Premature Withdrawal from Iraq- A Huge Mistake

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

9 April 2007: Withdrawing from Iraq before the mission is accomplished will be a huge mistake that will cost America and the rest of the free world dearly. To leave too soon will indicate defeat and will bring the jihad and Islamic terrorism in full force to our country.

One would have to imagine the United States withdrawing from Europe before they destroyed the Third Reich in order to even draw a similar comparison. But even comparison lacks much of the required criteria as an early withdrawal from a terrorist occupied country like Iraq, present day. Islam has a much larger and stronger presence in America than the Germans did during World War II. Therein lies a very critical fact.

We are being inundated daily in the United States by Islam and their assault upon America. They aren’t very subtle either and this will continue because we are too weak to do anything about it. Islamic organizations are springing up everywhere and are engaged in a full out recruiting effort. They are working the prisons, the gangs, the ghettos, the Senate, the Congress, local and State officials and anyone else they think can benefit Islam, contribute to the Islamic thrust or draw attention to Islam. These organizations are very well funded by Middle Eastern oil revenues, primarily the Saudis. They are building an army right here, right now.

What I just described is the “peaceful,” intelligent assault, using our own laws, freedoms and liberties against us just as Osama bin Laden warned they would.

Now let’s look at the violent assault that is coming our way again. If you have ever been confronted by a vicious dog, whatever you did when confronted gives you all the understanding you need to understand Islam and what will happen here. If you stood your ground, chances are good that the dog backed down. If not and you were bitten, at least you saw it coming and were able to defend yourself in the best way you could. if you ran, however, the dog became emboldened by your fear, chased you down and attacked you with even greater viciousness. That is Islam in a nutshell.

If we cut and run before the dog is contained, that dog will chase us down, right back to our very cities and towns here and attack us. As someone who monitors discussions within the al Qaeda and Islamic militant forums and chat rooms every day, the tide of change has become apparent and blatantly obvious. Since the Democrats took over the House and have shown their traitorous colors to the Islamic world, the Islamic militants have become emboldened. It is obvious through their words and even their graphics. We are now known as “The United States of Losers.”. They mock us and they are already claiming victory over us.

To gain a glimpse into the future, even with their claims of victory in Iraq and Afghanistan, the killing still continues. This should be a huge RED FLAG that leaving in defeat isn’t going to stop any killing. In fact the killing will increase because there is no possible way that the Iraqi government, the infant and barely recognizable democracy can survive. There is violence all across the country and not all of this is aimed or executed against our coalition troops. The number of civilians being killed daily is at an unprecedented level and as of today, the Shi’te cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has openly declared war on the US troops. This of course should not come as a surprise considering his close relationship with Iran. This announcement is just one of a continuing series of distractions perpetrated by Iran to draw world attention away from the Iranian nuclear issue. The timing is impeccable since they released the fifteen British sailors and need another distraction.

I fully expect a huge rash of violence this next few weeks with the media focus shifting away from Iran and onto Sadr this week. If we were wise we would focus on the relationship between Iran and Muqtada al-Sadr this week, not the former. Focus on who and what is behind Muqtada al-Sadr and who is pulling his strings.

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone paying attention, but it certainly illustrates my points. Iraq is not in control either by the United States or even the Iraqis. Iran and Syria are manipulating both sides against each other and will continue to do so. The country is many years from being under control and if we pull out to soon, the soldier’s lives and Iraqis lives lost will have been in vain. The country will fall into control of The Islamic State of Iraq (formerly MSC, formerly al Qaeda in Iraq). But then again, the Shi’ites aren’t likely to be pleased with this and the country will erupt in a full blown civil war that will last for years, maybe decades or even centuries.

Meanwhile one has to realize that this condition plays into the hands of al Qaeda, Iran and Islam in two very large ways.

1. It will be claimed and viewed as a defeat of the United States by Iran, Islam and al Qaeda and that viewpoint will stretch to the rest of the world

2. From that point forward the propaganda will state that the United States went into Iraq and then left the people of Iraq when they needed us the most.

These facts will alienate us from all Muslim countries and will also alienate us from our European allies. Yes, although they slam us daily around the world, these people fully expect us to see this through. You remember the “Court of World Opinion?” It fully applies here. We will watch al-Jazeera broadcasts for years to come of the mountains of dead bodies of men, women and children, and the US will be to blame.

Remember when you run, the dog chases you.

Islam, Iran and al Qaeda will attack the United States mainland. Since we alienated our allies and started a conflict that we didn’t finish, we will get no sympathy of help from anyone. You have to remember that Iran is working underground 24 hours a day building nuclear weapons. Just twenty small nuclear weapons deployed within the United States would place us into such disarray that we would be easy prey for any country or group of countries to destroy. If five or six small nuclear devices were detonated tomorrow in selected cities across the country, this country would go down hard.

We would have the obvious casualties most likely in the high hundreds of thousands or even millions, the electrical grids would go down, communications would be out, some planes would crash due to electronics being disabled by the blast(s), transportation would come to a stand-still, the stock markets would crash, to name just a few of the problems we would face. Then the terrorists would focus on first responders, hospitals, schools and churches namely anywhere where people would go for comfort or aid. While all of this is going on the random terrorist attacks would be in full swing.

You say… “This will never happen.” Well let’s look at that closely. You could have sold me that story in the forties when American were Americans and were willing to do whatever was necessary to defend this great nation. You cannot sell that to me now. We are not the country we used to be. We could be, but we refuse to do so. Our priorities are not in order.

I was looking at some photos from cities in Bosnia from decades ago. They once had beautiful cities and beautiful countries that looked much like our major cities and towns here in the United States. Then war came to these regions. The initial wars were devastating enough but the lingering fighting, the continued guerrilla warfare and civil unrest destroyed what the initial war didn’t. When I looked at those photos I could see just how easily our country can become engulfed in such a conflict. Some large attacks followed by years and years of guerrilla attacks would make this beautiful country that I live in look like these other countries. It is entirely possible and at this point in time unfortunately it is also probable.

If we run from the terrorists, they will chase us down and attack us. When we run, we end up here. As when they chase us, they will end up here. Peace through defeat or surrender is not peace at all unless the victorious are reasonable. Islam and Islamic terrorism are not reasonable. I don’t want to face, fight and kill these people daily here in this country. I will if need be, but I’d prefer to destroy them while we are currently engaged in fighting them overseas.

Kind of makes sense to stay and finish the job doesn’t it?

Be safe. Stay vigilant.

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