Muhammad Guilty of 6 Murders in Maryland; Main Story Missed by Media

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

Beltway Sniper’s Chilling Testimony: Muhammad planned a wave of bombings of schools, school buses and children’s hospitals “for the sheer terror of it — the worst thing you can do to people is aim at their children.”‘


Investigation suggests DC Beltway Sniper Tied to Jamaat ul Fuqra

31 May 2006: John Allen Muhammed, better known as the “Beltway Sniper,” was found guilty Tuesday of all six counts of murder brought against him in the 2002 shooting spree in the greater Washington DC area. Muhammed, 45, is facing a death sentence in Virginia for a murder there, but the most he can get for the six murders committed in Maryland is life in prison without parole. In all, 10 people were killed and three were wounded in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. The star witness against Muhammed during his Maryland trial was his young protégé John Lee Malvo, who explained to the court that a second wave of terror would include bombings against children.

John Allen Muhammed was arrested, tried and convicted and will no longer pose a threat to American society. The problem, however, is that there are more Muhammed’s out there, and it is simply a matter of time before we see it again. They are currently enjoying refuge and support in Islamic compounds inside U.S. and Canadian borders. One of those support networks with encampments throughout North America has been identified as Jamaat ul Fuqra, the terrorist creation of Pakistani Sheikh Mubarak Gilani.

Since we began reporting on the Jamaat ul Fuqra compounds inside the U.S. and Canada, the Northeast Intelligence Network received a number of e-mails from law enforcement officials who were, at the very least, involved in the periphery of the infamous “beltway sniper” case. They urged us to look very closely at the connection between Muhammed, Malvo, the Nation of Islam and the terrorist organization Jamaat ul Fuqra.

A number of computer database and LexisNexis searches found several links between Muhammed, Malvo, Jamaat ul Fuqra and the Nation of Islam. Investigation found a clear connection to the Nation of Islam, although the nexus to Jamaat ul Fuqra was less obvious due to the covert nature of their methods of operation.

One of a series of articles published in the Washington Post dated November 13, 2002, written by reporters Jerry Seper and Steve Miller stated, in part, the following:

”Federal authorities are investigating whether accused snipers John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo had ties to a growing sect of militant American Muslims committed to waging holy war against the United States.

Law-enforcement authorities yesterday said investigators want to know whether the suspects — now awaiting separate murder trials in Virginia — were involved with Jamaat al-Fuqra, a militant Muslim group with documented ties to international terrorism that has been linked to 13 slayings and 17 firebombings in the United States and Canada.

The al-Fuqra network, through an offshoot group known as the Muslims of America, has established a patchwork of more than two dozen communes from New York to California, including a sizable retreat in Red House, Va., 30 miles south of Lynchburg, where as many as 200 people live in trailers in a guarded community.

FBI agents assigned to the sniper investigation task force were in Red House last week, seeking information on whether Mr. Muhammad and Mr. Malvo had ties to that community or whether they had used the site as a hide-out during a 23-day killing spree in Virginia, Maryland and the District that left 10 persons dead and three others wounded.”

One law enforcement source, Charlotte County Sheriff Thomas D. Jones, whose jurisdiction includes Red House, stated that while FBI agents did not establish any specific link with the southern Virginia commune, agents told him “there had been a connection at a similar community in Georgia.”

It is important to note that four members of the Red House “Jamaat” or encampment have been arrested on weapons charges, including two after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It is also important to note that investigation established that Muhammad converted to Islam in 1984 and, as a former U.S. soldier, was stationed at Fort Lewis near Tacoma, Washington, at the time of the initial ul-Fuqra attacks.

Jamaat ul Fuqra members were also identified in the August 1984 slayings of three India natives in Tacoma and in a series of fire bombings in Seattle. By virtue of those “coincidences” alone, one must thoroughly investigate Muhammed’s role in Jamaat ul Fuqra, as well as Jamaat ul Fuqra’s supporting role to the killing duo.

It is clear that paramilitary-style training is taking place at Islamic compounds and Jamaat ul Fuqra encampments throughout North America. At the Hancock, NY “headquarters” of Jamaat ul Fuqra, a school bus sits on the property, riddled with bullet holes and windows blow out from what appear to be explosions originating from inside of the bus. Investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network were there, brought back evidence and displayed the evidence and witness accounts of the activities reported at these locations. There was no ambiguity in our findings.

There should be no ambiguity in a yellow school bus riddled with bullet holes and windows that appear to be blown out from the inside from explosives on the property of an Islamic encampment in a rural area of New York.

Above all, there should be no ambiguity in John Malvo’s court testimony that Muhammad planned a wave of bombings of schools, school buses and children’s hospitals “for the sheer terror of it — the worst thing you can do to people is aim at their children.” After all, we have been warned.

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