Security guard Robert House claims FBI is accusing him of lying after he was shot.

26 January 2004: Law enforcement officers have ruled out terrorism as a motive in the shooting of a guard at a Freeport chemical plant over the weekend. Monday, that security guard talked from his hospital.

The indisputable fact in the story is that security guard Robert House was shot late Friday night. He says the bullet came from a man who was taking pictures of a chemical plant. Now House says the FBI is accusing him of fabricating the entire incident.

The shooting happened not far from the Port of Freeport on a gravel road near the BASF Chemical plant. A man was reportedly sitting in a truck without license plates. Contract security guard Robert House approached him.

“I radioed to my dispatch to say the gentleman was taking pictures of the lights,” recalled House.

Then House says he saw a gun aimed by a man he describes as having a foreign accent.

He said, “Trying to tell him, ‘No, no! Don’t shoot me’ when he shot me.”

It was a shoulder wound. While recovering at a Lake Jackson hospital House says he spoke with an FBI agent and agreed to a polygraph test.

But then House claims the agent told him “the test was telling him that I shot myself. And I told him no, I didn’t. And he said he could it in my eyes, that I was crying out for some type of help.”

This weekend, the FBI’s Houston spokesman Bob Doguim said, “We’ve got more and more reason not to believe this is terrorist related or any terrorist concerns.”

As for Robert House’s allegations, on Monday the same spokesman told Eyewitness News, “We already said what we had to say. We don’t have the luxury of playing this out in public.”

So now Robert House has a lawyer — and he says he also has a fear.

“Actually scared whoever this person was might come back, and on top of that I have the FBI telling me I shot myself,” said House.

House has referred all specific questions to his attorney. However, as of air time for this story, the attorney has yet to return our calls.