Fear of Retaliation against Muslims NOT WARRANTED by Statistics

In 2004, the number of crimes AGAINST Jews were six-and-a-half times GREATER than those against Muslims, and the number of JEWISH VICTIMS were nearly EIGHT-(8) times GREATER than Muslim victims.

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

29 July 2006: Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske, in tandem with the Seattle FBI office, promised to increase patrols and protection around the area mosques and Islamic centers in the event of potential retaliatory responses against those locations. Following the incident, Kerlikowske stated “We are also protecting mosques, because there is always the concern of retaliatory crime or retaliatory incident.”I would like to take this opportunity to reassure Chief Kerlikowske, the Muslims of the greater Seattle area, and society in general that their fears of retaliation are essentially unwarranted. Since the 9/11 attacks on America, the Council on American-Islamic Relations has consistently warned of increased hate crimes against Muslims, but the legitimacy of the statistics and incidents cited have been called into question after careful analysis. Regardless, the Northeast Intelligence Network has researched hate crimes in the U.S. against Muslims and Jews, using the latest statistics provided by the United States Department of Justice (2004).

According to United States Department of Justice Statistics, there were 7649 incidents of violence motivated by religious affiliation, accounting for 9528 victims (the high number is a consequence of multiple victims per incident). With regard to these statistics, a victim is considered a person, business, institution or society as a whole.

According to the DOJ report, crimes against Jews numbered 954 incidents which involved 1,586 victims. That same year, crimes against Muslims totaled 156, with 201 total victims.

In 2004, crimes against Jews were six and a half times greater than crimes against Muslims, and the number of Jewish victims were nearly 8 times greater than Muslim victims. To Chief Kerlikowske and the Seattle office of the FBI: based on those statistics and in consideration of yesterday’s events, don’t you think the extra vigilance and patrols should focus on Jewish synagogues, businesses, organizations, and events is a more reasonable use of law enforcement assets?