Coming to, or already in the US: Winnie the Pooh, Piglet Censored

29 September 2006: The following is an excerpt from an editorial that appeared in Investor’s Business Daily published today. “PC creep” is becoming extreme and will have a complete chokehold on the US as it does Europe unless we, as Americans, refuse to capitulate. Here are a few salient examples copied from the article:

• The Netherlands: Elected leaders critical of radical Islam, such as lawmaker Geert Wilders, Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen, ex-lawmaker Hirsi Ali and alderman Ahmed Aboutaleb, now must have bodyguards after Islamist threats. Wilders told the Washington Post of seeing Islamist videos calling for his beheading.

• U.K.: Government workers in West Midlands were told to remove or cover all pig-related items, including a tissue box depicting Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, after a Muslim took offense. An official called it “tolerance of people’s beliefs.” Meanwhile, a Bristol man had to remove a “porking yard” sign at his pub under a local court’s “Anti-Social Behavior Order” for offending Muslims.

• Spain: Premier Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero showed up at a socialist youth assembly in a “Palestinian scarf,” which the Wiesenthal Center called a militant rather than religious symbol.

• France: Police denied anti-Semitism was the motive in the kidnap-murder of a young Jewish man by a Muslim immigrant who demanded the victim’s family raise a ransom from a synagogue.