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History of Radical Islamist Compounds on North American soil

cover0212hagmannn_thumbby Douglas Hagmann & Judi Mcleod

The story of a Pakistani terrorist kingpin leading a group of followers living and working in the United States and Canada, each having pledged their support to cleanse and spread Islam across through violence, has taken a rather circuitous route of late. The much-hyped documentary released by the Christian Action Network last night in Washington, DC received a lukewarm reception, characteristic of the responses by some government agencies, the majority of the mainstream media, and a “terror fatigued” public. 

The newly released documentary by the Christian Action Network referenced above provides a cursory look at the terrorist organization Jamaat ul Fuqra, and their front organization known as the Muslims of the Americas headquartered in Hancock, New York.  As extensively reported by the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press, professional investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network conducted surreptitious field investigative and covert surveillance operations of this organization over the last few years. The results of those investigations are, in fact, contained in the 2006 Justice Department document labeled “Dissemination Restricted to Law Enforcement” which lies at the core of this documentary. 
The investigative reports that were initially published in 2006 resulted in a lengthy, scathing statement issued by Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, the Pakistani terror kingpin and leader of Jamaat ul Fuqra on his website. His statement against Douglas J. Hagmann, the Northeast Intelligence Network, and an Internet Blogger whose identity is shielded through a pseudonym was widely distributed to every terrorist compound in North America, much like the fatwa against Theo Van Gogh. Van Gogh, an outspoken publisher and filmmaker who angered Islamic fundamentalists through his research and publications, was brutally murdered in November 2004 by an Islamic fundamentalist who was motivated, in part by the diatribes of a Dutch sheikh in the weeks preceding the murder. 
Gilani, it is important to note, was the Islamic sheikh who was initially arrested for his suspected involvement in the brutal murder of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and beheaded in Pakistan in 2002. Gilani, of course, denies all responsibility and any role he might have played in Pearl’s abduction and murder. 
As Gilani’s statement “went viral” across his compounds and North American followers in 2006, federal authorizes paid  Hagmann a personal visit and urged him to “increase his personal security to avoid the same fate [as Theo Van Gogh].” Stated one of the two agents seated across the desk at his office, Hagmann was warned that Jamaat ul Fulqra is “a tough bunch with a long reach,” adding that Gilani has many followers who live outside of the known compounds. Over the last 28 years, a number of murders, fire bombings, and other criminal incidents have been directly attributed to Jamaat ul Fuqra, including the group’s support to the infamous beltway snipers who terrorized our nation for three weeks in late 2002. 
The Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press continued to expose the terrorist organizations across the U.S. and Canada, focusing on the vast network funding terrorism activities worldwide originating in the U.S. and Canada under the pretext of establishing bogus charities. Investigation found instances where money collected for alleged charities, including a charity established for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, was actually lining the pockets of Gilani through a series of complex wire transfers through the Caribbean and ultimately to Lahore, Pakistan. Covert video and detailed investigative findings of the Hands to Hands Charity offices in Binghamton, NY was secured by Northeast Intelligence Network investigator Douglas Hagmann and forwarded to federal authorities. 
Concurrent with the reports published by Canada Free Press and the Northeast Intelligence Network, the activities involving Gilani and his cadre of terrorists in the U.S. and Canada was further documented in a book authored by Dr. Paul Williams titled The Day of Islam. Williams, citing the investigative results of Hagmann and Judi McLeod, editor of Canada Free Press, also visited the Jamaat ul Fuqra headquarters in Hancock, NY. Aside from a few remaining investigative journalists, the mainstream media remained typically silent despite the overwhelming evidence of the threat posed by Gilani and his followers. 
Despite the mountains of evidence of an insidious terrorist network continuing to grow within North America that has been uncovered through the investigative work of Hagmann and the Northeast Intelligence Network and the investigative research of Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press, a malaise continues to dominate the general public of both countries. Despite the use of an elementary school bus for target practice by Jamaat ul Fuqra members in a secluded compound in rural upstate New York, the majority of the public does not even feign concern, let alone outrage.

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