A Defining Moment for America

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

2 February 2008: Obviously the American military chain of command runs from the POTUS, President George W. Bush, who as Commander-In-Chief (CINC) has below him the SECDEF, Deputy SECDEF and so on the through Pentagon and the rest of the U.S. Armed Forces command structure, right down to the grunt private, boot-on-the-ground, combat soldier in Afghanistan.

We have seen what happened to the pre-eminent Pentagon expert on Islam, Maj. (USAR) Stephen Coughlin. Yes, everything related to this topic will ultimately come back to Maj. Coughlin and his thesis because, well, read on, it’s quite obvious…

A few key excerpts from Diana West’s “A defining moment” in Friday’s Washington Times follow.

“Among the principles Mr. Bush said we hold dear, we would undoubtedly include the freedom of religion. Going back to Mr. Bush’s terminology, which “terrorists” oppose this freedom? One answer is al Qaeda and the Taliban, which the president pointed out we are still fighting in Afghanistan. But so, recent events confirm, does Afghanistan itself oppose religious freedom, which the president didn’t mention at all.”

Diana then astutely brings up the case of Sayed Perwiz Kambakhsh. The 23-year old Afghan man in the image above. In October 2007 Sayed was arrested and charged with blasphemy by an Afghan court in the northern Balkh Province because he downloaded information from the internet deemed “offensive to Islam.” In Islam blasphemy carries a death sentence. The Balkh Provincial attorney general has warned other journalists and students that they too will be arrested and charged if they voice support for Sayed.

I don’t know about you, but I call this nonsense ‘religious based totalitarianism.’ Islamofascism in other words. American troops and those of our NATO allies have placed the current Afghan government of Hamid Karzai in power. As Diana West points out “Afghanistan’s senate this week endorsed his death sentence. The senate’s statement … was signed by senate leader Sibghatullah Mujaddedi, a close ally of President Hamid Karzai.”

This is an Afghanistan government installed by and under the protection of American and NATO combat troops. We are shedding our blood and spending our treasure for the reimposition of radical Islamic Shari’a law upon the people of Afghanistan?

Here comes the defining momment from Diana:

“After all, we’re supposed to fight “terrorists” on behalf of peoples who, on liberation, are expected to join us in our “defining ideological struggle” to fight “terrorists.” But how do we handle mounting evidence that the peoples we have assisted find themselves in greater sympathy with the Islamic ideology driving the “terrorists” than with our own?”

Diana, I understand exactly what this means. This is an indictment of the “Current Approach” which is America’s lack of a coherent warfighting doctrine exactly as called for by Major Coughlin in his thesis, a thesis which he prefaced by citing the comments of Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Peter Pace (USMC) in his 2005 keynote speech at the National Defense University:

“To talk about how we are going to proceed, we need to understand the nature of the enemy. And clearly, the nature of this enemy is different than any we have faced in the past …. Our enemies had declared war on us years before, but the attacks in New York, in the skies over Pennsylvania and here in Washington, D.C. brought home very clearly to us that we were at war.”

America was the critical element which destroyed the Islamofascist Taliban regime in Afghaistan only to establish in its place an government in Afghanistan which is based upon the exact same Islamic Shari’a law or ‘Umdat al Salik we threw outwith the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

This is insanity. Sheer mindbending madness. No wonder President Bush could not or would not utter the world “Islamic” or “Islamist” in his recent SOTU speech. Apparently the American government has adopted the “Peter Pan Plan” (i.e.: “You just think happy thoughts. They lift you into the air.”) in its prosecution of this war. It guarantees our defeat over there, as well as here at home. The grunt private, boot-on-the-ground, combat soldier in Afghanistan knows this, but he’s not allowed to say so. So, it’s up to us to say it for him.

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