Law Enforcement Sources Confirm: Illegals crossing border carrying “KI Tablets”

18 September 2006: In an article provided exclusively to the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press by Dr. Paul Williams and Mr. David Dastych on Saturday, “final preparations have been made for the next major attack on the US” identified as “American Hiroshima,” suggesting the attack will be nuclear in nature. Since we published that report, confidential sources in law enforcement positions have privately confirmed to the Northeast Intelligence Network that a “disturbing trend” is being reported on both of our borders - a pattern that is consistent with a potential nuclear attack scenario against the US. According to these sources, a “significant and alarming number” of illegal aliens attempting entry into the US, caught by border patrol agents, have been found to be carrying Potassium Iodide tablets, which are used to protect against exposure to radiation in emergency situations.* According to our sources, the illegal aliens who have been caught have been described as OTMs (other-than Mexicans), and consist primarily of Chinese and Iranian nationals on our southern border, and Asians and others from a variety of Middle Eastern countries at the US-Canadian border. Law enforcement sources providing this information to the Northeast Intelligence Network agreed that this is “a very recent phenomena,” but one that has increased to “alarming levels” and is of particular concern to government officials.

*NOTE: An astute and well-educated reader accurately points out that Potassium Iodate, also referred to as KI, protects only one organ in the body (the thyroid) from ONE form of radiation (I-131). And it does so only if a person takes the tablet BEFORE (or just after) being exposed to I-131, as the KI fills up the thyroid gland with “good” salt instead of the radioactive version.

Too many people nationwide already falsely believe that KI is a so-called “anti-radiation” pill that will protect them from all forms of radiation. If a person takes the tablet and fails to leave/evacuate a radioactive area, they will still be exposed to radiation and will likely become ill or even die from radiation sickness. Further, Gamma radiation, (the type of radiation that killed so many people in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan, after the atomic blasts in 1945) is deadly; Potassium Iodate offers no protection on this type of nuclear radiation.

For further and more specific information, you may download the KI Fact Sheet compiled using information from the National Institutes of Health, Food & Drug Administration, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (PDF File).

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