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U.S. Military Awards $80 Million Contract to Saudi Fugitive

by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

5 June 2008: The United States Department of Justice is seeking information for the whereabouts of Saudi “businessman” Ghaith PHARAON. Anyone with any information on his location are requested to contact the FBI or a US Embassy in the applicable country, according to FBI spokesman Richard Kolko.

Perhaps the U.S. Justice Department should give the Pentagon a jingle, because PHARAON’S company - Attock Refinery Ltd., was just awarded a contract worth $80,452,502.39 by the U.S. military to provide jet fuel to military jets in Afghanistan. This year’s contract is worth over $40 million more than the 2007 contract between PHARAON’S company and the U.S.

Why is Ghaith PHARAON wanted by the U.S. Department of Justice, you ask?

Remember the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) “scandal” that made headlines in the early 1990’s? BCCI was an international bank founded in 1972 by Agha Hasan Abedi, a financier from Pakistan.

Throughout its first 20 year history, BCCI evolved into a mega-criminal enterprise involving the most despicable and elite - and the most despicably elite. Numerous governments, intelligence agencies, terrorists, politicians, lawyers and lobbyists all had some level of involvement with BCCI, which was finally shut down in 1991.

On July 29, 1991, Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, who had been investigating BCCI for over two years, announced that a grand jury seated in Manhattan had indicted BCCI and its founder Agha Hasan Abedi on twelve counts of fraud, money laundering and larceny.

Ghaith PHARAON, the aforementioned businessman and owner of Attock Refinery Ltd., was deeply involved with BCCI (and the CenTrust savings and loan scandal), which cost the U.S. taxpayers an estimated $1.7 billion.

If you think that’s outrageous - wait - there’s more.

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al Qaeda Message “Coming Soon”

4 June 2008: Cyber-surveillance of one of the most popular Arabic language forums used by Islamic terrorists found an announcement that a message from Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s second-in-command, is expected shortly.

The announcement appeared earlier today in the form of a banner with the insignia of as-Sahab, the media wing of al Qaeda, embedded within the banner. Counter-terrorism investigative analyst well known within intelligence circles as Archangel initially discovered the announcement.

Of particular note and specific to this announcement were a series of black-and-white images appearing in rotation within the animated banner. The communication and graphic animation is currently under analysis. Typically, messages announced through as-Sahab appear on the more commonly viewed terrorist forums within 72 hours of the initial announcement.

June 4 2008: As Sahab Presentation of Ayman al Zawahiri

4 June 2008: As Sahab, the media wing of al Qaeda, released an 11 minute, 30-second audio recording purportedly of Ayman al Zawahiri, urging Palestinian terrorists to increase homicide bombings and missile attacks against Israel. The audio message was delivered over a static image of Zawahiri super-imposed within a montage of what appeared to be Palestinian children, but did not feature any recently recorded video or images of the al Qaeda leader.

The message was released on the anniversary of the June, 1967 six-day Arab-Israeli war. Zawahiri’s latest message is aimed at garnering Muslims to launch an offensive to end Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip. The release of today’s audio follows last month’s al Qaeda message purportedly from Osama bin Laden, here bin Laden urged Muslims to rise up against Arab countries that deal with Israel.

The video was secured by the well-known counter-terrorist cyber-sleuth Archangel, and is currently undergoing extensive investigative analysis.

Islam and WMD’s

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

1 June 2008: Yes, I know, I didn’t say al Qaeda and WMD’s. The reason being is that al Qaeda is only one of the potential terrorist groups that would like to hit the US with Weapons of Mass Destruction. There are many Islamic entities both Sunni and Shiite that would like to deliver a WMD to a city near you. By the way, the list grows daily.

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