The United States: Staring Into the Abyss

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

29 January 2009: The United States of America is currently standing on the edge, staring into the abyss of disaster. Several days ago, we watched a man named Barack Hussein Obama take the oath of office for what used to be the greatest democratic, free nation on earth. The inauguration was much the same as handing the keys to the family car to a blind, handicapped eight-year old and sending him to the store in that vehicle. It baffles the logical mind, and it distorts the perception of reality all on its own. Granted, Obama didn’t create the existing problems and he certainly isn’t the one to fix them.

Obama is quite busy creating new problems for the country.

Since that fateful day, we have also witnessed some rather questionable executive orders from the First Black President being handed down. We will call him “FBP” to save typing, which stands for First Black President since that seems to be what the election was all about, not about choosing a qualified leader to lead this great nation through some rather difficult times. This designation is not a racial statement by me, [so save your breath] but instead is a designation assigned to the person by his admiring audience. I suppose it was more important to place a check mark next to a race based landmark in history as opposed to silly things like National Security, the failing economy and protecting ourselves from our sworn enemies. This wasn’t really a good time to conduct a racial experiment in the head office.

People also refer to him as the first African American President, which is quite true actually since he was born in Kenya and not in Hawaii as he claims. A legacy built initially on fraud will fail to be a legacy worth having. Yes, history was made but not in the manner most people think. The new FBP prefers to liken himself to Abraham Lincoln based solely around the slavery issue when in fact slavery was only one of the issues that led to the American Civil War. I would suggest that the FBP be very careful when comparing himself to famous people from our nation’s history. Those are some big shoes to fill little mister.

Barack Hussein Obama has spent over one million dollars in legal fees to keep the world from ever seeing his actual live certificate of birth. The one presented to the world was no more than the type issued by companies as certified, only after they contact the state where you were born to verify. Problem is that the state of Hawaii, the ones who verify these documents cannot produce an authentic document. By law, this should have been challenged by the Supreme Court as going directly against the law yet it wasn’t. We can only hope that someday down the road after the FBP has made a complete mockery of the office, that the real document will be produced and it will be enough to remove him from the White House. Highly unlikely, but maybe this legal technicality will be of use later. Maybe the Supreme Court Justices will get off their collective asses, do their jobs and quit ignoring this breach of law.

Obama came out of the gate, day one as the FBP with an order to close down the Guantanamo facility which is housing some of the most dangerous terrorist in the world, those people having taken part in engaging in combat with US Armed Forces or Coalition forces or being held because of terrorist acts. His basis was centered on the Geneva Convention, which really doesn’t apply to terrorists. Bearing in mind that over 60 of these detainees that were in fact released have rejoined the ranks of Islamic militant terrorist groups, some of them even appearing in terrorist videos and actively documented as engaged in continuing terrorist activities, this was a serious security blunder. This was done to spite the Bush Administration, not to act as a serious step towards resolving any issues regarding our security. The ones that are not US Citizens have no rights under our Constitution as they are enemy combatants, so let them rot where they sit. The ones that are US Citizens should still be held as enemy combatants and should be held by the military to decide their fate. Turning them over to civilian courts is a mistake as our legal system isn’t designed for handling terrorism cases. A prime example of this issue is the Lackawanna Six cell members, five of who were imprisoned and one of those imprisoned have been released. One of the sleeper cell members, Faysal Galab was released in May of 2008 and his release now presents additional security issues. What does one do with a released sleeper cell member who attended Afghan training camps and was trained as a terrorist in bomb making and other terrorist activities? What do you do with this Muslim who now really has a hard on for the government that imprisoned him? Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year keeping him under surveillance? Better yet, leave him unattended? Light sentences by civilian courts and millions of dollars in legal costs will not solve the problem. I suggest that we leave them in the capable hands of the military.

Another issue with closing down the detention facility at Guantanamo is the fact that these persons will have to be transferred to US prisons, therefore placing those facilities under threat by terrorist who may want to bust their comrades out of prison. If a terrorist organization wants to plan a jail break, I’d rather have the US Marines at Guantanamo deal with this as opposed to civilian guards at a regular prison. The US marines are much better suited at repelling armed terrorist attackers.

Making the US a more tolerant, safer and better world for terrorists and those that plot terrorism is part of the FBP’s promise of “Change” I suppose.

Granted, the NBP spoke of “Change” all through his campaign, yet wasn’t quite clear to his democratic voting minions of exactly what that change would be. In this case, it was change that will hurt the country. This decision is only a precursor to many other security threatening decisions that will be made, all in the name of “Change”.

To illustrate this fallacy further, CAIR immediately issued a statement showing their approval of his decision to close the Guantanamo facility within one year. Common sense would suggest that if CAIR approves of your decision, then your decision is in serious question as to whether it will serve in the best interest of our nation since the primary threat we face today is in fact Islam.

Incidentally, in 1933 Germany another person promised “Hope and Change” to his followers. This person was also a talented organizer, charismatic speaker, and he promised a better economic outlook for his countrymen who were suffering from a worldwide economic crisis.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.