Iraqi terrorists dressed & posing as U.S. Security Force kill 4 GIs

27 January 2007: About a dozen Iraqi terrorists, dressed in U.S. military uniforms, speaking English and driving in at least two black GMC Suburban SUVs, abducted four U.S. soldiers last week after entering a US compound - then shot 3 of them to death and left a fourth critically wounded with a bullet wound to his head. That soldier died enroute to the hospital. A fifth soldier was killed at the U.S. compound at the time of the abduction. The murdered soldiers were found about 25 miles from Karbala, south of Baghdad.

The military confirmed that the attack on the compound took place on January 20th, and also confirmed that two of the dead soldiers were handcuffed together inside an SUV while a third soldier was found on the ground. The attack was described as surprisingly sophisticated.