Video from Islamic Jihad Group INSIDE of the U.S.?

Investigative report by Randy Taylor, Senior Independent Analyst, and Douglas J. Hagmann, Director


15 July 2006: It is a communication to Muslims worldwide, requesting Muslims to assist the Mujahideen – those engaged in Islamic jihad and armed conflict –in various hotspots of fighting abroad. But there is something much different about this video and separate audio, the latter which is recorded in English by someone with a definite Middle Eastern accent that has caused analysts to look more carefully at this seven-minute, 26 second video and the English audio version that lasts just under 4 minutes.

It is this segment, occurring near the beginning of the audio version that caused the concern of our investigative analysts:

“We bring to you the good news of the formation of new movement – which is the army of Islam [i]in the land of the deceitful[/i]… and planting the love of jihad in the hearts of Muslims in the land of infidels.” Additionally, about two minutes into the audio, the speaker then makes a reference to the war that is “far away,” another unusual suggestion of proximity to the fighting abroad:

“We call upon [unintelligible] Muslims who reside in the land of Infidels to join us and not to rely on the fact that the war is far away from their homelands…”

Certainly, the “land of infidels” could mean any non-Muslim country, or even a Muslim country that has shown support to the West. When compared with the video, however, it is notable to point out that of the six jihad fighters, two or more appear to be definitely Caucasian. It is also noteworthy that the speaker in the video “slips” about 5 ½ minutes into his reading of a prepared statement spoken in Arabic, saying the English words “now listen” rather than the Arabic equivalent, then continues the statement in Arabic.

Both the audio and video clips were obtained through the vigilance and dogged persistence of Archangel, a person who operates in the shadows and obtains the newest and most valuable communications that can be found on the Internet. According to Archangel, the clips were located and secured in a manner akin to previous intelligence finds based on constant surveillance areas of the internet known to be heavily used by terrorists and their facilitators. Therefore, the authenticity of the audio segment and video footage is not in question.

So what has actually been found here? That remains under extensive analysis. Considering the recently acute upsurge of violence in the Middle East and the increased rhetoric by Islamic terrorists against non-Muslims, we might be witnessing the advent of an armed movement within the U.S., Canada, the U.K., or other non-Muslim nation. One must not, however, dismiss the possibility of the armed enemy currently in our midst, an enemy feeling empowered by the actions of Islamic factions acting against Israel. Our investigation into this matter is continuing.

Randy Taylor can be reached via e-mail at:

Doug Hagmann can be reached via e-mail at:

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