U.S. intelligence agents reportedly find letters from Osama bin Laden

1 February 2008: According to information circulating in intelligence circles and being reported by some Arab media sources, U.S. intelligence officials recovered at least five letters bearing the signature and official seal of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. The letters, each handwritten in Arabic, were reportedly found mixed with other documents, including bomb-making instructional materials, during a raid on an Islamic compound located in a remote border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan. All of the correspondence was dated last December and each appeared to be addressed to bin Laden followers operating in that area.

One of the letters was reportedly addressed to Mansoor Dadallah, an Islamic terrorist in Helmand, a southern province of Afghanistan. In the letter, Bin Laden reportedly offers condolences to Dadallah for the death of his brother, Mullah Dadallah, a Taliban leader who was killed last year in a US air strike. Following his brother’s death, Mansoor Dadullah appeared on Al-Jazeera television and claimed that he had received a letter from Bin Laden. The letter addressed to Dadullah also urges the Taliban to increase their attacks against NATO troops deployed in the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan.