A Call to Arms: CAIR Must Be Fought

27 March 2007: The following is part I of a two-part article written by Mark Henry Holzer. The first part, excerpted below, was initially published last week. It is the collective opinion of the investigators, analysts and researchers at the Northeast Intelligence Network that this article, along with part II that was just issued and linked from part I, be read (and understood) by every American. Readers of this site will recall that By Douglas J. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, was quoted in The Washington Times immediately following the incident involving U.S> Air in Minneapolis - calling that incident exactly what it appears to be - a “watershed event in this country.”


A Call to Arms: CAIR Must Be FoughtBy Henry Mark Holzer

Part I: Once again CAIR is back in the news. This time it is supporting the just-commenced lawsuit by the “flying imams” against US Airways. In essence, the action contends that the airline violated the imams’ rights by bouncing them off a flight because of their seemingly threatening conduct.

This lawsuit is yet another move in the national security chess game by which CAIR, using the threat of lawsuits and actually suing, intends to silence all those in the United States who oppose the Islamic agenda for America.

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