Islamic radicalization threat to our homeland

25 October 2006: When Dr. Walid Phares speaks about terrorism threats, we listen. On September 20, 2006, Dr. Walid PHARES delivered important testimony before the Subcommittee on Homeland Security at the US House of Representatives about the threat to the US homeland by Islamic terrorists. Dr. Phares outlined two very important points in his testimony:

1. The little ability of the public to identify threats since the Terror ideology hasn’t officially been identified by the Government yet.

2. That Law Enforcement and Homeland Security cannot mobilize on a large scale to identify Jihadism because the latter has inserted itself under the political freedoms of the country. It is ‘protected’ by advocacy groups, legal defense and is funded both domestically and by foreign regimes and organizations.

Testimony Excerpt:  ”Your concerns about ‘radicalization’ as a threat to U.S. Homeland Security are warranted. For after twenty five years of studying the ideology and the evolution of the doctrines that produced the self-declared Jihadist movement (al haraka al Jihadiya) which has declared, waged and continues to conduct war against the United States and other democracies, I conclude along with a number of colleagues in this field of expertise that the Terrorism America and its allies are facing in the War on Terror, is a direct product of this radical ideology. The 19 men, who massacred 3,000 US and other citizens on September 11, belong to al Qaeda and the latter is a self declared Salafist-Jihadist organization. Every single case of Terrorism uncovered on U.S. territory, since 9/11, was motivated by this ideology.

To name a few: The Virginia Paintball gang, the dirty bomb case, the shoe bomber case, al Qaeda’s John Walker, Azzam al Amriki AKA Adam Gadahn, the Oregon case, the Virginia multiple cases, the Jihadi charities, etc. This ideology was omnipresent in the cases than ended with court sentences and those which didn’t; in the Sheikh Abdel Rahman case of 1993; in the statements made by the Zarqawi networks while assassinating innocent civilians; in all speeches by Usama Bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri from 1998 till now; and on all Jihadi web sites in all languages: one global common thread is always omnipresent: The Jihadi ideology. And in parallel to al Qaeda’s radical doctrine another ideology of Jihadism follows the teachings of Ayatalollah Khomeini and is embodied by the public speeches of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmedinijad and Hezbollah. Hence, the ideologies that produces ‘Radicalization,’ are the Jihadist ones. They are of two main ‘trees,’ the Jihadi Salafist and the Jihadi Khomeinist. These doctrines, taught and disseminated worldwide and in America, are the producers of the ‘Jihadists’ (al Jihadiyun) who have declared war and waged it against the United States both overseas and in the homeland. Jihadism is the ideological common identity of terror groups al Qaeda, Salafi Combat Group of the Maghreb, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Jemaa Islamiya of south Asia, the Taliban of Afghanistan, Laskar Taiba of Pakistan, the Mahakem Islamiya of Somalia, and other Salafi-Wahabi groups internationally, in addition to Hezbollah. Jihadism was the inspiration for the 1990s attacks, 9/11, Madrid, London, Beslan, Mumbai, Riyadh, Casablanca, the Sunni Triangle in Iraq and other violence associated with Terrorism. Hence at this stage of the War on Terror, the ideology behind the threat has been identified and thus should be addressed.”

Complete testimony of Dr. Walid Phares (PDF format)