Charlotte, NC Police Arrest Suspected Terrorist - Had Videos of Buildings

10 August 2004: Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory announced Tuesday the arrest of a foreign national believed to be a terror suspect. The U.S. Attorney announced late Tuesday morning that federal authorities were holding a Pakistani foreign national in Charlotte who is suspected of videotaping landmarks in the city, including the Bank of America and Wachovia buildings.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police arrested Kamran Acktar SHAIKH, of Elmhurst, N.Y., on July 20 near the intersection of South Tryon Street and Stonewall Avenue. Videotapes found in his possession include footage of buildings in Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Dallas and New Orleans, as well as transit systems in those cities.

Acktar, who is also known as Kamran Shaikh, is being held on immigration violations. According to the affadavit, Shaikh was in the United States illegally, having crossed over the border near Tijuana, Mexico.