Plane Passengers Quarantined in Las Vegas– 11 Sickened Aboard Aircraft

24 July 2006: Passengers and crew members on United Airlines Flight 1491 were quarantined for several hours Saturday night at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada when 11 people suddenly became sick. Four of the 11 were flight attendants, according to McCarran Airport spokesman Elaine Sanchez. The flight, arriving from Denver, had 143 passengers and crew members on-board. A section of the McCarran Airport was closed for several hours while the plane, passengers and luggage were checked by hazardous materials experts.

mccarren1According to airline and airport officials, the cause of for the sickness is still under investigation. According to United Airlines spokeswoman Robin Urbanski, the victims all felt weak and nauseous, but she had no other specific details about their condition or the possible cause. One theory publicized was that the victims reacted to a cleaning fluid containing ammonia that had been used on the plane after it arrived in Denver from Cancun, Mexico.