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Judge Denies Acquittal Motions for Fort Dix Islamic Terrorists

BREAKING NEWS 5 March 2009:  According to a breaking news report from the Burlington (NJ) County Times:

A federal judge rejected the bids of the Fort Dix five to reverse the guilty verdicts and order a new trial for the men convicted of plotting to kill U.S. soldiers. U.S. District Judge Robert Kugler denied the motions for acquittal during a hearing this morning in Camden.

“There was overwhelming evidence that the jury could find guilt,” he said.

The five foreign-born Muslims were convicted in December of conspiracy to commit murder. The government said the men planned a heavily-armed, jihad-inspired attack and had identified Fort Dix as a viable target.

Islam- The Devil’s Greatest Illusion

The illusion of Islam lies with the presentation of Islam by the so called “moderate” Muslims here in the western world. The illusion is their attempt at a peaceful portrayal of Islam which unfortunately a huge majority of westerners actually believe to be true. The illusion is also the presentation of Islam as a religion while neglecting to properly identify it as an actual political system based in the so called religion. - Randy Taylor

By Randy Taylor

The 52 year old male pedophile watched the young six year old girl outside her home, playing with her dolls. He felt an overwhelming stirring in his loins and knew he was sexually attracted to her and he knew this in his entire being. He wanted to take away her innocence, and indulge himself sexually with the child. Would he get away with this perverse fantasy? What would the authorities do when he, a travelling salesman was caught?

They would do nothing. The man was Mohammed and he was the authority. He married this young girl at the age of six and indulged himself with her sexually when she was nine. Her father basically traded her off for a high position in this new “religious” movement. His name was Abu Bakr and he later became the first Caliph according to the Sunni Muslims. The Shiites disagree. Its immaterial as he was swine either way.

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