Yes, there ARE clear answers to the WV Airport Incident

Special Investigative Report by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

29 August 2006: A news article in the Herald Dispatch today titled “No clear answer on airport scare” provides a basic outline about what is known to have taken place at the Tri-State Airport on August 17, 2006. According to the article, it has been more than a week and authorities still lack a clear answer for exactly what tested positive as an explosive in the carry-on baggage of Rima QAYYUM, who, in spite of a known ban of liquid substances, the presence of warning signs everywhere, and many opportunities to discard the contraband, opted instead to attempt to board an aircraft with liquids and a gel-like substance that was allegedly “face cream.”

Now, QAYYUM, along with her mother from Jackson, Michigan, and the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Michigan, Dawud Walid, are using the media to portray “victim status” and threatening to sue everyone from the airport to the airline.

Well, before believing what has been said or printed, there are some things you should know. Better yet, there are some questions that the media should be asking, for instance: Exactly how were the containers packaged in her carry-on luggage? On the date of the incident, was a search of the QAYYUM’s Barboursville, WV residence conducted and if so, exactly what was found?

QAYYUM’s one-way ticket was purchased the day before the scheduled flight, and two days following a 9-1-1 call to her residence. What prompted the 9-1-1 call and exactly where is QAYYUM’s husband?

Facing an army of federal agents and state law enforcement officers who had a LOT of very serious questions for her as a robot carefully transported the liquid substances to a remote area of airport property for additional testing, what was her overall demeanor – as described from a law enforcement perspective, and why is that so important?

The flight had a scheduled layover in Charlotte, NC. Who was waiting for QAYYUM in Charlotte, NC but left when it was learned that she was detained in West Virginia? EXACTLY how and under what conditions did QAYYUM get from West Virginia to Jackson, Michigan?

There ARE answers, it’s just that people are not asking the correct questions.