Intelligence report: Islamic terror threat in UK greatest since 9/11

“al-Qaeda’s influence extends from North Africa, including Egypt, through to Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan, and into Somalia and Sudan. Al-Qaeda is ‘resilient and effective’ in Iraq, its ‘operating environment and financial position’ in Pakistan has improved and a new group had emerged in Yemen.”

24 February 2007: An intelligence report outlining the terrorist threat in Great Britain, titled “Extremist Threat Assessment,” concludes that the terrorist threat facing the UK from Islamic terrorists is higher than at any time since September 11. According to the report, the number of British-based Islamic terrorists planning homicide attacks “could number more than 2,000.” MI5, Great Britain’s intelligence organization, identifies “soft targets,” such as mass transit and economic targets, such as the City of London and Canary Wharf, are most at risk.

Report: The Telegraph