Internet Magazine Sawt Al-Jihad (”Voice of Jihad”) Return Announced

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

28 January 2007: This weekend, a number of Arabic language Islamist web sites announced the return of the Internet magazine Sawt {Sout} al-Jihad, or “Voice of Jihad,” the twice monthly online publication related primarily to ideological and doctrinal issues concerning the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula. The magazine made its debut in 2003 and was published alternately with the publication known as the Mu’askar al-Battar, more commonly known as al-Battar Training Camp, a publication that dealt specifically with paramilitary training for Islamic terrorists engaged in jihad. Online distribution of the Sawt al-Jihad magazine was first interrupted in October 2004, an indication, according to some experts, that the Mujahideen was experiencing difficulty operating in Saudi Arabia due to an effective security campaign by Saudi officials. The magazine reappeared on April 27, 2005 with a 50-page edition entitled al-Samidun (The Steadfast).

Meanwhile, new publications named Majallat al-Fath (Conquest Magazine) and Dhurwat al-Sanam (The Pinnacle) began appearing in iraq following the difficulties experienced by the Voice of Jihad. Both of the latter magazines imitated the Voice of Jihad and Camp al Battar series.

This weekend’s announcement was made through the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) and could possibly be interpreted as a strengthening of the Mujahideen’s ability to operate in the Saudi Arabian Peninsula.