Zawahiri’s treatise: Islamic legal justifications for terrorism as legit tactic

3 March 2008: The much anticipated book by Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaeda second-in-command, was posted on jihad web sites today. According to the Muslim terrorist’s video message last week, he wrote the 188-page book titled The Vindication, A Message Exonerating the Nation of the Pen and the Sword to counteract the depiction of the Islamic world as “helpless, submissive, fearful.”

This book further represents, and is a response to the growing ideological differences between al Zawahiri and his former associate and major player in the global Islamic jihad movement, Sheikh Sayyed Imam Al-SHARIF, 58. Al-SHARIF, a/k/a “Dr. FADL” and Abd Al-Qader Bin ‘Abd Al-’AZIZ, recently called for a stop to violent jihad activities, strongly disagreeing with al Zawahiri over the use of terrorism for the advancement of global Islamic jihad.

In 2004 Al-Sharif was imprisoned in Egypt, during which time he authored a widely published book titled Wathiqat Tarshid Al-’Aml Al-Jihadi fi Misr w’Al-’Alam, translated as Document of Right Guidance for Jihad Activity in Egypt and the World.” His work, attacking the violent methods of al-Qaeda was published in the Arabic press within the last two years. Ultimately, Zawahiri’s latest book appears to be an official treatise of public disagreement with his old associate and provides an Islamic scholarly and legal justification for Islamic terrorist tactics.