Illegals & KI Tablets - an alternative possibility

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Senior Analyst, Military Affairs

20 September 2006: As a result of our recent article Law Enforcement Sources Confirm: Illegals crossing border carrying “KI Tablets,” an astute visitor to this web site offered an alternative possibility for illegals carrying KI (potassium iodate) tablets that has nothing to do with potential nuclear smuggling or with any planned nuclear terrorism. It has to do with disease - a sad indication of the state of our border control problem.Quoting from this source:

“One other explanation for the illegal’s carrying the potassium iodate tablets, could relate to it’s use as a treatment in certain diseases, that transmit from animal to man, or from animal, to plant, to man. Often potassium iodide is one drug used in a regimen to fight these relatively rare diseases and fungi.”

In theory, if someone is trekking across a desert, or thru the bush it’s possible one might have heard thru the illegal immigrant grapevine “hey, you should take some of these pills with you, it’s treats a lot of strange infections and fungus.”[/i]

You may be asking yourself now, “what diseases?” Well, that’s exactly what I was thinking just a very short while ago during a private discussion on this issue. Then I remembered something I saw just this morning, although it was originally published in a Washington Times article article last week: (Excerpted):

Long-nosed bats evict a covey of aliens

“CABEZA PRIETA N.W.R., Ariz. — Three years ago, the endangered lesser long-nosed bat [Leptonycteris curasoae verbabuenae] had been ousted from a cave here, one of just four known maternity roosts in the United States, by illegal aliens who used the cave as a cool rest stop on their route north. …

Years of border-control efforts to the east and west have funneled illegal aliens straight into southern Arizona and across its three wildlife refuges, national forest and park land, an Air Force bombing range and the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation.

It’s a fragile ecosystem where car tracks or even walking trails can remain for decades after they are last used. And aliens leave behind abandoned vehicles and [b]millions of pounds of garbage — estimates run between 5 and 8 pounds per illegal crosser.

“Some areas are so polluted by trash and human waste that the cleanup has to be contracted to professional companies with employees outfitted with haz-mat suits[/b],” said Roger DiRosa, Cabeza Prieta’s manager.

The conflict can also be dangerous. One-third of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, which neighbors Cabeza Prieta and shares a 30-mile border with Mexico, is now off-limits to visitors because authorities do not feel they can provide adequate protection. ”

The illegals with the KI tablets might use them for biological and health reasons to keep disease at bay. Bats defecate tons of feces - guano - and along with tons garbage and human waste that place must be a biological nightmare.

Hat’s off to Brian.

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