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Possible Chemical Attack Planned at Democractic National Convention?

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

13 August 2008: The FBI, Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Colorado State Police, the Colorado National Guard, and various other state and local law enforcement agencies are involved in investigating the death of a man found in a Denver hotel on Monday. Saleman Adbirahman DIRIE, 29, a Somalian native who had been living in Canada, was dead for at least six days when found inside room 408 at the Burnsley Hotel, 1000 Grant Street, Denver, Colorado.

This law enforcement source stated that “police found two large bottles of a powdered cyanide-based substance inside of the room, in addition to other materials consistent with the storage and handling of cyanide.”

According to authorities, no passport was found on Dirie or inside of his room.

The Burnsley Hotel is located about four blocks from the State Capitol building, and not far from many events associated with the Democratic National Convention scheduled in Denver later this month.

Despite the circumstances surrounding his death, authorities are downplaying the incident and are being intentionally vague about the identification of the substance. According to public news sources, FBI Special Agent in Charge James Davis stated “that nothing so far has been found to link the case to terrorism or the coming convention.”

Russia’s military offensive against Georgia: Preparations for regional war?

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs Specialist

Could this be part of a larger military strategy in the run-up to a confrontation with Iran?

Russian military bombs vital oil pipeline that supplies the West

Russia expands military blitz against Georgia - deploys ships

U.S. moves two new carrier groups to the Persian Gulf region

Kuwait finalizing “emergency war plan” as U.S. ships head to Gulf

Over 2,000 killed in fighting in South Ossetia

11 August 2008: A very disturbing confluence of events is currently taking place on the world stage, events that have the possibility of changing the course of our world as we know it. Tensions are mounting over Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions and their intent on the destruction of Israel. The U.S. has deployed two new carrier groups to the Persian Gulf region. At the same time, Russia is mounting an offensive against the independent state of Georgia. The man behind the offensive appears to be the “Big Bear” himself - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

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Massive Explosion Rocks Toronto

10 August 2008: A series of explosions - some massive - set a propane distribution depot located in the Wilson Avenue and Keele Street area of Toronto, Ontario Canada ablaze at about 3:30 this morning.

Amateur Video HereA portion of the 401 between the DVP/404 and Hwy. 400 has been closed, as well as all ramps exiting and entering that part of the highway. A no-fly zone has also been declared above the area.


KBR Bans Cell Phones in Entire Middle East and Central Asia

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director

04 AUG 2008: A clarification was issued by KBR management late yesterday afternoon regarding the ban on personal cell phone use by its OCONUS deployed employees. The clarification states “… the direction from [redacted] to all [KBR] employees in the Middle East and Central Asia is that you not use your personal cell phone. You can remove the battery and store it.

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Anthrax, the FBI & the Oswald Profile

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

1 August 2008: At 6:58 this morning, I received a telephone call at my office from a man I know well. He is someone who has performed numerous investigations involving the security of the United States. Information he has developed during the course of his many investigations has been acted upon by nearly every intelligence agency operating in the United States.

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The Status of Ayman al Zawahiri - Questions & Skepticism

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

1 August 2008: That we might have successfully hit al Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al Zawahiri in a July 28, 2008 US air strike on a Pakistani madrasa near the Afghan border indeed comes as welcome news. In a report today, CBS News announced their interception of correspondence bearing the seal and signature of an al Qaeda leader in Pakistan that al Zawahiri was critically wounded. But is it true?

Time will undoubtedly tell - hopefully.

Presently, most professional and self-appointed counter-terrorism analysts currently populating the Internet differ in their opinions over the legitimacy of the news of al Zawahiri’s current physical state. The reliability of the ISI, for example, or that of STRATFOR, or [insert name of source here]. In terms of terror analysis, the authority of just about every source seems to be publicly challenged by a cottage industry of self-styled counter-terrorism experts whose only verifiable abilities appear to be the use a keyboard and the propensity to hide behind stylish Internet pseudonyms.

But there remains an even larger elephant in the room. An issue that no one seems to want to address or discuss. What about the legitimacy of what is being sourced to our own intelligence agencies?

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