FOX NEWS on Islamberg

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

12 June 2007: The headline on reads: “Islamberg: A Terror Compound in New York … or Misunderstood Neighbors?” and is a comprehensive and well-balanced article written by reporter Michael Y. Park about the Islamic compound we have been investigating for quite some time. The article quotes some nearby residents who describe the enclave as an innocuous, but asks some important questions.


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We just might have the answers - or at least some of them. Download our investigative report at the following link:

INVESTIGATIVE REPORT * Updated summer 2006
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In 1980, a Pakistani cleric named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani began preaching against Western culture at a Muslim mosque in Brooklyn, NY. He promoted Islam as the path to a better life and called for fighters to join his holy war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. With his new American recruits, Gilani established Islamberg, a 70-acre commune west of the Catskill Mountains near Hancock, NY.

Today, Jamaat ul-Fuqra has more than 35 suspected communes and more than 3,000 members spread across the United States, all in support of one goal: the purification of Islam through violence.

New article on Canada Free Press

Statement by terrorist Sheikh Mubarek Gilani about our investigative reportNote: Gilani outright denies any ties to the terrorist organization Jamaat ul Fuqra. Our undercover investigation, however, captured admissions by residents of Islamberg who have pledged their complete allegiance and support to the terrorist Sheikh. Notably, Gilani was a participant in a “terrorist summit” In Khartoum, in December 1993, at which time he rubbed elbows with Osama bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri, and other well-known and still sought Islamic terrorists. According to one government report, the Canadian Broadcasting Company filmed Gilani and the others shouting anti-U.S. and anti-Semitic chants such as “Death to the Jews, Death to America, Down, down USA, and down CIA!

“In this regard I am going to prove that Douglas J. Hagman and his group are the actual perpetrators of international terrorism, and racial and religious bigotry and their ceaseless campaign of hate, is more damaging to the U.S. than any other country. The U.S. has become a pawn of hidden hands that use America’s wealth and the innocent blood of their sons and daughters to wage their wars against Muslims…..”

“Now, here comes the latest aggressor, Douglas J Hagmann. In one breath he concocts so many lies that one wonders how a person with common sense can do such a thing. His statements themselves are self-contradictory, identical to his predecessor, Yusuf Bodenski.” –Sheikh Syed Mubarik ‘Ali Gilani


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