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Douglas J. Hagmann
Joe Hagmann

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

Where is Hussein al-Hussaini?25 April 2007: Yesterday, Washington-based writer & broadcast journalist Wes Vernon wrote an extensive report about the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The article appears can be read in its entirety at Accuracy in Media and is a MUST READ for everyone interested in the evolution of a cover-up - a cover-up that leads directly to a state-sponsored mass casualty attack on US soil.

As director of the Northeast Intelligence Network and having spent the last 21 years as an investigator, I was graciously provided the opportunity to review and ultimately, substantiate the extensive information detailed in The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis, the foremost authority on the bombing and Middle Eastern connection. The Third Terrorist, as written by award-winning journalist and best selling author Jayna Davis, is a comprehensive investigation into the identity of John Doe #2, the handling of the bombing investigation by the U.S. Justice Department, and proof-positive of a definitive connection to Middle Eastern Terrorists.

As the dots have been (and continue to be) connected, there is substantial evidence that links elements of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the 9/11 attacks on America to the 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City - evidence that has gone largely ignored by the media, and elements that have been pushed aside by some high-ranking intelligence community officials and representatives in Washington.

In 2005, I personally verified the location and activities of Hussain al-Hussaini, an ex-member of Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard and a significant subject in Ms. Davis’ book. As detailed in The Third Terrorist and referenced in the report by Mr. Vernon, al-Hussaini had taken a job at Boston Logan airport four years before the events of 9/11; Boston Logan was the point of origin of two of the hijacked flights that would later slam into the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Today, Hussain al-Hussaini, appears to be among the missing. Shortly after a report about his activities and persons of specific interest residing in the Boston area in 2005 was submitted by the Northeast Intelligence Network, al-Hussaini seems to have dropped from sight - suddenly and apparently, with intent.

Make no mistake about it, there will be terrorist attacks by Islamic terrorists and state-sponsored agents inside the US - it’s simply a matter of time. When they happen, there will be plenty of people with the blood of innocent people on their hands.

Accuracy in Media

The Third Terrorist