American Hiroshima: the Solution for Destroying America

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Senior Analyst, Military Affairs

17 September 2006: I have chosen the above title as it reflects a fusion (no pun intended) of articles I have written over the past 14 months. The first was posted to this website exactly 14 months ago today. It was a fact-based work of fiction which I titled based upon the words of Al Qaeda spokesman Abu Shihab al-Kandahari, “Nuclear warfare is the solution for destroying America”. Al Kandahari’s words are from the so-called Al Qaeda nuclear fatwa issued in December 2002. The other is from April 23, 2006, entitled “American Hiroshima Revisited.”Once again we find ourselves back on this subject. Once again, as a refresher, here is the text of my fictional rendition. The reason for this reiteration will become clear before you finish reading this article.

“The early morning of August 6, 2005 began as any summer-time Saturday does in New York City with school vacations winding down and kids wanting to get the most of the remaining days of summer. An avid Mets fan, 10 year old Trevor Blaylock of Flushing, New York was already pestering his dad about when they were going to begin the short walk to Shea Stadium. The Chicago Cubs were in town and Trevor was very eager to be one of the first 12,000 kids through the gates so he’d get the official New York Mets back-to-school binder.

Meanwhile, in the up-the-Hudson city of Poughkeepsie, nefarious activity was going on at the Dutchess County Airport were an undetected Al Qaeda terrorist cell was making final preparations with their Cessna 152 and its tactical nuclear payload. The chosen plan of attack of the cell was to approach New York City at low altitude, barely tree top level so as you use the natural ground cover to mask the aircraft in the ambiguous radar returns. This course was chosen to further the operational security of this long-planned mass casualty attack against the infidels as General Aviation rules did not preclude their direct approach to the selected target.

It was at 2 PM Eastern Daylight Time, bottom of the first inning, the Mets had retired the Cubbies three up three down, Jose Reyes was at the plate awaiting the first pitch from the towering Carlos Zambrano when there was a blinding flash of blue-white light which illuminated Shea Stadium. Time itself seemed to come to a halt in that very microsecond and just as quickly all hell broke out in New York City. We came to learn later that the terrorists had followed the flight plan exactly, tree top to tree top and down the Hudson River. Upon seeing the George Washington Bridge the pilot suddenly pulled the Cessna 152 into a steep climb to an altitude of 2000 feet. Throttled up to full speed at 98 knots the terrorist made a mad dash for midtown Manhattan and at a position directly over the Empire State Building, with a shout of “allah akhbar” the terrorists detonated their ex-Soviet tactical nuclear weapon. The “American Hiroshima” had occurred exactly as the terrorists had been saying it was going to happen for the past three years.

The image of a broad daylight mushroom cloud over a World Trade Center-less New York skyline was now a reality. That image flashed around the world within seconds, New York was destroyed and four million Americans were dead - including 2 million children just like Trevor Blaylock. Three days later a second bomb was detonated 2000 feet over the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant a mere 45 miles south of Washington DC. The Jihadists had demonstrated the military concept of a “force multiplier” with the selection of this target.”

Obviously Al Qaeda did not strike on August 6th or 9th of August 2005. Nobody was more relieved than I that this scenario was not experienced for real. I would overwhelmingly prefer being dead wrong in a fictional expose than to fall short in anticipation of such an attack. However, such an attack has once again been strongly hinted at, and my fictional account contains more elements of a possible reality than I ever imagined.

Given the current reporting concerning such an attack, my original fiction may be seen some day as less Tom Clancyesque and more as a work of acute prescience. From the reported interview of the Afghanistan-based Al Qaeda terrorist spokesman Abu Dawood by journalist Hamid Mir we learned of the possible timing of such an attack occurring during Ramadan 2006 (September 24 through October 23). What that interview also informed us of are two possible locations: New York City and Washington, D.C. Again, no surprise here, Al Qaeda has a penchant for striking and re-striking their selected targets until the desired effect has been achieved.

What came as a bit of a surprise to me is that the name of the next “Mohammed Atta” was expressly given by Abu Dawood. We have been familiar with this name for three years now, Adnan el-Shukrijumah. He, as with most top echelon Al Qaeda terrorists, has a multi-million dollar FBI bounty on his head. We were also informed by Dawood that Shrukrijumah is amongst us here in the United States gliding through every day life with an anglicized name.

Additional confluences do not stop there and are very disturbing. Atta was the leader of the 9/11 terrorists and he was Al Qaeda’s lead pilot on the September 11 attacks specifically directed at New York City and Washington, D.C. Adnan El-Shukrijuma is named as the leader of this alleged imminent attack and he too is a pilot. Now my fictional rendition has taken on a more significant meaning. It was also, as I pointed out, a lone Cessna 152 which placed Washington, D.C. government workers in the White House, Capitol Building and U.S. Supreme Court in a panicked flight through the streets on May 11, 2005. From the Al Qaeda islamofascist terrorist point-of-view this is perfect place for your intended mass-casualty victims to be during a nuclear airburst. On two occasions Al Qaeda had its desired victims within the restrictive confines of the World Trade Center towers. Have we learned our lessons yet?

Additional factors we must remain cognizant of:

• The number of warnings and video releases from Qaedat-al-Jihad in the past couple of weeks, continuing through yesterday is probably the highest number in recent memory. Abu Dawood issued a call for muslim’s to flee the U.S. without further warning, butthattheir continued presence would not deter their planned attacks.

• According to an October 29, 2003 article by Scott L. Wheeler, and reprinted by at Adnan el-Shukrijumah was spotted several times in 2002 on the campus of McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. He further stated “an FBI source” has confirmed El Shukrijumah’s presence.” McMaster is the location of a 5 Megawatt research reactor. The salient question is: Has Adnan el-Shukrijumah been tutored within the past 4 years on the proper handling of radioactive materials?

Finally, I wish to make note that there was a messaging shift by al Qaeda in Oct. 2004. That messaging shift was a video of Osama bin-Laden, the first in more than three years, appearing with all the pretense of a head-of-state, the leader of some non-existent Islamic Khalifa or as imitative of the al-Mahdi himself, directly addressing the people of the United States of America immediately prior to a major presidential election. Bin Laden’s call was for the American people to choose wisely, about the “best way to avoid another Manhattan” and that “the motives exist for repeating what happened” along with a reference that this war had its genesis with US/Israel aggression in Lebanon in 1982.

As we all know another major election looms before America fifty days from now. The postulated window of some form of an “American Hiroshima” attack by Al Qaeda falls, as do other timing inferences, within the time period of Ramadan 2006. In comparing the message of Osama bin Ladin in 2004 with the current words of Ayman al-Zawahiri of the “days being pregnant”, we appear to have completed a full-cycle with Al Qaeda.

Should such an abominable event not be interdicted by our most energetic defenses and actually transpire, the result will affect every American citizen and the world at large. Individually the question then will be: have you done what is necessary to protect and preserve your family and its necessities the day after? Make no mistake, the government of the United States cannot and will not protect individuals or their families. The government of the United States will have other urgent priorities in such a reality, and your specific needs will not be among them for months to come. Proper planning and preparations are your responsibility and yours alone. Again, I would overwhelmingly prefer being dead wrong about this possibility than to fall short in anticipation of it.