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There should be no doubt that a coup d’état is taking place inside the United States at this very moment. Plans for it began the moment political outsider Donald J. Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 Presidential election. Anyone paying attention to certain, very specific events that occurred within elite Washington circles immediately following Clinton’s loss right through inauguration day could tell that this administration would face the most vicious forms of attack, including (and especially) internal sabotage that this nation has seen in modern times.

Donald Trump’s victory was an unanticipated setback for the globalists entrenched within the halls of power. His victory represented a victory for the people who understand that the fate of America is at stake. His election, however, is bigger than any one man or single office, as is the fight in which all of us are engaged, like it or not.

This is a battle for the heart and soul of our nation. It is an internal asymmetrical war that is raging on many fronts with non-uniformed combatants, provoked and facilitated by not only the usual suspects, but by those individuals and entities we once believed were on the side of good. It has been many decades in the making.

Information from many of my past columns should provide insight into where all of this is headed. We are facing multiple crises, from a Constitutional crisis that threatens the very existence of our Republic to the rending of our nation along ideological, moral, societal and economic lines. It is the very essence of the spiritual fight between good and evil.

During the last year, I have been in contact with numerous sources inside of government, major corporations that work directly with certain government departments, researchers, investigators, and even some very familiar names within the mainstream media. There is a “disconcerting consistency” of information I have been receiving from these sources on several very important issues. Additionally, there is an increasing sense of urgency among those who understand the various aspects of the war as well as the combatants.

Based on all that I’ve learned during this time, it is my intent to inform anyone interested in the details of what I believe are the battle plans of the Progressive-Communist-Globalist cabal. It is my intent to do so through print reports on this website as wells as my one-hour radio show (The Doug Hagmann Radio Show) broadcast each morning from 9-10 AM ET. Of course, The Hagmann Report, our flagship evening program, will continue to offer the same type of information and equally important analysis through our litany of A-List guests.

My message is simple. I will be publishing my reports on a regular and much more frequent basis on this website and spread as much information as possible – while still possible – via my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. It’s never been more important to be as informed as possible about what exists on our event horizon so we can all prepare for what’s coming. Stay tuned an buckle up.

Prepare. Pray.

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