Grenade thrown at Mexican Consulate in Midtown Manhattan

Early morning “improvised” grenade attack similar to March 2005 incident

27 October 2007: Two hollowed-out grenades were thrown at the Mexican Consulate in Midtown Manhattan early yesterday morning, shattering windows and alarming area residents. The explosion was heard at about 3:30 a.m., although NYPD was not called for another three hours by workers arriving at the 27 E. 39th St. compound.

According to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, the two grenades were improvised. They were hollowed out and filled with black powder, exactly in the same fashion and of the same type of grenades that were used in a similar attack on a building housing the British Consulate at 845 Third Avenue, NY 18 months ago.

As with the 2005 incident, a man was seen fleeing on bicycle after the explosion. No suspects or motive related to either event was identified.