Mysterious theft from Buffalo, New York suburb of Tonawanda

15 April 2007: Workers at the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. plant in the Town of Tonawanda placed three stainless steel mixing tanks, each weighing 500 pounds and having a capacity of 550 gallons of liquid, and an eight foot long stainless steel conveyer belt in a corner of the plant’s parking lot at 150 Milens Road, Tonawanda, NY, near Interstate 290 until they could be sold. The last time anyone recalls seeing the items with any degree of certainty was on April 4. Now, along with other miscellaneous production parts, they are missing, and police want to find the stolen items and find out who took them as there is concern over how these items could be used.

According to Town of Tonawanda Detective Lt. Joseph F. Carosi, whoever took these items would have needed at least a forklift and a large flatbed truck to pick up and load the goods, and would need adequate space to store them. He noted that a single tank is about as heavy as two full-size refrigerators. “These goods took planning to steal,” stated Detective Carosi.

“The sheer volume of what these things can hold could make them dangerous in the wrong hands,” added Detective Carosi. The investigation is continuing, and anyone with information related to the theft is asked to contact the Town of Tonawanda Police Department at 716- 879-6613.