by contributing analyst Randy Taylor from a web portal utilized by Islamic terrorists were published in the mainstream media. Their broadcast was based on a just-issued report issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, warning of the use of pregnant-posing women carrying explosives in prosthetic “wombs” as depicted below:



On August 16, 2008, we reported:


By their very nature, Islamic terrorists are sick and inhumane, having twisted religious ideologies that cause them to stop at nothing to exploit the weaknesses of our security forces. Currently, we are seeing the terrorists teach new methods and tactics to accomplish their objectives of causing mass casualties.

One of the more insidious methods is to utilize a willing female to feign late-stage pregnancy and place explosives into the empty womb cavity as shown in these images. The message is clear: to exploit political correctness in the U.S. and elsewhere to bypass normal security with little notice (who would dare question the authenticity of a pregnancy?) and inflict the most causalities possible.


Following our report, we received numerous e-mails from visitors to our site and even arm-chair counter-intelligence analysts from other web sites, labeling us as alarmists and fear-mongers.

Given this week’s report, what say you now?

EXCLUSIVE: Hezbollah leader Imad Mugniyah dead

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

mughniyeh13 February 2008: Wanted in 40 countries for despicable acts of Islamic terrorism, Hezbollah terrorist leader Imad Fayez Mugniyah is now answering to a higher power for his deadly reign of terror, compliments of a exquisitely planned, extremely precise car bombing last night in Damascus, Syria. MUGNIYAH, perhaps best publicly identified by the dated photo at left, was Hezbollah’s military commander and deputy secretary general.

He was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for his role in planning and carrying out the 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847, a terrorist act where U.S. Navy diver Robert Stethem was savagely murdered. He was also responsible for the 1983 bombings of the U.S. Embassy and the Marine Corps barracks in Beirut that killed more than 200 U.S. troops, and the bombing of a French army compound in Beirut that killed 60 French servicemen.

Earlier today, a well-placed intelligence source close to the Northeast Intelligence Network confided to this investigator that while the blame - or credit (depending on which side of this war one is on) is being placed on Israeli intelligence agents, it “could be a mistake” to make such connections. And, according to this source, MUGNIYAH will not be the last to be neutralized, either by capture or death in battle.

“Watch closely, especially over the next several months, the number of HVTs [high-value targets] who will be captured or killed. Those who have made it their life’s work to spread carnage ought to be looking over their shoulder’s this morning,” stated this source, speaking on strict condition of anonymity.

More information and discussion at the NEIN Blog

Muslim children being trained for Islamic terrorism - the video

8 February 2008: US and Iraqi military officials in Baghdad released a video, seized in a raid on a suspected al-Qaeda house, that shows young Muslim children being trained to carry out assassinations, suicide bombings and kidnappings.

Children in Islamic terrorism training

The footage, which is about three-and-a-half minutes in length, was seized in December from Khan Bani Saad, northeast of Baghdad, and provided more evidence that al-Qaeda is using children and women for its terror operations.

According to contributing counter-terrorism analyst Archangel, the video was most likely edited by the U.S. Department of Defense prior to its release - for intelligence purposes. The original was obviously produced by al Furqan, Islamic State of Iraq, formerly known as Mujahideen Shura Council (Zarqawi’s organization) formerly known as al Qaeda in Iraq.

Al Qaeda continues to target US homeland

U.S. intelligence: Westerners are being recruited & trained at al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan

7 February 2008: This week’s testimony of Michael McConnell, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence confirmed that al Qaeda continues to plan attacks inside the U.S. – and is restructuring to do so. McConnell, who oversees 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, stated that “al Qaeda is improving the last key aspect of its ability to attack the U.S. — the identification, training and positioning of operatives for an attack in the homeland.”

To enhance their capabilities of launching such attacks inside the U.S., McConnell confirmed that al Qaeda is recruiting Westerners to terror camps in Pakistan. Noting that “increased security measures at home and abroad have caused al Qaeda to view the West, especially the U.S., as a harder target,” U.S. intelligence agencies “have seen an influx of new Western recruits” into the tribal areas [of Pakistan] since mid-2006, ” stated Mr. McConnell.

Recent intelligence also indicates that al Qaeda has been targeting the White House, which appears to be consistent with the wishes expressed by Osama bin Laden in a 2005 message. A similar message was broadcast in November 2006 by al Qaeda leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri.

Trailer & $70,000 explosives stolen in Detroit

4 February 2008: A trailer containing about $70,000 worth of high-tech fireworks used during player introductions at Detroit Pistons basketball games was discovered stolen early Sunday morning in the Detroit suburb of Warren, Michigan. The still-missing trailer is described as a 20’ 2001 Haulmark brand tow-behind style trailer bearing Michigan plate A294612. It is silver on the back and sides, blue on the front with a diamond checkered plate.

The trailer was taken sometime Saturday from an industrial parking area located near Dequindre and 14 Mile Road in an industrial parking lot in Warren, north of the city of Detroit, Michigan. The trailer contained pyrotechnics called dragons, which shoot flames skyward and concussive explosions “that easily could blow off body parts,” and tanks of propane gas.

The trailer and its contents is owned by a company identified as Band-Ayd. Through its president Nino De Benedetti, Band Ayd is offering a $5,000 “no questions asked” reward for return of the trailer and its contents. Warren police are investigating the theft. Anyone with information is asked to contact Warren Police Detective Sgt. Dan Beck at 586-574-4776.


“We do not know the enemy and we know it and so does the world.”

A businesswoman returns early from a business trip and walks into her bedroom only to find her husband in bed with another woman. Caught completely by surprise, the husband jumps out of bed and calls to his wife:

“Honey, who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

-A joke commonly told by those who have actually read Islamic law on jihad (Excerpted from To Our Great Detriment).

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

3 February 2008: In 2001, as the entire world bore witness, the Pentagon was attacked by Islamic terrorists. In the years since, it continues to be attacked and the security of our nation threatened. Not by planes hijacked by Islamic terrorists, suicide bombers or chemical weapons, but by a more effective and insidious enemy – the enemy within, coupled with our lack of understanding of their strategy, and our malaise as time fades the vivid images of the death and destruction that took place within our borders on 9/11.

The most recent example of such attacks, perhaps the “Exhibit A” of 2008, is the decision not to renew the contract of the Pentagon’s leading authorities on Islamic war doctrine, Major Stephen Coughlin. Major Coughlin is the author of a 333 page document titled To Our Great Detriment, which provides important insight into the agenda and tactics of our enemy. For doing his job well – and to our great detriment - Major Coughlin has essentially been fired from his job at the Pentagon.

For doing his job well, Major Coughlin has essentially been fired from his job at the Pentagon – to our great detriment.

Arguably, Major Coughlin has been fired for pointing out that:

* “Never understanding the enemy means never being able to generate an effective strategy to defeat him,”

* “The cost of not understanding the enemy has been high and is getting higher everyday,”

* “Failure to account for Islamic law will result in a failure to recognize the laws of jihad that the enemy consciously emulates,”

* “Recalling that the disclosure of any information about Islam or Muslims that would cause a non-Muslim to question Islam violates strict Islamic laws on slander, it may help to explain why those beholden to such a standard could earnestly insist that ‘Islam has nothing to do with it’ in the face of evidence that would normally argue otherwise in other circumstances.”

Almost prophetically, Major Coughlin wrote:

“Because a slander concerning Islam can easily qualify as an insult to Islam, the consequences, as noted earlier, can be severe. This would be true even if the slander was factually accurate. This may help explain why the writing of a thesis such as this could lead to strong accusations that it is either an insult or slander to Islam even when every point asserted is verified and validated. Either way, choosing to ignore the information that lies beneath the surface of such claims is to submit the information that drives decision making and analysis to the disclosure requirements of Islamic law. This is submission.”

Unless we as Americans, begin to care about our survival as a nation more than who wins the Super Bowl tonight, we will lose the war that is taking place on our own soil.