Islamic Western Outpost- The UK Bans Geert Wilders

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst


Geert Wilders

11 February 2009: It seems that the UK is turning more and more into an Islamic State more and more each day.  They have actually refused entry to Geert Wilders, the man who presented us with a very accurate depiction of Islam with his video release last year titled “Fitna”. It’s bad enough that Wilders is an outcast, an outlaw facing charges in his own country but when the UK refuses you entry into the country because you speak the truth about Islam by exercising free speech, then by all appearances one can assume that the UK has officially sold their country down the road to the Islamic scum.

I think Geert Wilders in right on track with his assessment of Islam and we should be thanking him for having the balls to speak out, not refusing him entry into western countries.

As a person that fully understands the implications of Islamic filtration into our western societies and recognizes the change of tactics in their assault, aimed at our flanks as well as the feared upcoming full frontal assault, I am warning you readers that you need to start speaking out against this  Islamic infiltration of our society and political systems. Start writing and calling your politicians and telling them that you want no part of this. You cannot remain silent on this subject any longer.

Islam and democracy cannot exist together. To begin with Islam is not a religion anymore than Nazism is a bona fide religion. It’s a cult following established by a self described pedophile, a travelling salesman who convinced a bunch of heathens that he was a prophet and wrote the perfect guide for insurrection, mayhem and murder. The Qur’an is an Islamic written guide to the destruction of mankind. Mohammed and Hitler were birds of a feather. The Qur’an and Islam should be banned from all western societies in its entirety.  The mosques here in the US should be closed, remodeled and opened up as battered women’s shelters. Berkas and hijabs should be outlawed, even at Halloween. Future history books should reflect that mankind became interested in his own survival and banned Islam altogether in western civilization.

There is nowhere in the world where Islam is predominant as the religion or political system that is a peaceful, even keeled, fair or free society. Islam is about submission, not co-existence or democracy.  Islamic societies are primitive, barbaric, murderous places to live in.

This clown sitting in George Bush’s old office is an idiot and his decisions to date don’t suggest that he is an idiot. No, instead they prove that he is an idiot. There hasn’t been anything in the White House like him, well except Jimmy Carter.  [I'll be glad when that old fart becomes senile and simply sits in a chair, quietly in a cabin in Georgia, surrounded by peanut shells and slobbering himself].  He is selling this country out to the Muslims.

Barack Hussein Obama otherwise known the African American FBP (First Black President) is the captain of the Titanic and we are all the passengers. We are all collectively asleep in our cabins while this moron carefully and meticulously guides us into Islamic icebergs.

Wake up America. Set a precedent. Demand the impeachment and removal of Barack Hussein Obama from your Congress and Senate representatives. They work for you. You do not work for them.

You can find your legislators office and contact information here:

Quit sitting around bitching, hiding and comparing sad notes. Do something about it. Get off your asses and take your government back before they totally flush this nation down the Islamic toilet.

Don’t just send one email to your elected representatives, save the email and resend it every day until they send the secret service to your house and tell you to stop. Sending one is pointless. I want you to send 101 emails each by month’s end.

I want an email from every one of you that read this and decide to write an email, make a phone call or send a fax to one of these people.

Email me by clicking my name at the top, and an email form will open up.  I want to hear from you and feel free to share your comments to your reps with me. We have to get this terrorist appeasing Lover of Islam out of office ASAP.

You are Americans! Dammed it, act like it.

You are no longer safe. Stay vigilant.

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