Report: Toronto drug trade & terror funding

“The RCMP’s annual drug report, released yesterday, said 14 tons of Khat were seized in Canada last year, two-thirds of it at Toronto Pearson International Airport.”

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

18 December 2007: It was over a year and a half ago, in May 2006, that the Northeast Intelligence Network published our investigative findings pertaining to the drug Khat (pronounced “cot”) and its role in funding Islamic terrorism. The sale of Khat funds terrorism, according to our investigative findings. Additionally, anecdotal findings from our investigative research suggested that the drug has been used by some terrorists before their operations, deriving benefit from its stimulant properties. At that time, however, a significant majority within the law enforcement community failed to recognize Khat for what it is, a controlled substance that produces a euphoric feeling and is scheduled as an illicit drug.

Due in part to law enforcement’s inability to identify Khat and its status as contraband, I wrote at that time that I could walk into nearly any Arabic or Muslim owned corner deli type store in cities in western New York and southern Ontario and find Khat available for sale. Today, an article appears in Canada’s National Post - 19 months after our published report - that announced the seizure of 14 tons of Khat, the majority seized at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, and the drug’s “possible connections” to funding terrorism.

The al Qaeda linked Somali terrorist group Al Ittihad Al-Islam is active in the the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and has been operational in Ontario since the late 1990’s. Al Ittihad Al-Islam has been implicated smuggling Khat into Canada and the United States, using proceeds to fund terror operations in Somolia and elsewhere.

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